Catch Me When I Fall (001)

[H] CMWIF 001

First Hello


Taeyeon’s hand tried to reach her phone as it kept ringing the alarm over and over again in maximum volume. She finally grabbed her phone from nightstand and turned the alarm off. She let out a groan for a while before slowly sat up to prevent herself falling asleep again. It was five o’clock in the morning, and as her usual routine she would wake up and take a bath to face another day of working, working, and working. Her life was all about working and pursuing career. Her daily routines started with waking up at five o’clock in the morning, prepared herself for work, left the apartment at six, arrived in the office at seven and grabbed her breakfast alone as she started to work with her laptop. The next routine would be coming to office at 08:30, and had a full day meetings or working on some company strategies. Her afternoon routine was having her lunch alone at twelve as she replied some email from her iPhone, continued working after that, only left her office at ten o’clock at night, continued working at home until midnight and finally crashed on her bed. The cycle continued everyday except for weekend or holiday. On weekend she would just stay at home all day long, reading some books while listening to music and cooked herself some meals if she started to feel hungry. Nothing was special about her life. It was the same old circle that kept repeating.

She shifted from her comfy bed, lifelessly walked to the bathroom, taking a short cold shower to fully wake herself up. She finally wide awake after the shower and made her way to her closet, taking a set of working attire she prepared the night before; a sleeveless dark blue shirt, white short pencil skirt and white blazer. Monday was definitely not Taeyeon’s favourite day because she would be locked up in the meeting room all day long but she always chose to wear bright colour on Monday to brighten up the mood in meeting room. Satisfied with her professional look given by the clothes, she then applied light make up on her pretty face, combed her blonde straight hair and smiled widely at her own reflection in the mirror as she now looked well-prepared for another working day. She checked her watch to find out that it was already six o’clock then grabbed her handbag and laptop bag, snatched her car keys, left her bedroom, walked her way out of her apartment and drove to her office.

It was seven o’clock in the morning when Taeyeon parked her car in office’s parking lot, one and a half hour until the working hour started. She walked to a coffee shop in the office lobby to grab a cup of hot long black and a cheese bagel. It still had the ‘closed’ sign hanging on the door yet Taeyeon still made her way to the coffee shop.

“As expected from the adorable senior manager, Kim Taeyeon! The earliest person in office.” A charming waiter greeted her excitedly as she walked into the coffee shop. Taeyeon knew all staffs of the coffee shop since she always had her breakfast there. That was why she did not even bother with the ‘closed’ sign on the entrance. She was always the first customer.

“Hi Chris! Good morning!” Taeyeon replied with her professional smile plastered on her face and sat in the most secluded table in the coffee shop, her favourite spot. “Could you please make my usual breakfast menu, Chris?” Taeyeon requested.

“Sure! Today we have Toraja coffee bean, your favourite. A good news to start Monday, isn’t it?” Chris replied as he prepared himself to make a cup of long black and cheese bagel. Taeyeon just smiled and took out her laptop from her bag. She had to make a final check of today’s meeting presentation. After a while Chris brought her order and placed it on Taeyeon’s table.

“I’ve always been always curious, why do you always be the first person in office? You’re a boss already, your subordinates supposed to come earlier than you, I guess.” Chris asked Taeyeon who reread every single word in her presentation slides. The latter chuckled hearing the question then took a pause on what she was doing.

“I am not a boss, Chris. I’m still an employee after all. Having subordinates doesn’t mean I can work less then anybody else. I’m supposed to be the one who works harder, aren’t I? I’m responsible for my team’s performance, and they’re there to support me. I should be thankful and give my best to appreciate their efforts. In addition, my apartment is in high traffic area. I’d rather come early than being late. You know how Jakarta’s traffic can be so cruel to human being, right?” Taeyeon answered humbly with a bit of joke, making the waiter nodded in agreement.

“What a good leader you are! Okay then, I’m not going to interrupt your work now. Happy working, Miss Manager.” He then left Taeyeon alone and walked to the front door to change the ‘closed’ sign to ‘open’ then proceed to walk back to the counter.

