Catch Me When I Fall (006)

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Take The Pillars Down

It was seven o’clock. Tiffany fidgeted on her seat. She was very nervous as she waited for Nick to come for dinner in their favorite restaurant. She had no idea what should she say to Nick. She would definitely tell her boyfriend that she no longer had any feeling towards him. But the most frightening thing for her was if her boyfriend would ask her more detail. It was impossible to tell Nick everything about her feeling towards Taeyeon. Her thought was interrupted when a familiar figure took a seat across her.

“Hi,” Nick’s voice greeted her.

Tiffany looked up to find the voice’s owner, “Hi,” She forced a smile.

Nothing followed the greetings. None of them seemed having no willingness to start conversation. A waiter approached their table, bringing two menu books and soon left them alone again. Tiffany put her focus on the menu book on her hand, suppressing her own nervousness. She actually already had something to order in her mind since the restaurant was Nick’s favorite place to have a date with her. She had tried almost all the menu and no longer need the menu book to choose.

“Do you really need to look at the menu or you just don’t want to see me, babe?” Nick finally broke the silence.

Tiffany sighed, “No, I’m just nervous, Nick. I don’t even know where our conversation will bring us after.”

So, still ‘Nick’? Haven’t changed back to ‘babe’ again?” Nick’s voice was full of disappointment.

“Nick, please… Let’s just order first,” Tiffany raised her hand calling an idle waiter coming to their table. She ordered a plate of Caesar Salad and fresh orange juice, while Nick ordered tenderloin steak, and lemon tea. The waiter repeated their order and after got confirmation from the couple, he left again.

“So, we should have a talk?” Tiffany sighed for the second time since Nick arrived. She felt the burden in doing this. But she needed to do it sooner or later. The sooner, the better.

“Yes, we should,” Nick coldly replied.

“Where should we start?”

“I don’t know. You tell me. I have nothing to explain,” He shrugged.

“Let’s start with what do you want to know.”

“Everything, Tiff. I want to know about everything. You’ve been different,” Nick frowned to his own sentence.

“Do you want me to answer honestly or-…”

“Is that even a question, Tiff? Of course yes!” Nick tried not to yell at his girlfriend.

“My feeling towards you…” Tiffany tried to find the right choices of words before continuing.

“No longer there? You no longer love me?” Nick bluntly guessed

Tiffany was not able to answer with words. She silently nodded.


“Who?” Tiffany knew Nick would ask this. But she pretended not to understand.

“Who’s the guy?” Nick somehow bothered by Tiffany’s reaction. He was sure Tiffany knew what did he mean yet the girl played innocent.

“What guy?”

“The guy who take over my place in your heart.”

“No guy ever takes your place, Nick.”

Nick snickered, not believing what Tiffany said. He was sure there was someone who successfully drifted the latter away from him.

“I demand you to answer with all honesty, Tiff,” Nick’s voice was stern. Tiffany knew Nick was at his limit of patience. She knew her boyfriend had refrained himself a lot ever since she started to give less attention to him.

“I am not lying, Nick. No guy. You can check my phone if you want,” Tiffany surely kept a hold on her answer before. She was not lying at all. No guy ever took Nick’s place. It was Taeyeon who took his place, and Taeyeon is not a guy.

Tiffany rummaged her bag to find her iPhone and handed it to Nick, forcing him to take the phone. Nick shook his head and pushed Tiffany’s phone away.

“No need. I believe you already deleted all the message from him,” Nick cynically refused.

“For Pete’s sake, Nick. I do not date any guy behind your back,” Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows. She knew she was at fault but she hated to be accused.

“So what’s the reason behind all your weird behavior towards me? Do you notice how much you’ve been ignoring me?”

“Every time I ignore you, it’s all about work, Nick! Don’t you notice that I always be with Taeyeon, Jess, and Yuri? We still have dates, dinner, chats, and phone calls anyway. It’s not that I totally ignored you,” Tiffany massaged her temple.

“Right. Work it is. Let me tell you something. Yes, we still have our dinner on weekdays only if you don’t have schedule with Taeyeon, Jess, and Yuri. Yes, we still chat a lot only if you are not in the office or having lunch or dinner meeting with Taeyeon and Jess. Yes, we still talk on the phone only if you have finished with all your business with Taeyeon. Yes, we still have dates on weekend but this week, you didn’t even seem like enjoying the date and chose to be with Taeyeon to discuss about something. I know you’ve been really close with Taeyeon. I know how much you adore that smart woman. But don’t let her make you to be a working machine like her, Tiff!!” He raised his tone as he clenched his jaw.

Tiffany flinched at Nick’s last remark, “Taeyeon is not a working machine. She’s a human! Are you jealous at her? That’s silly!” She raised her voice as well. When Nick emphasized things about Taeyeon she was actually afraid that she was that obvious.

“As silly as I could be, but who else should I be jealous at except her? You spend more time with her than with me,” Nick’s voice lowered. He knew how silly it was to feel jealousy towards a woman. But he was afraid of losing Tiffany and he could not think straight.

“Nick, you know it-…” Tiffany’s sentence was cut out by Nick.

“So, what did I do wrong? If it’s not because of other guy, then it must be my fault. Did I do something wrong to you?” Nick seemed so submissive right now.

“No, you did nothing wrong. It is just because of me,” Tiffany sighed.

“Cliché.” Nick replied shortly.

“I know. But I am telling you the truth Nick. There is no other guys, and you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just me who can’t control that my feeling towards you get lessen as days go on,” Tiffany fixed her gaze to her lap, did not have any courage to look at Nick.

“So, how less is it now?” Nick asked. He lost his hope. He knew what would be the result of today’s conversation.

“Almost zero,” Tiffany answered honestly.

“What can I do about that?” Nick asked again.

Tiffany shook her head. There was no answer for Nick’s question. She did not know how to grow her feeling towards Nick again. A deafening quietness followed after.

A waiter came to their table, putting their meals on the table and left them right away. Nick took the fork and knife from the table and started eating his steak. Tiffany noticed that Nick was disappointed at the moment, she decided not to say a word and quietly ate her Caesar salad. Both of them finished their meals in no time since there was no word exchanged. Nick gulped his lemon tea and finally put his gaze to Tiffany who quietly sipped her fresh orange juice.

“You haven’t told me the truth. Who is the guy?” Nick got back to his previous question.

“I told you the truth, Nick. There’s no-…” Tiffany had not finished her words.

“Who is the person?” Nick boldly asked.

Tiffany looked up to Nick, hardly believe at what she just heard. Nick only slightly changed the question but it surely would make the answer totally different. She was worried that Nick might already know that she and Taeyeon had secretly had dates behind his back. Even though it was supposedly just a friendly date, it was still counted as a date especially with all the kisses they shared earlier that day. Tiffany tried to keep her calm exterior while thinking whether to spill it all out to Nick or not. Nick patiently waited Tiffany to answer him, but his eyes could not hide how sad he was. Tiffany already felt bad to him and finally decided to be honest.

“Someone from the company,” She lowered her gaze from Nick to the table.

“Why did not you just answer at the first time I asked you? Why don’t you just tell me who is the guy?” Nick got back to his original question. Making Tiffany realized that Nick was just randomly changed the question earlier without suspecting on something but she already answered the question and she could not step back.

