Catch Me When I Fall (005)

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The Sleepover

Taeyeon woke up at six o’clock in the morning. She stretched her body to all direction before she brought herself to sit on the bed. Her gaze soon fell to her phone on the bed and recalled her chat with Tiffany earlier this morning. An unconscious smile started to form on her lips, remembering their chat and the date the day before. She caressed her own cheek where Tiffany kissed the day before and grinned like a dork. Somehow she could still feel the warmth from Tiffany’s lips lingered on her cheek. She grabbed her phone and reread her chat with Tiffany again. She planned to send a good morning message to the girl but she soon felt hesitancy in her mind. Today she had no reason to do what she did yesterday and earlier morning because they were not in a date anymore. She shook her head and put the phone on the nightstand before she got up from bed and took a shower.

After a good round of warm shower, she wore an oversized t-shirt and a short pants, her favorite outfit on weekend because she would just stay at home all day long. She rarely went out on weekend. Being an introvert made her cherished every single time possible to get on her hermit mode. She grabbed her phone and iPad then walked out the room to the kitchen to make herself breakfast.

She made a sunny side-up with sausages and a cup of black coffee for her breakfast. She was in the middle of enjoying her breakfast when her phone rang showing her mom calling her.

“Hello, Ma.”

“Hello Taeyeon! Wake up already?” Her mom’s voice heard from the other side of the line.

“Yes. I’m having my breakfast now.”

“How’s work? You seem to get busier and busier.” Her mom asked.

“Work’s tough, Ma. I barely get myself a proper rest. Sorry for not being able to visit you.” Taeyeon felt bad for not visiting her family for three months now.

“It’s okay. That’s the consequence of having a workaholic daughter, I guess.” Her mom replied jokingly.

“Maaa, please don’t say that.” Taeyeon felt worse.

“Kidding, dear. When will I get myself a son-in-law if you love your job more than those descent prospective husbands around you?” Her mom teased her.

“Ma… It’s still morning. Can we please not talk about that?” Taeyeon sighed.

“You know I’m kidding, Taeyeon.” Her mom giggled.

“But still…” Taeyeon left her sentence hanging.

“Don’t be grumpy in the morning, Kim Taeyeon. I think I am fully ready when someday you say that you don’t even want to get married.” Her mom said nonchalantly.

“What?? Ma?? Don’t say that, please…” Taeyeon felt really bad every time her mom telling her that she was not sure Taeyeon would get married, judging from how much she spent her time at works.

“Why? I’m serious. Your brother seems deeply in love with her girlfriend though. I think he will get married sooner so at least I have one of my children to get married. With that not-too-pretty girl, though. I’ve told him millions of times to look for a girl who’s as pretty as his sister but I think he is not that handsome to get a pretty girl, huh?” Her mum complained about her brother’s girlfriend. Taeyeon chuckled at her mom’s complaint.

“Come on, Ma. You know she’s not that bad.”

“Yes, not that bad. But she doesn’t seem to care about her appearance at all. Messy hair, unfashionable clothes, outdated style, and she has no idea about how to put on even light make up.” Her mom sighed.

“But she’s smart and nice.” Taeyeon defended her brother’s girlfriend.

“You’re also smart and nice. In addition you’re also pretty and always look good in everything you wear.”

“I know what will you say next…” Taeyeon chuckled.

“Yes, you inherit all my awesome genes. Hahaha.”

“Hahaha. Arrogant mom…” Taeyeon laughed at her mom’s joke.

“Oh my God, you haven’t fixed your old lady-like laugh! It doesn’t suit your look, Kim Taeyeon! Anyway, you should tell your brother to scold his girlfriend about that though. He seemed to be immune from my lecture.” Her mom insisted.

“Okay, I will talk to Jiwoong oppa later.” Taeyeon gave up.

“As expected from senior manager Kim!” Her mom squealed.

“Arrrghhh, not you too, ma.” Taeyeon grunted.

“Kidding, dear. I’m going to prepare breakfast for your dad and brother now. Enjoy your weekend.”

“Have a nice weekend to you too, Ma. Send my regards to Papa and Jiwoong oppa.” She replied.

“Okay! Bye Taeyeon.”

“Bye Ma.” Taeyeon soon heard disconnected tone from across the line.

Taeyeon and her mom were not really close. Her mom was a humorous woman but it did not make them as close as most daughter and mother. Taeyeon herself lived apart from her parents since she was five year-old. She and her family lived in Bandung, a lovely city, which was located three hours away from Jakarta until her dad was assigned to work in Singapore and the whole family agreed to move except for the little Taeyeon. She did not like the idea of moving from her comfort zone at that moment and stubbornly argued to keep staying in Bandung with her Grandma. Her parents finally gave up and let Taeyeon lived with her grandma in Bandung while her parents and her brother moved to Singapore. They managed to keep in touch and met once in three months but the little Taeyeon already felt accustomed for being parted with her parents and it became her habit to live independently especially after her grandma passed away when she was ten year-old. Her dad re-assigned to Bandung years later but it was when Taeyeon was accepted in GG Corporation, which demanded her to move to Jakarta. So, she barely lived with her family along her life.

Taeyeon continued her breakfast while reading some business news from her iPad when suddenly her phone beeped. She looked at the notification and soon formed a smile on her face as she saw Tiffany’s name. She unlocked the phone and read the message.

Fany: Morning Taetae >.<

Taetae: Morning Fany >.<

Fany: Wow! You’re awake already. It’s still 7 o’clock and it’s Saturday. Why do you wake up early?

Taetae: Talk to yourself, Miyoung. You only had less than 6 hours sleep yourself.

Fany: Stop calling me Miyoung, dork! What time did you awake?

Taetae: 6 o’clock.

Fany: o_O then you had only less than 5 hours sleep

Taetae: Old habit T_T

Fany: Dork!

Taetae: What made you up early, Fany?

Fany: Got a morning call.

Taetae: From your dad?

Fany: Nope. From my boyfriend.

Taeyeon stopped chewing her sausage for a while, feeling her heart cracked as she read the reply.

Taetae: Ah, I see…

Fany: Have you decided yet, Tae?

Taetae: Wut?

Fany: Sleepover, Taetae~~~ -_-

Taeyeon smiled knowing Tiffany had not changed her mind about sleepover but she still felt hesitant especially when Tiffany just mentioned the fact that she got a morning call from her boyfriend.

Taetae: Do you really want me to sleep there, huh?

Fany: Yes! Let’s have a movie date! I have dozens of unwatched DVDs.

Taetae: Dunno yet. I’ll let you know later today, kay?

Fany: Okay Taetae >.<

Taeyeon put her phone on the table and continued her breakfast while reading the unfinished article she read before. She shook her head when she read that the currency instability would still be the main problem of business’ sustainability. She finished her breakfast as she reached the end of article. She then went to the kitchen sink to wash the dish, grabbed her phone and iPad back, then walked towards a stereo system in her living room. Plugged her iPhone on the dock, turned it into silent mode and played her morning playlist. After adjusting the volume, she plopped herself on the couch in her living room and opened an e-book titled “David and Goliath” by Malcolm Gladwell. She always had that kind of book to read since it helped her to brainstorm for what activation she needed to make for the company. She tapped on the bookmark icon and started reading the ebook.




Tiffany closed her LINE app after not getting reply from Taeyeon anymore. She woke up early because Nick called her and asked her for having a date tonight, which she declined because she remembered she asked Taeyeon for sleepover tonight. Even though her boss had not given any answer yet, she would feel bad if she had to cancel their sleepover because of a date with Nick. She also felt bad to Nick for neglecting him because of the workloads she got and because she spent more time with Taeyeon. Nick had started to complain about their lessen interaction and kept reminding her about how they wanted to experience a normal relationship without any worries to be caught by their colleagues and bosses. She finally agreed on having lunch with Nick to cut down her guilty feeling.

She rolled her body on the bed and opened instagram app to check any notification. She got 67 likes and 4 comments on her latest update, which was her photo with Taeyeon on their date. She opened the comments and read it one by one.

yulyulk: Is that our boss, Tiff? How could she look so dorky??? #IMustBeDreaming #ThisIsHallucination

beautyshopee: Pretty girls! Check our online shop for your beauty needs!

jessica.syj: You really are #KimTaeyeonTamer!

claudia910: @yulyulk @jessica.syj is that really Kim Taeyeon???? I know she’s cute and adorable but I also know that she’s a very serious and workaholic person. I never knew she can be super cute o_O should I make #KTYFanClub now??

Tiffany chuckled at the comments and typed a reply:

hwangtiff: hi @taeyeon_ss these girls over here talks behind your back :p @yulyulk @jessica.syj @claudia910.

She then browsed Taeyeon’s instagram only to reread the caption on Taeyeon’s post, and smiled. She did not know why she kept feeling this kind of happiness to everything related to Taeyeon. She shook her head to throw the thought about Taeyeon away and left her bed to get a shower.

Tiffany finished her shower after one hour. She put on a pink tank top and denim short pants before snatching her phone from bed. She unlocked the phone and gasped knowing there were four miscalls from Jessica. She called her senior back quickly. There was some connecting line sound until a high-pitched voice welcoming her.

“Tiffany! You’re going to die soon!!!” Jessica yelled.

“Ouch. My ears hurt, Jess! What’s the matter??” Tiffany replied as her ears rang because of Jessica’s yell.

“You mentioned Taeyeon’s account in your comment!!!” Jessica did not even bother to low down her voice, making Tiffany put her phone a little bit far from her ears to avoid any permanent hearing problems that might be caused by Jessica’s voice.

“Hey, Jess. I might lose my hearing if you keep speaking like that. D’uh!” Tiffany said.

“Ish, okay! Okay! Now speak, little brat!” Jessica finally spoke normally.

“What? Hey! What’s with calling me little brat?” Tiffany felt offended.

“You told Taeyeon that we were talking behind her back. What’s in your head, Tiffany Hwang?” Jessica started to raise her voice again.

“Eh? So you called because of my instagram comment? Hahahahahahaha! Seriously Jung?? Oh my God! This is hilarious!!!” Tiffany laughed loudly.

Do. Not. Laugh. Hwang! I will make sure to torture you on Monday so you will beg for my forgiveness!” Jessica threated.

“Hahahaha. Calm down, Jess. Taeyeon was not that scary. You’ve witnessed it yourself, right? I guarantee she won’t get mad or give any warning letter to you.” Tiffany replied.

“Whatever Hwang. I still hate you. Anyway, speaking of instagram update, why did you call it a date with Taeyeon? Are you making a move to Taeyeon?” Jessica asked bluntly.

“Whaatt? I have a boyfriend, Jess!” Tiffany shouted in disagreement but her face got reddens and her heart suddenly beat faster as she heard Jessica’s last question.

“Hahahahahaha. I know you have a boyfriend. But who knows the handsome Taetae had changed your preference. You two look good together anyway.” Jessica continued to tease Tiffany.

“Shut up, Jess.”

“Come on, Tiff! Both of us were raised in States. It wouldn’t be a biggie for me if you prefer girl to guy.” Jessica kept teasing.

“I’ll just hang up the call, okay Jess?” Tiffany did not want to continue the conversation. She had been confused recently because she kept thinking about Taeyeon and the conversation she had with Jessica made things even more confusing for her. She started to overthink Jessica’s statement about Taeyeon had made her changed her preference.