It was not a new thing for Taeyeon to get questions about her professional life. People always saw her as a workaholic since she always put her best on every task she was given and it resulted to fast promotion so here she was still 26 year-old, already a senior manager in a highly reputable multi-national company with expectedly high salary. This was her choice to be regarded as successful career woman so people would only ask about her professional life rather than her personal life. She never felt comfortable when people asked her about her personal life. She had been hiding a secret to everyone around her that her sexual preference was into girls. She never had any interest to guys since she was a teenager. She tried to keep the secret as tight as she could especially in this country, where same sex relationship was not accepted at all. It was regarded as something disgraceful and disgusting. That was why she chose to focus on her career so people would not be too nosy about her.

She continued rechecking on her presentation when she heard footsteps coming to the coffee shop. She checked her watch, it was 7:30. She found it weird, she usually was alone in this coffee shop until 8 o’clock, who on earth came as early as she was, she wondered. She looked up to find the guest and was stunned to see a beautiful dark-haired girl walked to the counter, ordering something to Chris. Taeyeon checked the girl out from head to toe. The girl was not really tall, just couple centimetres taller than her she assumed. Her fair skin combined with perfect S-line body made the red semi-formal dress looked outstanding. She had a really well shaped nose, and plumped lips, which covered with red lipstick. Taeyeon did not mean to gawk at beautiful human being in front of her but the girl was exactly her type and it was hard to ignore her presence. The girl sat near Chris’ counter as she waited her order to be made. Taeyeon heard she had small talks with Chris but she returned her focus back to her works and tried not to eavesdrop their conversation. She started to get her focus back when suddenly heard Chris calling her name. She raised her head from the laptop to the voice owner’s but paused her head’s movement when she again caught the girl’s figure near the counter. Taeyeon quickly shifted her gaze to Chris and raised her eyebrows as a sign for Chris to tell why did he call her.

“This girl over here is a new employee in your place! You girls should know each other I guess.” Chris pointed her right hand to the girl.

Taeyeon followed the direction of Chris hand and placed her gaze to the girl. Taeyeon looked at her and automatically plastered her professional smile to the girl and politely nodded. The latter replied her smile with a very wide smile that made her eyes shaped like two crescent moons. Taeyeon mesmerised with the smile for a while but as she always put her professional manner, she quickly decided to give a welcoming message to the girl.

“Hi! Welcome to the company.” Taeyeon opened up a conversation still with the professional smile on her face.

“Thank you. But I think Chris was a bit exaggerating. I will have an interview in your office today. So, I am not a new employee yet. Hopefully will be. And I hope your welcoming message is a sign that I will be accepted in this company.” The girl chuckled as she replied.

“Ah, Chris is definitely the most exaggerating person I’ve ever known. So, I wasn’t surprise with your explanation. Good luck with your interview today.” Taeyeon smiled politely.

“You just got a blessing from the most adorable manager in the company! I bet today’s going to be your lucky day!” Chris joined the conversation, which made the girl laughed.

“I hope so.” The girl said as she shifted her gaze from Chris to Taeyeon and threw another smile to Taeyeon. The girl had no idea that inside of the professional look Taeyeon put up as a cover, her heart beat faster every time she looked at the girl’s smile.

“You know what, it’s a bit inconvenient for me to have a conversation from different table. Can I join your table, if you don’t mind?” The girl continued talking. Taeyeon felt hesitant at first. She had not finished rechecking the presentation but then she remembered she had checked it twice before sleeping last night so she assumed that it would be okay to have a short conversation with this pretty girl. She finally nodded and closed her laptop.

“Please be my guest.” She joked while put her laptop to the bag. The girl stood up from her table and walked to Taeyeon’s table. The latter hardly took her eyes away from the girl until finally the girl sat in front of her and again showing the best eye smile she had ever seen.

“I haven’t properly introduced myself, Miss Taeyeon.” She opened the conversation as soon as she joined Taeyeon’s table.

“Ah, right. But, how could you know my name already?” Taeyeon cutely raised her eyebrows in confusion made the latter laughed softly.

“Aw, you look so cute, Miss Taeyeon! Chris called out your name just a moment ago and fortunately my ears are still fully-functioned so I could hear your name.” The girl’s answer make Taeyeon let out a small chuckled.

“So, what’s your name, Miss?” Taeyeon asked.

“Stephanie Hwang. You can call me Tiff or Tiffany or whatever you like. But don’t you dare to call me Stephen because the last time I checked, I am not a boy.” The girl answered half joked.

“Sure Miss Tiffany. Are you by any chance, Korean descendant?” Taeyeon asked noticing the last name ‘Hwang’.

