Catch Me When I Fall (007)

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Your Pink Piggy Taetae

Tiffany sat in the Dealing Room, waiting for Jessica and Taeyeon who had a discussion in Taeyeon’s room. She had worked for GG Corporation for 3 months, which meant the end of her probation period, and it was the time that both Jessica and Taeyeon would announce whether she would be a permanent employee or not. She was so confident about this especially after Jessica accidentally spilled a hint a week ago. But judging from the long discussion her supervisor and her line manager had at the moment, she started to lose her confidence. She had been staying in the room for more than half an hour and Jessica and Taeyeon had not came back yet.

Taeyeon did not help at all as well. Her boss did not give her a slight hint about the result of her probation period. They already had their fourth and fifth dates last week but no matter how hard Tiffany tried to fish out the probation result, Taeyeon always found a way to divert the topic. The blonde did not even bring out the topic of the present she requested if she passed the probation.

Some pair of clicks of heels sound made Tiffany straightened herself on the chair.

“Sometimes I envy Taeyeon’s team. Having Taeyeon as their leader must be a great opportunity.”

“I prefer our current boss though. Taeyeon seems to be very perfectionist.”

“And that’s what makes the team always be the top performer in the company. Always exceeding expectation. I can’t imagine the bonus they get annualy.”

The familiar voices of some of GG Corporation’s employees were heard as the heels passed the Dealing Room. Tiffany took a deep breath felt relieved for a while. As much as she wanted to hear the result, she was not fully ready for the worst. Her mind started to wander to the conversation she heard just then and smiled. Even other team regarded Taeyeon as perfectionist but they still envied for the opportunity she had. And she thought that she was beyond lucky for knowing Taeyeon more than anybody else in the company. The cute Taeyeon, the dorky Taeyeon, the sweet Taeyeon, the Taeyeon she could claim as her Taetae. She was dept in her thought when the door suddenly opened revealing Jessica and Taeyeon.

“Hi Fany. Sorry for making you wait,” Taeyeon said as she took a seat across Tiffany, followed by Jessica who took a seat beside Taeyeon.

Tiffany suddenly felt the tension crept on her nerves. Here it is. The result.

“What’s with the face, Tiff?” Jessica noticed Tiffany’s tense expression.

“Nothing,” She forced a smile.

“Okay, these three months I have been supervising you.” Jessica started the review. “I would say that you were so clueless in your first couple days. That made me wonder, how could you pass the interview and got accepted here.” She continued.

Tiffany held her breath. The opening speech from Jessica was definitely unpleasant to hear. Tiffany was one of the best employees in her previous company but here she was, being told how clueless she was in the first day. Even Jessica told her that it was odd for her to be accepted in the company. But it was better to hear it from the Ice Princess rather than hearing it from Taeyeon. Jessica was always blunt and straightforward so it was not a new thing for Tiffany to hear such a comment. She just could not imagine if Taeyeon said those words to her.

“So I decided to be a little bit hard in the beginning. But you’re really good at adapting and pretty bright as well. That’s why I assigned you to the biggest project of the semester.” Jessica smiled after finishing her sentence.

Tiffany was finally able to breath knowing that she did it well. But both Taeyeon and Jessica had not announced the result yet.

“But, I have no right to tell you the result since Taeyeon is your line manager. So Taeyeon is the one who will give the final remark and tell you the result.” Jessica said as she turned her head to Taeyeon, invited the latter to deliver the result.

Tiffany held her breath once again. It was finally Taeyeon’s turn to speak. The Taeyeon in front of her right now was the Taeyeon who is definitely in her professional mode. She would demand for perfection. The intimidating aura came from her as she stared at Tiffany, opening her mouth and started her speech.

“It’s been a tough year. I can say the company itself is not in its best condition. Especially with the global economic condition we face now. I haven’t told you about this but our budget has cut down compared to last year but thanks to great activation you lead that we got extra budget from the Board of Directors. There are a lot of things you still need to improve but these three months, you have proved yourself that you’re capable to contribute something for the company.” She paused for a moment.

Tiffany played with her own fingers as she waited Taeyeon to finish her speech. Taeyeon turned her head to Jessica and both nodded as in agreeing on something. Taeyeon looked back to Tiffany and continued her speech.

“We hope that you can contribute more in the future, Fany. You passed the probation. Congratulation for being the permanent employee of GG Corporation.” Taeyeon finally told her the result.

“You’re now officially Junior Marketing Manager, Tiff. Congratulation.” Jessica smiled.

