Catch Me When I Fall (008)

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Little Cupcake and The Baby

The weather was so nice when Taeyeon and Tiffany finally arrived at Dufan and Taeyeon got them premium tickets so they can have access to premium lounges and fast track access for the rides. Tiffany insisted to be the one who pay and also asked her to buy the regular tickets but Taeyeon managed to convince the latter to buy and pay the premium tickets for them.

“Why didn’t you at least let me pay?” Tiffany asked with a frown after they got their tickets.

“Like I told you before, I don’t want to be squished in the middle of the line for the rides. So, I want to use the fast track access that can only be gotten by buying the premium tickets.” Taeyeon answered.

“I know. My question is why did not you allow me to pay, Taetae. I am the one who asked you for this date.” Tiffany still frowned.

“Why can’t I pay for our date?” Taeyeon asked her back.

“Because I am the one who asked, d’uh.” Tiffany rolled her eyes. She had learned that Taeyeon was one of the most stubborn people she ever met.

“There’s no rule for that.” Taeyeon replied.

“So, is there a rule saying that you can be the one who pay for the date?” Tiffany argued.

“No.” Taeyeon answered shortly.

“Then why did you keep insisting to pay?” Tiffany still questioned her.

“Because there is no rule that can stop me to pay for it. So I can just pay.” Taeyeon’s answer only made Tiffany groaned in frustration. Tiffany could never win an argument with her boss be it in the meeting room or even on their dates. The only time Taeyeon would listen to her is when she chose a menu for Taeyeon every time she got confused to choose.

“Why do we have to argue for silly thing like this?” Tiffany pouted.

Taeyeon only grinned and held Tiffany’s hand, interlocking their fingers. “So, let’s just stop arguing. I want a date with my Fany.” She said childishly but Tiffany kept pouting.

“Stop pouting, Fany.” Taeyeon requested. Tiffany ignored the blonde and kept her lips jutted.

“I will count to three and if you keep pouting like that, I will kiss you.” Taeyeon threatened Tiffany. Tiffany was surprised hearing the threat and unconsciously smiled shyly. The last time they kissed was when Taeyeon had a sleepover in her place and after that, there were no more other kisses. Both Tiffany and Taeyeon managed to control themselves not to kiss each other just yet, at least until they would be official.

“Really? I dare you!” Tiffany smiled slyly knowing how shy Taeyeon could be in the public. So, it was nearly impossible for the latter to have a gut kissing her in public.

“Of course not, Fany. I know I can make you stop pouting. That’s why I said that. I don’t need to kiss you to make you smile. I haven’t even started to count but you smiled already.” Taeyeon smirked noticing Tiffany’s smile.

“I just can’t understand myself for dating a person like you.” Tiffany groaned making the latter chuckled. Taeyeon then raised their intertwined hands and gave a quick peck on Tiffany’s hand.

“There, I kissed you.” She grined but obviously turned pink.

“No, you kissed my hand.” Tiffany protested but kept smiling at Taeyeon’s simple gesture.

“Your hand is part of you. So practically, I kissed you.”

“Smart ass.” Tiffany mumbled.

“No. SmarTae would be the right term.” Taeyeon corrected. “Now, let’s stop this silly argument and choose the first ride.” She continued.

Tiffany no longer protested and started to drag Taeyeon entering the main gate of Dufan. They stopped their track right after entering the gate, noticing that they had not decided what ride they would have first. Taeyeon opened a map given by the amusement park’s staff when they bought their tickets earlier while Tiffany looked at the map trying to choose what ride they would have.

“Before you choose, I don’t want to start with a too scary ride, okay?” Taeyeon requested. She needed a bit of warming up at least before riding the roller coaster and she was worried that Tiffany would choose an extreme ride for their first one.

“So, what should we get first? Don’t tell me you’re gonna choose ‘Gajah Beledug’.” Tiffany joked but Taeyeon’s face turned excited at the mention of the ride.

“Oh no. Don’t tell me, Taetae.” Tiffany tried to muffle her laugh.

“What Fany? It’s fun! And the elephants are like the Flying Dumbos! They are cute!” Taeyeon defended herself.

“It’s a kid ride, Taetae. Oh my God.” Tiffany shook her head in amusement.

“No, look! The map says that it is family ride. So, adults can ride it too!” Taeyeon pointed at the remark on the map.

“I am not going there.” Tiffany noticed Taeyeon was serious.

“Ah, whyyy?” Taeyeon whined.

”Because I am not a kid.”

“It’s not a kid ride.”

“It is.”

“Even if it is, you can say that you’re accompanying a kid. You keep saying that I look like a kid. Please Fany…” Taeyeon begged.

“No, Taetae.” Tiffany could not believe how childish Taeyeon at the moment. She would bet for million of dollars that people who witnessed them would think that Taeyeon was her niece.

“Fany doesn’t love Taetae.” Taeyeon looked away pouting. Tiffany could not get mad at the sight and poked the pouted girl’s cheek couple of times trying to get the short girl’s attention but the latter did not show any interest.

“Why are you being so kid-like all of a sudden, dork?” Tiffany chuckled.

“I don’t know.” Taeyeon kept pouting. “Maybe because I am with you.” She blushed a bit while fixing her gaze to the ground.

“Why? Do I look like a mother of a kid?” Tiffany asked.

“Noooo. It’s not that.” Taeyeon turned her head to the latter right away, not wanting to make the Tiffany angry.

“Then why?” Tiffany asked again.

