Catch Me When I Fall (009)

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Tiffany packed up her belongings and was ready to get home. She did the last check as she made a mental note of what she needed to bring home. Laptop checked, important documents for her project checked, purse checked, iPhone checked. She then stood up from her chair, about to leave Jessica’s room.

“You’re not going to wait for your Taetae?” Jessica’s voice halted her movement.

“I am. We’ll have dinner as usual. I will just wait at the lobby. Taeyeon did not like it if we are too obvious.”

“I’m going with you, then. Yuri still has something to do right now.” Jessica said as she took her things and slid it into her hand bag then snatched her laptop bag.

“What about grabbing a cup of tea while waiting for our girlfriends?” Tiffany chuckled at her own remarks. She and Taeyeon had been together for almost a week and hearing herself mentioned Taeyeon as her girlfriend still made her felt like a lovesick teenager.

“Stop giggling by yourself, lovebird.” Jessica said coldly as she made her own way out of her own room.

“Don’t be jealous, Jess!” Tiffany laughed, catching up her senior’s pace.

“I am not Jealous, Hwang. I have a perfect partner for myself.” Jessica answered nonchalantly as she walked through some cubicles which was still mostly occupied with Yuri’s staffs. Some of them turned their head to both girls. Tiffany and Jessica surely two of the most popular female employees in the company since both of them were pretty and they also were known single.

“Who’s the lucky guy, Jess?” A colleague asked from his cubicle when he heard Jessica already had a partner. Jessica only turned her head without stopping her walk.

“Definitely not you, for sure.” She answered coldly and both Tiffany and Jessica could hear the rest of cubicles laughed at the way Jessica answered the poor guy as they reached the elevator.

Tiffany could not hold her laugh anymore once they were in the elevator. “Seriously Jess?? You’re so mean to him.”

“No. I was just stating the truth.”

“But still. Gosh. I need to learn that from you.” Tiffany still laughed.

“Whatever, Tiff.”

Tiffany’s phone suddenly beeped signing an incoming message. She took out her phone from her hand bag and unlocked the phone. It was a message from Taeyeon, telling her that the latter might finished her work in about half an hour. Tiffany smiled at the text. Taeyeon really tried to fulfil the promise she made about having dinner everyday even though Tiffany had not gotten her own company’s car. Tiffany had told Taeyeon couples of time that she did not have to do it now since the latter still needed to drive Tiffany home everyday but her boss was stubborn enough for not listening to her.

“Text from Taeyeon?”


“Canceling your dinner?”

“Nope. She just informed me that she’ll finish in half an hour. So, I might stuck with you for another thirty minutes.”

“You talk as if I enjoy spending my time with you, Tiff.” Jessica snorted, making Tiffany laughed. Her Ice Princess senior slash her closest friend in office was definitely had a sharp tongue.

The elevator dinged and slid open. The two women got out from it and made their way to the Coffee Shop. It was pretty full since most people waited for the traffic to be lessened. Both girls turned their had around to find empty table and as usual, Taeyeon’s favourite spot was the only table left. Tiffany nudged Jessica and motioned her head to show the empty spot. They then took their seat, followed with a waitress who brought the menu book.

“Hot chamomile tea, please.” Tiffany requested without taking the menu book.

“I will have ice green tea.” Jessica ordered after browsed the menu for a while. The waitress took note of their orders and left the two girls alone.

“I wonder why do this spot is always vacant.” Tiffany wondered.

“What kind of person would choose such a secluded place to sit, huh? You could not get a good view from here.”

“A person like Taeyeon always chooses this spot, for your information.”

Jessica gasped hearing Tiffany’s answer. She totally forgot that their boss always took the seat in this table every single morning.

“Don’t you dare to tell Taeyeon about what I said earlier.” Jessica threatened.

“Why can’t I? I’m no longer in probation period, Jess.” Tiffany smirked. “So, you can’t no longer threatened me for not letting me pass it.” She continued.

“Do you forget that I’m still your supervisor? I still send a report about your works to Taeyeon.”