“Well, my parents are both Korean. But I spent my childhood in California and moved to Indonesia in the age of 16. Please do not expect me to talk in Korean because I really am lack of it. I assume you are Korean also, Miss Taeyeon? Your face and name can’t hide it.” Tiffany wriggled her eyebrows asking for confirmation.

“Right guess. Both my parents are Korean but they have stayed in Indonesia even before I was born. They insisted to keep giving me Korean name so I would not forget my roots. But, don’t worry I won’t speak Korean. In fact I spent my whole life in Indonesia, so as you might already noticed right now I use Bahasa Indonesia in daily basis since it is my first language after all.” Taeyeon answered still with a very professional tone and manner. But deep inside she was beyond happy to have a conversation with the girl, Tiffany.

“Hey, hey, hey! Seems like these two girls get along really well.” Chris suddenly already stood beside Tiffany, holding her order. The two girls startled at his sudden appearance and Tiffany laughed as she noticed that they were really into their conversation until they didn’t notice Chris had made his way to their table.

Oh my God! Chris! You startled me.” Tiffany protested. Taeyeon smiled when she noticed that Tiffany had this bubbly personality that made her seemed really easy going and easily made new friends, while she was the total opposite. No matter how much she tried to be humble and friendly, people would still see her as a serious and professional person. Not that she was bothered by the image she made herself. It was just sometimes she hoped that she could also show her real self to someone.

“Hey don’t blame me. I am just delivering your order, young lady. You girls were really into interesting conversation that you didn’t notice my presence. This Miss Manager rarely speaks to person anyway. What did you do to her, huh?” Chris playfully rolled his eyes to Taeyeon’s direction. The latter just smiled at what the waiter did. It was nice to have someone who did not really care about the title she had. She was human after all.

“We just found out that we’re both Koreans! Surprise isn’t it??” Tiffany excitedly squealed.

“Oh, what a news!” Chris rolled his eyes. “I knew it from the first time I saw you, for your information. And I even greeted Taeyeon in Korean when I first met her then I face palmed myself when she answered in Indonesian.” Chris let out a fake sigh. Taeyeon smiled widely remembering how red Chris’ face was when she answered his Korean greeting with Indonesian, while Tiffany burst her laugh freely and clapping her hand in amusement.

Tiffany tried to stop her laugh when a group of people entered the coffee shop. One of them, a tall girl with tanned skin and long black hair glanced at their table and politely nodded.

“Good morning, Taeyeon.” She politely greeted Taeyeon, and rest of people in the group automatically shifted their attention to Taeyeon and did the greetings as well. Taeyeon nodded as she replied their greetings and the group made their way to other table a bit far from hers.

“Well ladies, I gotta excuse myself now since I have to serve Taeyeon’s team.” Chris excused himself and walked to the group.

“Your team?” Tiffany asked Taeyeon in confusion.

“Yes.” Taeyeon answered shortly.

“You’re their boss?” Tiffany now looked at her in amazement.

“Sort of. I don’t like the term ‘boss’ though.” Taeyeon slightly frown.

“How old are you?”


“Okay, wow! First I thought you are younger than me, looking at your baby face, who would guess that you’re already 26? And you are already a boss? I already heard Chris called you ‘Miss Manager’ but I thought it was just a joke. How could you do that?” Tiffany asked Taeyeon still with amazement face.

“If you’re asking about how could I make this face still look like a baby, I honestly have no answer. But to the second question, you might already heard it for thousand times but yes, it’s all about hard work and a bit of luck.” Taeyeon answered.

“Why don’t they join your table anyway?” Tiffany found it odd that the group chose to sit a bit far from their boss. Taeyeon slightly smiled but inside, she let out a sigh. It was another consequence of having a professional image. People tended to keep distance from you.

“I usually had breakfast while doing work-related stuff. I guess most people would feel uncomfortable to sit with someone who was focusing on their work early in the morning when they actually want to have a light chit-chat to accompany their breakfast.” Taeyeon still put her professional and tough cover while answering the question. She did not even let a small sigh out of her mouth.

“But you stopped working when I joined.” Tiffany said.