“Because I am being too comfortable with you.” Taeyeon admitted shyly, putting her gaze to the ground again, making Tiffany smiled along. The latter then stepped to the front and faced Taeyeon. She cupped Taeyeon’s cheeks with her hands and squished them.

“If that’s the case I won’t protest. But you also are not allowed to protest if I am being demanding all the time.” Tiffany said as she lifted Taeyeon’s head to face her.

“And why is that?” taeyeon mumbled since she hardly speak with Tiffany’s hands squeezing her cheeks.

“Because you know that I am also comfortable being with you and I might not be able to hold myself for not being demanding and I also nag all the time, easily getting jealous, possessive, and I also-…”

“I don’t mind.” Taeyeon cut off Tiffany’s speech. Tiffany giggled at Taeyeon’s reaction.

“For your information, I am not only good at acting like a kid. I also am moody, workaholic, introvert-…”

“Stop it, Tae.” Tiffany chuckled. “It feels like we are making a list of our bad traits. Are we supposed to have fun today?” She retreated her hands from Taeyeon’s face, releasing the latter’s cheeks.

Taeyeon grinned and reached out to hold Tiffany’s hand again, intertwining them. “So, shall we start with riding ‘Gajah Beledug’?” She then dragged Tiffany’s to her chosen ride.

“And I thought you already forgot about riding that silly elephants.” Tiffany rolled her eyes.

“Not a chance, Fany.”


Taeyeon really made Tiffany rode Gajah Beledug for starter. She also could not escape the wrath from the eye smile girl right after they got off from the ride. Tiffany still could not believe that her boss made her ride the silly kid attraction. But soon she forgot her wrath right after Taeyeon said that she no longer had any ride to request. It was then Tiffany’s turn to drag Taeyeon around the amusement park.

Tiffany chose Ontang-Anting for their second ride. The ride had 48 single seats, which connected to two slings in each of its chair to the roof of the ride. Thanks to the fast track access from the premium tickets they bought, they did not need to take a very long line and soon made their enterance to the ride. Taeyeon took a chair that located in the outer row, while Tiffany sat beside her on the chair in the inner row.

“I see you’re brave enough to take the outer row, Taetae.” Tiffany commented. Taeyeon shrugged responding Tiffany’s comment.

“As much as I remember, this ride never scares me even when I was kid.” Taeyeon said proudly.

“Really? You were allowed to ride this?” Tiffany asked.

“Eh? Why not?”

“I can’t believe you passed their height standard.” Tiffany smirked.

“I can’t believe you’re making fun of my height.” Taeyeon replied with a pout, pretending to sulk, making Tiffany giggled in amusement. The ride then started to move bringing the chairs they sat on moved as well. It moved in circle faster and faster as it made a lap, making the sling started to elevate and brought the chair lifted higher. Taeyeon excitedly grab the sling and screamed. “Here we go!” The ride moved faster and the chair lifted even higher. As it brought the girls higher, Taeyeon’s excited scream went louder.

“Yoohooo! I told you, Fany! I am not afraid!” She told the girl beside her loudly to beat excited screams from other riders. Tiffany only smiled at Taeyeon’s excited scream, thinking how cute Taeyeon was every time she let out her childish behavior. Taeyeon clanked the safety bar in excitement and screamed some random words.

The ride soon started to slow down, bringing the chair down until it finally stopped. Taeyeon still sat on the chair waiting it to stopped entirely while swinging her legs, which failed to touch the ground. Tiffany got off first and stood beside Taeyeon’s chair, offering her hand to the shorty. Taeyeon grinned, lifting the safety bar and grabbed Tiffany’s hand as she hopped from the seat.

“What’s next?” Taeyeon asked as they walked hand in hand out of the ride arena.

“I thought I am supposed to be the one who get all excited about having a date in amusement park. But seems like you enjoy it way more than I do.” Tiffany said, earning Taeyeon’s protest, which soon stopped when the latter saw a cotton candy kiosk. Taeyeon pulled Tiffany to the small kiosk she saw. She bought one cotton candy and opened it right away. When she was about to eat the cotton candy, Tiffany stopped her and stepped to face Taeyeon. The latter already hold her iPhone and snapped a picture of Taeyeon holding a cotton candy then chuckled looking at the picture. She then moved beside Taeyeon again, switched from rear camera to front camera, fixing them together in the frame. Taeyeon positioned the cotton candy in the middle, grinning widely to the camera while Tiffany winked to the camera as she tapped the shutter button. Tiffany took the second picture as she pouted cutely while Taeyeon pinch a huge amount of cotton candy with an excited expression. When Tiffany was about to tap the shutter to take the third picture, Taeyeon shyly offered the cotton candy she pinched to Tiffany. Tiffany blushed at the gesture and opened her mouth to eat the cotton candy, unconsciously tapped the shutter button, making the camera captured a picture of Taeyeon feeding her the cotton candy.

“Send me the picture, okay?” Taeyeon said as she retreated her hand back and pinched another amount of cotton candy for herself. Tiffany nodded as she checked the pictures. The last one was her favorite for sure. She switched to LINE app and sent the pictures to Taeyeon.

They continued exploring the theme park to choose their next ride. Tiffany requested to ride Niagara-Gara, a trunk-shaped boat for 5 people, which brought the rider to follow water streams, bringing them up to 20 meters height and slid down to a very steep rail. Taeyeon gulped at the height as soon as they reached the peak of 20 meters height.