“Hahaha. Sensitive Hwang. I should be the one who mad at you because of your comment and now here you are getting mad at me? Seriously, Tiff?” Jessica spoke in a fake serious tone.

“No, I’m not mad, Jess. Argh, I think I need to have some girls talk with you and Yuri very soon. I’ve been so stressed out recently.” Tiffany sighed. She had kept these confusing thoughts about Taeyeon for too long and she thought she really needed to share it with someone close to her. Of course she could not share it with Taeyeon, she also would not ever share it with Nick. She would make her Dad died in shock if she ever tried to discuss it with her Dad. So, Jessica and Yuri, her closest friend in office maybe could help. They had been really close and since Jessica was also coming from States, she hoped Jessica would not be freak out or lectured her about this.

“What’s wrong? You seemed so fine the last time I met you.” Jessica asked worriedly.

“The thoughts keep coming every time I’m alone. Dinner on Monday with Yuri, okay? Pretty please, Jess…” Tiffany pleaded.

“Okay! Monday is perfect. Free lunch from Taeyeon and free dinner from you. The dinner is on you, right?” Jessica made her own conclusion.

“Okay Jess! Deal!” Tiffany really wanted to hug her senior right now. Jessica had been a good senior and also a good friend in office. They usually had great heart to heart conversation during their lunch. They also hung out together once in while since they shared same interest on fashion.

“Okay! See you on Monday, then! And Tiff! Don’t forget to prepare the presentation I requested yesterday. We will need it on Monday.” Jessica reminded.

“Aaarrrggh, no working topic during weekend, Jess!” Tiffany groaned.

“Hahaha okay, okay. See you on Monday, Tiff!”

“See you, Jess!”

Tiffany huffed and threw her phone on the bed. She now felt the stress crept on her mind. She mentally blamed Jessica for teasing her like that in a ‘very right timing’. She shook her head in desperation.

“Stupid Hwang. What happened to you actually? Taeyeon and you are only close friends, right? All those contacts were only in friendly manner, right? Bring yourself together, Fany!!!” She mumbled to herself and soon took aback when she noticed she called herself Fany, the nickname, which only called by Taeyeon.

“Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany Hwang. Bring yourself together, now!” She spoke to herself a bit louder this time while giving a soft slap on both her own cheeks.




Taeyeon almost finished the ebook she read when she suddenly remembered that she had not decided whether she would have a sleepover in Tiffany’s place. She immediately closed iBook application to check the clock on her iPad. It was lunchtime already. She decided to cook herself a meal before texting Tiffany. She opened the refrigerator in the kitchen and face-palmed herself when she found the refrigerator was almost empty, signing that she forgot to shop for some ingredients to be stocked in the fridge. She closed the fridge, decided to make an instant noodle for her lunch and made a self-reminder to have proper food for dinner.

Finished with her instant noodle and washing the dishes, she unplugged her iPhone from the stereo dock to messaged Tiffany. To her surprise there were already some unread messages from her crush.

Fany (09:12): Taetae. Don’t forget to let me know if you decided to have a sleepover.

Fany (10:05): Ish this dork. Where are you~~?

Fany (11:28): Tae, I’m off for lunch. Tell me when will you go to my place, okay?

Fany (12:19): Taetae. I will be home after 5. If you decided to have a sleepover, just come after that okay?

Fany (12:26): My Taetae is ignoring me. Huft. I bet Kim Taeyeon kidnapped you.

Fany (13:05): Kim Taeyeon! Bring back my Taetae, please…

Taeyeon chuckled at the messages and replied it right away.

Taetae: You are even more possessive than my parents, Miyoung.

A reply came right after she pressed enter.

Fany: You have no idea how busy I am on weekend, huh? That’s why I need your confirmation ASAP before I make another appointment.

Taetae: Ah, okay.

Fany: Huh?

Taetae: Just make another appointment then. I can continue reading my ebook.

Fany: OK.

Taeyeon felt a bit down at Tiffany’s reply. She meant to joke but the latter seemed to take it seriously and only replied it with a simple OK. She plopped herself back in the couch, randomly browse in game folder to find any interesting game she installed in her iPad to drift her focus away from Tiffany. She kept changing games after couple minutes of playing because seemed like the games did not help at all to distract her thoughts. She put her iPad on her stomach, switch to her iPhone and unlocked it. The blonde reopened LINE app again and tap on her previous chat with Tiffany. She fidgeted for a while. She actually wanted to have a sleepover in Tiffany’s place. But the latter seemed busy, judging from the way Tiffany replied her chat before. She still gave it a try at the end.

Taetae: Fany.

Fany: If you’re going to repeatedly call my name just like the chat last night, I’m just gonna ignore you.

Taetae: T_T you’re scarier than Kim Taeyeon.

Fany: No, I’m just busy.

Taetae: OK then. Continue your business.

Fany: Spill it dork.

Taetae: Nothing.

Fany: You sure?

Taetae: Is it too late if I say I will have a sleepover tonight?

Fany: No.

Taetae: But you said you are busy.

Fany: Yes, I am. But I will be totally available after 5.

Taetae: OK. I will come to your place after 5.

Fany: OK then. See you.

Taeyeon frowned at the chat window. Even though the reply came fast from Tiffany. It seemed really cold. It was totally different than their chats before. Taeyeon decided to prolong the chat.

Taetae: Fany.

Fany: Yes?

Taetae: Do you have food ingredients in your place?

Fany: o_O?

Taetae: I want to cook for dinner.

Fany: Ah, I don’t have, Tae… I will stop by the hypermart to get some ingredients before I get back home then.

Taeyeon sighed, finding Tiffany seemed really busy and was not in the mood for chatting with her. She pushed her last luck to got a better reply from her crush

Taetae: No need. I still have a lot of time until 5. I think I will just go shopping for groceries. See you after 5, my Fany >.<

Fany: Yes >.< see you after 5, my Taetae ❤

And Tiffany’s last reply with heart emoticon beside her name was enough to make Taeyeon smiled and soon she packed her belongings for the sleepover.




“Whom are you chatting with, Babe?” Nick’s voice snapped Tiffany back from her wandering thought about the sleepover she was going to have with Taeyeon.

“Taetae.” Tiffany answered nonchalantly.

“Is it about works? You keep focusing on your phone and ignoring me here. I thought we are having a date right now.” Nick frowned.

“Not really. But we have something to discuss. She will have a sleepover in my place tonight to talk about it.” Tiffany half-lied. It was true Taeyeon was going to have a sleepover in her place but they did not really have anything to discuss. She felt guilty already for neglecting her boyfriend recently.

“I think we also need to talk about something, Babe.” Nick sighed as she stared at her girlfriend’s eyes.

“What is it, Nick?” Tiffany suddenly felt nervousness crept on her nerves. Nick seemed so serious about this.

“It’s about us. I think we become distant since a month ago.” Nick said without diverting her gaze from Tiffany who definitely looked uncomfortable with the situation.

“You seem to get consumed with your workloads. You also spend a lot more time with Taeyeon than me. Honestly speaking, I feel we were much closer when we still kept our relationship hidden before your resignation.” Nick explained.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong to you?” Nick questioned his nervous girlfriend in front of him.

“Or, is there someone new who slowly replacing my place in your heart?” Nick threw his second question. Tiffany took a deep breath and shook her head without looking at her boyfriend.

“First of all, no you did not do anything wrong, Nick. Nothing’s wrong at all. And to your second question…” Tiffany paused as she took another deep breath before continued.

“There is definitely no guy replacing your place. I just… Maybe I am getting too excited with all this new job and new friends. And… Well…” Tiffany’s head hung low. She had no idea what she had to say anymore. She did not lie at least. There was no guy or man who started to replace Nick. But Taeyeon did take a lot of Tiffany’s attention recently. It would be really awkward if she told Nick that she was getting more and more curious about her boss. In addition, she had not fully discovered what was this weird feeling she had for Taeyeon. She suddenly remembered her conversation with Jessica earlier today. Did she really turn gay?

“It’s OK, Babe. I understand. Sorry for being overreacting. I just missed us, you know?” Nick pinched Tiffany’s chin gently and lifted it up so she would face him. He gave her reassuring smile. Tiffany smiled forcefully. Her guilty feeling piled up even more when she realized how understanding Nick was.

“Wanna go for a walk? Let’s get some fresh air. We still have two good hours before I send you home. You have to be home at five, right?” Nick smiled lovingly to his lover, which only returned by a small nod and a faint smile from Tiffany.

Nick called the waiter to pay the bills and they left the restaurant they were in. Tiffany’s hand was held by Nick with their fingers interlocked. But it felt a bit different than usual. Tiffany used to feel warm and secure every time Nick held her hands. But now, she felt a little awkward. She stared at their intertwined hands and remembered how Taeyeon’s hand felt in her hand last night. She shook her head for the umpteenth time today, tried her best not to let thoughts about Taeyeon invaded her mind when she was supposed to have a romantic date with her boyfriend.

“What’s wrong with you, babe? Are you feeling unwell?” Nick worriedly asked when she noticed how quiet and lost Tiffany was.

“Nothing, Nick. I just got a lot of thoughts in my mind.” Tiffany answered as they continued their walks.

“Mind to share?” Nick offered. Tiffany weakly shook her head, declining Nick’s offer. Nick let out a sigh.

“Do you want to just go home? Maybe you want some time to be alone. I don’t want to be a bother.” He said as he squeezed Tiffany’s hand softly. Tiffany nodded in answer. Nick was right. She needed time to be alone so she could straighten up her mind.

“Is it okay, Nick? I mean… Our date…” Tiffany paused. She found it hard talking to Nick with a lot of things distracting her mind.

“It’s okay, babe. Let’s just take a cab.” Nick squeezed Tiffany’s hand again to compose her. They waited for a while on the pavement until they got a cab.

The ride to Tiffany’s place was quite deafening. Neither Tiffany nor Nick wanted to break the silent. Tiffany busied telling herself to act normal while her whole body seemed to be unwilling to do as she hoped. Nick, on the other side, had no idea about the reason behind her girlfriend’s odd behavior. He could see Tiffany had thoughtful look all over her face and no matter how hard he tried talking to his girl, she would just answered with some hanging sentences. They finally arrived at Tiffany’s place after what it felt like hours. Nick quickly got off from the cab and ran to the other side of the door and opening it for Tiffany. Her girlfriend smiled weakly and got off from cab as well. She soon pulled Nick for a hug as she thanked him, resulting a smile from her boyfriend. Nick then broke their hug and leaned in to capture Tiffany’s plump lips. Unconsciously Tiffany turned her head a bit to the right, making the kiss only touched her corner lips. Nick pulled himself with confusing look.

“Babe? What’s wrong?” He asked. It was the first time Tiffany avoided their kiss.

“I… Bit my inner lips when we had lunch earlier. It’s inconvenient.” She made up a reason. Tiffany herself could not understand why she did that.

“Ah, I see. I’m sorry, babe.” Nick smiled and leaned again, kissing his girlfriend’s forehead. Tiffany felt something was missing when Nick kissed her forehead. Every time Nick kissed her, she always felt thousands of butterflies flying aimlessly in her stomach but at the moment she did not even feel any butterfly in hers. Nick pulled himself again and looked at Tiffany who looked back to him with unreadable expression.

“Uhm… Nick…” Tiffany stopped her sentence, walked one step closer to Nick and pressed her lips on Nick’s. And she was sure, really sure, that she felt nothing from the kiss. She pulled back and gave a fake smile to Nick.