“Do you forget that Taeyeon is now my girlfriend?” Tiffany whispered, making sure that people would not hear her sentence.

“Do you forget how professional Taeyeon can be?”

“I hate you, Jess.” Tiffany could not argue more with Jessica.

“Speaking of Taeyeon, how’s your relationship with her after finally being official?” Jessica asked half whispering. Taeyeon was one of the best employees in the company and her name itself was known by most employees of GG Corporation. Tiffany and Jessica knew it well and they tried their best not to accidentally mentioned their boss’ name too loud. They did not want to ruin Taeyeon’s reputation.

“Are you sure you want to know?” Tiffany blushed, contemplating whether she could share how cheesy they had been.

“Sure, just leave the nasty part aside. I don’t need to know your bed activity.”

“Hey! What a nasty mind you have there?” Tiffany rolled her eyes but could not hide the blush on her face. Even though she had done nothing more than kissing with Taeyeon, she could not stop her mind picturing what Jessica just said. Jessica laughed at her junior’s reaction.

“Kidding, Tiff. Now tell me.”

“Taeyeon is… Very sweet, and cheesy, and childish.” Tiffany chuckled remembering how childish her girlfriend could be.

“Except for sweet, I don’t think cheesy and childish are good traits.” Jessica shrugged her shoulder.

“Except for being sexy, I also can’t see other Yuri’s good traits.”

“Why do you bring my girlfriend into this?”

“You made me, Jess.”

“Really Tiff? Leave Yuri aside and tell me about your ‘Taetae’.” Jessica made an air quotation when mentioning Tiffany’s puppy name for Taeyeon.

“You know we’ve been together only for less than a week, Jess. What do you expect? We’re in our honeymoon phase. No arguments, not fights. Everything she does feels special for me. Even her simple effort to keep her promise for having dinner everyday with me.” Tiffany smiled as she told Jessica. She was about to continued when a waitress came to their table to put their drinks. As soon as the waitress left, Tiffany continued.

“It might sound silly, but I feel like I am a teenager again with Taeyeon. I did not even feel the same thing with my exes. She’s just different. I don’t know what she did to me.” Tiffany blushed at her own words. She was shy to admit that she was like a teenager all over again. She then took a sip of her chamomile tea to hide the blush.

“Of course she’s different. She even turns you gay.”

Tiffany choked on her tea after hearing Jessica’s response. Jessica laughed at the sight while Tiffany put her cup down and took a tissue to wipe her mouth.

“I never imagined myself being with a woman before. I was so damn straight.” Tiffany then frowned.

“What’s wrong, Tiff?” Jessica noticed the frown.

“I think I am cursed.”


“I never get a chance to date openly, you know. I was with Nick before but the company did not allow their employee to have a love relationship. So, we needed to stay low and being all professional at office. Then now, the GG company is totally okay for the relationship within their employee but I date a the most professional profile in the office who apparently has the same sex as me. So, I also need to lay low not to let people know about us. I want to be like most people. Date openly, doing those public display of affections things. Taeyeon also seems to be more careful about her act towards me. She makes sure that we are not that obvious. Kim Taeyeon is my girlfriend but I can’t show it to the world.”

“That much of exhibitionist, are you?”

“Jess!” Tiffany whined.

“Kidding. Kidding.” Jessica sighed. She had the same problem with Tiffany. Having a relationship with the same gender is not an easy things to do. They surely had the option to be open about the sexual preference and relationship. But they already knew the consequences and the chose not to be open.

“You choose to be with her, Tiff. You should’ve known about the consequences.”

“I know, Jess. But still…” Tiffany’s sentence halted as Jessica’s phone rang. Jessica excused herself to answer the phone.

“Hey, I’m in the coffee shop with Tiff.”

“OK, seobang.” She then ended the call.

Seobang?” Tiffany asked. “Is that Yuri?”

Jessica nodded. “She had finished her task. She’s going home soon.”