“Are you ready, guys?” The staff voice echoed from the speaker, asking the riders whether they were ready to be slid down. All the riders including Tiffany screamed ‘yes’ in unison except for Taeyeon who helplessly screamed for a ‘no’. Tiffany laughed when she heard Taeyeon’s shaking voice. Taeyeon kept screaming for no but soon turned into a loud scream when the boat finally slid down, bringing the five riders down in a super fast speed and finally slowed down when it hit the water at the end of the steep rail. The water splashed, making the entire riders wet but none of them protested yet they screamed for more. Taeyeon only sat there not even able to say anything. Tiffany got out from the boat as soon as the boat reached the exit post only to find Taeyeon sat still on the boat, seemed like her soul was sucked off her own body. Tiffany could not help but laugh witnessing how pale Taeyeon was. She slapped Taeyeon’s shoulder to bring her back to life. Taeyeon responded, slowly turned her head to Tiffany and frowned. Tiffany was really entertained looking at Taeyeon like that. It was surely another side of Taeyeon she never found before. She stretched her both hand to Taeyeon, grabbing Taeyeon’s arms, pulled them so Taeyeon could stand up and helped her getting off the boat.

“Are you seriously that scared, Taetae?” Tiffany asked the lifeless human beside her in between her laugh. Taeyeon only nodded weakly, did not even have strength to replied Tiffany with words. Tiffany stopped her laugh and smiled at her now seemingly weak boss, putting her arm around the shorty’s shoulder. “You are like a zombie, Tae. Now, let’s go to the gift shop and got a change for our wet clothes.” Tiffany said as she dragged Taeyeon to the nearby gift shop.

Taeyeon finnaly got her soul back when they reached the gift shop. Tiffany looked for a t-shirt while Taeyeon followed around. She put her choice to a blue t-shirt with ‘Do Fun!’ words on the front. Blue was not her favorite color but it was Taeyeon favorite color and it would match with the blue short Taeyeon wear. She took the t-shirt and turned to Taeyeon. “Have you had your choice, Tae?” She asked. Taeyeon shook her hand as she kept looking for a t-shirt for herself. Tiffany helped her choosing a t-shirt when she saw a pink t-shirt with a picture of Dufan’s mascot on it.

“What about this?” Tiffany offered. Taeyeon looked at the t-shirt and widened her eyes.

“No way!” Taeyeon gasped.

“Why?” Tiffany asked, slightly frowned. She chose the t-shirt with pink color, secretly hoping that Taeyeon would wear her favorite color.

“I don’t want to wear that scary bekantan all day long.” Taeyeon pouted as she pointed her finger at the picture of Dufan’s mascot. Tiffany laughed, noticing what Taeyeon disliked about the t-shirt. She put back the t-shirt and took another t-shirt which similar with hers but with pink color.

“What about this?” She asked as she showed the t-shirt. Taeyeon nodded in agreement. Both girls walked towards the cashier, paid for the t-shirts and proceeded to the restroom to change their t-shirt.

Taeyeon went out first from one of the stalls in the restroom, raked her wet blonde hair to tidy it up a bit. Tiffany went out not long after and stood beside Taeyeon as she rummaged her bag. She took out a small towel and put it on Taeyeon’s head. She then softly wiped Taeyeon’s wet hair with the towel. Taeyeon blushed at Tiffany’s gesture and turned her body so they were face to face. Tiffany smiled as she kept her hands busy drying Taeyeon’s hair. Both girls tried to handle the massive heartbeat in their chests. Taeyeon stepped forward minimizing the gap between them without leaving her gaze from Tiffany’s eyes, making Tiffany stopped her attempt to dry Taeyeon’s hair. Taeyeon made another step and Tiffany held her breath.

“Tae?” Tiffany left the towel on Taeyeon’s head as she brought down her hands to Taeyeon’s shoulder and made them stayed there. Her gaze slowly shifted from Taeyeon’s eyes to Taeyeon’s luscious lips but she quickly moved her gaze again, this time fixed on the floor. ‘Is she going to kiss me?’ Tiffany thought to herself and closed her eyes in anticipation.

“Hmm?” Taeyeon hummed. She took the towel from on top of her head with her right hand and put it on Tiffany’s head, made it her turn to dry Tiffany’s hair. Tiffany opened her eyes and looked up to see Taeyeon who was being focus drying her hair.

“You should dry your hair first before drying mine, Fany.” Taeyeon said, furrowing her eyebrows. Tiffany chuckled noticing how ridiculous her thought was.

“I thought you’re about to kiss me.” Tiffany unconsciously said it out loud and immediately cupped her own mouth and mentally cursed herself for letting the words slipped out of her mouth. Taeyeon’s stopped drying Tiffany’s hair and looked at her crush that still had her hands on her mouth.

“Errr… I was about to.” Taeyeon admitted shyly.

Tiffany looked at Taeyeon’s eyes and found honesty in it. Her lips formed into a smile behind her hands. At least it was true that Taeyeon was about to kiss her. Taeyeon continued to dry Tiffany’s hair to hide her shyness. After finished with Tiffany’s hair she dried her own hair with the same towel. Tiffany then raked her half dry hair, trying to make it look a bit tidy. Taeyeon finished drying her own hand, folding the towel and gave it back to Tiffany.

“Should we get our lunch?” Taeyeon asked as she reached Tiffany’s hand to hold. Tiffany nodded as she intertwined their hands together, making their way out of the restroom.


“You ordered us two happy meals? Really Tae?” Tiffany laughed when she saw Taeyeon walked to their table with two bags of happy meals. They decided to grab their lunch in McDonalds and Taeyeon offered Tiffany to order while Tiffany could save their seat.