“Thank you for… Being considerate.” She said.

“You’re welcome. See you later, Babe.” Nick bid their farewell and got into the cab again to his place.



Taeyeon was lining up in the cashier, waiting for her turn to pay the groceries she bought when her phone rang. She slid her phone out from her skinny jeans and saw Tiffany’s contact ID.

“Hi Fany!” She answered the phone.

“Uhm… Tae… Where are you?” Tiffany sounded unwell.

“Hypermart. Buying some groceries. Why? You sound unwell, Fany.” She asked worriedly.

“Ummm, nothing. I just want to inform I’m home already.” Tiffany replied.

“Oh? Already? You said you’ll be home after five, right?” Taeyeon ensured.

“Yes, but I’m home now. When will you go here?” Tiffany asked back.

“I have no other plan beside our sleepover. I will just head to your place once I finish here. Do you want to buy something? I can buy it on my way there maybe?” Taeyeon offered.

“No, thanks Tae. I’ll be waiting in my place.” Tiffany answered still with the same fainted voice.

“Okay then. And Fany…”

“Yes, Tae?”

“What is it called the food ingredient, made from the pressed curds of milk, firm and elastic or soft and semi-liquid in texture?” She asked.

“Huh? Cheese?” Tiffany answered confusedly.

“There you go! You finally made an awkward smile on your face when saying cheese! Don’t frown, Fany. I want to see your smile today.” Taeyeon blushed at her own cheesy way in attempt to make Tiffany smile. She heard soft chuckles from across the line.

“Thanks Taetae. Come here fast and make me smile, okay?” Tiffany started to sound more alive.

“Sure, Fany! See you really soon!” Taeyeon agreed.

“See you, Tae.” Tiffany replied and soon ended the call.

Taeyeon moved forward to in her lining, as it was her turn to pay her groceries.




Taeyeon parked her car in front of Tiffany’s place. She grabbed a pale blue backpack stuffed with her belongings for the sleepover and a huge plastic bag filled with groceries she bought beforehand. She got off her car and immediately locked it. She slid her car keys in her jeans’ rear pocket, slid out her phone from the right pocket, opening the recent call and tap on Tiffany’s name.

“Taetae…” Tiffany answered.

“I’m in front of your place.” Tayeon said.

“I’m out now.” Tiffany informed and cut the line. A bit later, the front door was opened revealing Tiffany in pink tank top and short denim pants. Taeyeon blushed at the sight. She never saw Tiffany in her casual clothes before since they only met in office.

“Come in, Tae.” Tiffany gestured her to come in. Taeyeon walked towards Tiffany.

“We can put the groceries in the kitchen. You better sign the plastic bag with your name so the other occupants will not use yours.” Tiffany explained as she led the way to the kitchen.

“Ah, so you do not rent the whole house?” Taeyeon asked.

“Of course not, Tae. I share the house with five other people. My salary in the previous company was not as good as now. Here, put your name in plastic bag.” Tiffany said as she handed a black marker. Taeyeon took it and wrote Tiffany’s name instead of hers. She handed the marker back to Tiffany and put the groceries in the fridge.

“Let’s go to my room, shall we?” Tiffany stretched her hand to Taeyeon. Taeyeon gladly took it but had no courage to interlock their fingers like yesterday. Tiffany walked her way to the only pink door in the house. She opened it only to reveal more pink colors inside the room. The room was painted with pale pink color. There was a single bed with shocking pink bed cover in the middle of the room, a shocking pink couch near the window in the corner, pink cupboard and dresser on another side of corner, a flat 32 inches TV installed across the bed with some pink fringed crepe papers plastered on it. Taeyeon shook her head in disbelief.

“Do not protest about the color.” Tiffany warned as she stepped into her room, dragging Taeyeon with her. Taeyeon nodded and made a mouth zipping gesture. Tiffany smiled at her boss and suddenly hugged her petite boss. Taeyeon was surprised at the sudden hug but she returned it anyway.

“What’s wrong, Fany?” Taeyeon asked as she soothed Tiffany’s back.

“Nothing. I just need a hug right now.” Tiffany answered as she nuzzled in crook of Taeyeon’s neck, made the latter shivered at the contact.

“I know you’re blushing and might feel uncomfortable right now. But let me stay like this for a while, please.” Tiffany mumbled against Taeyeon’s neck.

“O-okay.” Taeyeon stuttered while her heart made a leap. She silently wished Tiffany would not be able to hear her heartbeat. Her face turned into pink was understatement because she totally felt her face was hot. She might be as red as steamed crab.

After a while Tiffany finally pulled herself from Taeyeon’s. Her face now looked much better than when Taeyeon first arrived.

“Feel better?” Taeyeon asked. Tiffany nodded and gave the blonde her eye smiles. The blonde unconsciously smiled along.

“So, what people do when they have sleepover?” Taeyeon asked resulting a disbelief look from her crush.

“Are you really asking that question?” Tiffany asked back.

“Don’t say that. It’s my first time.” Taeyeon shrugged her shoulder. Tiffany laughed at her answer.

“Oh my God, Tae. I think I will steal all your first time in everything. I already stole your first date, and now your first sleepover. What’s next?” Tiffany chuckled. All of the disturbing thoughts she had when she was with Nick suddenly vanished.

“You also stole my first kiss.” Taeyeon said as she put her gaze to the floor. Her face blushed remembering their date yesterday. Tiffany also blushed at Taeyeon’s remark. She mentally thanked God that her petite boss fixed her gaze to the floor so she could not witness Tiffany’s face also turned into her own favorite color.

“That… That did not count as first kiss, Taetae. It was only on the cheek.” Tiffany said as she recovered from the blush. Taeyeon lifted her head and grinned at Tiffany.

“So, tell me. What are we going to do?” Taeyeon requested.

“A lot. Watching movies, girls’ talks, ah, you also wanted to cook dinner right?” Tiffany remembered the groceries Taeyeon bought. Taeyeon nodded, paying her full attention to her crush.

“Now, why don’t you change your clothes into the more comfortable one?” Tiffany suggested when she realized Taeyeon was in her black jeans, loose grey t-shirt and black loose cardigan on top of the t-shirt. Her boss looked like a normal person instead of a professional profile for the first time.

“Ah okay.” Taeyeon discharged her backpack, put it on the floor and took off her cardigan as well. Tiffany unconsciously fixed her gaze to Taeyeon, secretly admiring her boss charm. Taeyeon indeed looked so handsome when she took off her cardigan. Taeyeon proceeded to rummage her backpack to find a pair of short comfy pants. She finally found it and turned into Tiffany.

“Where should I change?” Taeyeon asked. Tiffany pointed to another pink door inside the room.

“You can use the bathroom.” She answered. Taeyeon nodded and made her way to the bathroom.

Tiffany plopped herself on the bed after Taeyeon entered the bathroom. She was glad having Taeyeon around. Somehow Taeyeon’s calmness made her feel at ease. She switched the TV channel trying to find some interesting program when she heard a click from bathroom. Taeyeon still had the same loose grey t-shirt but she had changed her jeans into white comfy short pants. She walked towards her backpack and put her jeans on top of her backpack. She looked at Tiffany with questioning look she seemed really had no idea what to do. Tiffany chuckled at the dorky boss in front of her. Taeyeon really looked like a lost puppy, waiting to be picked up. Tiffany patted free space beside her on the bed, signaling Taeyeon where to sit. Taeyeon hesitated at first but she finally put herself on the bed, right beside Tiffany.

“Any movies you want too watch, Tae?” Tiffany asked as she reached for a box beneath the nightstand.

“Hmm… Do not laugh, OK?” Taeyeon mumbled.

“Hmmm…” Tiffany hummed signaling Taeyeon to continue.

“Do you have cartoons or Disney movies?” Taeyeon asked shyly. Tiffany bit her lips to hold her laugh.

“I see you holding your laugh, Miyoung!” Taeyeon pouted.

“Hahahahaha. I just… Hahahaha… Oh my God… How old are you, Taetae?” Tiffany tried to stop her laugh while wiping her laughter tears.

“Keep laughing, Hwang.” Taeyeon still pouted, made her even cuter.

“Uh, Taetae is being cranky.” Tiffany teased.

“Nevermind. Any movies would be fine.” Taeyeon had not wiped the pout from her face.

“No, no, no. Here. Choose what movie you want to watch.” Tiffany passed the box, which filled with DVDs. Taeyeon looked at the box and dug the contents to find any movie she liked. Tiffany looked at the blonde with admiration. Her boss looked so handsome couple minutes ago and now she looked very cute. She shook her head realizing she started to admire her boss again.

“Fany! This one!” Taeyeon grabbed one DVD in her hand and showed it to Tiffany with an excited grin.

“Hahaha. Confirmed. I have a sleepover with Taetae. Not with Kim Taeyeon.” Tiffany laughed again as she saw Taeyeon chose Disney’s Inside Out.

“What? Disney movies are for all ages!” Taeyeon protested.

“Hahahaha. I know Taetae. But to imagine the scary Kim Taeyeon loves to watch Disney’s movie is kind of funny.” Tiffany finally managed to stop her laugh.

“I am your Taetae right now. And Taetae loves Disney.” Taeyeon defended herself in cute manner. Tiffany chuckled and pinched Taeyeon cheek.

“Yes, my Taetae. Let’s watch it!” She patted Taeyeon’s cheek before snatched the DVD and got up from bed to set the DVD in the DVD player. Tiffany proceeded to switch the lamp off so it felt like in theatre. She then crawled back to the bed and plopped herself beside Taeyeon, handing a remote control in her hand.

“Ready?” She smiled at Taeyeon.

“No snacks?” Taeyeon pleaded like a kid.

“I will check in the kitchen.” Tiffany stood and left the room. Later she walked in with a huge chip bag and other snacks in her embraced. Taeyeon quickly jumped off the bed to help her crush. She took some snacks from Tiffany’s embrace then lost her focus when she saw a plastic of gummies. She quickly snatched the gummies overly excited.

“Gummies!!!” Taeyeon squealed and made a run back to the bed, shattering other snacks on it while she kept the gummies in her hand. Tiffany shook her head in surprise witnessing another new trait she found from her dork boss.

“My Taetae is a kid.” She followed Taeyeon who already sat on the bed still holding the gummies. She tidied up the snacks she fetched from kitchen to provide some space for her seat.

“Gummies are like Disney movies. It is for all ages, Fany.” Taeyeon grinned without lessening her excited look. Tiffany only chuckled at the sight.

“Now, ready for the movie Taetae?” Tiffany asked, holding the remote control in her hand, pointing it at the DVD player. Taeyeon nodded excitedly like a little kid. Tiffany chuckled once again and pressed the play button on the remote control.

Tiffany did not manage to concentrate on the movie played on the screen since her gaze was totally fixed to her kid-looking boss in beside her. She still struck with the admiration of the sight she got when her boss made a lot of different expression during the movie. Taeyeon sometimes put up a serious expression, then changed to amazement, and also let out her old lady-like laugh when funny scenes appeared on the screen. She tried couples of times to moved her focus to the movie played at the moment but always failed every time she heard any sighs, chuckles, or laughs from the girl beside her. She repeatedly shook her head. She had lost count how many times she shook her head today. Taeyeon kept occupying her mind even when the mentioned girl was actually beside her at the moment. She kept questioned herself whether what Jessica said was right. Maybe she really had changed her preference into girl. She shifted her gaze and stared at the TV blankly, did not even pay any attention about the scene. Her thoughts were still somewhere in the clouds, she felt the need to find the answer of her own confusion. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, trying to imagine kissing a girl. She grimaced at her own imagination and shook her head again. She could not imagine it. It was weird. She turned her head to look at her blonde boss again and imagined the same thing. What would it feel to kiss her boss? To her own surprise, her heart rapidly beat and she felt her cheek got warm. She shook her head again in frustration. Why did she always like this when it came to Kim Taeyeon?