“Why you call her seobang? That’s korean, right?” Even though Tiffany did not really fluent in Korean but she knew the basic.

“Sometimes we talk in Korean so people won’t know what we’re talking about. That’s why I call her seobang people usually won’t notice. But that stupid Yul calls me Princess. D’uh.”

“I never thought the Ice Princess even uses puppy name.” Tiffany teased.

“I bet yours is way worse than seobang and princess.” Jessica smirked. Tiffany blushed again remembering the puppy name Taeyeon gave on the date they were official. Jessica looked at her blushing junior and smirked even more evil.

“Tell me, Hwang.”

“No such a puppy name.”

“Really?” Jessica stared at Tiffany as if trying to find some lies on the latter’s face. Tiffany gave a nod as an answer while sipping her tea, refusing to tell Jessica.

“OK then. I better not prying too much. But if I can guess it would be something finger-curling like ‘sweet little chipmunks’ or ‘pretty pink booboo’ or something like that.” Jessica shuddered.

Cupcake and baby sounds much better than that Jess!!!” Tiffany protested only to groan knowing that she was trapped by Jessica. She saw her senior smirked in victory for making her spilled out what she intended to keep a secret.

“Ouch, cupcake and baby? You’re the baby, I guess?” Jessica asked.

“No. She’s the baby. She is the one who acts like a baby.”

“And you’re the cupcake? Gosh, I can’t even imagine her calling you that!” Jessica shivered making Tiffany laughed.

“Come on. She’s cute enough to call me that.”

“Only to you.”

“She’s just being professional in office. I’m sure people will change the way they think of Taeyeon once they spend more time with her.”

Jessica smiled at the way Tiffany defended Taeyeon. “I know. I was just kidding. I just wish you two will be happy.” She said it sincerely.

“How about you and Yuri?”

“We’re fine. It’s our second year being together. We already passed the honeymoon phase and we fight a lot.” Jessica rolled her eyes. “But we always make it up at the end.”

“Two years is definitely not a short time. I wonder how you manage it under covered for the whole two years.” Tiffany propped her elbow on the table as she leaned forward, getting curious.

“As long as we don’t kiss in public, people will only see us as best friends. It’s normal for girls to hold hands and hug. Some kisses on the cheek are also fine.” Jessica shrugged saying it as if it was not a big deal to do.

“Don’t you want to let people know that Yuri is yours?”

I want it badly, Tiff. Trust me. Especially when I find some guys make a move to her. I just want to tell the guy that she’s mine and off limit.” Jessica paused, letting out a faint sigh. “But, there’s something more important than claiming her mine and announce it to the world.” Jessica smiled.

“And what’s that?”

“Being honest, loyal, and make sure we won’t hurt each other. The relationship is about us. Not about them. I love her, she loves me and that’s all that matter.” Jessica said it nonchalantly but she delivered her point to Tiffany. Tiffany nodded as she remembered saying the same thing to Taeyeon. She knew, it’s easier to say than to do it.

“Easier said than done, isn’t it?” Tiffany huffed.

“It is. But Yul and I are in this together.” Jessica smiled before sipped her ice green tea through the straw.

Tiffany also raised her cup and sipped her hot chamomile tea as she digested everything Jessica said. Deep down, she really wished that everything with Taeyeon would go smooth and sweet. She hoped they can last as long as Yuri and Jessica, or even longer. Tiffany was busy with her mind when she felt a light tap on her shoulder and as soon as she looked up, her girlfriend was already there flashing her dorky grin. She smiled right away, the sight of Taeyeon alone could easily make her smile.

“Is it thirty minutes already?” Tiffany asked. Taeyeon took a seat beside her girlfriend and shrugged.

“I don’t know. I just went down after finishing all the tasks.”

“That doesn’t sound like you, Taeyeon.” Jessica suddenly joined the conversation. Taeyeon turned her head to Jessica, giving her a questioning look.

“Ever since I joined the company, you always were the last person in office. And here you are.” Jessica paused, checking her watch. “Seven o’clock and ready to off. Even Yuri has not finished yet.”