“Wait until you see what’s inside.” Taeyeon said with a smirk as she put the meals on the table and took a seat in front of Tiffany.

“Let me guess either cheeseburger, fried chicken, or nuggets.” Tiffany answered as she took one of the meal bags and started to open the bag. She took out a cheeseburger from the bag. “See, cheeseburger. I knew it.”

“No, no, look once again!” Taeyeon requested.

Tiffany peeked the contents of the bag one again and mentioned it one by one.

“Chilly sauce?”

“Not that one.”

“Tomato sauce?”

“Noo, Fany…” Taeyeon started to pout.

“Oh my… Don’t tell me…” Tiffany finally noticed what did Taeyeon mean.

“Yes? Yes?” Taeyeon pout turned into excited grin

“The toy?”

“Yes!!!! So cute, right?” Taeyeon grinned widely.

Tiffany took out the toy and saw a cute little girl figurine wearing a pink cupcake hats and a cute pink dress. The toy was indeed cute but she still could not believe that the dork boss in front of her really bought the meals because of the toy.

“And I got mine this one.” Taeyeon said as she took out a similar figurine with a blue hat and blue clothes. “The waiter said it is Monchhichi edition. The name of figurine of yours is ‘Little Cupcakes’ and mine is simply ‘Baby’. There are other figurines named ‘Cool dude’, ‘Butterfly Beauty’, ‘Secret Agents’, and else but I chose the Little Cupcakes and the Baby.” Taeyeon continued explaining to Tiffany about the toy.

“So why did you choose the Little Cupcakes and the Baby?” Tiffany asked as she put down the toy on the table, and then unwrapped the cheeseburger. Taeyeon also put the toy beside Tiffany’s and unwrapped her cheeseburger as well.

“Because you are my little cupcake and I am your baby.” Taeyeon playfully answered in English making Tiffany choked on her burger. Taeyeon laughed at the sight and handed a piece of tissue to Tiffany.

“I should have given you a cheeseburger instead of gummy bear earlier today. You seriously are cheesier than cheese, Tae.” Tiffany said as she wiped her mouth.

“Hehe, you know I was kidding. The real reason is because the Little Cupcakes wears pink and the Baby wears blue. Pink for you, and blue for me.” She explained. Tiffany nodded at Taeyeon’s answer. She still preferred Taeyeon’s first answer though. No matter how cheesy it was, it just sounded really good to her ears.

They finished their lunch and rest for a while waiting their stomach to process the food before continuing exploring the theme park. Both girls played with their own phones for a while Tiffany was definitely checking on her instagram and uploaded her picture with Taeyeon. She was about to upload the picture of Taeyeon fed her the cotton candy but soon chose another picture of her winking and grinning Taeyeon. She typed a caption, tagged Taeyeon and slid her phone back to her bag. Taeyeon followed not long after.

“What ride that will not make you scared, Tae?” Tiffany asked.

“Ice Age Adventure, I guess.”

“You and your kid-like taste.” Tiffany rolled her eyes.

“I’m fine with Tornado, and Halilintar. But a big no-no for Kicir-kicir and Hysteria.”

“Why? You are weird.”

“I don’t know. I rode all of them before and I was scared to death when I rode the last two. I felt like I was about to die.” Taeyeon shuddered as she recalled her experience in riding the last two rides. Tiffany chuckled hearing Taeyeon’s answer. All the rides Taeyeon mentioned was similar to each other and definitely brought adrenaline rush to the rider but the short blondie made them as if they were very different from each other.

“Well then, let’s just take that two rides out from the list.” Tiffany concluded.

“Really?” Taeyeon looked so relieved.

“Yes. I don’t wanna deal with Zombie Taetae again.” Tiffany chuckled remembering how lifeless Taeyeon was when she got off from Niagara-gara. Taeyeon smiled sheepishly as Tiffany mentioned her new nickname. She was actually shy for letting Tiffany knew that she could be that scared.

Tiffany then stood up from her seat and asked Taeyeon to continue exploring Dufan. Tiffany brought Taeyeon to Ice Age Adventure first, which of course was welcomed happily by Taeyeon. Taeyeon could not hide her excitement ever since they entered the boat that brought them to a wall and welcomed by a short video of Sid’s Arctic Tours Pre-Show. The ride then continued bringing them into a dark cave, which was filled with some neon light shows that resembled with the setting of Ice Age movie. There were also some videos played on the wall and moving figurines of Ice Age’s characters. The cave soon turned darker and without a warning, the boat they rode on, slid down from a steep rail and stopped as soon as it crashed the water making them slightly wet again. Taeyeon unconsciously grabbed Tiffany’s arm and screamed when the boat slid, making the latter laughed out loud for the umpteenth time today. The ride then reached its end. Despite of being wet again and shocked for the unnoticed steep on the ride Taeyeon seemed really enjoy the ride. Noticing how happy Taeyeon was, Tiffany then offered to go to Istana Boneka, a similar attraction like Ice Age Adventure but instead of having the Ice Age’s characters along the ride, this ride offered a lot of dolls representing Indonesia’s culture and other countries from around the world.

To Tiffany’s surprise, Taeyeon shuddered at her offer saying that she did not want to go to Istana Boneka because the dolls were scary. Tiffany shook her head in amusement knowing that her date was easily scared. First, Taeyeon was scared of three adrenaline rush rides, she also thought that bekantan was scary, and lastly, she was scared of the dolls.

“Why are you afraid of the dolls, Tae? I noticed that you have some plushies in your room.” Tiffany was curious.