“Because she’s not a guy.” Tiffany lowered her voice. She could not imagine what would Nick reaction be. The silence remained. Tiffany looked up to see Nick’s expression. He had his jaw dropped and his eyes blankly stared at her.


“Who is the guy?” Nick repeated his question, still shocked.

“She’s not a guy.” Tiffany calmly replied.

“Are you? You know, are you?” Nick hardly said the word.

“Lesbian? I don’t know yet. But my feeling towards her keeps developing…”

“Then how could you? Please don’t lie to me! If you cheat with a guy behind my back, just tell me honestly rather than having this nonsense conversation, Tiff…” Nick pleaded

“I am not lying at all Nick. I do not plan to lie to you. I feel guilty already for falling for another person. I have no reason lying to you.”

“Tiff, this is nonsense. I am not having this kind of conversation with you,” Nick furiously massaged his head. “Please just tell me you cheat with a guy. Please just tell me that you suddenly hate me and want to break up with me,” He continued.

“I am sorry,” She only said that three words and remained silent after. She did not want to lie. No matter how bad the result would be, she was ready to take it. If it was too bitter to be taken by Nick, she let it be. Because if someday Nick had to find it himself, she knew it would be even worse than now.

“So it’s true?” Nick chuckled, trying to hide his mixed feeling. Tiffany nodded.

“So, I am having a relationship with a lesbian?” He now started to laugh. Tiffany sighed.

“Fuck,” Nick hissed. Tiffany hated the word but she remained silent.

“Now I know why do you keep rejecting me every time we were about to have sex. It’s because you’re a fucking lesbian!” Nick’s voice was a bit too loud that some heads in the restaurant started to look at their direction. Tiffany flinched but she kept her mouth shut. Nick humiliated her in public. She started to hear people around them murmured about them. She wanted to cry but she held it. She knew crying would not solve the problem.

“You know what? Just pretend that we don’t know each other. I don’t know you. We never have any relationship. I never have such a lesbian girlfriend!” Nick stood up from his chair and walked out from the restaurant leaving Tiffany alone. People in the restaurant who witnessed their drama kept talking about her even after Nick left. Tiffany could hear them all, how disgusting, disgrace, weird, and freak lesbian is. Tiffany took her phone and called a number.


Taeyeon just finished sending her report to the BOD when her phone rang. Tiffany’s name appeared on the screen.

“Hello,” Taeyeon answered.

“What will you do if people around you talking about how disgusting being a lesbian is, and stare at you with disgust?” Tiffany questioned her as soon as she answered the phone.

“Fany?” Taeyeon was confused.

“What is so wrong about being a lesbian? These stupid people,” Tiffany hissed.

“Fany? What happened?” Taeyeon concerned about Tiffany. Something must have happened to the latter.

“Where are you? Can you come here, Taetae?” Tiffany sounded like she was about to cry. Taeyeon immediately stood up, snatching her car keys.

“Where are you?” She answered as she made her way out from her apartment.

“Steak House. It’s near my place,” Tiffany whispered. Sounded like she tried to hold her tears.

“I’ll be on my way,” Taeyeon answered.

“Taetae… Don’t hang up the phone. I don’t want to hear these people talking,” She requested.

“Okay. Don’t listen to them. Do you know them anyway?” Taeyeon finally reached her car, quickly unlocked it, started the engine, fasten her seatbelt and drove to Tiffany’s location.

“I don’t know them at all. Why don’t they just mind their own business, Taetae? They don’t even know me so why do they bother?” Tiffany whispered.

“Then why do you bother? You don’t know them either,” Taeyeon tried to keep their conversation going as she drove. She estimated that she would reach the place in fifteen minutes and with Tiffany’s state at the moment, she was afraid that the latter would yell at those people she mentioned. Tiffany was known as an outspoken person in office after all.

“Because they are talking about me. They keep saying that I am disgusting,” Tiffany’s voice cracked.

“Then I bet they haven’t seen your killer eye smile,” Taeyeon tried to console Tiffany.

“I don’t want to smile at them, Tae. Why should I smile to them? They don’t even like me,” Tiffany whispered again.

“What do you want then? Just do what you want. Ignore them.”

“I want you to be here, Taetae. I need you,” Tiffany sniffed.

“Fany don’t cry…” Taeyeon frowned.

“Are you driving?” Fany asked with her normal voice out of a sudden.

“Yes. Why?”

“Then you should hang up the call, Taetae. It’s not safe driving while having a call,” Tiffany explained.

“It’s okay. You need a company, right?”

“Yes, but I need you with me. So please drive carefully, Tae. I’ll try to find another distraction.”

Taeyeon sighed but Tiffany was right. “Okay, then. I’ll be there soon. Don’t cry okay?” Taeyeon made sure before she ended the call.

“Okay. See you…” Tiffany weakly replied and ended the call.

Taeyeon put her phone on the passenger seat and focused on her driving.


Taeyeon finally arrived at the mentioned location, taking her phone and purse from passenger seat and passed her car to the valet service. She did not want to waste any time to look for parking space. She hurriedly entered the restaurant and found Tiffany right away. She walked towards Tiffany, and patted the latter shoulder the moment she reached her. Tiffany looked up and gave a sad smile to her. Taeyeon returned the smile even though she clearly noticed that Tiffany’s smile was not as bright as she always saw. Taeyeon sat on the chair where Nick was seated before.

“What’s wrong?” Taeyeon asked. But before Tiffany answered, she started hearing the people around them murmured things about lesbian.

“So, they are the one who talks about how disgusting lesbian is?” Taeyeon finally understood what Tiffany said on call before. Tiffany nodded but kept her head hung low.

Taeyeon looked around and those people stopped talking as soon as she fiercely looked at them one by one. The murmur was gone in no time. Tiffany lifted her head noticing the restaurant was silenced. She had no idea what Taeyeon did.

“It’s okay now,” Taeyeon soothed her.

“I don’t wanna be here, Tae,” Tiffany finally said something.

“Why don’t you go home, then?”

“I don’t want to be alone…”

“It’s almost nine, Fany. You need to go home.”

“I don’t wanna be alone, Taetae!”

“Then go to my place. You need to rest,” Taeyeon stood up and grabbed Tiffany’s wrist, forcing her to stand up and followed her.

“Wait. I haven’t paid the meals,” Tiffany said.

“Just pay to the cashier then. Let’s go,” Taeyeon did not let go off Tiffany’s wrist and walked towards the cashier. She released Tiffany’s hand to opened her wallet and pay for the meals. She then held Tiffany’s hand and made her way to the exit door without even waiting for the change from the cashier. She felt people staring at them but she did not care even a bit. She loosened her hand a bit only to interlocked their fingers together and walked out of the restaurant.

She approached the valet service showing her ticket. Minutes later, her car finally arrived. She signed Tiffany to enter the car first while she paid the valet service. The latter followed her order and entered the car. Taeyeon walked around the car to reach the driver seat and drove the car away.

Taeyeon drove slowly while checking on Tiffany once in a while. Tiffany looked so restless. She had no idea what exactly happened in the restaurant before. But she kept her question for later. Tiffany seemed not being in her own mind at the moment. She decided to focus driving and questioned the latter after reaching her apartment.