Tiffany hardly held back her excitement. She squealed but soon cupped her own mouth when Jessica and Taeyeon were startled. She finally got a hold of herself and beamed her eye smile to both girls in front of her.

“Thank you, Jess! Thank you Taetae!” She reached both girls hands and squeezed it, showing how happy she was. She felt Taeyeon’s hand squeezed her hands back making her turned her head to the latter and smiled even wider. Taeyeon’s heart made a leap as soon as she looked at Tiffany’s eye smile. No matter how often she saw it already, it still had the same effect for her heart.

“Now, now, there are some documents you need to sign, Tiff.” Jessica retreated her hand from Tiffany to open the file she brought.

“The documents here describe what you will get now as a permanent employee such as the salary rise, full insurance, housing allowance, and company’s car. Read carefully before you sign.” Taeyeon explained as Jessica handed the file to Tiffany. The eye smile girl read the documents carefully, signing it, and gave it back to Jessica.

“Everything has been aligned with the HR department but for the company’s car, you need to do the handover by yourself to the facility department.” Taeyeon continued her explanation.

“Understood, Ma’am.” Tiffany playfully answered still with a very wide smile on her face.

“Now, you can excuse yourself, Tiff. Taeyeon and I have another meeting here.” Jessica requested.

Tiffany once again thanked the two girls in front of her and excused herself from the room. She walked through the office hall when suddenly the receptionist called out her name. She halted her step and turned to the receptionist.

“You got a delivery just now. I put it on your desk in Miss Jessica’s room. Your boyfriend sure has a unique name, Miss.” The reception chuckled.

Tiffany had no idea what the reception talked about. She definitely had no boyfriend at the moment. In fact, she just broke up. Even if her ex-boyfriend sent her something, Nick’s name was surely not unique at all.

“Boyfriend? I don’t have boyfriend.” Tiffany questioned the receptionist.

“Ah, so Mr. Eh-eh is not your boyfriend. He must be your secret admirer then.”

“Mr. Eh-eh?” Tiffany got more confused as the receptionist explained. “What does the man look like?” She asked.

“I don’t know. A courier delivered it here. I only read the sender’s name.” The reception replied.

Tiffany started to feel curious but she decided to find the sender by herself so she thanked the receptionist and made her way to Jessica’s room. As soon as she entered Jessica’s room she found a small teddy bear on her desk. She walked to her desk and saw a small envelope was attached to the teddy bear’s hand. She took the envelope and read the tidy hand written notes:

“To: Miss Tiffany Hwang

From: 태태”

Tiffany’s lips soon formed into a smile. She knew exactly who the sender was and why the receptionist thought it was from Mr. Eh-Eh. Taeyeon decided to write her name in hangul and the hangul of Taetae was surely looked alike with “E”, “H”, “E”, “H”. She opened the envelope and found a card with a message.

“Congratulation for officially being Junior Marketing Manager, Fany~~
Let’s work harder together! Go go go our eye smile girl!
Wait, the eye smile girl is not ours. She’s mine! Hehehe.
I know, not yet mine. But hopefully soon!
Congratulation my Miyoung ❤

-your 태태”

She took her phone and positioned the card in front of the teddy bear, making sure that the card was pretty clear to be read. She snapped some pictures of it couples of time until she found a picture that showed both the teddy bear cuteness and the sweetness of the message in the card. She did not mind if her other colleagues read the card anyway. They would not notice how to read the sender’s name. She proceeded opening instagram application and posted the picture she took before with the caption:

“hwangtiff: That moment when you have a very sweet special someone. Thanks for the present, ‘Mr. EHEH’. Now you managed to steal my first. This is my first congratulatory present for being a permanent employee. #LetsWorkHarderTogether #MrEHEH #MyBestFriend #MyEHEH ❤ #HwangPhoto”

She purposedly typed EHEH rather than switched to hangul keyboard so no one would be suspicious. She then switched to LINE app and tapping on her recent chat. Taeyeon’s name had always been on the top of her recent chat since she chatted with Taeyeon most of the time. They had been getting closer after she broke up. She sent the same photo she uploaded to instagram and typed a message.

Fany: Never knew you can be this romantic, Mr. EHEH ❤

Fany: I love it anyway. Thanks, Taetae~~~ ( ‘ 3 ‘ )

She knew no reply would come since Taeyeon was having a meeting with Jessica at the moment. So she locked her phone, positioned the teddy bear and the card to the corner of her desk so it would not taking up too much space on her working station, and put her laptop on the desk ready to make an email to facility department and to continue her work.