“I know all my dolls, Fany. But the dolls in Istana Boneka, they are a lot and old and stuck there forever. You never know what they do at midnight. Have you watched Toy Story?” Taeyeon answered seriously and it made Tiffany even more amused. She started to think that Taeyeon was actually suffered from multiple personality disorder. How could an intimidating boss turned into a kid like the one in front of her?

Since Taeyeon declined her offer to Istana Boneka, Tiffany brought her to ride Tornado. Taeyeon was right when she said she did not afraid of riding Tornado. Taeyeon screamed in excitement every time the ride brought them upside-down. She even laughed out loud when she noticed there were some passengers who were totally panicked when the ride put them upside-down and held their position for couple seconds before twisting them again in fast rotation. Once the ride brought them down, Taeyeon hopped from her chair and witnessing a pale Tiffany sat still on her chair. It was finally Taeyeon’s turn to let out her old-lady-like-laugh at the sight. She helped Tiffany to hop from the seat and put her arm around Tiffany’s shoulder to help her walked.

“Look how lifeless you are, Zombie Fany!” Taeyeon chuckled as she poked Tiffany’s cheek.

“Please remind me not to take that ride again.” Tiffany sighed earning another laugh from Taeyeon.

“Wanna sit there for a moment?” Taeyeon offered as she pointed a bench near an ice cream stand. Tiffany nodded weakly and let Taeyeon lead their way. Tiffany sat on the bench but Taeyeon continued walking to the ice cream stand and back with two ice creams in her hands. She gave the one with strawberry flavor to Tiffany and had the vanilla flavor for herself.

“Thanks, Taetae.” Tiffany smiled.

“No probs.” Taeyeon casually replied as she sat beside Tiffany.

“One more ride and we move to Ancol Beach, okay?” Taeyeon requested. Tiffany was surprised at the sudden request. Taeyeon did not usually ask where they would have their date but just now she requested to continue their date to the beach.

“No, two more rides then we’ll go.” Tiffany bargained.

“Okay then. I heard that the sunset in Ancol Beach is pretty good. I want to see the sunset there.” Taeyeon said.

“I have better idea.” Tiffany said with a secretive smile.

“I don’t think yours is better.” Taeyeon joked earning a slap on her arm.

“I haven’t had my present yet. We can’t leave Dufan if I still don’t get it.” Tiffany threated making Taeyeon sighed in defeat. There were times when Taeyeon could be stubborn and Tiffany gave up but there were also times when Tiffany became the one who was demanding and Taeyeon was the one who gave up.

“OK then. Can you walk now, Zombie?” Taeyeon asked playfully.

“I guess so.” Tiffany stood up, followed by Taeyeon and they made their way to Halilintar, the legendary roller coaster in Dufan. They finished the ice cream right before reaching Halilintar entrance. They then made their way to fast track access and chose the front seat of the ride. Since the roller coaster was the main attraction, and it was definitely not their first time riding it, they only screamed in excitement instead of hysterical scream. Once the ride was finished, both Tiffany and Taeyeon hopped off from their seat and made their exit way.

“Now, last ride.” Tiffany said as she looked at the sky, which started to get darker. “I am afraid that you won’t be able to enjoy the sunset at Ancol Beach, Tae.” She told her blonde boss.

“No problem. We can still have dinner there.” Taeyeon gave reassuring smile to Tiffany. “So what’s the last ride?” Taeyeon asked as she reached Tiffany’s hand to be intertwined with hers again.

“Follow me.” Tiffany said, dragging Taeyeon along with her. They soon arrived at Bianglala entrance, another legendary ride in Dufan, a huge ferris wheel, which was also the highest attraction in the amusement park.

“We will enjoy the sunset from here.” Tiffany explained as she looked up to the ferris wheel. Taeyeon also looked up to see the ride and blushed as she thought about how romantic it would be. Tiffany noticed the blush.

“Why are you blushing, dork?” She giggled.

“It’s just so…” Taeyeon replied shyly.

“It’s just so…?” Tiffany asked.

“Uhm, romantic?” Taeyeon mumbled making Tiffany chuckled.

“Dork. We’re on a date. It’s supposed to be romantic.” Tiffany said as she brought Taeyeon to enter the attraction.

They sat in one of the passenger cars of the ferris wheel. They took a seat side by side across the safety fence. After they were safely locked in the car, the ferris wheel moved up a bit to let the other passenger enter the car below them, it was repeated until the cars were all full with passengers. After all the cars were filled, the ferris wheel started to move slowly letting the passengers to enjoy the view of all the attraction below them, the Ancol Beach, and the sunset. Taeyeon seemed a bit quiet after entering the car and it intrigued Tiffany.

“Are you afraid?” Tiffany asked worrying that maybe Bianglala was one of the attraction that Taeyeon was afraid of.

“No. Not at all.” Taeyeon answered quickly.

“Then why are you being so quiet?”

Taeyeon smiled sheepishly before answering Tiffany’s question. “Like I said before, it’s so romantic.”

“So?” Tiffany asked again.

“And I am so happy that I’m here with you to enjoy the romantic moment.” Taeyeon took a brief pause before continuing her sentence. “And now I am trying to calm my beating heart down.” Taeyeon said as she put her gaze to her own feet.

Tiffany chuckled and shifted herself a bit to the side to cup Taeyeon’s face, lifting it so she could meet Taeyeon’s eyes. “I’m happy to hear that.” She flashed her eye smile to Taeyeon, earning a sheepish smile from the latter.