As soon as they reached Taeyeon’s apartment, Taeyeon asked Tiffany to sit on the couch in the living room while she made her way to the kitchen to make two cups of hot chocolate. She walked back to living room with two cups of hot chocolates in her hand. She put one on the table, in front of Tiffany while she held her own cup and took a seat beside the sad girl.

“I hope you will like the hot chocolate. I got it from my friends. This is the only sweet drink I have in my apartment,” She opened the conversation.

Tiffany looked at the cup on the table and took it. She took a sip and looked at Taeyeon, “Thank you.”

“Mind to share what happened?” Taeyeon asked.

Tiffany frowned at the question. She remembered exactly the humiliation caused by her now ex-boyfriend. She took a deep breath and told Taeyeon what happened in the restaurant.

Taeyeon listened attentively to what Tiffany told her. She mentally praised her crush for bravely confessed that she liked her. She felt like a coward compared to Tiffany. She had been hiding her preference for as long as she could remember, while the girl in front of her admitting it in front of her ex-boyfriend even after knowing the consequences.

“He humiliated me, Tae. I know I was at wrong. I know. But, he didn’t need to do that. And all those people in the restaurant started to talk about me,” Tiffany halted for a moment. She could no longer hold her tears.

“They talked about how stupid I was for letting go a man for a woman. How disgusting I was for choosing woman over man. How I will rot in hell for what I do,” She let her tears wet her pretty face.

“So, this is what I must face if I choose to be with you, Tae?” Tiffany stared at Taeyeon’s eyes, demanded for an answer. Taeyeon only sighed and gave a nod.

“Why does it have to be difficult?” Tiffany let another drop of tear flew to her cheek.

“I’m sorry…” Taeyeon answered.

“Is this the reason why you rejected me, Tae?” Tiffany asked another question.

Taeyeon nodded. “But there are more than this, Fany,” Taeyeon felt a pain in her heart as she said that. As much as she wanted to be with Tiffany, she did not want Tiffany to experience worse than what she just experienced. And she was sure if this already at the beginning there would be more to come.

“Will it hurt more than this?” Tiffany asked again.

“Maybe, Fany. I don’t know. I never came out. No one knows about me yet. They don’t know I swing that way,” Taeyeon admitted.

“So I already experienced the thing you haven’t been experienced, it makes me one step ahead of you as a lesbian, huh?” Tiffany chuckled, wiping her cheek from the tears. She then put her cup on the table and looked at Taeyeon again.

“Now, can you, my lesbian friend, give a good warm hug to this poor newborn lesbian to make her feel better?” Tiffany was finally able to joke after sharing her story to Taeyeon. She opened her arms wide, asking Taeyeon to hug her. The latter smiled, put her cup on the table and hugged Tiffany tightly.

“How could you mention yourself as a newborn lesbian, silly?” Taeyeon asked as she stroke Tiffany’s back.

“What am I then?” Tiffany mumbled, enjoying Taeyeon’s embrace.

“Maybe you’re still straight. Just confused. Or maybe bi?” Taeyeon asked back.

“I don’t know, Tae. All I know is I like you a lot,” Tiffany answered as she buried her face onto the crook of Taeyeon’s neck, made the latter blushed from both the confession and also the contact.

“What you do to me, Taetae? How can you make me feel this way? Why can’t I just see you as a friend? Why am I being all greedy when it comes to you? Why do I want you to be mine? Why do I want myself to be yours?” Tiffany continued mumbling against Taeyeon’s skin.

Taeyeon only moved her hand from Tiffany’s back to the latter’s hair, stroke it gently without giving any answer. She also questioned the same thing as Tiffany. The question had always been in her mind from the first time they met. But again, she was one step behind Tiffany in saying the words. She silently cursed herself for being a coward all of these time.

“Tae, if I ever really fall for you one day. For real. Will you catch me? Will you catch me when I fall, Taetae?” Tiffany asked again.

“Yes, Fany. You know I will,” Taeyeon replied, mentally promise that she would stop being a coward for the girl in her embrace. The girl had fought a lot for her.

“Thank you, Taetae…”

Tiffany finally broke the hug as she realized something. “I’m sorry for calling you out of a sudden and asked you to pick me up, Taetae,” She smiled.

“No problem,” Taeyeon smiled along. Tiffany’s smile was always infectious for her. She would smile every time she saw Tiffany’s smile. She reached out to wipe Tiffany’s tears on her cheek, and fixed Tiffany’s hair, tucking a few strand behind her ears and smoothing down the messy part.

“Do you want to rest?”

Tiffany nodded.

“Wait for a moment,” Taeyeon said as she leaving the room. She walked back to the living room after a while, bringing a pair of pajamas, a towel, and a new toothbrush. “Come with me, Fany.”

Tiffany followed Taeyeon who apparently walking to her bedroom. Taeyeon’s room was minimalist most of the furniture was black and white. Taeyeon handed the pajamas, towel, and toothbrush to Tiffany.

“The bathroom is behind that door,” She pointed to a tinted glass-door.

Tiffany nodded and head towards the bathroom. Taeyeon heard the water running in the bathroom and sighed. She felt guilty for what Tiffany just experienced, if she was not that obvious maybe Tiffany would never like her this way. If she did not accept the sleepover invitation, this would not happen to Tiffany.

Tiffany opened the door after couple of minutes and noticed that Taeyeon did not even move from her spot. “What are you doing, Tae?”

“Waiting for you. I need to clean up as well,” Taeyeon said as she walked to the dresser, taking out another pair of pajamas and entered the bathroom. Tiffany sat on Taeyeon’s bed and started to feel really sleepy. She felt restless and slowly dozed off before Taeyeon got out from bathroom.

Taeyeon finally got out of the room and walked back to the living room to cleaned up the cups. After washing the cups in the kitchen she was back to the bedroom finding Tiffany asleep in sitting position and turned off the lights before climbing onto free space on the bed. She patted Tiffany’s cheek softly, waking the girl up. “Fany, get to a comfortable position,” She said as the girl opened her eyes lazily. Tiffany looked at Taeyeon, smiled and got under the covers, laid down on one side facing Taeyeon.

Taeyeon followed the latter, made herself face to face with her crush. “You need to get some rest. You’ll feel better tomorrow morning,” Taeyeon said as she stroke Tiffany’s arm.

“I know it’s not a date, Tae. But can you hug me?” Tiffany requested without opening her eyes.

Taeyeon inched closer, reached out to gently push away the hair covering Tiffany’s face, then put her hand on the latter’s waist, pulling her closer to her and asked Tiffany to put her head on her arms under her. They just hugged peacefully until both drifted slowly to the dreamland.


Taeyeon woke up to the alarm rang from her phone. She pushed herself to sat up when she noticed something kept her arms from moving. She opened her eyes and found Tiffany’s face inches away from her. Tiffany’s eyes were a bit puffy clearly showed she was crying. All the memories from the night before rushed in to her mind. She frowned remembering yesterday was a bad day for Tiffany. She thought about giving the latter one day off from work so she slowly pulled her arms under Tiffany’s head, not wanting to wake the latter up.

Tiffany mumbled something as Taeyeon pulled her arms. When she was about to free her arm, Tiffany opened her eyes. “What time is it Tae?” She asked.