“I promised Tiffany dinner.” Taeyeon answered cooly.

“Ah, yes. You promised her to have dinner together everyday. I forgot.”

Taeyeon was surprised with Jessica’s remark and turned her head back to Tiffany, asking for explanation. She had no idea that her girlfriend told Jessica about her promise. She wondered how much information Tiffany spilled to Jessica.

Tiffany stared back at Taeyeon, did not get the message Taeyeon’s eyes tried to deliver.

“Oh no.” Jessica gasped noticing the awkwardness from Taeyeon. “Did I say something wrong?”

Both Tiffany and Taeyeon turned their head to the Ice Princess right away.

“What else Tiffany told you?” Taeyeon still put up her cool self while deep down she was afraid about how much Jessica knew about her and Tiffany.

Jessica stole a glance to Tiffany, did not sure how to answer Taeyeon’s question. Judging from the question Taeyeon just asked, it seemed like Taeyeon had no idea about how much Tiffany had told her and Yuri. Taeyeon also might had no idea that Tiffany came to them when she was confused about her feeling.

“I told her everything, Tae.” Tiffany finally understood the situation and answered the question.

“And ‘everything’ means?” Taeyeon stared at Tiffany seriously. She was beyond afraid to hear the fact Tiffany was about to tell.

“You and I. Us.” Tiffany answered half whispering did not want anyone to hear.

Taeyeon frowned and shifted her gaze to Jessica again. “So you know?” She still tried to be calm and composed while in fact she really wanted to talk i private with Tiffany about this. How could Tiffany told Jessica everything whilst she told her that they needed to lay low.

“In general, yes. But not into details if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Oh.” Taeyeon just answered shortly and the awkward silence immediately engulfed. No one dared to talk. Jessica felt bad for unintentionally spilled something that maybe should not be told. Taeyeon was busy with her fear of someone knowing about her and Tiffany. While Tiffany mentally groaned for not remembering telling Taeyeon about how much Jessica knew. A ring from Jessica’s phone brought all three girls away from their own rambling thoughts. She picked up the phone immediately, not wanting to be involved in the awkward silence any longer.

“Oh. Okay. I am off now.” Jessica hung up the phone and looked at the two girls in front of her. “Yuri has finished. May I excuse myself?” She asked formally. Taeyeon nodded, giving her usual professional smile. Jessica stood up, followed by Tiffany. Tiffany kissed Jessica’s cheek as they bid farewell. Jessica then turned to Taeyeon and politely nodded. She then left the cafe, letting the remaining two girls in awkwardness. Neither Taeyeon and Tiffany initiated a conversation. Tiffany studied Taeyeon’s face and could see the mix of anger and confusion on it. She then took her phone and played with it, waiting for Taeyeon to at least say something to her when suddenly a messaged popped up. It was from Jessica.

‘Sorry for spilling out stupid things. I really am sorry, Tiff :(‘

She let out a sigh and started typing a reply.

‘It is OK, Jess. We’ll be fine. Don’t be sorry.’

She pressed the send button and let out a sigh again. Taeyeon noticed the sigh and looked at her girlfriend who was fidgeting with her own phone.

“Where should we have dinner?” Taeyeon finally broke the awkward silent.

“You’re not mad?” Tiffany asked in hope.

“I don’t know.”

Tiffany frowned at the answer. She definitely needed to tell Taeyeon before the blonde misunderstood more.

“Up for Aunt Christine’s?” Tiffany asked uncertainly. Aunt Christine’s place relatively safe for them to talk at least.

“Sure.” Taeyeon said as she stood up and made her way out of the coffee shop. Not even waiting for Tiffany, let alone offering her hand to hold.