Taetae: Who is Mr. EHEH?

Tiffany was in the middle of eating her lunch with Yuri when she finally got a reply from Taeyeon. She put down her spoon and unlocking her phone to reply the message.

Fany: You, silly.

Taetae: Why am I being Mr. EHEH? O_o

She did not why her lips automatically curved down into a smile only because she was having a chat with Taeyeon. It had always been like this. Every little thing Taeyeon did always successfully made her smile.

Fany: You wrote it yourself, dork.

Taetae: No, I wrote my name.

Fany: The receptionist can’t read hangul. She thought it was EHEH. It looks similar.

Taetae: Ah, I see. But don’t you think Eheh sounds silly?

Fany: You are silly.

Taetae: I’m not. You are silly. Silly Hwang. I am dork. Dorky Taetae.

Fany: Dork!

Taetae: Yes~~~? Calling me?

Tiffany laughed at Taeyeon’s reply. She was about to reply the chat again when Yuri called her out.

“Hey Tiff, are you chatting with Taeyeon?” Yuri asked. Tiffany nodded, sharing her eye smile to Yuri.

“Tell her to bring back my Ice Princess. They have finished their meeting, right?” Yuri said jokingly.

“I don’t know. I haven’t asked her yet. But since she finally replied, I assume, it’s finished by now.” Tiffany said as she typed another message to Taeyeon.

Fany: Where are you? Yuri is looking for her Ice Princess.

Taetae: About to grab our lunch. You only asked because Yuri is looking for Jess? You’re not looking for me? T_T

Fany: Hahaha, why are you being so cute all of a sudden?

Taetae: Because you said that I am romatic >.<

Fany: Dork!

Taetae: Hehe, where are you?

Fany: 3rd tower coffee shop. Here, here, come.

Taetae: OK.

“They’re on their way here, Yuri. No need to be jealous. My Taetae is not going to kidnap your Sica.” Tiffany chuckled.

“Why do you keep calling her your Taetae? You’re not even official yet.” Yuri teased.

“She’s my Taetae ever since our first date. She is in the probation period now.” Tiffany sticked out her tongue to Yuri.

“Wow, a newly official permanent employee is getting cocky!” Yuri gave a fake gasp making Tiffany slapped her arm.

“How dare you hitting my Yul.” A high-pitched cold voice rang from Tiffany’s back. Jessica stood behind her with Taeyeon. Tiffany automatically beamed her eye smile to Taeyeon, ignoring Jessica who visibly stood beside the blonde. Jessica sighed but could not hide her smile as she witnessing how hopelessly obvious Tiffany was.

“Sica, sit here!” Yuri’s voice startled Tiffany and finally brought the eye smile girl back to earth.

“Yes, Jess. Come take your seat beside Yuri. And Taetae, here, sit beside me.” Tiffany patted a free chair beside her.

Jessica took a seat beside Yuri and Taeyeon sat on the chair that was patted by Tiffany before. Tiffany then called Chris who happened to be on the shift at the moment to take Jessica’s and Taeyeon’s orders. The charming waiter came to their table with a wide smile as per usual. Jessica mentioned her order followed with Taeyeon who surprisingly ordered fried rice rather than her usual spicy cheesy chicken.

“Am I hallucinating or I just heard Taeyeon mentioned fried rice? Not spicy cheesy chicken?” Chris asked in confusion making Tiffany chuckled.

“You better note down her order before she change her mind, Chris.” Tiffany answered on behalf of Taeyeon.

“Okay, I guess so. It’s a rare event, you know? Is there something special I missed today?” Chris asked while noting down Taeyeon’s order.

“Nothing special happened to Taeyeon but today is Tiffany’s special day. She is now officially a Junior Marketing Manager.” Jessica answered.

“Wow!! Passed the probation? Congrats, Tiff!” Chris offered a high-five to the eye smile girl, which of course gladly returned by Tiffany.

“Thank you, Chris! But please keep the bill separated because I’m not paying for these girls. They are practically my seniors. I won’t treat them.” She joked, earning protests from Jessica and Yuri, while Taeyeon only smiled cooly, definitely still in her professional mode, totally different with how she replied to Tiffany’s chat. Chris then left the table, leaving the four girls to chat while waiting for their meals.


Tiffany knocked on the door to Taeyeon’s room. It was almost nine o’clock and she was the only employee left in the office besides her boss who was still in her room, finishing something. She heard a reply telling her to come in. She opened the door with her right hand while her left hand hold the teddy bear she got earlier today.