“Five o’clock. I’m sorry for waking you up. I need to take a shower.”

Tiffany nodded and continued sleeping. Taeyeon took her morning shower and prepared herself for another Monday. She was just finished zipping up her sleeveless dress when she heard Tiffany rustled on the bed and suddenly sat up.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Taeyeon asked.

“What time is it?” Tiffany panicked.

“5:30.” Taeyeon answered as she put on her blazer and approached the girl.

“Oh my God. I don’t have enough time to go back home to change my clothes!” Tiffany jumped out of the bed.

“You can use my clothes, Fany,” Taeyeon answered as she walked to her dresser and opened one of the drawers, taking out a small paper box. “I also have this unused panties if you need,” She showed the paper box and blushed at her own action.

“Is it okay?” Tiffany asked.

Taeyeon nodded. “Are you sure you want to go to work? I can give you one day off if you want.”

“No. I’ll go with you. I will take a fast shower,” Tiffany replied as she snatched the unused underwear from Taeyeon’s hand and took her towel before entering the bathroom.

Taeyeon rummaged her dresser to find any clothes that would fit Tiffany. She took out a pink loose blouse and a black skirt from her mom that she never wore because it was one size above hers. She put the clothes on the bed and knocked on the bathroom.

“Fany, I leave the clothes on the bed. I will wait for you in the living room.”

“OK!” Tiffany shouted from inside.

Taeyeon then applied a light make up on her face, taking all her needs for work and sat on the couch in the living room, waited for Tiffany.

Tiffany finally walked out of Taeyeon’s bedroom at six. “Are we late?”

“No, just in time. Let’s go.” Taeyeon stood up leading their way out of her apartment.

The drive to their office was totally different from the drive to Taeyeon’s apartment the day before. Tiffany sang along every song played on the radio. She even asked Taeyeon to sing along. Taeyeon smiled at the sight, knowing that the girl already recovered made her felt relieved.

“Why do you refuse singing, Taetae?” Tiffany asked after Taeyeon refused singing for the umpteenth time.

“I am shy.” Taeyeon answered.

“Seriously? Your voice is very beautiful!” Tiffany protested.

“You never heard me sing.” Taeyeon stubbornly refused.

“I heard you sing once. In Aunty Christine’s. You sang Barney’s song, remember?”

“Don’t remind me. That’s embarrassing.”

“I promise I won’t remind you again if you sing now!” Tiffany kept requesting.

“Okaaay! What song do you wanna hear?” Taeyeon asked in defeat.

“Hmmmm… Love To Love You by The Corrs!” Tiffany squealed as she turned off the radio, waiting Taeyeon to sing.

Taeyeon sighed but sing anyway.

“I would love to love you like you do me
. I’d love to love you like you do me”

Tiffany mesmerized as Taeyeon started to sing. Her voice was so angelic and it somehow brought warm feelings to her heart.

“I met you on a sunny autumn day
. You instantly attracted me when asking for the way
. God if I had known the pain I’d make you feel
. I would have stopped this thought of us, and turned upon my heel. Though you should leave me, time make it be alright
. Though you must leave me, believe me when I tell you. I would love to love you like you do me
. I’d love to love you like you do me
. There’s a pillar in my way you see
. I’d love to love you like you do me”

Taeyeon noticed the lyrics. She thought that Tiffany wanted to convey something through the song she requested. She continued singing while stealing a glance at Tiffany who now smiled secretively. She started to wonder why did Tiffany request her to sing the song. It was not a new song, in fact the song was pretty old now.

“You recognized my barrier to love
. I know there’s nothing worse than unrequited love
. So I prayed to God that I could give love you gave to me
. But something’s lying in my way, preventing it to be. Though you should leave me, time make it be alright
. Though you must leave me, believe me when I tell you. I would love to love you like you do me
. I’d love to love you like you do me
. There’s a pillar in my way you see
. I’d love to love you like you do me. Break those pillars down
. Break those pillars down
. Break those pillars down
. Take those pillars down.”

Taeyeon finished the song and received a big applaud from the only audience in the car. She was about to ask why did Tiffany choose the song but the latter spoke faster.

“I took the pillars down, Taetae,” She smiled and turned on the radio again.


The Counsellor Friends

Taeyeon opened the door to Jessica’s room and immediately received attentions from both girls in the room. She gave both girls friendly smile, showing her cute dimple on her chin.

“Hi Jess, Fany! Lunchtime!” She announced.

Jessica looked at her boss questioningly. She still hardly believed that her boss acted cute last Friday, also looked dorky on Tiffany’s instagram update, and here she was, grinned widely while announcing it was lunchtime. Tiffany on the other side chuckled at Taeyeon’s action. She was used to a lot of hidden sides of her boss.

“What’s with the excitement, Taetae?” Tiffany asked as she put her laptop on hibernation mode and took her purse and phone from her handbag.

“Because I promised you girls to treat you on today’s lunch for my apology last Friday. You don’t remember?” Taeyeon still had her childish grin plastered on her face. She did not move from the door.

“Taeyeon, can I be honest?” Jessica suddenly asked as she already held her purse and phone, made her way to Taeyeon’s direction.

“Shoot!” Taeyeon replied casually. It made Jessica even more confused.

“I am not used to this version of you. Are you even real? Who are you?” Jessica reached Taeyeon and carefully examined Taeyeon’s face as if she suspected the one who stand in front of her was Taeyeon’s imposter. Taeyeon stepped back a bit, giving distance between her and Jessica and looked at Tiffany with pleading eyes, asking for help. Tiffany giggled, witnessing how hopeless Taeyeon was. She walked towards her right away.

“Don’t be silly, Jess. You know she is not Kim Taeyeon.” Tiffany said as she sneaked in the middle of Jessica and Taeyeon, making sure they were not being too close. Somehow she felt a bit jealous looking at the distance between Jessica and Taeyeon.

“Whaaaat?” Taeyeon protested at Tiffany’s remark.

“Ah, I know it, right! Taeyeon’s imposter!” Jessica rolled her eyes at Taeyeon.

“Hey? What is actually happening here?” Taeyeon really got confused.

Tiffany could no longer hold her laugh and held Taeyeon’s hand while nudging Jessica, “Let me introduce you to my Taetae, Jess.” Tiffany smiled wide, making Taeyeon blushed. Taeyeon quietly wondered after all those contacts they had made, every simple touch and hearing Tiffany calling her ‘Taetae’ still always made her heart fluttered.

“Ah, what a bummer. It would be much more exciting if she was really Taeyeon’s imposter.” Jessica responded coolly as she walked out the room, making her way for lunch.

“You really should stop reading those detective novels, Jess.” Tiffany laughed while catching Jessica’s steps, dragging Taeyeon with her.

“Where are we going to eat, Taeyeon?” Jessica ignored Tiffany.

“Up to you. Any place in mind?” Taeyeon was back to her cool self.

“What about that Indonesian restaurant in 8th tower? I carve for their ketoprak.” Jessica requested.

“Fine by me. You, Fany?” Taeyeon asked the eye smile girl.

“No probs, Tae.” Tiffany replied nonchalantly, playing her Taeyeon’s fingers with hers without releasing their hand. The contact between them felt different for Tiffany. Maybe because she was no longer taken, or maybe because she no longer deny her feeling.