Tiffany could not understand Taeyeon’s act. It was the first time Taeyeon acted all cold to her. She sighed once again before stood up, making her way to the cashier to pay the bills and followed Taeyeon’s couple steps behind. As soon as they reached the car, Taeyeon ignited the car without even waiting Tiffany to come in. Tiffany quickly came into the car and fastened her seatbelt right before Taeyeon stepped on the gas and drove the car. The same awkward silent also happened in the car. It was the first time Tiffany saw this side of Taeyeon. They never were this awkward before even at their first encounter, at her interview, at their first fight as friends, in the tense meeting room, even when they finally confessed to each other. None of those past occurrence felt as awkward as now. She frowned at her own thought. Just couple minutes ago she secretly hoped that everything with Taeyeon would go smooth and sweet but here she was being totally awkward with her own girlfriend.

“Taetae…” Tiffany finally tried to break the silence as she looked at Taeyeon’s side profile. Taeyeon only hummed in response, did not even spare a glance to the girl beside her.

“Are we going to stay silent for the rest of the day?” Tiffany asked but only answered with another hum from Taeyeon. She huffed in desperation. She did not like to be ignored.

“There is no point of having a dinner together if you’re not going to say a word to me.” She tried her best not to sound sarcastic. Taeyeon finally glanced at her but soon put her gaze back to the road, focusing on her driving.

“Tae…” Tiffany called out, hoping Taeyeon at least gave a word instead of a hum. But the latter did not even hum.

“Just drive me home then.” Tiffany sighed in defeat. “You don’t seem to like the idea of being with me right now.” She then turned her head from Taeyeon and stared at the road from the side window. At least she tried to make the situation better but Taeyeon seemed to be too stubborn to even reply her with words. She rather had Taeyeon got angry at her instead of giving silent treatment.

“OK.” Taeyeon finally said a word that was definitely not what Tiffany wished to hear. And with that, the rest of the ride to Tiffany’s place remained quiet.

They finally reached Tiffany’s place and Taeyeon parked at her usual spot. Tiffany unbuckled her seatbelt but did not leave the car yet. She stared at Taeyeon, waiting for at least a glance from her girlfriend. After a minute that felt like hours, Taeyeon finally turned her head to Tiffany and stared back at the latter without saying any word. Tiffany finally let out a sigh for the umpteenth time.

“I’m sorry, Tae…” She finally apologised but did not get any reply from Taeyeon, not even a hum, not even a nod.

“Yes, I told Jessica and Yuri about us. But it was before we are official. I was confused and I needed someone to talk to. Jessica was raised in States, just like me so I assumed that she could understand my confusion.”

“Oh, Yuri also knew.” Taeyeon finally commented in a flat note.

“Yes, Tae… Look, I really am sorry. I supposed to tell you earlier so you wouldn’t be-.…”

“It’s not about you’re not telling me.” Taeyeon cut off Tiffany’s explanation.

“Then what?”

“It’s because you told someone about us.”

“Tae, it’s Jessica and Yuri. They are open-minded and-…”

“But there’s no guarantee that they would accept same sex relationship.”

“But they do accept it.”

“You’re just lucky.”

“What do you mean, Tae?”

“Wait until you slip the words to the wrong person.”

“Tae?” Tiffany flinched. she did not like where their conversation went.

Taeyeon groaned as she raked her blonde hair with her fingers. She knew she was not supposed to be like this. She knew she was exaggerating the small stuff. But, she could not hide the fact that she was afraid. She was afraid that people would judge them, she was afraid it would ruin her and Tiffany’s images, she was afraid that it would hurt Tiffany in some ways. She then let out a loud sigh. “You know I am afraid, Fany…” She then messaged her temple.

Tiffany reached out Taeyeon’s hand that was used to message her temple. She hold the hand and put it on her lap as she grazed it with her thumb reassuringly. Taeyeon followed her hand’s movement that was lead by Tiffany’s hand. And after the latter put her hand on her lap, she shifted her gaze to Tiffany’s eyes to find her girlfriend calmly looked at her as she felt Tiffany’s thumb grazed her back of hand.