Taeyeon felt she was being watched and when she turned her head to Tiffany, she saw her crush shaking her head furiously.

“Fany?” Taeyeon changed her focus from the movie to the girl beside her. The latter startled as if she was caught doing something.


“Why are you shaking your head?” Taeyeon asked innocently.

“Because you act like a kid. Tsk tsk tsk.” Tiffany made up a reason and acted shaking her head again. Taeyeon only grinned and moved her focus back to the TV again. Tiffany sighed and turned her head to TV as well, hoping she could concentrate for the rest of the movie.

“So who’s your favorite character, Fany?” Taeyeon asked after the movie ended.

“Of course Joy! She’s the main character in the movie.” Tiffany answered as she got up from the bed to unload the DVD from DVD player.

“Hmmm… Joy… Fits you well.” Taeyeon commented, giving thoughtful look.

“And why is that?” Tiffany asked while placing the disc back in its case.

“Because you literally makes people around you feel the joy.” Taeyeon answered with a grin.

“Cheesy. I think that gummies gave you so much joy more than me. You didn’t even share it with me.” Tiffany replied, walking her way back to the bed and sat beside the grinning Taeyeon.

“Don’t blame me. Gummies are so cute, sweet, adorable, and tempting.” Taeyeon said.

“Are you describing gummies or describing your crush?” Tiffany giggled at Taeyeon answer.

“Of course gummies, Fany! I can do better in describing my crush!” Taeyeon pouted.

Tiffany looked at the pout and the thought of kissing a girl rushed back to her head, and for the umpteenth time today she repeatedly shook her head.

“Fany? You keep shaking your head ever since I came. What’s wrong?” Taeyeon noticed.

“Nothing. Just a slight headache.” Tiffany made up a reason.

“Ah! You should take medicine, then. But you have to eat first. Ah, wait, what time is it now?” Taeyeon seemed panic but it didn’t lessen her cuteness.

“It’s past six, Tae.” Tiffany looked at the clock on the nightstand to divert her gaze from her boss.

“I’m gonna cook for our dinner! Can I use the kitchen?” Taeyeon asked as she jumped off the bed. Tiffany nodded and led their way to the kitchen. Taeyeon followed behind and suddenly grabbed Tiffany’s hand in hers. Tiffany surprised with the contact and turned her head only to see her dork boss grinned widely.

“Why? It’s a date, right? You said it’s a movie date.” Taeyeon asked as she saw Tiffany was surprised.

“Ah, right. Come on.” Tiffany smiled and positioned her fingers interlocking with Taeyeon, resulting blushes on both her and Taeyeon’s face. As soon as they hit the kitchen, Tiffany let go of Taeyeon’s hand to open the fridge and took the plastic bag Taeyeon put earlier.

“What are we going to make, Taetae?” Tiffany asked, putting the plastic bag on the kitchen counter. Taeyeon walked to the counter and helped Tiffany taking out the groceries she bought.

“We? No. It’s my duty to cook. You just sit, watch, and enjoy.” Taeyeon answered, gesturing Tiffany to sit on the dining table.

“No.” Tiffany didn’t move an inch.

“Why?” Taeyeon turned her head to Tiffany.

“There would be no fun if you’re the only one who cook. In addition, I can’t cook at all so it will be a lot challenging for you to cook. That’s the fun!” Tiffany excitedly explained.

“Ah, seems like you no longer have headache. OK, then! Let’s cook.” Taeyeon continued preparing the ingredients.

“So, you forbid me to cook because of the headache?” Tiffany was surprised of Taeyeon’s consideration.

“Yes, you need to drink your medicines, so I thought I need to cook something simple and fast so you can have your medicine soon. But, since now you’ve cured from the headache, I don’t think we need to rush. Let’s have some fun, just like what you said before.”


“So what are we going to make, Taetae?” Tiffany asked again, emphasizing the word ‘we’. Taeyeon chuckled and stared at the ingredients on the counter trying to decide what dish should they make.

“Hmmm, what about spinach soup and seasoned fried chicken? Can you please wash the spinach and cut the bottom stems? Once you finish, you can help me to make the seasoning for the soup. I’ll guide you later.” Taeyeon gave detail instruction as she walked to the sink, cleaning the chicken.

“My dorky Taetae becomes Miss Kim Taeyeon in the kitchen.” Tiffany chuckled realizing the way Taeyeon instructed her just then was like the way her boss lead the meeting.

“Could you please make it fast and report to me once you finish, Tiffany?” Taeyeon acted along, resulting a laugh from Tiffany.

Tiffany amazed at how much Taeyeon knew about cooking. She never imagined such a workaholic career woman would be able to cook that well. She now felt bad for always saying that she was a career woman every time her Dad or her boyfriend teased her about her cooking ability. Tiffany was in the middle of cutting the garlic to some thin slices when suddenly a pair of hands held hers. She also felt warmth on her back. She turned her head around, finding the hands’ owner grinned at her with blushing cheek.

“I’m gonna show you how to cut it. You will end up losing all your fingers if you hold the knife and the garlic that way, Fany.” Taeyeon explained as she corrected Tiffany’s hand to hold the knife properly. Tiffany tried to focus on what Taeyeon taught her instead of her beating heart that could not be slowed down because of their contact. Once Tiffany’s hands were already on the right position, Taeyeon immediately pulled herself from Tiffany and continued making other seasonings.




“Yeay! Done! Finally!” Tiffany squealed and finished it with a sigh.

“Hey, what’s with the sigh?” Taeyeon asked as she put all the meals they cooked on the dining table. At the end, Taeyeon did the most task since Tiffany would spilled the water, dropped the knife, almost cut her own hand, and other clumsy things. Taeyeon was relieved that they managed to finish cooking before the kitchen was burnt by Tiffany’s clumsiness.

“I thought it would be fun. It’s no fun at all. No flours to be threw, no cute colors, no pink color! No cute shapes. We just cut those herbs, wash the chicken and vegetables, cutting this cutting that. Boring.” Tiffany sulked in the chair.

“We’re cooking meals, Fany. Not baking.” Taeyeon chuckled at her crush’s reaction. She put rice on Tiffany’s plate and her plate, also put the soup in smaller bowl she had prepared. One for Tiffany, and one for her. And finally she took a seat beside Tiffany.

“Which one do you prefer, Fany? Breast of thigh?” Taeyeon asked out of a sudden.

“Uh? Wh-what do you mean? Why should I choose?” Tiffany blushed and stuttered at the question. Why did her boss suddenly asked her about breast and thigh? Why did her boss suddenly ask her this kind of question in the middle of her confusion?

“Huh? Why can’t I ask?” Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“Ehm… I-Is that needed to be asked?” Tiffany blushed even harder.

“Why not? I prefer breast if you don’t mind?” Taeyeon said resulting a surprised look from Tiffany.

“Why are you telling me that you like breasts???” Tiffany asked half yelling. She really had no idea why did Taeyeon suddenly confessed that she liked breast. Her mind wandered even further, was that mean that Taeyeon prefer girls to guys?

“Why are you yelling at me? If you want to take the breast just take it. I will just take the thigh. It’s just fried chicken, Fany.” Taeyeon answered with a totally confused look on her face. Tiffany’s face got even redder knowing that Taeyeon referred to chicken breast and chicken thigh.

“Y-yeah. Breast for me then.” Tiffany answered while taking the chicken breast from the plate.

“Why are you… Ah! I know what you thought!! My fany is a pervert! Hahahahaha.” Taeyeon finally understood why the latter gave such a reaction before.

“Shut up, Tae.” Tiffany mumbled, fixing her gaze to her own plate.

“Fany…” Taeyeon called.

“Hmmm…” Tiffany hummed started to eat her meal.

“Tiffany…” Taeyeon called again.

“Hmmmmmm…” Tiffany hummed while chewing, not leaving her gaze from her plate.

“Tiffany Hwang…” Taeyeon called for the third time.

“What is it Kim Taeyeon?” Tiffany asked back and shifted her gaze to Taeyeon.

“Pervert!” Taeyeon grinned widely showing her cute dimple.

“Taetae!!!!” Tiffany blushed and raised her spoon as if she was about to hit Taeyeon, while the latter let out her old lady-like laugh.

“Hahahaha, okay, okay. Let’s eat now. Hahahaha. My Fany is so funny.” Taeyeon said as she also grabbed the chicken. The latter just kept pouting seeing her boss reaction.

“Fany…” Taeyeon called out, as she saw no changes on Tiffany’s face.


“Don’t pout.” Taeyeon also put a pout on her cute face.

“You made me.”

“What is it called the food ingredient, made from the pressed curds of milk…” Taeyeon haven’t finished her sentence when Tiffany cut her off.

“Don’t make me say cheese!”

“But you said it now.” Taeyeon grinned.


“Your dork.”


“Ah why???” Taeyeon put her best puppy face.

“Mine is Taetae.” Tiffany smiled, making Taeyeon smiled along in relief.

“Now eat, Fany.” She said as she took a spoonful of rice and delivered it to Tiffany.

“Say aaah.” Taeyeon held her spoon in front of Tiffany, waiting the latter to open her mouth. Tiffany did as she asked, smiling as she chewed the rice.

“How does it taste?” Taeyeon asked.

“I never expect a career woman like you able to cook this well, honestly. I expect that you be at the same level as me, or even worse, if it comes to cooking. But I think I was wrong.” Tiffany chuckled.

“You are underestimating The Kim Taeyeon, huh?” Taeyeon shook her head in disagreement, which only made her crush pinched her cheeks softly.

“Ah I forgot something!” Tiffany suddenly squealed.

“What is it?”

“I am supposed to take the picture of our meals and update it to instagram before we eat!” Tiffany huffed.


“Yes, Tae. People won’t know that I am able to cook if I do not post it.”

“Gen-Y* and their social media addiction.” Taeyeon sighed.

“You said it as if you’re not part of Gen-Y, huh? So what are you? Baby boomer**?”

“If I am, then you are now dating a very old grandma, then.” Taeyeon smirked.

“My smartass Boss.” Tiffany sighed in defeat.




It was eight o’clock when they finally finished their meals and cleared up everything. Tiffany dragged Taeyeon back to her bedroom and let the cute blonde use her bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth while Tiffany rummaged through the movie box to find what movie she wanted to watch. Her choice was finally fell to “Before Midnight”, the last trilogy of Before Sunrise.

“What movie is that?” Taeyeon asked as she walked out of the bathroom.

“The last trilogy of my favorite movie, Before Sunrise.”

“Let me guess, romantic drama?” said Taeyeon who now seemed a lot more comfortable in Tiffany’s room.

“Yes, it is.”

“Why don’t we just watch comedy or something else? I haven’t even watched the first two movies.” Taeyeon sulked as she plopped herself on the bed.

“I let you watched your Disney movie and now you won’t let me watch my choice? How unfair.”


“No but, Tae!”