“Do you want to ask Yuri to join, Jess?” Taeyeon offered Jessica before they pushed the elevator button to go down.

Jessica thought for a while. “No, she did not get scolded. So, no need to invite her.” She answered and pushed the button.

Tiffany kept clinging on Taeyeon while the three girls waited for the elevator reached their floor. She kept holding on Taeyeon’s hand as if not wanting to let the blonde away from her. Taeyeon did not really mind with Tiffany’s act since she actually enjoyed it even though she was a bit worry that it would bring suspicion.

“Why are you guys holding hands like that?” Jessica suddenly asked. Taeyeon almost immediately yanked Tiffany’s hand but the latter held it even tighter.

“Any problem, Jess?” Tiffany asked back casually.

“No, it’s like witnessing two elementary school kids. You know, kids always hold hands whenever they go. How old are you?” Jessica answered.

“Look at Taetae’s face, if you’re not her subordinate I bet you will guess her age wrong.”

Jessica sighed. “How could my cool boss befriended with a girl like you, Tiff?” She rolled her eyes making Tiffany giggled, mentally praised herself for being able to handle the situation from the Ice Princess.

The elevator dinged and swiped open, letting the girls went in and brought them to the ground floor. Jessica unlocked her phone and started playing with it, not minding the other two girls. After making sure that Jessica did not pay any attention to them, Taeyeon turned her head to Tiffany and nudged the latter. Tiffany immediately looked at her boss with questioning look.

“What?” She silently mouthed.

“Your hand.” Taeyeon mouthed without letting any sound slipped her mouth.

Tiffany only sticked her tongue out and looked away, still not releasing their hands. Taeyeon silently sighed at Tiffany’s response. She told herself that it was okay. People would just think it was just a friendly act between friends. It was just because she knew they were more than just friends that made her worry. But she suddenly realized that they were actually friends. They had not stepped up to be more than friends.

The elevator finally reached the ground floor and all three girls made their way to the 8th tower. The Indonesian restaurant was not too crowded compared to the coffee shop in the 3rd tower, where Tiffany and Taeyeon usually had their breakfast. Most likely it was because of the price that was a bit too overprice. Taeyeon chose a table near the window. She picked the most secluded spot as usual. Tiffany sat beside her while Jessica sat across her. A waiter came and put the menu books on the table, standing next to their table, waiting for them to choose their lunch.

“I will have ketoprak with no cucumber and ice tea.” Jessica ordered first.

“Mine would be oxtail soup, and orange juice for the drink.” Tiffany spilled her order.

Taeyeon still flipped the menu book, had not made her order. She always had a hard time choosing the menu in unfamiliar restaurant since she always had her lunch in the same place with the same menu almost all the time. Tiffany noticed and peeked over the menu in Taeyeon’s hand, minimizing the distance between them.

“You always find it hard to choose your meal, huh?” Tiffany asked Taeyeon.

“That’s why I always go to the same place to order the same menu everyday, Fany.” Taeyeon pouted while flipping another page of menu book.

“She will have soto ayam and ice tea.” Tiffany suddenly made an order for Taeyeon.

“What? Hey? Well, okay then. Soto ayam and ice tea.” Taeyeon agreed since she really had no idea what to eat.

The waiter noted down their orders, took the menu books and left.

“Don’t you realize how English can change the price of food?” Jessica suddenly asked a question.

“Agree.” Taeyeon chuckled while Tiffany gave both girls question look.

“If we go to a food stall which have their Indonesian food menu written in Bahasa Indonesia, the price would be ranged between 2,000 rupiah to 30,000 rupiah.” Jessica explained.

“Yet, if you go this kind of restaurant, which have their Indonesian food menu written in English, the price would be ranged between 10,000 rupiah to 80,000 rupiah.” Taeyeon continued.

“A plate of gado-gado near my house is only 8,000 rupiah. But here, the title is changed into ‘Indonesian salad’ and boom! It is 35,000 rupiah!” Jessica said.

“Ah, that’s what you guys mean. If I think about it yes, the oxtail soup I ordered is 70,000 rupiah. Yet, if I buy sop buntut in a food stall, it is only 25,000. And both oxtail soup and sop buntut are exactly the same food.” Tiffany giggled.

“But, for the oxtail soup, I won’t complain since this place always give a huge amount of oxtail in their soup.” Jessica replied.

“And why are we talking about this?” Taeyeon suddenly noticed how weird their conversation was.

“Because we’re not talking about work during lunch, Taeyeon.” Jessica answered casually.

“She’s not always talk about work, Jess. She can act like a kid out of office hour. Trust me.” Tiffany glanced at Taeyeon who had disagreed look on her face.

“Oh, right! I still remember your instagram post with dorky Taetae and handsome Taetae.” Jessica said as she unlocked her phone, opening her instagram app, browsed for a while and showed Tiffany’s instagram post last Friday to the girls across her. “This one.”

Taeyeon blushed but she then noticed the comments under the picture.

“You really are Kim Taeyeon tamer?” Taeyeon read Jessica’s comment. Jessica’s face turned pale and she immediately pulled her phone and closed the app, making Tiffany laughed out loud.

“What are you guys talking about in instagram?” Taeyeon asked.

“Nothing, Taeyeon.” Jessica put her cool self up. Tried not to obviously show how freak out she was when her boss read her comment.

Taeyeon gave Jessica an interrogating face but Jessica did not mind and started another conversation with Tiffany. Taeyeon was curious so she took her phone to find instagram app. She found a notification signing Tiffany mentioned her in a comment and it was a reply to other comments in the picture Jessica showed before. She read the comments and unconsciously let out her old lady-like laugh making Jessica turned her head to her.

“Oh my God, Taeyeon. Did you just laugh?” Jessica startled.

Tiffany laughed witnessing the sight in front of her. Jessica’s shock face was so priceless. She assumed that it was the first time Taeyeon let out her old lady-like laugh in front of Jessica.

“Her laugh is horrible, right?” Tiffany tried to stop her own laugh.

Taeyeon stopped her laugh right away, noticing she unconsciously laughing out loud. She blushed after looked at Jessica’s reaction. She was shy to let her subordinate know this side of her.

“What makes you laugh, Tae?” Tiffany asked after finally stopped laughing.

“The instagram comments from Jess, Yuri, and Claudia.” Taeyeon smiled as soon as she heard Tiffany’s voice. Jessica’s eyes widened. She forgot that Taeyeon also had instagram account and could check the comment anytime she wanted.

“Ah, that comment. I… I’m sorry.” Jessica apologized.

Taeyeon looked up to see Jessica. “What are you apologizing for? Nothing is wrong with the comment. I just found it hilarious.” Taeyeon responded.

“You’re not angry?” Jessica asked. Taeyeon shook her head and grinned while giving an OK sign with her hand.

“I told you that she’s not going to angry right, Jess?” Tiffany scoffed.

“Shut up, Tiff.” Jessica rolled her eyes.

Their conversation interrupted when a waiter came with their order. After placing the order on the table, he asked the girlst whether all orders were right and complete. Jessica checked her ketoprak to make sure that there was no cucumber in it. After got confirmation from the girls he left. The girls started to eat their lunch while continuing their chat.