“Still working, Tae?” She asked as soon as she entered the room. Taeyeon was in front of her laptop typing something probably making some reports or replying an email. She once peeked at her boss inbox when they were in a meeting and found out that her boss received almost twenty emails in a span of fifteen minutes. She could not imagine how many emails Taeyeon received in a day.

“Yep, a bit more to finish.” Taeyeon took a glance at her crush, noticing the teddy bear. “Do you like my present?” She asked with a grin.

“Yes. But this is not the present I am about to request. You promised me to give a present, remember?” Tiffany reminded.

“Sure. Take a seat for a moment, Fany. I am about to finish today’s work.” Taeyeon replied as she continued typing on her keyboard.

Tiffany smiled at the sight in front of her. Her Taetae was so cool when she was working but her favorite Taetae was the Taetae who could be totally sweet and cheesy but dorky at the same time. She took a seat on a single couch across Taeyeon’s table, putting her bag and the teddy bear on her lap. She then took out her phone from her bag and secretely snapped a picture of Taeyeon who was seriously working. Taeyeon looked so handsome and she could not help to smile at the picture she took. She switched to LINE app and sent the picture to Taeyeon.

Fany: Really. You are so handsome. Irresistably handsome.

She heard a buzz on Taeyeon’s table, indicating an incoming message. Taeyeon ignored the buzz, still concentrating at whatever she did at the time. After couples of minutes, Taeyeon finally stretched her hand upwards and let out a sigh. She then closed her laptop, inserted it to her laptop bag, and finally reached her phone to check any messages. Her serious look then changed into a smile. And Tiffany who obviously fixed her gaze at Taeyeon missed none of those.

“Really? Sending me message when you are in front of me?” Taeyeon blushed while tapping on her phone screen. Tiffany’s phone beeped signing an incoming message.

Taetae: Can I say something cheesier to answer that?

Tiffany smiled as she closed the app, locking her phone and slid it in her bag. “No, you can’t. Better save it for latter.” She smiled secretively.

“Not fair.” Taeyeon pouted.

Tiffany chuckled, seeing her boss response. She hold the teddy bear with her left hand again and her bag with her right hand then stood up. “Let’s go home, Taetae.”

Taeyeon immediately stood up, grabbing all her belongings and both girls made their way out of the office. When they finally on their way home in Taeyeon’s car, Tiffany finally asked something.

“This car is yours or the company’s car?”

Taeyeon took a glance to the girl beside her. “This is mine. Why?”

“Where is your company’s car? I assume that you must be getting a company’s car since you are a senior manager.”

“I asked the facility and HR department to convert it into transportation allowance. I live in an apartment, Fany. It’s inconvenient to have two cars if you live in an apartment.” Taeyeon answered.

“Ah, so I can do that as well?” Tiffany’s eyes were widened in excitement.

“Yes, if you get an approval from your line manager.”

“Can I get your approval then?” Tiffany asked again.

“No.” Taeyeon replied shortly.

“Why? If I don’t get my car, I still can have you to fetch me home. You know I enjoy this moment.” Tiffany frowned.

“Because you need to have one, Fany. You will have more things to do. Representing our company to have meetings with clients and partners in their offices and I won’t let you to use public transportation for that. In addition, the company’s car you get is part of Car Ownership Program from our company. The car will be yours after five years. It’s part of the benefit.” Taeyeon seriously explained.

Tiffany only sighed hearing Taeyeon’s explanation. Her boss was right. It was part of the benefit she got but as much as she wanted a car for herself, she still wanted to have quality time with Taeyeon every time they went home together. It was one of her favorite time of the day because she could talk about anything and Taeyeon would always be in her Taetae mode. It was not easy to find her Taetae in office hour, so she really cherished the drive to her home.

“But I won’t be able to spend time like this anymore.” Tiffany still had a frown on her face.

“What about making a deal?” Taeyeon offered.

“What deal?” Tiffany was curious.

“I will try my best not to overwork myself so I can go home earlier and we will have dinner somewhere after office hour everyday. After that, we can just drive to our home with our own cars.”

“Every single day?” Tiffany did not believe what she heard. They only managed to have dinner together once or twice in a week since Taeyeon usually worked until ten. But here she was, hearing Taeyeon offered her to have dinner everyday.”

“Yes. I promise.” Taeyeon took another glance and smiled at Tiffany. “How?”

“But I still want to be with you longer. Can I just take the transportation allowance instead of a car?” She still tried to bargain.