“Tae, do you enjoy today’s date?” Tiffany asked as she moved her hands from Taeyeon’s face to Taeyeon’s hands and held them with hers. Taeyeon’s eyes followed Tiffany’s hands movement and moved her gaze to Tiffany’s eyes again.

“Sure I do. I always enjoy our dates.” She answered sincerely.

“Is it too much if I say I hope there will be more dates to come?” Tiffany’s face slightly turned into pink.

“That’s not too much since I know how much you like me.” Taeyeon replied jokingly.

“You know I like you, Taetae. Very much.” Tiffany answered with a sincere smile making the blonde blushed.

“I… I like you too…” Taeyeon returned the confession as her face turned red.

“Tae…” Tiffany called out again.


“Still remember the present I requested?” She asked.

“Yes. Do you want to ask for it now?” Taeyeon asked, answered with a nod from Tiffany. “So, tell me what it is. What do you want for your present?” Taeyeon asked with a cute smile showing her dimple.

“You.” Tiffany answered shortly, fixing her gaze to Taeyeon’s eyes.

Taeyeon stunned hearing Tiffany’s answer. She could not even blink so that she was able to see the eye smile girl in front of her blushed hard.

“I know, maybe it’s too fast for us. Even though we’ve known each other for more than three months, and we also meet everyday in office. But it’s only our 6th date. We still need time to know each other more. I know. But, can I know you more than just as a friend, Taetae? Can I learn to know you, not just as a best friend?” Tiffany took a deep breath before continued.

“Can I know you more, as your girlfriend? Will you be my girlfriend, Taetae?” Tiffany finally asked as she tightened her hold to Taeyeon’s hands, nervously waiting the answer from the cute girl in front of her.

Taeyeon’s face soon turned bright red and she could not hide her smile. She smiled wide than she had ever smiled in her life. The smile did not get unnoticed by Tiffany.

“Is that a yes?” Tiffany made sure since the girl in front of her did not give a word.

Taeyeon still did not answer yet she squeezed Tiffany’s hands gently as she leaned forward, capturing Tiffany’s lips with hers, and let their lips against each other for a good while before she gently nibbled Tiffany’s lower lips. She felt Tiffany’s lips made its move reciprocating the kiss. Both girls closed their eyes as they savoring the kiss they shared. Taeyeon’s loosened her hold on Tiffany’s hand and moved her hand to Tiffany’s neck and pulled the latter to deepen the kiss and only pulled away when she needed air. Tiffany let out a dreamy sigh when the kiss ended. When she opened her eyes, she saw the equally dazed looking Taeyeon.

Taeyeon smiled at the sight in front of, half believing that Tiffany asked her to be her girlfriend. “So, I am now your baby and you’re my little cupcake?” She asked while caressing Tiffany’s cheek lovingly.

“I’d prefer a normal term like girlfriend instead of that toe-curling puppy names though.” Tiffany giggled.

“Girlfriend sounds good to me, as long as it’s you.” Taeyeon answered with a grin.

“Whatever. The bottom line is: you’re mine.” Tiffany smirked.

Taeyeon did not protest as she heard the remark. Hearing Tiffany telling her that she was hers was somehow sounds so right at the moment. Her thought was distracted when a glimpse of reddish light appeared on her side.

“Fany, the sunset!” Taeyeon said when she found out where the reddish light came from.

Tiffany looked at the sunset and immediately opened her bag to take out her phone. She switched to camera and took a picture of breath taking sunset  in front of her. She then switched to the front camera and put her arm around Taeyeon’s shoulder, pulling Taeyeon closer.

“Now I want to take a picture with my girlfriend.” She said as she pressed their cheek together, leaving no space between them. Taeyeon grinned happily hearing the sentence. Tiffany pressed the shutter button capturing the moment as she smiled and Taeyeon grinned with sunset view as their background.

“Once again.” Taeyeon requested. Tiffany complied the request.

“Ready? One, two, three.” Tiffany counted and right before she tapped on the shutter button, Taeyeon turned her head and kissed Tiffany’s cheek.

“Sent me the picture, okay?” She grinned at dazed looking Tiffany. Tiffany then giggled after recovered from the aftershock.

“You, sneaky little baby.” Tiffany snickered.

“You, grumpy little cupcake.” Taeyeon replied.

“Dork!” She slapped Taeyeon’s thigh.

“Your dork.” Taeyeon smiled.

“Indeed. My dork.”




Taeyeon just arrived at her apartment after the dinner with her now girlfriend, Tiffany. She took a quick shower and changed into pyjamas before crashing the bed, holding her iPhone with her and opened LINE application. She saved the pictures Tiffany sent her before. The picture of her holding a cotton candy like a lost kid, pictures of them with the cotton candies, and the pictures they took in Bianglala, including the one when she sneakily kissed Tiffany’s cheek.

She then tapped on the text area and typed a message to Tiffany.

Taetae: Cupcake! I’m home already!

Fany: My baby is safely arrived >.<

She smiled at the reply. She still hardly believed that Tiffany was now her girlfriend.

Taetae: I thought you prefer normal term like girlfriend?

Fany: Whatever. You’re mine anyway.

Taetae: Don’t be so cocky, Miss Hwang. To remind you, you are mine as well.

Fany: I am, boo~~~ (^ 3 ^)

Taetae: Hehehe

Fany: What’s with your ‘hehehe’?

Taetae: You’re my girlfriend >///<

Fany: Dork!

Taetae: Your dork! Ha! Now you can’t say that I’m not your dork!

Fany: NO! You’re not my dork!