“Okay, don’t blame me if I fall asleep.”

“What’s with the stubbornness?” Tiffany sighed

“I told you I am the most stubborn person I’ve known in my life.”

“Whatever, but you still need to accompany me along the movie.” Tiffany replied nonchalantly as she put the disc in the tray and sat beside Taeyeon.

“And Miss Demanding Hwang is on the mode.” Taeyeon sighed as Tiffany pressed the play button.

It was only half of the movie when Tiffany heard a soft snore came from beside her. She looked at her side to find Taeyeon was already slept. Tiffany looked at the cute sight beside her and immersed in her adoration of her own boss. She looked so innocent and cute. Tiffany hardly held herself not to caress her boss’ face.

“Taetae…” Tiffany called out softly, shaking Taeyeon’s body in attempt to woke the girl up. Taeyeon opened her eyes a bit and groaned.

“What?” Taeyeon mumbled.

“Change your position, your neck will hurt if you sleep like this.” Tiffany explained. Taeyeon blinked her eyes couples of time but did not move an inch.

“But the movie hasn’t finished yet.” Said Taeyeon.

“It’s okay, I can watch it some other time. Just sleep.”

“But it’s our movie date.” Taeyeon still half mumbled and slowly closed her eyes again. Tiffany chuckled at her boss’ answer.

“It’s okay, Tae. Just get a more comfortable position now.” Tiffany said as she helped Taeyeon slid to a more comfortable position. The latter stayed silent and slid her body to comfortably lie on Tiffany’s bed. After helping Taeyeon to get into more comfortable position, Tiffany turned off the TV and the DVD player. She then went to the bathroom, cleaning her face and brushed her teeth. She looked at her own reflection in the mirror and shook her head, “Bring yourself together Tiffany Hwang. You stupidly mistaken about what Taeyeon meant by breast earlier. It’s chicken breast for Pete’s sake. Why did I think about woman’s breasts? And what’s with this thought about kissing Taeyeon? Why do I always feel like I want to kiss her every time I see her lips? I am getting creepy! It’s all Jessica’s fault!”

“Fany? Whom are you talking to?” Taeyeon’s voice from outside the bathroom startled her.

“No… No one, Tae…” She immediately gargled and cleaned up.

“I thought I really heard you talked with someone.” Taeyeon asked again as soon as the bathroom’s door opened, revealing Tiffany.

“I thought you were sleeping already.” Tiffany answered coolly, secretly wishing that Taeyeon could not hear what she said earlier in the bathroom.

“I was. But I want to peepee suddenly.” Taeyeon answered. Tiffany noticed the word her boss used, ‘peepee’ and assumed that her boss needed to use the bathroom. She walked out of the room and pleased Taeyeon to use it. She laid her body on her bed and tried to find comfortable position. She heard flushing sound followed by an opened door signing Taeyeon had finished her business in the bathroom. Not long after, Taeyeon joined her on the bed. Tiffany leaned on her right side to face her petite boss.

“Want to continue your sleep, Tae?”

“Uhmmm. Not sleepy anymore. Let’s have girls’ talk or any conversation.” Taeyeon’s answer surprising Tiffany. Tiffany usually had to fished Taeyeon out to start telling her about anything. But, just now, her boss just asked to have a talk.

“Whoa, I can’t believe you initiate that.” Tiffany said.

“What? The talk? I feel comfortable with you. So, why not?” Taeyeon grinned. “Fany, so, this movie date is counted as a date or not?” Taeyeon innocently asked as she positioned herself to sit on the bed with her back laid on the headboard. Tiffany caught off guard. She contemplated for a while but she chose to follow what her heart asked her to say.

“Yes. Why, Taetae?” She answered as she followed Taeyeon to sit and rested her back on the headboard.

“If so, can you lay your head on my shoulder again just like what you did on our second date?” Taeyeon asked with a blush on her cheek. Tiffany said nothing but shifted her position, closing the gap between them and laid her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder. She then reached for Taeyeon’s hand and intertwined it with hers.

“Like this?” Tiffany ensured while she tried controlling her heartbeat. Silently wished that the cute blonde beside her would not be able to hear it. Taeyeon hummed in answer.

“Why?” Tiffany asked.

“Because it’s our date and I like it.” Taeyeon said. She was not really sure about this either. She could not forget the fact that Tiffany already had a boyfriend. But, Taeyeon chose to ignore the fact at the moment. She would not waste any opportunity given in every date they had.

Tiffany said nothing but she raised their intertwined hand and lead Taeyeon’s hand to wrap her waist then she let go off their hands.

“I like it this way.” She said once she made Taeyeon’s left hand wrapped around her waist. Taeyeon again just hummed in answer and comfortable silence filled the room. Tiffany felt really comfortable with Taeyeon’s arms around her. She then recalled her conversation with Jessica earlier today and all the confusions she had about her feelings towards Taeyeon rushed back filling up her mind.

“Taetae, may I ask you a question?” Tiffany broke the silence.

“Sure.” Taeyeon replied.

“What will be your reaction if your best friend is gay?” Tiffany asked. Taeyeon was shocked with the question. She started to worry whether Tiffany knew about her sexual preference already? Was this best friend she talked about was actually her? She finally decided to give diplomatic answer.

“Let her or him be. That’s their rights.”

“You know it’s not that simple and I don’t expect that kind of answer from you, Tae.” Tiffany sighed.

“Well, if I put myself in your shoes, the thing I guarantee won’t happen is detesting her or him. We cannot choose to whom we fall in love with, right? If the love happens to be the one with the same sex, what can we do about that? I am not really religious, Fany. But I believe God has His own reason for creating us with brain and heart. Brain to help us think logically, and heart to lead us when logic fails to reason. And for love itself, we need no reason for love, right? It just comes naturally and, heart plays it role to lead us.” Taeyeon’s long opinion only answered with a hum from Tiffany.

“Why?” Taeyeon now felt curious for the sudden question.

“Nothing.” Tiffany replied shortly.

“No matter how random your topic could be, but your question just now is not from just some random thoughts.” Taeyeon successfully analyzed it. Tiffany smiled at Taeyeon’s reasoning.

“I know this girl. As long as I know her, she is as straight as a ruler. But one day, she met another girl who makes her world upside down. She has a boyfriend whom she thought she fell in love with but ever since she met the girl, she started to doubt her feeling towards the boy. The girl keeps occupying her mind and she starts to question her own preference. Every time she is with the girl, she always wants more contact, more skin ship. They spend most of the day together, yet she never feels enough, she wants more and more. She keeps telling herself that they are just close friends but as much as she tells that, she knows she wants more than just being a friend.” Tiffany explained.

“Tell her to follow her heart.” Taeyeon answered.

“I told her. But she was afraid. She and the girl are already close. They are best friends and she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. She also doesn’t want to hurt her boyfriend. What should she do, Tae?” Tiffany asked as she raised her head from Taeyeon’s shoulder and looked at Taeyeon’s side profile.

“What can I say? I am pretty much the same with her. The one that Iove is really close to me, and in addition, already has someone. I do not even have any courage to tell my crush about my feeling. How can I suggest her to be brave while I am a coward myself?” Taeyeon sighed.

“Do you really love him, Tae?” Tiffany felt her heart cracked a bit when she heard Taeyeon talked about her feeling towards her crush.

“I do, Fany. I know how your friend feels. Keep wanting more while you can be just friends and knowing that someone else own the heart. It’s not easy.” Taeyeon replied weakly.

“She said the same thing. It’s not easy for her as well to keep being just friends while she wants more. But the difference is she still confuse. She doesn’t even know whether the feeling is true. She was sure she was straight before she met her.” Fany said with the same weak voice.

“I think you should introduce me to her then. Maybe we can share our story so to figure out what should we do about this kind of feeling. You’re so lucky that you already have a boyfriend so you don’t need to have this kind of confusing thought.” Taeyeon chuckled, trying to lighten up the mood.

“Do you really want me to introduce you to her?” Tiffany ignored Taeyeon’s remark about her boyfriend.

“Sure, why not? Two coward girls supporting each other would be funny, I guess.” She grinned.

“I don’t need to introduce you to her anyway.” Tiffany replied.

“Why?” Taeyeon asked as she turned her head to face Tiffany.

“I am her.”

“What?” Taeyeon’s eyes widen.

“I am her, Taetae.” Tiffany stared right into Taeyeon’s eyes.

“Which ‘her’? The straight as ruler one, or the best friend one?” Taeyeon could not hide her shock.

“The straight as ruler one.” Tiffany sighed. “Who happens to question her own preference since she met Kim Taeyeon.” She continued.

“What??? Me???” Taeyeon barely breathed knowing the fact.

“You won’t detest me for that, will you? I don’t want to lose this friendship, Taetae. I’m not gay, yet. I’m confused. I’m sorry for this sudden confession but… But I just can’t keep it to myself anymore. I’m sorry.” Tiffany’s head hung low. She did not have the courage to look at her boss right now. Her boss might be just freak out, regarded her as a creep, and she might be losing one of her closest person right now.

The silence once again filled the room. Tiffany still had her gaze to her hands on her lap. She did not want to see Taeyeon’s reaction. The deafening quietness started to frighten her. She thought it was the end. Taeyeon would no longer be her friend anymore. Her boss lived in Indonesia ever since she was born, so it would be normal for Taeyeon to hate her right now because in this country lesbian is disgusting, lesbian is a disgrace, lesbian is not normal. She felt the heat of tears rushed to her eyes. It was already on the edge of falling down to wet her cheeks when she felt a hand on her left cheek and forced her to look up, meeting her eyes with Taeyeon’s.

“Are you going to hate me now, Tae?” Tiffany’s voice cracked.

“No. I love you.” Taeyeon answered calmly with a sincere smile on her face.

“You? What?” It was Tiffany’s turn to shock.

“I love you.” Taeyeon said it once again. Tiffany looked at Taeyeon in disbelief. She hardly understood the situation at the moment. She finally told Taeyeon about her feeling, ready to be hated by the later yet she heard Taeyeon said she loved her.

“Fany…” Taeyeon called out since she did not get any response from the latter. She unwrapped her arms around Tiffany’s waist and put it on Tiffany’s right cheek.

“Listen… I know you already have a boyfriend and I really understand that you must be really shocked right now. But I think it’s just fair that you finally brave to tell me about your feeling, then I should also have as much courage to tell you about mine. Yes, you’re the one I fall in love with. I do not expect you to receive my feeling. I do not ask you to love me back. I just want you to know that I love you.” Taeyeon said as she caressed Tiffany’s cheek.



“I am still confused…”

“I know. No need to think too much, Fany. It’s enough for me to let you know about my feeling. At least I don’t have to hide anything from you now. Now, you know that I am a lesbian, and I am in love with you. There, no more secret between us. We are officially best fiend now because I have no secret anymore.” Taeyeon gave Tiffany reassuring smile.

“No.” Tiffany frowned at Taeyeon’s answer.

“Why?” Taeyeon asked as she let go off Tiffany’s cheeks.

“It’s not fair to me. I’m still confused.” Tiffany sighed.

“What can I do to make it fair then?” Taeyeon now held both Tiffany’s hands in hers.

“Help me to find out?”


“Will you help me to find out?” Tiffany asked again.

“Yes, I will Fany. But I d-…” Taeyeon’s sentence cut off as Tiffany’s lips silenced her.