“Am I that scary for you guys?” Taeyeon suddenly asked, making Jessica choked. Jessica immediately sipped her ice tea and cleared her throat.

“Not that scary. But…” Jessica stopped her sentence, glanced at Taeyeon before continuing. Taeyeon did not show any offended sign so she continued. “Sometimes we find you quite intimidating.”

“We? So, it’s not only you?” Taeyeon raised her eyebrows.

“Well, yeah. Everyone in the team actually.” Jessica answered. “Don’t get us wrong. As a mentor and a leader you’re really great. I mean, you know how to develop our strengths and let us do the best. But, since you have this professional and perfectionist attitude at all time, it somehow intimidates us. Maybe it’s because we never know you personally.” Jessica continued her explanation.

Taeyeon digested the information she got from Jessica and make a mental note to discuss it with Tiffany later. “I am sorry for that then. I regard that as an input for me. Thank you, Jess.” She smiled at Jessica.

Jessica smiled in relief. Tiffany was right, her boss was not that scary. She was just a professional profile who did not show her real personality to her subordinates.

“Wait until you find out Taeyeon’s favorite snack, Jess.” Tiffany giggled, suddenly remembered how Taeyeon reacted when she saw gummies.

“Fany don’t tell anyone about that!” Taeyeon pouted like a kid. Jessica smiled witnessing her boss and her friend.


“So, what did you want to tell us, Tiff?” Jessica opened the conversation after they finished their meals and desserts. As Tiffany requested on Saturday, she and Yuri agreed to have the girls’ talk at dinner.

“Uhm… I broke up.” Tiffany answered. She did not know how to explained to her friends about her and Taeyeon. She was afraid that Taeyeon would be angry if she told the girls that their date was actually a real date. She was afraid that her two friends in front of her could not accept her preference. But she needed someone to talk to. She did not want to hurt Taeyeon’s feeling, that was why she felt the need to understand herself more before took things further with Taeyeon.

“Is that all?” Jessica replied with no interest.

Yuri elbowed Jessica, warned the latter to show a bit empathy to Tiffany. Tiffany smiled at Jessica’s reply without saying a word. She still thought about a way to tell her friends about what exactly happened.

“I don’t mean to be rude but I saw it coming, honestly.” Jessica continued, as she receiving another nudge from Yuri.

“What Yul?” Jessica protested. Yuri rolled her eyes and looked at Tiffany.

“Don’t mind her, Tiff. The Ice Princess has a frozen heart for sure.” Yuri said with apologetic smile.

“It’s okay, Yuri. How did you see it coming, Jess?” Tiffany got interested in Jessica’s remark.

“You sounded not excited when you talk about your boyfriend. Somehow it seems like you are more interested in talking about Taeyeon rather than him. I thought that maybe you were not really in love with you boyfriend.” Jessica explained.

“Now that Sica mentioned it, I also noticed that there was no picture of you with him in your instagram.” Yuri agreed on Jessica.

Tiffany sighed. “My previous company doesn’t allow their employee to have love relationship within office, guys. That was why I never posted any picture with him.”

“But you resigned already and still not a single picture of him.” Jessica said.

“That is because since I know someone in this company, I started to grow a feeling towards that someone.” Tiffany finally started to give the girls a clue.

“Someone from the company? How can I not know that?” Yuri exclaimed. She never found her friend showed interest to any guy in the company.

“Really? I think I am very obvious.” Tiffany answered with a blush.

Jessica observed Tiffany’s face and analyzed her explanation but still not saying a word while Yuri obviously put thoughtful expression as she tried to remember any sign that Tiffany showed certain interest to any guy in the company. Tiffany kept silent, she did not want to give too much clue and waiting for her two girls to guess.

“Is he a manager or a staff?” Yuri asked for more clues.

“A manager.” Tiffany replied shortly.

“Have you had a date with him?” Yuri got curious.

“Hmm… Dates? Yes.” Tiffany answered.

“Have you guys kissed?” Jessica suddenly threw a question making Yuri and Tiffany widened their eyes in shock. None of them expected such a question.

Tiffany blushed. “Yes.”

Jessica smiled secretively at Tiffany’s answer. “If you’re still uncomfortable with telling us the truth, then let me tell you something about me that maybe could make you feel better.” Jessica said.

“I lied to you when I said I was single.” She confessed. Tiffany was surprised at Jessica’s sudden confession.

“You know that here in Indonesia there are some relationships that most probably would be opposed such as relationship with people from different ethnicity, relationship with people with different religion, relationship with younger man, relationship with more than 10 years age difference, same sex relationship, et cetera. And my relationship is one of them. That is why I always tell people that I am single. I don’t want to be judged.” Jessica explained.

Tiffany smiled sadly as Jessica explained. Yes there were some relationships that most likely be opposed in Indonesia. But other than same-sex relationship, other kind of opposed relationships were not regarded as disgusting. She thought that Jessica did not have to hide her relationship at all.

“You might also notice that it was actually okay to admit that you’re in one of those kind of opposed relationship. What is so wrong about loving people with different religion? What is so wrong about having a younger boyfriend? As long as a girl is having a relationship with a man, it’s okay. And there is no need to hide it, right? But I choose to hide it.” Jessica continued.

“Why, Jess?” Tiffany asked.

“Because I’m in a relationship with Yul.” Jessica answered. Tiffany was shocked at Jessica’s sudden confession and she looked at Yuri who had this unreadable expression on her face.

“Tiff, we… We don’t want you to be disgusted with us. That’s why we try to keep it low.” Yuri finally said a word.

“No, no, Yuri. It’s okay. I’m totally okay with it. I was a bit shocked because you guys never show it at all.” Tiffany tried to reassure Yuri.

“Just don’t tell anyone about us, Tiff. Eventhough GG Corporation is a multinational company where most employees are open-minded and there is no such a rule that can make me and Yul got fired because having a relationship, we’re still in Indonesia.” Jessica requested.

“Sure. I’ll keep it for myself.” Tiffany promised.

“You can share it with Taeyeon, though.” Jessica said.

“What??? No way, Sica!!! I know she’s very open-minded and smart. But don’t tell her. We never know what will she think about us!” Yuri protested.

“Relax, Yul. Taeyeon kissed Tiffany anyway.” Jessica answered with a smile.

“Whatt??” Yuri glanced at Tiffany, asking for explanation.

“Whaaatt, Jess??” Tiffany was surprised that Jessica knew it.

“Come on, Tiff! Do you think I’ve been ignorant all of these times and not noticing how you and Taeyeon behave? The puppy name, the instagram post, the way you guys hold hands, you even wait for Taeyeon to go home. I didn’t tease you for nothing when you called me on Saturday.”

Tiffany blushed from Jessica’s explanation. She had no idea that her friend slash mentor slash supervisor was aware of those things.

“So tell me, did you guys really kiss?” Yuri asked in curiosity.

“Uhm… Yes… Uhm… We… Kissed.” Tiffany’s face got reddens by saying it.

“So, you and Taeyeon are in a relationship?” Yuri asked again.

“Not yet. I still had a boyfriend when we had dates. I just broke up with him yesterday. And actually I wanted to ask you about this. I planned to take things further with Taeyeon but I am still confused.” Tiffany finally admitted.

“You kissed anyway. What is left to be confused? Except if you kissed when you were drunk.” Jessica asked.