“Well, yes? I did not want to be disrespectful. You asked to join my table, and I actually had finished and rechecked my work twice last night so, I thought why don’t I let you sit with me and have nice morning chitchat. But, most of the time I would just drown into my works that I do not realize others’ presence. Thanks to Chris for introducing you to me, or else I wouldn’t even notice your presence.” Taeyeon tried her to keep on putting her calm manner as she made up the answer. It was a half lie. As matter a fact, yes she had finished and rechecked her work twice the night before, she also usually drowned into her works that she did not realize others’ presence. But, the last part was a total lie. Seemed like universe forced her to notice Tiffany from the moment the girl stepped into the coffee shop. Even if Chris did not introduce Tiffany to her she would still realize the girl’s presence. She was her type after all. There was no way Taeyeon would ignore the girl.

Tiffany nodded after Taeyeon’s explanation and started to dig in her breakfast. The latter did the same and let the awkward silence accompanied their breakfast time. Taeyeon finished her bagel first and enjoyed her cup of long black when she noticed Tiffany was looking at her. Taeyeon put down her cup, furrowed her eyebrows and made confusing face to Tiffany. The latter shaked her head and chuckled at Taeyeon’s funny face, as she thought how could be a manager be so cute? How could this cute girl in front of her lead a team with such a tiny and cute figure of hers?

In her previous companies, Tiffany always had old wrinkled ladies as her bosses. Most of them were already on their late thirties or early forties. While Taeyeon, the girl who sat in front of her was in the same age of her. She could imagine how hard the girl in front of her had worked just by finding out that she was already a manager in such a young age.

“Why are you looking at me, Miss Tiffany?” Taeyeon asked politely.

“Could you put down the prefix, please? It’s kind of awkward hearing people calling me ‘miss’. I’d also call you Taeyeon, without ‘miss’, if you don’t mind.” Tiffany requested. Taeyeon smiled at her response.

“Okay. So, why are you looking at me, Fany?” She repeated the question.

“Fany?” Instead of answering Taeyeon’s question, Tiffany asked the way Taeyeon called her.

“You said that I could call you anything except for Stephen.” Taeyeon replied nonchalantly, made Tiffany laughed and for the umpteenth time today, showing Taeyeon her beautiful eye smile.

“Okay, Fany it is. That’s new for me. People usually call me Tiff. Well, answering to your question, I just wondered, you look so cute and small, yet you’re already a manager in such a young age. I can’t imagine how much effort you’ve been putting on your work. You must’ve been working like there’s no tomorrow.” Tiffany explained as she showed admiration in her eyes. Taeyeon felt her heart raced even faster than before when Tiffany put her eyes into hers but she kept the calm face.

“Don’t imagine then. It’s boring for sure.” Taeyeon joked with a hope that Tiffany would stop looking at her. Unfortunately, the latter kept looking at her, still with the admiration shown in her beautiful eyes. Taeyeon started to afraid that she could no longer hold herself and not showing her professional image if she kept looking at Tiffany’s eyes. Her heart beat faster as if it could pop out from Taeyeon’s chest at anytime. She then decided to check her phone for any emails or messages or anything to bring down her nervousness at the moment. Fortunately when she checked her phone she saw it was already 08:15, time for her to go to the office building which actually only took 5 minutes since it was located on the 9th floor right above the coffee shop. She only needed to take the elevator.

“Fany, when will your interview hold?” Taeyeon calmly asked as she raised her hand to call Chris and gave him a sign to hand her the bill.

“At ten. Wish me luck okay, Miss Manager?” Tiffany teased Taeyeon. The latter just playfully rolled her eyes to Tiffany’s answer.

“If you really want her to wish you luck, I suggest you not to call her ‘Miss Manager’. She doesn’t really like that nickname. She always cut down my tip every time I call her ‘Miss Manager’.” Chris suddenly joined the conversation as he handed the bill to Taeyeon. Taeyeon chuckled at his joke while checking the bill and handed some money to Chris. The latter checked the amount of money she gave and smirked.

“I bet today is going to be your lucky day, young lady! You got a treat from Taeyeon, and I got a satisfying tip. I will pray all day long so you can be accepted in this company.” Chris patted Tiffany’s shoulder and skipped her way to the counter.

“Wow, thanks for the treat. I didn’t expect that honestly.” Tiffany said as Taeyeon prepared herself to leave.

“It’s okay. I told you to be my guest today, right? I’m going to leave now, and good luck for your interview.” Taeyeon offered her hand to initiate a handshake which Tiffany gladly return.

“Thank you. Hope to see you soon.” Tiffany smiled widely.

Taeyeon nodded as she walked to her team’s table, reminded them not to be late and made her way out of the coffee shop.