The kiss was simple just a pair of lips pressed together and lingered on top each other for couple of seconds. But it was enough for Tiffany to felt the butterflies in her stomach came alive. It flied aimlessly in her, as if finally released after being in a cage for years. Tiffany pulled away only to find a blushing Taeyeon in front of her. She smiled at the sight and leaned in one more time to kiss the latter softly. Taeyeon finally responded to her kiss and kissed her back, softly as if she was the most precious thing in her life. Tiffany broke the kiss again and saw Taeyeon who still had her eyes closed.

“I love you too, Taetae. And I’m no longer confused.” Tiffany said as she broke the kiss, seeing Taeyeon who still had her eyes closed.

“No, Fany…” Taeyeon sighed, still closing her eyes.

“N-no?” Tiffany did not expect Taeyeon’s response.

“No. You’re not sure yet. I… I can’t accept what you said.” Taeyeon slowly opened her eyes, staring deeply at Tiffany’s.

“B-but, I am sure, Tae.” Tiffany hardly believed what Taeyeon said.

“No. How can you say that you love me too while the seconds before you just said that you were not gay yet and you were still confused? Bring yourself together, Fany.” Taeyeon said calmly still holding Tiffany’s hands.

“B-but, Tae…”

“Fany… How could you change your mind after stealing kisses from me? Don’t you think you changed your mind too fast?” Taeyeon asked.

“I stole the first kiss but you kissed me back at the second kiss!” Tiffany protested.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been having this feeling for you since I met you for the first time and I… I am so happy that you finally kissed me. But, it’s not right, Fany…”

“How can you say that after saying that you love me and when I finally realize my feeling?” Tiffany started to feel the heat rushed to her eyes. She held her tears as hard as she could.

“How can you suddenly realize your feeling? You weren’t sure before.”

“My heart beats faster every time I am with you, Tae. And our kiss before… I felt butterflies in my stomach. That’s why I asked you to help me find out my true feeling. I just need to confirm it with just one kiss.”

Taeyeon sighed to Tiffany’s explanation. She was beyond happy that they finally kissed. But she knew, there was something wrong.

“Fany… I know I told you when it comes to love, heart leads our way. But, let me put some logic in it. You know I am a woman, right? And you know the consequences of same sex relationship in this country? Also, you already have a boyfriend. You already have the normal relationship that won’t be opposed in this country. If you really love me, let me ask you these questions. Are you ready to face the consequences of our relationship? Are you willing to break up with your boyfriend? Are you willing to be serious in our relationship? Because I do not plan to play with my feeling or yours.” Taeyeon stared deeply into Tiffany’s eyes.

Tiffany took a deep breath and hung her head low. She could not answer Taeyeon’s question. Taeyeon sighed once again noticing Tiffany’s indirect answer.

“You can’t answer, can you?”

Tiffany kept silent.

Taeyeon let go off Tiffany’s hands, hugged the girl and soothing her.

“It’s okay, Fany. I told you that I do not ask you to love me back, and I mean it. If you can’t return my feeling, it’s okay. We can still be friends. If you don’t mind having a gay friend though.” Taeyeon chuckled, trying to light up the mood.

“Tae…” Tiffany finally said a word.

“Hmmm?” Taeyeon hummed in response.

“Can you give me time?”

“Time? For what?” Taeyeon pushed Tiffany’s shoulder a bit to look at her face.

“To love you back? For real. With no confussion.” Tiffany shifted her eyes to Taeyeon’s. Showing her seriousness. Taeyeon smiled.

“Take your time. And if at the end, you can’t love me and you can’t face the consequences, just remember, I am totally okay with it. I don’t want you to be burdened. We can still be friends like we used to.”

“You know that we can’t go back to square one, Taetae.” Tiffany sighed.

“I don’t want to go back to square one either, Fany.” Taeyeon smiled.

“Eh? What do you mean?” Tiffany could not understand Taeyeon’s statement.

“When you said back to square one, the only thing in my mind was becoming the boring Kim Taeyeon again. I still wanna be your Taetae, so we can’t go back to square one. I won’t let us back to square one. I am not letting go my best friend.” Taeyeon replied with a cute pout on her face. Tiffany finally chuckled at the sight in front of her.

“Don’t pout. You’re 26 year-old, Taetae.” Tiffany pinched Taeyeon’s cheeks. The latter ignored it and jutted her lips even more.

“Stop pouting or I’m gonna kiss you for the third time today.” Tiffany warned.

“No more kisses, Fany!” Taeyeon immediately covered her lips with her hands. Making Tiffany laughed out loud. The tense atmosphere started to fade right away.

“So I managed to steal your another first, Taetae?” Tiffany playfully smiled.

“Yes, my first and second kisses.” Taeyeon blushed as she uncovered her lips.

“I love to see you blush. So cute!” Tiffany said.

“And I love to see your smile. So pretty!” Taeyeon replied, making Tiffany blushed as well.

“I’m sorry, Taetae.”

“For what?”

“For stealing kisses.”

“Honestly speaking. I enjoyed it.” Taeyeon could not hide her smile

“So I can kiss you every now and then?” Tiffany half hoping.

“Noo!!!! No kiss on the lips! Not until we are in a real relationship.” Taeyeon answered as she cupped Tiffany’s face.

“Fany… It might sound selfish. But can I request something?” Taeyeon suddenly put up her serious face.

“What is it?”

“Since you already know my feeling towards you, you also had stole my first and second kisses, since we’re now technically still in a date, since I don’t know whether I will get another chance to be like today, and before everything come back to normal on Monday, can I… Ehm, can we just continue our date?” Taeyeon blushed and did not dare to look at Tiffany.

Tiffany did not answer and it made Taeyeon felt uneasy.

“I know it’s like cheating on your boyfriend but… Well, if you don’t like the idea, we don’t have to do that and let’s end today’s date now and make it into a real friendly date like it was supposed to be.” Taeyeon continued.

“So, I still can kiss you?” Tiffany responded.

Taeyeon looked up to see Tiffany’s face in disbelief.

“I’m kidding Taetae. Let’s just go to sleep now.” Tiffany threw her eye smile to Taeyeon. Taeyeon still did not get the answer of her request but she assumed that Tiffany did not approve the idea of continuing their date. Taeyeon dejectedly nodded and positioned herself to sleep.

“OK. Good night, Fany.” She said as she turned her body so her back faced Tiffany.

“Good night, Taetae.” Tiffany replied as she also positioned herself to sleep.

Taeyeon closed her eyes, trying to sum up what actually happened before. Everything happened so fast. Tiffany’s confession, her confession, the kisses, and at the end they still can’t be more than friends. She secretly hoped that Tiffany would agree on her request for continuing the date but the latter definitely did not approve the idea. She was bothered by her own mind until not realizing that there were some movements beside her. She finally came to her senses when she felt a hand sneaked on her waist. She jumped out of surprise only to find Tiffany’s hand on her waist.

“Fany?” Taeyeon called out without facing the hand’s owner.

“Taetae?” Tiffany’s reply sounded so close. Taeyeon even felt Tiffany’s breath on her ears.

“What are you doing?”

“Hugging you to sleep.”

“But, I thought we ended our date already.” Taeyeon was confused with Tiffany’s act.

“Don’t you remember what I said on the second date?” Tiffany asked.

“Which one?” Taeyeon asked.

“Every date should be ended with a kiss, Taetae. The kisses earlier were not for ending the date. So, technically, we’re still on a date.”

Taeyeon did not answer.

“Taetae…” Tiffany called out.

“Hmmm…” Taeyeon replied.

“Don’t face me with your back, please…”

“I… Uhm…” Taeyeon did not managed to reply. She was pretty much confused and not sure about what to do.

“Can you hug me to sleep as well? I’m just like you. I’m afraid that we won’t have the second chance for a day like today. I want to cherish this time. So, please?” Tiffany half pleaded.

Taeyeon slowly turned her body to face Tiffany. A pair of beautiful eye smiled greeted her as soon as she faced her crush. She reluctantly placed her hand on Tiffany’s waist. The latter immediately snuggled closer to her, closing the gap between them. Noticing Tiffany’s response, Taeyeon no longer hesitated to hug the pretty girl. She even placed her another arm under Tiffany’s head to replace the pillow, making Tiffany closer to her.

“Good night, Fany…” Taeyeon said, continued with a kiss on Tiffany’s forehead.

“And please count that as a good night kiss. I’m not ending the date.” Taeyeon quickly explained making the latter laughed.

“I know Taetae. Good night to you too.” Tiffany replied as she pecked Taeyeon’s chin.




Taeyeon slowly opened her eyes. As the consciousness slowly coming back to her, she remembered all of the confessions between Tiffany and her the night before and she felt warmth under her arm. Her full consciousness kicked in as she saw Tiffany’s sleeping face only inches apart of hers and her arm around Tiffany’s back and her another arm on Tiffany’s waist. She finally was sure that all those conversation she had before sleep was not only in her dream. She took her arm off Tiffany’s waist and slowly shifted her body to check the clock on the nightstand.

“Taetae…” Tiffany stirred, being woken up by Taeyeon’s movement.

“Yes, Fany?” Taeyeon answered immediately not wanting to wake the girl up.

“Where are you going?” Tiffany mumbled, with her eyes still closed.

“Just checking the time.” Taeyeon replied.

“What time is it?” Tiffany finally opened her eyes.

“Six o’clock.”

Tiffany yawned as she reached Taeyeon’s arm, which no longer hugged around her waist and put it back on her waist.

“Let’s sleep a bit more. It’s still early morning on Sunday, Taetae.” Tiffany closed her eyes again and snuggled even closer than before.

Taeyeon smiled at the sight, hugged the girl even tighter, and started to doze off again.

Tiffany woke up an hour later and the first sight she saw was her cute boss’ face, still sleeping with her mouth slightly opened. Her boss really looked like a kid when she slept. She tried not to make too much movement, not wanting to wake her boss up. Her gaze did not leave the perfect feature of Taeyeon’s face, enjoying the sight she might not see again the morning after. She unconsciously caressed her boss cheek, making the latter furrowed in annoyance. She chuckled at the sight and moved her fingers to graze Taeyeon’s lips, the lips she kissed the night before.

Taeyeon’s eyes fluttered, signing she slowly awakened from her sleep. She felt something grazed her lips and it slowly brought consciousness to her. She immediately smiled as she saw her crush stared at her lovingly.

“It feels like a dream…” She mumbled, earning a soft chuckle from Tiffany.

“Everything feels so real for me, Tae.” Tiffany replied, releasing her fingers on Taeyeon’s lips.

“Where’s my morning kiss?” Tiffany requested, resulting a smile from Taeyeon. Their date had not ended yet.

“Give mine first.” Taeyeon replied as she jutted her lips. She already forgot her own request about no kisses on the lips.

Tiffany leaned in to kiss Taeyeon’s nose’s tip, resulting a blush from the latter.

“Now give me mine.” Tiffany demanded.

Taeyeon also kissed Tiffany’s nose, and gave a light peck on Tiffany’s lips.

“What’s with the ‘no kiss on the lips’, Tae?” Tiffany chuckled, obviously happy that Taeyeon kissed her lips.

“What can I do? You’re irresistible.” Taeyeon answered as she gave another peck on Tiffany’s nose.

“Am I? But you rejected me.” Tiffany gave Taeyeon a fake sad face.

“Fany, please…” Taeyeon frowned as soon as she heard the reply.

“I’m kidding, Taetae.” Tiffany laughed.