“I was so sure I was straight, Jess. I do not understand what happen to me. The only thing I know is I like Taeyeon a lot. But I am afraid that it’s not a real feeling. What if it is just a temporary feeling? What if it is just a platonic? I don’t want to hurt her. She’s my best friend.” Tiffany explained.

Jessica and Yuri exchanged glance for a while as they digested what Tiffany just said. Tiffany was just sat across them, playing with her fingers. Since there was no response from her friends, she started to feel uncomfortable. It was nice to know that both of them could accept her preference even they were actually a couple themselves. But, after she spilled out the truth about her worries, her friends did not even give any response, and it worried her a lot. She started to think that she took a wrong decision.

“Are you stupid, Tiff?” Jessica finally said a word. Yuri nudged her girlfriend again for saying things too bluntly.

“Can you stop hit me with your elbow, Yul? I think I will have bruises by now.” Jessica protested.

“Can you just choose a nice word to Tiff rather than calling her stupid?” Yuri asked Jessica.

“OK. I am sorry about that. But she is stupid, Yul!” Jessica insisted.

“But that’s not a good way to comfort your friend. Ish, this Ice Princess is really…” Yuri scratched her back of head. Sometimes she did not know how to deal with Jessica.

“I do not plan to comfort her. I am just going to say the truth.” Jessica answered.

“Hello guys! I’m still here, in case you forget.” Tiffany interrupted the quarrel between the couple in front of her. “Can you stop arguing and Jessica, please tell me what truth you are about to say to me?” Tiffany continued.

“See, Yul? She asked me to continue.” Jessica said proudly while Yuri only sighed in defeat.

“Now, just cut the crap and tell me.” Tiffany requested.

“I said you are stupid, Tiff.” Jessica repeated her sentence before.

“And why is that?” Tiffany wished that her decision to break up with Nick were not the one Jessica meant as stupid.

“Just because.” Jessica replied shortly.

“Come on Jess!!!!!” Tiffany groaned, frustrated with her friend.

“Here, why should you overthink about your feeling? Whether is it real or not? You care a lot about her and do not want to hurt her. If you planned to only play with her, I would definitely ask you to stop right away.” Jessica explained.

“No! I don’t plan to play with her feeling at all!!!” Tiffany protested.

“I didn’t say you do. I said if you planned to play with her, I would definitely ask you to stop.” Jessica repeated. Tiffany nodded as she noticed what her friend exactly said.

“But the way I saw it, you put a lot of consideration about this. You think before act. You don’t want to hurt her feeling. That makes me think that you actually care about her.” Jessica continued her explanation.

“So what should I do?” Tiffany still did not get a clue from what Jessica said.

“See, Yul? She is so hopeless. That’s why I called her stupid.” Jessica talked to her girlfriend.

“She is just like you in the beginning of our relationship, Sica…” Yuri gave Tiffany an understanding smile.

“But I wasn’t as hopeless as she is.” Jessica protested.

“You were.” Yuri chuckled at her girlfriend’s reaction. “Tiff… This Ice Princess over here was also confused back then. She was so damn straight. Should I tell you a little secret about Sica?” Yuri smirked at her girlfriend who already had her face all red.

“No, no, no! Okaaaayy!! I will just say my opinion now.” Jessica said in defeat. “Take it slow, Tiff. Try to understand your own feeling while you make the most of your time with her. Your heart will eventually tell you what should you do.” Jessica said reassuringly.

Tiffany smiled at her friend’s suggestion. But she still had one question left. “Is it okay to ask her for another date?”

Yuri looked at Tiffany in disbelief then turned her head to Jessica, “You were right. She is stupid.”

“See, you finally agree.” Jessica replied. “I wasn’t that bad back then.” She continued.

“I have to agree about that.” Yuri nodded in agreement.

“Guuuyyysss! I am still here, d’uh!” Tiffany protested but she no longer needed an answer to her question. She knew that her friends meant to say that it was okay to have another date with Taeyeon.

Yuri and Jessica smiled at their friend. They knew Tiffany no longer needed an answer. Tiffany’s phone suddenly rang showing Taeyeon’s name on the screen. Tiffany immediately answered.

“Hi Tae.”

“I am with Yuri and Jess in the café we visited on my first day.”

“Ah, you’re coming?”

“Guys, Taeyeon asked if she could join. Is it okay?” Tiffany informed her friends. The two girls nodded.

“It’s okay, Tae. Just come.” Tiffany continued talking on the phone.

“Okay. Drive safe.”

“See you.” Tiffany ended the call.

“So, another date right away? So fast.” Jessica said as soon as Tiffany ended the call.

“No, she just wants to come over so she can fetch me home.” Tiffany replied.

“Ah, you’re not going to have the chance once you get your company’s car.” Jessica told her.

“I won’t get the company’s car if I haven’t passed the probation, Jess. Wait! It’s next week, right? My probation will be ended next week!” Tiffany squealed in excitement.

Jessica shut her mouth right away knowing she spilled something she should not say yet.

“Did you just hint me that I pass it already?” Tiffany almost screamed.

Jessica kept silent.

“Jung Jessica!!! Come on tell me!! I pass, right??” Tiffany could not hide her excitement.

“I am not telling.” Jessica finally said a word.

“Princess Jung, my prettiest friend on earth, please just tell me nooowww.” Tiffany begged.

“Not a chance, Tiff.”


Yuri just laughed witnessing the girls.


Taeyeon walked into the café mentioned by Tiffany and immediately found where her crush and her two team members sat. Tiffany was surely loud, she could hear the eye smile girl’s voice as soon as she entered the café. A waiter approached her to ask where she wanted to sit but Taeyeon politely declined, saying that her friends were already in the café. She made her way to the three girls.

“Hi, guys.” Taeyeon smiled politely. She was definitely still in her professional mode.

“Taetae, here sit beside me.” Tiffany patted the free chair beside her. Taeyeon took the seat facing Yuri and Jessica who had wide smiles plastered on their face. They could not hide their amusement seeing their boss who apparently had no idea that they already knew something she hid for most of her life.

“Seems like you guys have a great time. You smile really wide.” Taeyeon said.

“Indeed we do.” Jessica still smiled.

Tiffany noticed the smile and started to feel nervous. Worrying that her two friends would spill unnescesary things in front of Taeyeon.

“What were you guys talking about before I come? I heard Tiffany’s voice as soon as I entered the café.” Taeyeon started a new conversation even though she was actually curious about the smile.

“We talked about the ideal date.” Jessica answered nonchalantly.

As matter a fact, they really talked about how an ideal date should be. After successfully escaping from Tiffany’s question about her probation, Jessica immediately changed the topic about how would Tiffany ask Taeyeon for their next date. Tiffany had no experience in asking for a date since she was usually the one whom being asked for a date. She asked Taeyeon for their first date but it meant to be a friendly date, she also the one who initiated the sleepover but it was supposedly only a movie date which turned out being more than that. And there she was, wanted to ask Taeyeon for a date but had no even a slightest idea of what kind of date they should have.

“Ah, girls talk? So, what kind of ideal date in your mind?” Taeyeon asked again. She had no idea that they actually talked about Tiffany’s plan to ask her for a date.