“No, Fany.” Taeyeon frowned. “You have no idea how worry I am every time you go home alone with public transportation when I can’t fetch you home. You know my schedule is sometimes crazy that I have to spend a full week to have meetings all around Indonesia and you need to take public transportation at night. Especially when you have an overtime.” Taeyeon sighed, admitting her worries.

Tiffany could not help to smile at her boss honesty. She was glad knowing how much Taeyeon cared for her. “Ok then. I have no other choice I guess. But keep your promise!” She finally gave up.

“Yes, I will!” Taeyeon raised her left hand from the steering wheel to make an okay sign with it.

“Tae… The present I requested…” Tiffany changed the topic all of a sudden.

“Hmmmm… Yes?” Taeyeon replied.

“Can I get it on the weekend?” Tiffany asked with a blush.

Taeyeon noticed the blush when she glanced at her crush and grinned. “Are you going to ask me for a date?”

“Uhm… Yes, but the date is not the present I ask.” Tiffany immediately explained.

“So, what is it?” Taeyeon was getting curious.

“I am not telling you yet. But, I will ask it in the middle of the date and you must be able to give it for me!”

“What? How unfair? What if the item is sold out? What if it is not even being sold there?” Taeyeon panicked.

Tiffany laughed at her boss reaction. “I don’t care.”

“Meanie Hwang.” Taeyeon mumbled only to make Tiffany let another laugh.

“So, a date with Meanie Hwang again, Dorky Taetae?” Tiffany asked earning a wide smile and a blush from the girl on the driver seat.

“There is no way I will say no, Meanie Hwang.” She grinned like a dork.

“Look at your face, Tae! Please remind me how can I have a crush to a dork?” She laughed again.

“Can I hear that again?” Taeyeon could not hide her smile as she heard Tiffany’s last remark.

“What?” Tiffany was confused.

“The sentence before.” Taeyeon still had a wide smile on her face.

Tiffany soon noticed what the blonde meant and whispered shyly, “Please remind me how can I have a crush to a dork?”

“That’s my first time hearing you say out loud that I am your crush.” Taeyeon grinned, earning a slap on her arm.


“Your dork.” Taeyeon could not stop grinning but Tiffany did not protest.

“When will you get your car, Fany?” Taeyeon changed the topic.

“The facility department said it would need approximately three weeks until I get my car. So, you will still be my driver until then.” Tiffany answered with a smirk.

“I take that as a good news.” Taeyeon replied as she parked her car in front of Tiffany’s place. The time they spent together passed really fast and it only felt like a moment but they already reached Tiffany’s place. Taeyeon unbuckled her seatbelt and turned her body to face her crush with her signature dorky grin.

“And why is that?” Tiffany did not unbuckle her seat belt. She did not want to leave the car yet.

“Because that means I can still drive you home everyday. And give you a ‘see you later’ kiss like now.” She leaned forward and kissed Tiffany’s nose lightly. She immediately pulled away to avoid herself doing something more. After Tiffany broke up with her boyfriend, none of them took everything fast. They did not even say ‘I like you’, let alone saying ‘I love you’. The furthest actions they did was just holding hands, gave a simple hug when they were about to part, and a ‘see you kiss’ on the nose. Taeyeon refrained herself to do more than that because she did not want to rush the things. She wanted to give Tiffany time to understand her own feeling.

While on the other side, Tiffany’s feeling towards Taeyeon grew more and more as the day passed. She still could not understand how she could like a girl the way she liked Taeyeon but she ignored the fact that Taeyeon was a girl. Taeyeon is Taeyeon and she liked the girl so much. She still remembered what Taeyeon said on their third date, “We cannot choose to whom we fall in love with, right? If the love happens to be the one with the same sex, what can we do about that? I am not really religious, Fany. But I believe God has His own reason for creating us with brain and heart. Brain to help us think logically, and heart to lead us when logic fails to reason. And for love itself, we need no reason for love, right? It just comes naturally and, heart plays it role to lead us.” And she had decided to let her heart lead her way.

Tiffany smiled while feeling her face warmed up after Taeyeon kissed her nose. Taeyeon always did that every time they reached her place but the butterflies in her stomach had not gotten used to it yet.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Miss Junior Manager.” Taeyeon said jokingly as she helped Tiffany unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Sure thing, Miss Scary Kim.” Tiffany leaned forward as soon as she escaped from the seatbelt and stole a kiss on Taeyeon’s nose as well before she left the car.