“Hey, I’m sorry for being reckless. I won’t ever tell anyone about us anymore. Sorry, Taetae.” Tiffany apologised sincerely. Taeyeon looked down and fixed her gaze to her own hand that was being held by Tiffany. She squeezed Tiffany’s hand softly as she slowly tensed down.

“I am also sorry, Fany… I am not supposed to treat you like that.” Taeyeon started to feel the guilt replaced her anger.

Silly baby.” Tiffany chuckled. “Why are you being like this, Taetae?” Tiffany then asked with concern. Taeyeon looked up and let out another sigh.

“Do you want to come in?” Tiffany asked.

“Is it okay?” Taeyeon asked back, earning a chuckle from her girlfriend.

“You had a sleepover before, Taetae. Why are you even asking?” Tiffany shook her head in amusement. She really could not understand what happened to Taeyeon. She knew that she had not known Taeyeon fully but this side of Taeyeon was kind of amusing even though a bit irritating.

“OK, then.” Taeyeon retreated her hand from Tiffany’s and turned off the car engine immediately. Taeyeon unbuckled her seatbelt and made her way out of her car, followed by Tiffany. Taeyeon hesitantly stretched her hand to Tiffany to hold. The latter took the hand and gave a light squeeze. And they made their way to Tiffany’s place. As soon as they were in the house, Tiffany asked Taeyeon to sat on the couch. She then put her handbag and laptop on the couch, and continued her way to the kitchen. After a while, she came back with two glasses and a pitcher of infused water. She put the glass on the table and poured the water into both glasses. She then took a seat beside Taeyeon on the couch.

“What’s wrong with you?” Tiffany asked again.

“I don’t know…”


“I am afraid, Fany. I want to let people know that Tiffany Hwang, the prettiest woman in GG Corporation is my girlfriend. Yet, I am afraid people will judge and it will ruin your image.” Taeyeon sighed admitting her fear.

“Which part of being the best Senior Manager in GG Corporation’s girlfriend can ruin my image?” Tiffany chuckled.

“The part that I am also a woman.” Taeyeon put her gaze to her own thigh. Tiffany frowned hearing Taeyeon’s reason.

“Taetae…” Tiffany took both Taeyeon’s hands and held it, making the latter looked up and saw her eyes. “Are we really talking about this? I thought you knew it from the start.”

Taeyeon did not say a word.

“Even on the day we’re being official, you already talked about this. This is the second time you mention the thing. If you’re that afraid, why did you even said yes when I asked you to be my girlfriend?” Tiffany paused. Taeyeon still looked at Tiffany swallowed a lump in her throat, silently scolded herself for stupidly bringing up the issue again.

“It’s not even one week, Tae… Can’t we just be a lovey dovey couple in this honeymoon phase of our relationship? Just like our dates back then, your sleepover here, the day when I broke up, the dates after, and finally the theme park date? It feels like you feel more insecure now. Which is weird how could you be more eager back then but hold back now. I was just your friend back then. But now, I am your girlfriend, aren’t I?”

Taeyeon nodded. “Fany…”


“Do I even deserve you?”

“Tae?” Tiffany was shocked with the question.

“You’re too good to be true…” Taeyeon smiled.

Tiffany smiled back, retracted her hands and moved it to cup Taeyeon’s cheek. “Am I too good to be true?”

Taeyeon nodded.

“Then you just need to be good to me too, Taetae.” She smiled and gave a peck on the latter’s nose. “Do not overthink about what will people think of us.” Another peck on the left cheek. “Because I don’t care about my image.” Another peck on the right cheek. “Remember the bottom line?”

“I am yours?” Taeyeon smiled wider.

“And I am yours as well.” Tiffany finally landed a peck on Taeyeon’s lips. Taeyeon smiled at the kiss.

“I’m sorry, Fany…” Taeyeon mumbled on Tiffany’s lips.

Tiffany gave another peck and pulled herself away. “It’s okay. I’m sorry too…”

“I was just shocked. I thought no one knows about us yet.”

“I supposed to tell you anyway but I didn’t.”

“It’s okay. Who else knows about us?”