“Mine would be an expensive date. Shopping, watching movies, candle light dinner. Right, Yul?” Jessica confirmed to Yuri.

“Yeah, you love to see people fall in bankruptcy.” Yuri sighed. Jessica surely loved to have expensive dates especially on their anniversary.

“What about you, Yuri?” Taeyeon asked the tanned girl.

“Mine? Hmmm… I just love to spend most of the time with my lover. As long as we’re together, it always feels like a date.” She answered as she obviously smiled at Jessica, receiving a warm smile from the latter.

Taeyeon found it odd but she did not want to be nosy about the strange sight in front of her. Yuri and Jessica were really close to each other. She thought maybe it was normal for best friends to confirm each other’s favorite.

“What about you, Fany?” Taeyeon finally asked her crush. She could find what her crush really wanted for a date since the topic was about it. She also planned to ask her for the forth date anyway.

“I am not telling you.” Tiffany threw her infamous eye smile to Taeyeon making the latter blush, which of course got noticed by the couple across her. They smiled at the sight in front of them, which reminded them the beginning of their relationship.

“Are you not going to order anything, Taeyeon?” Yuri asked.

“No, I had my dinner already. I just wanted to come over to fetch Tiffany.” She answered honestly.

“Are you her boyfriend? Why should you fetch her up?” Yuri asked teasingly.

Taeyeon somehow managed to keep her calm self. But before she gave any answer, Tiffany already answered the question. “Taetae is my driver.” She said jokingly.

“I would send her a warning letter if I were you.” Jessica provoked Taeyeon.

“It’s okay. I am her Taetae out of office hour. But if she said that Kim Taeyeon is her driver, please remind me to give her a warning letter for real.” Taeyeon joked as she chuckled.

“Awww, Taeyeon is her Taetae. So sweet.” Jessica teased. “But my Yul is way sweeter than that.” She continued, giving a wink to the tanned girl beside her. Taeyeon really did not understand with all those conversation between Yuri and Jessica.

“Should we go home, Tae? You need to drive another thirty minutes from my place.” Tiffany finally decided to go home. She was afraid that her two friends would keep on teasing her and Taeyeon.

“Okay, then.” Taeyeon stood up, followed by Tiffany. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow in office.” She bid a farewell to Yuri and Jessica, answered by a nod.

“See you guys tomorrow.” Tiffany also bid her farewell as she walked towards Jessica and kissed her cheek continued with kissing Yuri’s cheek. Taeyeon somehow felt a bit jealousy at the sigh but she kept calm. Both girls made their way to the cashier to pay the bills before proceeded to exit.

As soon as Taeyeon and Tiffany disappeared after the door, Jessica pinched Yuri’s stomach. “What did you plan to tell Tiff about my little secret?” She whispered.

Yuri laughed at her girlfriend’s insecurity. “Nothing. Just wanted to tell her how did you ask for our first date.”

“Oh my God! That embarrassing beginning???!!!” Jessica’s face got red.

“Should I remind you?” Yuri teased.


“Yul, can I tell you something?” Yuri mimicked how Jessica asked her for a date.

“Stop Yul.”

“I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking of kissing you.” Yuri continued.


“So, to not making it awkward…” She didn’t stop.

“Kwon Yuri!”

“You must have a date with me so I can kiss you.” Yuri finished it with a loud laugh. It was not the most perfect date request but it was definitely honest and Yuri loved it. And above all, it was the start of their relationship.

“I hate you, Kwon.” Jessica pouted, as she blushed hard like a steamed crab.

“I love you too, Sica.” Yuri smiled lovingly.


Taeyeon focused on her driving while Tiffany sang along to the songs played on the radio. The latter was definitely enjoyed the ride with her boss. It was not her first time but since she just broke up with her boyfriend yesterday, anything related to Taeyeon felt a bit different. She could not hold her excitement, she felt like she was so happy at all time, she enjoyed every single moment with the blonde way more than she had felt before. Maybe it was because she no longer had anything that held her for showing all the feelings she had for the latter. She felt more carefree especially after she had the talks with Yuri and Jessica earlier. She silently hoped that Taeyeon would do the same. She hoped that Taeyeon would show a bit more of her feelings since she was no longer in a relationship. They could start to date without any guilt inside.

“Taetae.” Tiffany stopped singing.

“Hmmmm…” Taeyeon hummed without leaving her sight to the road in front of her.

“My probation will be ended next week, right?” She asked.

“Yes. Why?” Taeyeon still fixed her gaze to the road.

“If I passed the probation, can I ask you for a present?” Tiffany requested.

“A present?” Taeyeon made sure.

“Yes. Can I?”

“Sure, why not?” Taeyeon glanced at her crush, giving a cute smile. “What do you want me to give?” She asked.

“Secret. I’ll tell you once I got my confirmation letter that I passed the probation period and officially become a permanent employee of GG Corporation.” Tiffany smiled wide. She had a plan she made after she discussed with Jessica and Yuri.

“As long as you don’t ask for a house in Pondok Indah* area, I think I’m okay.” Taeyeon joked.

“Ah, I should’ve thought about that.” Tiffany played along.

“I am not listening.” Taeyeon chuckled.

“So, promise me, I can ask you for a present?”

“Promise. Promise me you won’t ask for a house?”

“Dork!” Tiffany slapped Taeyeon’s thigh.

“Kidding, dear.” Taeyeon laughed.

“Dear?” Tiffany thought she started to hallucinate. Did she just hear Taeyeon called her dear?

“Errr, never mind.” Taeyeon blushed.

“Dear?” Tiffany repeated her question.

“It was slipped. I am sorry… I am sorry if you feel uncomfortable with that.” Taeyeon still blushed.

Tiffany smiled wide. “It’s okay.” She blushed after knowing that Taeyeon really said it. “It sounds good.” She continued.

“Hmmmm…” Taeyeon also smiled hearing Tiffany’s reply as the latter continued singing to the song.

They finally arrived at Tiffany’s place and Taeyeon parked her car in front of the house. She unbuckled her seatbelt, walking out from the car, hurriedly went to the passenger seat where Tiffany was seated and opened the door. Tiffany laughed at Taeyeon’s action.

“What are you doing?” She chuckled.

“Opening your door.” Taeyeon answered with a grin.

“What a sweet gesture.” Tiffany could not hide her happiness as she walked out of the car. Taeyeon closed the door still with a grin on her face.

“I think I kind of agree with what Yuri said. It doesn’t need a date. It feels like a date every time I’m with you.” Taeyeon blushed at her own remark, making Tiffany smiled even wider.


“Your dork.” She grinned.

“Not yet. But hopefully soon.” Tiffany leaned forward, giving a light kiss on Taeyeon’s nose, leaving the latter blushed more.

“See you tomorrow, Fany.” Taeyeon looked at her crush lovingly.

“See you tomorrow, dear…” Tiffany answered.

Taeyeon grinned in happiness at the way Tiffany addressed her.

“Stop grinning and get back to your car, dork.” Tiffany chuckled.

“Okay!” Taeyeon walked back to her car and entered. She opened the passenger window to waved good-bye to Tiffany.

“Text me when you arrived home.” Tiffany half shouted when Taeyeon’s car started moving.

“I will.” Taeyeon replied and drove her car away with a wide smile on her face.

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