Taetae: How come??? </3

Fany: Because you’re my ‘baby’ ❤

Taeyeon still had a wide grin on her face as she read the reply. She forgot that she was 26 already but every time she was with Tiffany she felt like a lovesick teenager again.

Taetae: Cupcake

Fany: Are you really going to call me by that name, Tae?

Taetae: Hehehe

Fany: And another ‘hehehe’

Taetae: It’s normal for a couple to have puppy names, right?

Fany: I am not your puppy. I am your girlfriend.

Taetae: Ish, this cupcake… Really…

Fany: What? Really what?

Taetae: Really pretty >.<

Fany: Cheesy!

Taetae: What can I do? You’re my first girlfriend. I can’t help it.

Fany: What a reason!

Taetae: It’s a fact, Fany.

Fany: You’re also my first girlfriend.

Taetae: Hehehe.

Fany: Hehehe to you too.

Taetae: That’s not even a sentence.

Fany: Whatever :p Have you checked your instagram?

Taetae: Not yet. Wait!

Fany: OK.

Taeyeon switched the app to instagram and welcomed with some notifications. Tiffany tagged her in two photos. The first one was a picture of winking Tiffany and grinning Taeyeon holding a cotton candy she scrolled down to read the caption:

hwangtiff: Never knew that babysitting my boss would be this fun! We’re in Dufan! Let’s do some fun! #MyBoss #MyBestfriend #MyTaetae ❤ #HwangPhoto

She then screen captured the picture and the caption, switched to LINE apps again, sending the screen-captures to Tiffany.

Taetae: This one?

Fany: Yes. And I tagged another photo. Have you checked the comments anyway?

Taetae: Not yet. Wait again.

She switched back to instagram again and noticed there were some comments under the photos.

jessica.syj: Is it only me or Taeyeon is getting cuter?

yulyulk: @jessica.syj are you trying to make me jealous?

jessica.syj: @yulyulk Shoo! Get lost, Yul!

claudia910: Kim Taeyeon! >.< #KTYFanClub

yulyulk: @jessica.syj Taeyeon surely has her charm… Even she melts the Ice Princess’ heart #KTYisTheIcePrincessTamer

beautyshopee: Hey! We have new beauty products for you! Follow our instagram to get daily feeds!

chrismatic_chris: Whoa! Taeyeon looks so cute! Can I date her? Hahaha.

hwangtiff: @jessica.syj @yulyulk don’t fight in my comments, girls!! @claudia910 please please make the #KTYFanClub I will be the first member! @chrismatic_chris should I tell Taetae about this, Chris?

chrismatic_chris: Hahahaha nooooo!! I was kidding!

madam.irene: Never see this side of Taeyeon before! No one would believe this kid is a Country Senior Marketing Manager. Hahaha.

hwangtiff: @chrismatic_chris hahaha I do not plan to let you date her anyway :p @madam.irene she’s actually very cute, mam 🙂 but I am still scared of her in office hehehe

ro_me_o: OMG! I will save this picture, show my friends, and tell them: “can you imagine working in a team with a pretty girl and cute boss altogether?” hahaha. Everyone must envy me

jack_sparemesomefood: @claudia910 hey! Let me join the #KTYFanClub as well!

hendraatmadja: can I see this Taeyeon in office, please???

hwangtiff: @ro_me_o you! Arrogant guy! LOL @jack_sparemesomefood whoa more members for #KTYFanClub @hendraatmadja ask her yourself, Ndra! Lol.

Taeyeon laughed at the comments finding it amusing at how her colleagues responded to the picture. She also noticed that the picture gained 132 likes.

Taetae: You’re so popular! 132 likes and a lot of comments in the picture!

Fany: The comments talk about you, dork! You’re the popular one :p

Taetae: But seemed like no one noticed that I have instagram T_T

Fany: Hahaha. Don’t blame them your instagram is boring :p

Taetae: My instagram is as boring as I am T_T

Fany: Hahahaha dork! Checked another picture already?

Taetae: Not yet

Fany: 😦

Taetae: Wait again! Will be right back!

She got back to instagram to check another photo tagged by Tiffany. It was a picture of sunset view from the ferris wheel. It was indeed breath taking. She scrolled down to find there were already 144 likes. She then read the short caption beneath.

hwangtiff: TY, TY #sunset #love #HwangPhoto

Taetae: TY, TY?

Fany: Thank You, Tae Yeon 🙂

Taetae: 🙂 TH TH

Fany: o_O?

Taetae: THanks Tiffany Hwang :p

Fany: DORK!

Taetae: I am \(^_^)/

Fany: (-_-;)

Taetae: Fany, can I tell you something about instagram?

Fany: What is it?

Taetae: Hmmm… Can I call?

Fany: Sure

Taeyeon then closed the LINE app and called Tiffany’s number.

Baby?” Tiffany greeted her. She could not help but grinned.

Cupcake…” She answered making the person across the line giggled in amusement.

“Stop it, Tae. What is it about instagram?” Tiffany asked.

Taeyeon sat up from her laying position and rested her back to the bed post.

“Hmmm… Promise me you won’t be angry?” Taeyeon hesitantly telling her newly girlfriend.

“Promise. What is it?” Tiffany was confused with Taeyeon’s act.

“Uhm, you know that having a relationship with me means we need to stay low, don’t you?” Taeyeon said carefully. She heard a sigh from her girlfriend.

“I know, Tae.” Tiffany let out another sigh.