Tiffany’s Interview

The meeting was indeed tough. The Board of Directors of GG Corporation expected something big this year while the economic condition was not good. Taeyeon carefully noted down every expectation uttered by the Board of Directors. So far her presentation could cover all of those expectations. She then heard Mr. David, one of the Directors called her to start the presentation. She calmly walked to the front to explain every slide she had made the night before. She brought up some fresh idea to tackle unsolvable issues with a rational and tangible way in how to do that in excellence. She also proposed some new programs and partnerships to bring double growth to the company. Her presentation was flawless. The Board of Directors nodded in agreement. Some of them threw complicated questions regarding to her proposal yet she answered it as if she was already familiar with the questions. Other managers in the room were stunned by Taeyeon’s presentation. None of them had never satisfied the Board of Directors as what Taeyeon did. The tough meeting miraculously ended in just one and a half hour as the Board of Director felt satisfied with Taeyeon’s presentation and could have a short break before another meeting later.

As the Board of Directors left, everyone in the meeting room let out loud sighs. They relieved that one of the tough meetings they had today ended flawlessly. It was all thanks to Taeyeon. The girl sat in one of the chair in the meeting room typed the minutes of meeting in her laptop.

“Taeyeon.” Mrs. Tamara called her.

“Yes, Ma’am?” Taeyeon stopped typing to face the woman in her late thirties.

“Thanks for saving our day. The meeting wouldn’t have such a nice ending if it wasn’t because of you.” Mrs Tamara thanked her as she patted Taeyeon’s shoulder.

“Ah, it was nothing, Ma’am. I’m happy as long I can help.” Taeyeon smiled politely.

“Don’t you think you work too hard sometimes? I mean, you saved us a lot with your flawless presentation and brilliant ideas. Please take care of yourself once in a while. I can see your eye-bag will soon turn you into panda if you keep lacking on sleeping.” Mrs. Tamara gave her suggestion half joking.

“I’m totally okay, Ma’am. I’ve always been like this since my first day at work. I think my body already adapted to it. So, no worries, okay?” Taeyeon gave reassuring smile to the woman. The woman opened her mouth again to answer Taeyeon when she heard a knock on the door. Mrs. Tamara halted what she was about to say and made her way to the door, opening it to find the office receptionist held a document.

“Hi Mrs. Tamara. Sorry for a sudden notice, is Miss Taeyeon available for now? Mrs. Irene from Human Resources team asked her to join an interview for the job opening.” The receptionist explained her objective. Taeyeon heard her.

“Could you please give me five minutes? I need to email the minutes of meeting to the Board of Directors. Please communicate to the HR team that I will be joining them in a while.” Taeyeon kept her polite manner even when she talked to the receptionist.

“I bring the applicant’s file in case you need to read it before joining the interview.” The receptionist put the document she brought on the table.

“Thank you very much. I will definitely need it.” Taeyeon smiled. The receptionist nodded and made her way out of the meeting room.

She finally sent the minutes of meeting and grabbed the file that was left by the receptionist. She opened it only to find a photo of a girl she just met earlier this morning, Tiffany. She immediately closed the files and mentally face-palmed her face when she noticed that her action was too obvious and could lead to suspicions of other people in the room. She looked around to make sure anyone in the room noticed about her response earlier. Fortunately everybody was busy with their own business. She took a deep breath to slow down her heartbeat, and reopened the file. She looked at the photo closely and was totally sure it was Tiffany. She checked the applicant’s name: Stephanie Hwang. It was definitely her. She scanned the CV to find Tiffany’s profile. She also read the employment history and other details. She made some mental note to save Tiffany’s phone number and birthday in her phone later. After finished with reading Tiffany’s CV, she closed the file and excused herself to the rest of managers to joined the interview.

Taeyeon knocked on the door of a meeting room with a sign written ‘HR Meeting Room’. The door soon opened revealing a beautiful middle-aged woman with a playful face.

“Ah, Taeyeon! Finally! Please come in. We’re about to start the interview.” The middle-aged woman cheerfully greeted Taeyeon then shifted her body from the door so Taeyeon could come in. Taeyeon slightly bowed to the woman as she excused herself to come in the meeting room.

As soon as Taeyeon entered the meeting room, her eyes scanned the room and found what she had wanted to see after receiving the file from the receptionist: Stephanie Hwang. She smiled politely as she saw the pretty girl in red dress that obviously let her jaw dropped when noticing her presence in the room.