“Kiss me again?” She jutted her lips, asking for another peck on her lips. Taeyeon chuckled but instead of kissing Tiffany’s lips, she kissed the latter’s forehead.

“There! Now, let’s wake up!” Taeyeon tried to sit but obstructed by her own arm, which was still under Tiffany’s body.

“Come on, Fany. Let me make you breakfast.”

“Not until you give me proper morning kiss.” Tiffany didn’t budge.

“But I gave you already.” Taeyeon pouted.

“I said proper, means long sweet kiss on the lips. Come on!” Tiffany demanded.

“But, Fany I-…”

“A date is a date, Taetae.”

Taeyeon gave up and leaned down again, positioned herself on top of Tiffany. She slowly tilted her head and captured Tiffany’s lips with hers, giving the latter a long sweet kiss. She pulled away to see a pair of blushing cheeks. The mixture of guilty feelings and happiness started to crawl up in her heart as she saw Tiffany’s blushing face. She felt sorry for Tiffany’s boyfriend for what she did, yet she really enjoyed the kiss and the more they kissed, the more she wanted Tiffany to be hers. The slight shift of expression did not go unnoticed by Tiffany.

“Are you thinking about my boyfriend, Taetae?” Tiffany asked as if she could read her boss’ mind.

“Yes… I feel bad for him.” Taeyeon answered honestly.

Tiffany sat up, releasing Taeyeon’s hand under her back. Both girls sat face to face. It was still seven o’clock in the morning but the mood was already gloomy.

“I promised I won’t drag you to this kind of situation again as long as I’m still with him, I don’t want you to feel guilty, Tae. But for today, at least for the rest of our date, can we just pretend that I’m single?” Tiffany finally managed to say something. Taeyeon looked at her crush that put up a serious expression. She inhaled deeply after processing Tiffany’s request.

“Only for today. Okay.” Taeyeon said half-heartedly. There were a lot of things ragged in her head. On one side, she wished the date would never end. She wanted Tiffany to be hers, and she also wanted to experienced everything happened yesterday and this morning not only for today. But on the other side, she knew she did wrong. She was not supposed to do all these. Tiffany still had a boyfriend and everything they did was like cheating on her boyfriend. But at least, Taeyeon knew that Tiffany could possibly returned her feeling if only she did not have a boyfriend.

Tiffany noticed Taeyeon’s distracted thought. She cupped the blonde’s cheek, forcing the latter to look at her.

“Let’s make breakfast!” Tiffany smiled, showing Taeyeon’s favorite crescent eyes.

Taeyeon smiled, immediately stood up from the bed, offering her hand to Tiffany, which gladly returned by the eye smile girl and both made their way to the kitchen.

Taeyeon checked the fridge to see the ingredients left. “Fried rice or omelet, Fany?” She asked Tiffany who sat on the dining chair.

“Omelet, please. Rice is too much for breakfast.” Tiffany answered, fixing her gaze to the petite figure in front of her. Taeyeon made an okay sign as she took some eggs from the fridge. Tiffany could not leave her gaze from Taeyeon as the latter cooked for her. She could not remember how in the first place she started to grow this feeling to her boss. All she knew was she felt really comfortable every time Taeyeon was around her, the comfortable feeling soon developed and without her knowing, be with Taeyeon was like her needs. No matter how much she wished to get her weekend, but she also wanted it to pass fast so she could meet Taeyeon on Monday. She remembered Nick once mentioned that everything she said about work was all about Taeyeon. Taeyeon was this, Taeyeon was that, Taeyeon did this, Taeyeon did that. She sometimes also mentioned about Jessica and Yuri, her two closest friends in office, but still mostly it was all about Kim Taeyeon. Taeyeon had always dominated her mind.

Taeyeon turned off the stove, moved the omelet to the plates she prepared before and brought the plates to the dining table, where Tiffany waited, fixing her gaze to Taeyeon.

“Checking on me, Fany?” Taeyeon attempted to give seductive wink but definitely failed, making Tiffany laughed at her attempt.

“My Taetae is not good at being seductive. I like the cute Taetae anyway.” Tiffany said as Taeyeon took a seat beside her while putting their breakfast on the table.

“Just a gentle reminder, I am twenty-six, Fany. I am supposed to be able to look hot.” Taeyeon protested while taking her first bite.

“Don’t be too hot, then. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to hold myself if I have to see the hot version of you. Your cute version is already too irresistible for me.” Tiffany also took her first bite with a blush on her face.

“Hmmm…” Taeyeon enjoyed the compliment without saying a word.

Tiffany stared at her boss again as she enjoyed her breakfast. Taeyeon noticed Tiffany’s act and looked at her crush that obviously stared at her. She smiled and continued staring at her crush’s eyes. They had this staring contest all of a sudden but not that kind of fierce staring contest. Instead, the stare they shared more like the kind of stare that allowed each other to be drowned in their own thoughts of wanting each other more.

“What Taetae?” Tiffany finally chuckled, admitting her defeat in the staring contest.

“You started it first.” Taeyeon replied with a cute smile, showing her dimple.

“No, I just stared at you. I did not ask you to have a staring contest.” Tiffany said as she raised a forkful omelet to Taeyeon’s mouth. Taeyeon ate the omelet from Tiffany, making her delayed her answer.

“Is it wrong to stare back at the one I adore who happened to checking me out?” Taeyeon said as soon as she swallowed the omelet.

Tiffany blushed hearing Taeyeon’s answer. “I wasn’t checking on you.” She protested.

“So? What was that stare for?” Taeyeon asked with an innocent face.

“Is it wrong to stare at the one I adore?” Tiffany shot back Taeyeon’s previous question, making the latter blushed.

“Say it one more time, please?” Taeyeon shyly said.

“Is it wrong to stare at the one I adore, Taetae?” Tiffany said as she leaned closer to Taeyeon

Taeyeon could no longer hide her smile and shook her head answering Tiffany’s answer. “No, it is not. Especially when the one whom you adore is feeling the same way.” She leaned closer to Tiffany, leaving their faces inch apart of each other. They slowly minimized the gap, tilting their head.

“Shall we finish the breakfast so we can continue our date, Fany?” Taeyeon suddenly pulled herself to make some gap between them, making Tiffany huffed in disappointment.

“Good way to ruin romantic moment, Taeyeon!” She grumpily cut her omelet and ate it furiously.

Taeyeon chuckled at the sight and patted Tiffany’s thigh, trying to get the attention from the grumpy Tiffany. Tiffany stared fiercely at her. Taeyeon returned the stare with a sincere smile and leaned in, giving a peck on Tiffany’s cheek. The latter soon blushed and shifted her gaze back to the poor omelet and continued eating still with a blush on her cheek. Taeyeon chuckled again at the sight and continued eating her own omelet.

As soon as they finished their breakfast, Tiffany immediately snatched the dishes, preventing Taeyeon to wash it. Taeyeon smiled at Tiffany’s act and walked to the fridge to take some drink.

“Orange juice, apple juice, or fresh milk, Fany?” She asked the black-haired girl who already started washing the dishes.

“Apple juice sounds great.” The latter replied.

Taeyeon picked a small bottle of apple juice and a small tetrapack of milk for her. She put the apple juice on the table while inserting the straw to the pack. Tiffany joined a bit later after finished with washing the dishes. She soon noticed that Taeyeon drank milk instead of coffee in the morning.

“Are you drinking milk?” She asked in disbelief.

Taeyeon raised the pack until reaching her eye-level and turned it to the right and left to make sure that the pack was not signed with other occupants’ name.

“And what are you doing now?” Tiffany was confused at Taeyeon’s action.

“Does the milk belong to other occupants? I believe I bought this milk yesterday.” Taeyeon continued drinking her milk.

“What do you mean?” Tiffany was still confused.

“Were you asking because you were worried that I might took other occupants’ milk?” Taeyeon asked innocently.

“No, Taetae… I was shocked seeing you drinking milk in the early morning.” Tiffany chuckled at the misunderstanding between them.

“Ah I see… I just don’t want to argue with you in the morning just because of a cup of long black. I know you don’t like me having too much coffee.” Taeyeon answered honestly.

Tiffany didn’t respond to Taeyeon’s answer. She was surprised that her petite boss even considered small thing like that. She sometimes scolded Taeyeon every time she found the latter drink a cup of coffee in the morning. She thought that the coffee had become Taeyeon’s addiction and it’s not good for her health. But, she never expected Taeyeon would even consider about that.

“But, it’s only because we’re on a date. Other than that, I will still have my lovely cup of long black.” Taeyeon continued with naughty grin on her face, resulting a slap on her thigh.

Tiffany grabbed her apple juice and offered her free hand to Taeyeon, asking the latter to follow her. Taeyeon finishing her milk, threw the pack to the trash bin and held Tiffany’s hand. Tiffany led their way to back to her bedroom.

“Do you want to take a shower now?” Tiffany offered as she opened the apple juice bottle. Taeyeon nodded and rummaged her bag to find her toiletries, towel, and clean clothes then proceeded to the bathroom, leaving Tiffany alone in her own bedroom. After taking some gulp from the bottle, Tiffany then put the bottle on the nightstand and took her phone to check any messaged or missed calls. There were three missed calls and unread messages in LINE application. All of them were from her boyfriend.

Nick (07:26): Morning Tiff Baby! Are you still sleeping?

Nick (07:33): I guess you are because you did not pick up my phone 😦

Nick (08:06): My baby is so lazy. Wake up, sleeping beauty.

Nick (08:22): Did you have tough discussion with Taeyeon last night so you need more sleep? You still didn’t pick up my phone 😦

Tiffany glanced at the bathroom door and sighed. She decided to call her boyfriend back. She tapped on Nick’s contact and put her phone on her ear. It only needed one ring until her call was answered.

“My baby is finally awake!” Nick’s cheerful tone greeted Tiffany.

“Hi, Nick.” Tiffany forced a smiling voice answering her boyfriend. She did not feel excited at all. It had always been like this since her first date with Taeyeon. At first, she got more excited to be with Taeyeon than her boyfriend but as time went on, she always prioritized Taeyeon over her own boyfriend. And after their second date, her feeling to Nick was already faded, almost reaching the zero point.

“Still not in a good mood, babe?” Nick worriedly asked.

“Not really. I feel much better. Taeyeon is being very helpful.” Tiffany naturally smiled as she mentioned Taeyeon.

“Ah, I see. What time did you wake up?”

“Uhmmm… About 7 I guess.”

“Then why didn’t you pick up my phone?” Nick’s voice started to get cold.

“I left my phone on the nightstand. Taeyeon and I had our breakfast right after we woke up.” Tiffany explained.

“You usually check your phone after you wake up. I usually be your morning call all of these times.” Nick sighed at the end of his sentence.

“You know I didn’t mean to ignore you, Nick.” Tiffany sighed as well.

“Can you call me ‘babe’?” Nick suddenly asked.

“What do you mean?” Tiffany did not expect such a request from Nick.

“I can’t remember the last time you call me ‘babe’. It’s always ‘Nick’ recently. Can you call me ‘babe’ now?” Nick requested.

Somehow Tiffany could not do it. She did not even notice that she stopped calling Nick as her babe anymore. But she knew she could not call Nick with ‘babe’ at the moment because she no longer had a feeling towards Nick. Taeyeon had stolen it all. She kept silent until she heard a sigh from across the line.