“It’s not that I don’t want you to tag me on instagram. I like it. I love it honestly. But-…”

“But you’re afraid that people will know about us, right?” Tiffany cut Taeyeon’s sentence.

“Kind of…” Taeyeon mumbled, feeling a bit guilty.

“I didn’t upload the photo of you kissing me, though. I even typed with hashtag my best friend.” Tiffany replied. Taeyeon could picture Tiffany was frowning as she talked. Tiffany was right, Tiffany always put the hashtag #mybestfriend in every picture of them on instagram.

“I know… I just want to remind you. You know that not all people can accept our relationship. I don’t want you to be bashed because of me, Fany.” Taeyeon admitted her worries. No matter how happy she was as now Tiffany was her girlfriend, she was still afraid that the girl will be hurt because of their relationship.

“Just in case you forget, I was the one who asked you to be my girlfriend. I know the consequences and I chose to be with you, Tae.” Tiffany sighed again before continuing her sentence. “And as matter a fact, I don’t care about what people think of me. I just want to keep the memories of us. But if you mind about it, I can stop posting our photos on instagram.”

“No, Fany. That’s not what I mean. Here, I’ve been a coward almost all my life. You’ve always been the one who fights in our relationship even back then when we were still friends. And I am more than thankful for having you as my girlfriend.” Taeyeon paused for a moment. The word girlfriend somehow felt really good as it rolled on her tongue made her forgot a while about what she was about to say.

“So?” Tiffany asked as she heard Taeyeon’s unfinished sentence.

Tiffany’s voice brought Taeyeon back to earth and continued. “I don’t really care if people will hate me for my preference. But, I don’t want people to hate you.”

“And your point is?” Tiffany could not understand what Taeyeon tried to say. Taeyeon took a deep breath before she finally summarised.

“My point is, I don’t want you to be hurt, Fany… I just don’t want that happen.” She heard a hum from across the line.

“What If you’re the one who will hurt me?” Tiffany asked a question which was unanticipated by Taeyeon. “What if it’s not other people but you?” She continued. Taeyeon was surprised by the question.

“Me?” Taeyeon asked, making sure that she did not mishear it.

“Yes, you.” Tiffany answered.

“I won’t!” Taeyeon replied. She heard Tiffany chuckled.

“There is a possibility of that. And there’s also a possibility that I will be the one who hurt you as well, Taetae. We’re in a relationship. There will be ups and downs. You might hurt me in some ways, and vice versa, I might hurt you as well.” Tiffany said calmly, trying to knock some senses to her dork girlfriend.

“I don’t want to hurt you…” Taeyeon replied with a frown on her face. Imagining herself to be the one who would hurt Tiffany hurt her heart already.

“I didn’t say you want to hurt me, Baby…” Tiffany soothed the sulking Taeyeon. “I only told you that there are possibilities of us unintentionally hurting each other. This relationship we have is about us. If there are people who hurt me in any way, they might not give a big impact on me. But if it’s you, it will surely leave a damage for myself.” Tiffany continued. Taeyeon did not respond as she tried to digest Tiffany’s words.

“The point is… Taetae…” Tiffany continued as she did not hear any reply from Taeyeon. “Let’s not focus on what people think, don’t worry about how would people hurt us in any way. Let’s just make sure that we won’t hurt each other, okay?” Tiffany summarised her speech.

Taeyeon smiled at what Tiffany said while she secretly cursed herself for being too naive and coward. She mentally promised herself not to worry about small stuffs like what she had in her head earlier. “Okay…” She finally answered.

“What did I do to deserve this naive girl as my girlfriend? Oh God, help me, please…” Tiffany joked to lighten the atmosphere, earning a chuckle and a protest from Taeyeon.

“Ish Fany! You make me sounds like a very very bad girlfriend.” Taeyeon protested.

“You know I’m kidding, boo.” Tiffany giggled.

“Thank you Fany.” Taeyeon smiled as she said it.

“Thanks for what, Taetae?” Tiffany asked.

“For everything. For bringing me out of my shell, for the friendship we have, for asking me to be your girlfriend, and for being the one who keeps being sane when I am going insane.” Taeyeon said.

“You’re welcome, Taetae. You just have no idea how insane you made me.” Tiffany smiled, remembering how her girlfriend made her world upside-down when she started to notice that she got a feeling towards Taeyeon.

“You owe me that story then, Fany.” Taeyeon grinned as she heard the reply.

“Why not now?” Tiffany asked, not wanting to end the call yet.

“Because my cupcake needs to get her beauty sleep.” Taeyeon replied earning a laugh from Tiffany.

Cheesy baby.” Tiffany snickered.

“I am, boo…” Taeyeon chuckled.

“Hey, ‘boo’ is my trademark!” Tiffany protested.

“You’re mine. Whatever yours is mine as well, boo.” Taeyeon teased her girlfriend more. Tiffany laughed again hearing Taeyeon’s answer.

“Really, Taetae? How old are you once again?” Tiffany asked in between her laugh.

“Old enough to be your girlfriend for sure.” Taeyeon grinned.

“My girlfriend.” Tiffany repeated the word as she smiled hearing her own voice calling Taeyeon her girlfriend.

“Lovesick teenager.” Taeyeon snickered ruining Tiffany’s dreamy moment.

“You, annoying dork!” Tiffany protested.

“Hahahaha. Sleep, Fany…” Taeyeon reminded her girlfriend to sleep.

“You too, Taetae.” Tiffany smiled again.

“Goodnight, cupcake.

“Goodnight, baby.”

The line was finally cut leaving both girls smiled wide as they slowly drifted to the dreamland.

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