“Okay, Stephanie. We’re going to start our interview now. Let me introduce myself first. I am Irene, the Human Resources Manager in GG Corporation and this is Miss Kim Taeyeon, our Country Marketing Senior Manager who leads the team which you’ll be joining later.”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Irene. And n-nice to m-meet you, Miss Kim?” Tiffany mentally face-palmed herself noticing she stuttered when greeting Taeyeon. She then steadied her breath, tried to be calm while she was totally nervous knowing the girl she talked to earlier this morning was going to interview her, and if she got accepted would be her boss. She started to worry whether she said something wrong when they had breakfast. Hopefully not.

“I’d prefer you to call me Taeyeon rather than Miss Kim, Miss Stephanie.” Taeyeon calmly requested.

“Nice to meet you, Taeyeon.” Tiffany let out a very awkward smile.

“You seem so nervous, Stephanie. To make you a bit relax, why don’t you start by introducing yourself now.” Mrs. Irene pleased Tiffany to start introducing herself while the latter groggily started the introduction. She focused her attention mostly to the HR manager to minimize her nervousness. She sometimes stole a glance at Taeyeon who seemed to focus on what she said while taking some notes on her book. She could not read Taeyeon’s expression but she tried to keep herself calm and continued the interview.

The interview took one hour. Tiffany explained a lot about her achievement in her previous company and seemed like the HR manager looked satisfied with her presentation. She actually did not have any worries to the HR manager. She only worried that she did not make a good impression to Taeyeon since the cute girl was actually giving her a hard time by throwing away some complicated study case questions and expected her to answer it with the most tangible way possible. She really hoped Taeyeon’s impression to her was not bad because she really wanted to join this company as the company was listed as top ten best companies of the year by one of the most reputable worldwide business magazines.

“Okay, Stephanie. I think I have no more question for you. What about you, Taeyeon? Do you still have any question to Stephanie?” Mrs. Irene was about to wrap up the interview.

“I think that’s all, Ma’am.” Taeyeon closed her notebook and nodded at Mrs. Irene.

“Okay, Stephanie. Thanks for your time. I still need to discuss with Taeyeon, and we will inform you within one week.” Mrs. Irene finally wrapped up the interview and made her way to the door and opened it for Tiffany.

Tiffany stood up from her chair, nodded politely to Taeyeon and Mrs. Irene and excused herself to come out from the meeting room. As soon as she was out of the room she made a quick walk to elevator to leave the building. She needed a cup of hot chocolate to calm her down. While in the meeting room Taeyeon and Mrs. Irene discussed about the result of interview.

Mrs. Irene finally let Taeyeon out from the meeting room after reaching their agreement. Taeyeon checked her watch and it was already twelve o’clock. Lunchtime. She walked toward the elevator to get some lunch for herself. As she reached the ground floor she entered the same coffee shop she visited in the morning only to find Chris who waved his hand at her.

“Your lunch menu as usual? Spicy cheesy chicken fillet and iced long black with no sugar, right?” Chris offered.

“Yes, could you please add some extra cheese to the chicken fillet?” Taeyeon responded.

“Sure. Anyway, I think you should find another table today. Your favorite spot is already taken.” Chris informed her.

“Really? That’s rare. People usually hate that table since it is really secluded. Maybe, I will just take away my lunch.” Taeyeon felt a bit uncomfortable to take other tables since it was usually crowded in the lunch time and a lot of people passed by made her feel insecure.

“Or, maybe you can just join with the one who took your table. You know her anyway. It is the girl from earlier in the morning. She seemed rather stressed out after coming out from the building. Were you the one who interviewed her? If so, you sure gave her a hard time with your killing questions, I guess.” Chris explained.

Taeyeon pouted as she thought whether she gave Tiffany a hard time back then in the interview. But she shrugged her thought off. She noticed that if Tiffany was still here, maybe she could have another conversation with the girl. She had no idea whether Tiffany was gay or not but trying to at least befriend with her was not harmful, she thought.

“I’ll just join her table then.” Taeyeon replied to Chris and calmly walked to her favorite spot. She then saw the girl played with the food in her plate. She only poked the meal with the fork not even seemed to eat it soon. Taeyeon frowned at the sight. She slightly felt bad for being too tough in the meeting room but she was a professional and she did not want to give any unprofessional impression to anyone especially to those she just met even if she had a crush to the person.