“What happen, Tiff? What happen to you? What happen to us?” Nick asked weakly.

Tiffany kept her mouth closed.

“Tiff? Just tell me honestly. Do you still love me?”

Tiffany still did not say a word.

“Are you in love with another person?”

The silence replied Nick’s question.

“Can we talk it out?” Nick let out defeated sigh.

“I think we should.” Tiffany finally answered.

“When?” Nick’s voice sounded more like a whisper.

“Tonight? Dinner? At your favorite restaurant near my place?” Tiffany offered.

“Okay then. I’ll see you at dinner, babe.” Nick kept sighing.

“Okay. See you.” Tiffany immediately ended the phone. She threw her body on the bed and massaging her temple.

“What did you do to me, Taetae?” She sighed.

“What did I do?” Taeyeon’s voice replied her question.

Tiffany immediately sat back and stared at her boss who stood in front of bathroom door.

“Since when you stood there?” Tiffany asked.

“I just came out from bathroom when you asked the question.” Taeyeon innocently answered as she made her way to her bag on the floor.

Tiffany sighed in relief. She looked at her boss again to find out that the girl wear black short pants topped with black loose tank top contrasted her milky white skin. Taeyeon looked so hot. Tiffany blushed at the sight and immediately jumped out of bed, snatching her towel and quickly entered the bathroom. As soon as she entered the bathroom, she stripped herself and showered with cold water to get her mind straight. She could not understand why her heart beat like crazy when she saw Taeyeon with the outfit. Taeyeon really made her crazy.

After a good half an hour showering, Tiffany dried herself with towel when she realized that she did not bring any clean clothes with her because she was in a rush entering the bathroom. She face palmed herself for her stupidity. She had no choice but to walked in to her room only with towel covering her body. She slowly opened the door and slipped her head to a small gap.

“Tae, don’t look this way. I forgot to bring clothes.” She warned Taeyeon who was sitting on the bed, paying her full attention to her iPad.

“Okay!” Taeyeon blushed but did not even move her gaze from the iPad.

Tiffany hurriedly left the bathroom to get some clothes in her closet. She took her underwear, a white tank top and a pink short pants then rushed back to the bathroom to change. She came back minutes later fully clothed and joined Taeyeon on the bed. She peeked at her boss’ iPad to see what the blonde was doing and immediately snatched the iPad once she found out what was on the screen.

“Seriously? Replying email in the middle of our date?” Tiffany shook her head in disbelief. Taeyeon only grinned and let Tiffany put her iPad on the nightstand.

“You were in the bathroom and I got bored. So I just replied some emails, Fany. Do not get mad, pweaasseeee.” Taeyeon put up her adorable puppy eyes, pleading to Tiffany. Tiffany could not resist the overload cuteness in front of her and pinched the blonde’s cheeks.

“You should be thankful for your cute look, Taetae.” Tiffany said as she releasing Taeyeon’s cheeks.

“I am thankful for my cute look. I know you can’t resist me because of my look.” Taeyeon confidently replied.

“I take back my words.” Tiffany huffed.

“And you should be thankful for your pretty eye smile, Fany.” Taeyeon continued as she stared at her crush lovingly.

“And why is that?” Tiffany smiled, sensing that Taeyeon would throw a cheesy compliment.

“Because your eye smile is way prettier than your face. So, people will not notice that you’re actually not that pretty.” Taeyeon answered, trying to hold her laugh.

“Kim Taeyeon!!!!!!” Tiffany grabbed a pillow and smacked it on Taeyeon’s face. Taeyeon let out her old lady-like laugh while trying to block Tiffany’s pillow attack.

Tiffany kept attacking Taeyeon until the latter fell on her back, still laughing like an old lady. Taeyeon finally successfully grabbed the pillow, threw it away to her side and quickly grabbed Tiffany’s wrist, preventing the black-haired girl to give more attacks to her. Tiffany stopped attacking Taeyeon right away. Noticing that she was on top of Taeyeon. She blushed at their awkward position and immediately tried to pull away but Taeyeon did not let go off Tiffany’s wrist, instead pulling her until the eye smile girl fell down on top of her, leaving only an inch between their faces.

Tiffany tried to divert her gaze from Taeyeon’s lips by turning her head to the left. Taeyeon put her right palm on Tiffany’s left cheek, turning her head back to look at her.

“Tell me Fany, do you usually kiss on your third date?” Taeyeon asked.

“Y-yes… I guess…” Tiffany stuttered, feeling her heart made a leap because of their position.

“So it’s normal to kiss your dating partner on the third date?” Taeyeon kept asking.

“Why are you asking me, Tae?” Tiffany asked.

“Because I really want to kiss you right now.” Taeyeon blushed as she answered.

Tiffany’s heart beat like crazy, hearing Taeyeon’s request.

“But we’ve already kissed yesterday and this morning. Why do you still need to ask?” Tiffany mumbled as her pink blush slowly turned red.

“So, is it okay to kiss you now?” Taeyeon made sure. Tiffany only nodded, barely said a word.

Taeyeon caressed Tiffany’s cheek while her thumb slowly grazed on Tiffany’s soft lips. Tiffany unconsciously closed her eyes and opened her lips slightly, enjoying Taeyeon’s touch. Taeyeon then moved her hand to pinch Tiffany’s chin and bring the latter closer to close the gap between them. She closed her eyes as soon as she felt Tiffany’s breath tickled her face. Taeyeon captured Tiffany’s upper lips and nibbled it gently, trying to convey her feeling through the kiss. She felt Tiffany’s lips responded, enveloping her lower lips. Their lips slowly moved in sync. Both girls felt the desire grew more. Taeyeon broke the kiss first looking at the beautiful girl above her still closing her eyes, mouth slightly opened.

“Don’t stop, Tae…” Tiffany said when she felt Taeyeon’s lips got unattached from hers. Taeyeon leaned forward again continuing their kiss. They nibbled each other lips. Tiffany finally licked Taeyeon’s lips signing the latter to open her mouth. Taeyeon involuntarily let out a soft moan at the contact and opened her mouth, letting Tiffany’s tongue to explore. Taeyeon immediately pushed Tiffany when she felt Tiffany’s tongue exploring her mouth.

“Fany! Wait!” Taeyeon said as soon as Tiffany’s lips left hers.

“I… I don’t know how.” She continued shyly.

“What Tae?” Tiffany was confused.

“I don’t know how to use tongue…” Taeyeon’s face turned to bright red because of her own embarrassment.

Tiffany chuckled as she pulled herself away from Taeyeon and threw herself on the bed, beside her blushing boss. She laid on her right side facing the shy Taeyeon. Taeyeon shifted her position and laid on her left to face Tiffany as well.

“I’m sorry. I ruined the romantic mood again,” Taeyeon frowned as she caressed Tiffany’s cheek.

“No, not at all,” Tiffany smiled.

“You’re not angry?” Taeyeon was surprised.

“Why should I? We can just take it slow, Tae,” Tiffany put her hand on top of Taeyeon’s hand on her cheek.

“So, no tongue involved for now?” Tiffany asked, answered with a nod from Taeyeon. She then moved her hand to Taeyeon’s waist, pulling the blonde closer to her.

“Kiss me again?” She asked. Taeyeon answered with a long sweet kiss and pulled away to look at her heart stealer. She mentally said, “I love you” but had no courage to spill it out. Not when Tiffany still had a boyfriend. Tiffany read Taeyeon’s expression.

“Spill it,” Tiffany said.

“What?” Taeyeon pretended to not understand.

“Whatever it is in your mind,” Tiffany answered.

Taeyeon sighed and bit her lips in hesitation. But she gave up at the end.

“I love you, Fany…” She said in whisper as she stared at Tiffany lovingly.

Tiffany smiled in reply and leaned in again to give Taeyeon another kiss, hoping she could deliver her message to the blonde. If only she was still single, if only she was not confused, she would definitely say she loved her too. But the situation was different. She could not say it.

“I hope I can answer that, Taetae…” Tiffany sighed after breaking the kiss.

“No, no… I don’t mean to ask for answer now, Fany. I don’t want to be a burden,” Taeyeon quickly explained. Tiffany shook her head and grabbed Taeyeon’s hand, putting it on her chest.

“Can you feel that, Tae?” Tiffany asked.

Taeyeon stunned, feeling Tiffany’s fast heartbeat on her palm.

“That is my feeling for you,” Tiffany explained. “If only I was in different situation, you know that I would definitely say the words you want to hear, Tae,” She continued.

“But since, the things are a bit complicated. Can you give me time to put everything into places first? So we can have more dates in the near future until I can finally reply your ‘I love you’?” Tiffany tried not to let any tears escaped from her eyes. It hurt for not being able to say ‘I love you too’ to Taeyeon.

Taeyeon did not say a word. She just lovingly stared at Tiffany, feeling the heartbeat in Tiffany’s chest. Words were not needed right now. They stayed quiet for a moment until Tiffany broke the silence.

“Do you have any plan today, Tae?” She asked.

“Only to send my weekly report to BOD, I guess.” Taeyeon replied nonchalantly but soon sat up realizing something.

“Oh God, I haven’t made it at all. It usually takes hours to finish it,” She panicked and looked at the clock only to find it was almost eleven o’clock. Tiffany chuckled at the sight and sat up as well, giving Taeyeon a back hug, resting her chin on Taeyeon’s shoulder.

“Does that mean our date will end soon?” She murmured.

Taeyeon sighed and rest her head on top of Tiffany’s, “Honestly, I don’t even want to end it. It won’t end if we do not end it with a kiss right?” She asked.

“Silly…” Tiffany smiled hearing Taeyeon’s answer.

“Fany, please say yes for our forth date.” Taeyeon requested.

“Hmmmm… Will there be any?” Tiffany asked playfully.

“There will be for sure.” Taeyeon replied confidently.

“OK,” Tiffany answered as she released Taeyeon’s body from her hug. Taeyeon turned her body to see Tiffany who smiled lovingly at her.

“I think I should go now,” Taeyeon frowned but still made her way to her backpack, making sure all her belongings were all inside. She took out an oversized denim T-Shirt and wore it on top of her loose tank top before zipping her bag. She wore her backpack and stretched her hand to Tiffany. Tiffany held Taeyeon’s hand and led the way to the main door. As soon as they arrived in front of Taeyeon’s car, none of them were willing to let go of each other hand.

“So, the end of our third date?” Taeyeon finally asked.

“I guess…” Tiffany’s eyes didn’t leave Taeyeon’s

“See you on Monday, then?” Taeyeon asked again, prolonging the date.

Tiffany chuckled. “I bet you try to prolong the date, Taetae.”

“How could you easily read my mind, Fany?! It’s unfair!” Taeyeon pouted making the latter laughed.

“I’ll be waiting for the forth date, Taetae. Now, go home and finish your report. I don’t want to be the reason for your unfinished report,” Tiffany said as she let go off Taeyeon’s hand.

“Okay…” Taeyeon frowned and pressed the remote, unlocking the car’s door. She was about to enter her driver seat when she remembered something.

“Every date should be ended with a kiss right?” She turned to Tiffany again. The latter suppressed her smile and nodded.

Taeyeon walked closer to Tiffany and gave a quick peck on Tiffany’s lips. Both girls blushed at the contact but could not hide their smile. Taeyeon finally entered her car and turned on the engine while Tiffany was still standing near the car. She opened the car window and playfully winked to Tiffany as she drove the car away from Tiffany’s place.

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