Tiffany waited for Taeyeon in her living room. Today was Saturday and they agreed to have a date as she requested to Taeyeon. She already had planned something for today’s date. She always wanted to have a date in amusement park. She never had any chance with her exes. So, she finally decided to have a date in amusement park with Taeyeon that day. She wear a pink short pants and a white t-shirt. She thought about wearing a flowery pink dress but then changed her mind because she wanted to have fun in the amusement park without worrying about her dress will be blown by the wind when they took some rides. She was worried for being under dressed so she also asked Taeyeon to wear casual clothes as well.

Her phone suddenly rang, showing Taeyeon’s name on the screen.

“Have you arrived?” She excitedly answered the phone.

“Yep, in front of your place already.” Taeyeon’s voice answered her.

“I’m coming. Wait a second.” She said as she stood up and walked to the front door. She opened the door and saw Taeyeon wear a white t-shirt as well and a blue short pants, already stood in front of the door holding a bouquet of pink roses.

“Pretty pink flowers for my pretty pink princess.” Taeyeon said with her signature grin. “Am I cheesy enough for your liking?” She continued.

“Dork!” Tiffany responded shortly as she took the flowers from Taeyeon’s hands but could not hide her smile. It was the first time Taeyeon gave her flowers. Tiffany then rummaged her own bag with her free hand to find something she prepared for Taeyeon.

“I planned to give it to you latter. But since you’re being sweet too early. I think it’s okay to give it to you now.” She said as she took out a plastic of gummy bear and gave it to Taeyeon. “Sweet treat for my sweet dork.” She said making Taeyeon gasped and widened her eyes. The shorter girl soon snatched the gummy bear from Tiffany’s hand and pressed it on her cheek.

“Gummy!” She squealed earning a loud laugh from Tiffany.

“You and your gummy addiction.” Tiffany said as she stretched her hand to hold Taeyeon’s. Taeyeon immediately grabbed Tiffany’s hand and leaned forward, giving a peck on the latter’s cheek.

“Thank you, Fany!” She smiled childishly. Tiffany only shook her head in amusement.

They made their way to Taeyeon’s car. Tiffany noticed that they wear similar clothes. White tees, and short pants. She wear pink while Taeyeon wear blue. She could not help but keep smiling. They really looked like a couple.

“Where are we going?” Taeyeon said as soon as they were inside the car, turning on the engine.

“Guess!” Tiffany smirked.

“Dufan*?” Taeyeon guessed correctly. The car started moving.

“How could you know?” Tiffany was surprised when Taeyeon guessed it right at the first try.

“Do you forget how smart I am, Fany?” Taeyeon answered with a smug face.

“Whatever, Taetae.” Tiffany put up a fake annoyed expression.

“Hehehe. Come on, Fany… Casual clothes for a date, you must be planning something related to outdoor activity. And since I don’t think we will go mount climbing, I assumed you’d ask me to go to amusement park.”

“But at least you could pretend that you don’t know. So I could excitingly tell you that we’re going to amusment park.” Tiffany pouted.

“OK. Let’s start over.” Taeyeon requested.

“No way. Not fun anymore.” Tiffany still pouted.

“Fany… Come on… We’re going to Dufan! It stands for Dunia Fantasi but it could also stand for do some fun. Let’s do some fun with me. Let’s start over one more time, okay? Where are we going?” Taeyeon begged and asked her first question again making Tiffany gave up and granted her request.

“Guess!” Tiffany played along.

“Dufan?” Taeyeon answered it the same way as before.

“Taetae!!!!!” Tiffany groaned as she slapped Taeyeon’s thigh making the latter laughed out loud.

“Annoying dork!” Tiffany slapped Taeyeon’s thigh again.

“Your annoying dork.” Taeyeon answered.


“Your annoying Taetae?”


“Your annoying Miss Kim?”


“Your annoying Kim Taeyeon.”



“Anything annoying is not mine.”

“But I am still your Taetae, right?”


“So what kind of ‘anything’ that can be yours?”

“Anything pink is mine. But definitely not that annoying Taetae.”

“Then should I turn into Piggy Taetae?”

“Why is that?”

“Because pig is pink and anything pink is yours. If I turn into Piggy Taetae I can be pink and I can be yours.”

“Ish. Too cheesy, Taetae. Ah, I forgot. Anything cheesy is not mine as well.”

“So what can I be?”

“My driver. Focus, driver.”

“Meanie Hwang.”

“Your Meanie Hwang.”

“You are~~~”

“Please remind me once again why do I date you.”



“Because you like pink Piggy Taetae.”


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