“Hi, you stole my favorite spot.” Taeyeon finally reached the table and opened up the conversation with lifeless Tiffany. The latter looked up to see the owner of the voice and soon gasped.

“Ah, I didn’t know this is your favorite spot. I just want to be away from the crowd. I’m sorry. I will just move to another table.” The girl replied quickly without even looked at Taeyeon and started to pack her things from the table.

“Hey, I didn’t even ask you to move. I was about to ask whether I could join your table.” Taeyeon explained herself. Tiffany halted what she was doing and looked at Taeyeon’s eye to make sure she really said that. Taeyeon blinked her eyes several time, trying not to let her heart beat like a drum as she started to drift to Tiffany’s beautiful eyes.

“So, the cute Taeyeon is back?” Tiffany suddenly gave her the eye smile and sat back on her chair leaving Taeyeon stood in confusion.

“Please have your seat, Taeyeon.” Tiffany offered Taeyeon to sit in front of her.

“Thank you, Fany.” Taeyeon smiled still felt a little bit confused yet she sat on the chair.

“Aw, calling me back to ‘Fany’ instead of ‘Miss Stephanie’. So, I was right. The cute Taeyeon is back. Goodbye Miss Kim!” Tiffany giggled.

“I don’t get it.” Taeyeon pouted, as she did not get the message from Tiffany.

“Are you always that scary, intimidating, and flawless in the meeting room?” Tiffany asked.

“Am I?” Taeyeon was a little bit shock with the question.

“Uh-uh. Yes, Miss Kim. Very scary, very intimidating, yet so flawless. You could make me die in nervousness for every question you threw at me in the meeting room. But those questions were simple yet complicated it showed how smart you are. That’s why I also mentioned that you are flawless.” Tiffany chuckled. She did not really mind anymore whether Taeyeon would not have a good impression about her. The interview had ended anyway and this new friend of her was just too cute to be teased. Even if she did not get accepted in the company at least she could make a new friend.

“I’m sorry Fany. I didn’t mean to be scary and intimidating. I was just being too focused.” Taeyeon apologized as she kept pouting.

“Aw, you’re so cute, Taeyeon. It’s okay. I was just shocked because even if you looked so serious and professional back then in the morning, when we had breakfast. You didn’t seem to be intimidating at all. But in the meeting room just then, all I saw was Miss Kim giving me goosebumps with her intimidating stare.” Tiffany kept giggling while explaining herself.

“And now I am back to the ‘not-intimidating-Taeyeon’, right? No longer Miss Kim that almost killed you with the simple yet complicated question?” Taeyeon asked.

“Yes.” Tiffany nodded excitedly.

“Good then. So, I don’t have to see ‘groggy-Miss-Stephanie’ and I can casually have light talks with Fany.” Taeyeon smiled in relief showing a cute dimple on her chin.

“Yes, sure. But please do not bring up anything related about the interview. It’s kind of embarrassing that I didn’t manage to calm myself down and kept stuttering when answering your question. Now that I mention it myself I feel so shy. What did I do back then?” Tiffany’s face got reddens and she hid her face behind her two palms. Taeyeon smiled at the sight and pulled Tiffany’s hand away.

“No interview topic. Deal.” Taeyeon offered her hand for a handshake and Tiffany returned it.

“Deal.” She smiled.

“You girls really look like a kindergarten student who just make up after a fight. Seriously, how old are you, girls?” Chris as usual suddenly jumped into their conversation while putting Taeyeon’s order on the table. The two girls just giggled at his silly action.

Chris then left the girls alone and Taeyeon started to dig in her meals. Tiffany followed. Both of them ate their lunch peaceful in silence. Tiffany finished first and checked on her iPhone to reply some messages asking about the interview. She replied them nonchalantly and moved her gaze to Taeyeon.

“Can I have your number, Tae?” Tiffany asked.

“Huh?” Taeyeon stopped eating and gave a questioning look to Tiffany.

“Your number. Can I have it?” Tiffany repeated the question.

“Sure. But what did you call me? Tae?” Taeyeon asked. Tiffany ignored the question and handed her iPhone to Taeyeon asking her to put her number in. Taeyeon tapped on the touch screen to put in her number to Tiffany’s phone and gave it back to the owner. The latter took her phone back and continued tapping on the screen and not long after Taeyeon’s phone rang, notifying an incoming message.

“I texted you a random message so you can have my number.” Tiffany told Taeyeon as Taeyeon unlocked her phone and showed the screen to Tiffany while put up a grin on her face.

“Saved it already.” Taeyeon smirked on the latter confused face as she saw her number was already registered as ‘Fany’ in Taeyeon’s phone.

“How could y-? Ah! The CV, right? I put my number in my CV.” Tiffany realized. Taeyeon nodded and continued digging her meals while Tiffany registered Taeyeon’s number in her phone.

As soon as Taeyeon finished her lunch, she sipped her iced long black while opening Tiffany’s message.

“This is Fany’s number. Save it okay, Taetae?”

Taeyeon then looked at Tiffany who was still busy typing something on her phone.

“Taetae?” Taeyeon asked as she unconsciously put up a cute face to Tiffany. Tiffany looked up to Taeyeon and nodded.

“Yes, Taetae. You gave me a new nickname and I just happened to also give you a new nickname as well. So we’re even now.” She explained while showing her phone screen to Taeyeon to show that she registered her number as ‘Taetae’. Taeyeon let her laugh out when she read the new name Tiffany just gave to her. She thought it was not bad. No one ever called her like that and it felt so special that her crush she just met this morning already had a special nickname for her. But above all, she felt so happy that finally she could meet this one person who treated her like a normal person despite knowing that she could be a scary-intimidating-person when it comes to work-related stuff. For the first time since she started her career, Taeyeon felt so relax and she was firm that she really wanted to get close to this bubbly girl in front of her. She would not give up on her.

“Hey that’s the first laugh I hear from you. Your laugh sounds like an old woman anyway.” Tiffany also laughed after hearing Taeyeon’s. Both girls laughed together and continued their chat until the watch on Taeyeon’s wrist showed it was time for Taeyeon to get back to her office.

Tiffany waved her hand at Chris, asking for the bill. Chris then brought the bill and handed it to Tiffany.

“Since you are now the guest at this table I will pay this one.” Tiffany said.

“No, you’re the guest in this building. So I am the one who supposed to pay.” Taeyeon insisted.

“If I may choose, I’d prefer Taeyeon to pay. This girl over here is too rich for her age. Let’s make her spend her money a little more so she will not be able to swim in her bathtub filled with money.” Chirs joked as she took the bill away from Tiffany and handed it to Taeyeon, knowing Taeyeon did not really like to have someone paid for her bill. Taeyeon smiled thankfully to Chris and gave a smug face to Tiffany. She did not care about her professional image anymore. She just wanted to be herself in front of Tiffany.

After received the money from Taeyeon, Chris left the two girls and made his way back to the counter.

“So, I gotta back to work now.” Taeyeon said as she packed her things and stood up. Tiffany followed her move.

“Sure. I think I am going to hit the gym after this. It’s been a while since my last exercise.” Tiffany said.

“Okay then. Hope to see you again, Fany?” Taeyeon offered her hand for a handshake, as usual.

“Yes, we will definitely see each other again, Taetae.” Tiffany ignored Taeyeon’s hand, instead she gave a small hug to Taeyeon. Made the latter froze and speechless. But she quickly put up her calm self and returned Tiffany’s hug. Tiffany then pulled herself from Taeyeon and gave Taeyeon’s favorite eye smile. Taeyeon smiled back showing her dimple and both girls finally bid their farewell for the day.


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8 thoughts on “Catch Me When I Fall (001)

  1. Ie ieck says:

    wow.. an interesting story, hopefully fany received in gg, so taeyeon happy..
    BTW it’s author Indonesian people?? or not??


  2. carolinetyas_sonesolo says:

    Hai, I am very interested with this story, the depiction of the conflict and the flow is not too complicated, simple and neat. Btw, i’m indonesian too…fighting!!!


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    Oh my God!! You’re indonesian? great..I’m Indonesian too. I think you’re american because your english story is very good.
    Glad to meet a new friend here..I’m sorry for my bad english anyway. Keep fighting author.
    I’m so curious, I want to read the next story But I have to sleep now..See you again in my next comment. Gomawo


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    hi miss kim,,
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    i am re-reading this story from the very first chapter..
    u inform us that u have updated the latest chapter, but it will not be fair if i a little bit forget the whole story before…
    hehehhe…… mianhae.

    so it was story about a workaholic kim taeyeon with her so boring daily activity.
    W O W
    u r really so details, authorniiim.


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