“No one. It’s just Jess and Yuri.”

“OK then. Promise me, you’ll let me know if you tell anyone else about us so I won’t be shocked?”

“Promise. Promise me, no more insecurities about those images or whatsoever you spilled out before?”


Tiffany smiled and leaned forward once again to capture Taeyeon’s lips.

“Why can’t you stop kissing me?” Taeyeon chuckled.

“Because I like it.” Tiffany smiled as she retreated her hands from Taeyeon’s face.

“Fany, may I ask something?” Taeyeon asked.

“What is it?”

“There are a lot of side of me that you haven’t known yet. And I also haven’t known you fully. Would it be okay for us? I mean, do we take it too fast?”

Tiffany rolled her eyes, could not believe her girlfriend asked about that. “Should we replay what I said in the ferris wheel, Tae?”

“No, no, no. That’s not what I mean. You just witness my another bad side. You know how insecure I can be. Is it okay? Won’t you change your mind about me?” Taeyeon asked carefully.

“No. I’ve made up my mind. I choose to be with you. That’s all that matter. Even if I will find hundreds of your bad sides, as long as both of us still want to hold on to each other, I think we’ll be just fine. Can’t you stop being insecure?” Tiffany started to feel irritated with Taeyeon’s insecurities.

“Sorry, Fany.”

“And also stop saying sorry.”

“Okay.” Taeyeon answered awkwardly.

Tiffany chuckled. “Do you think you need a guidebook about how to be in a relationship?”

“Should I get one?” Taeyeon asked innocently earning a laugh from Tiffany and a pinch on her cheek.

“No, you’re just too cute. I just want you to be yourself, Taetae.”

“Okay.” Taeyeon smiled. “I will just be the scary Miss Kim Taeyeon then.” She started to joke.

“That’s not even you. You’re too cute to be scary, baby.” Tiffany patted Taeyeon’s cheek.

“You’re getting cheesier each day, Fany.” Taeyeon chuckled.

“And I miss your cheesiness. Stop acting cool and be my dorky cheesy Taetae again, please?”

“OK, cupcake.” Taeyeon grinned at Tiffany’s request. “Should we get ourselves a movie date, then?”

“Why all of a sudden?” Tiffany did not expect Taeyeon asked her for another date.

“Because I miss being your dorky cheesy baby.” Taeyeon grinned wider.

“And here it comes the cheesiness.”

“You like it anyway.

“I like your kisses more.”

“More than you like me?”

“No, I like you the most.”

“And here it comes my cheesy cupcake.”

Tiffany pouted, pretending to sulk hearing Taeyeon called her cheesy.”

“Don’t pout or I’ll kiss you.” Taeyeon threatened. Tiffany jutted her lips more.

“You ask for it, I guess.” Taeyeon kept teasing. Tiffany smirked a bit while keeping her lips jutted. Taeyeon laughed at her girlfriend cuteness and finally leaned forward crashing her lips to Tiffany’s but she soon pulled away, not letting their lips stayed too long, making Tiffany pouted again.

“Why Fany?”

“What kind of kiss is that?”

“We’re in the living room. What if someone walks by?”

“Like I care.” Tiffany rolled her eyes.

“Fany…” It’s Taeyeon turn to pouted. Tiffany smiled at the cuteness.

“Will you kiss me properly if no one walks by?”


“Just answer, Taetae.”

“I guess.”

“My room then?” Tiffany offered while blushing.

“Your room?” Taeyeon’s eyes widened. “B-but… Is it too fast?” Taeyeon’s face turned into bright red. Tiffany laughed hard at the reaction.

“I just want to kiss you, Taetae. You said you don’t want anyone walks by when we kiss, that’s why I offer us to be in my room. And you’ve been there anyway. It’s not that we’re going to do ‘something’. Why are you being pervert all of a sudden?” Tiffany hardly stopped her laugh.

“Uh… Ummm…” Taeyeon put her gaze down did not dare to look at Tiffany being to shy for mistakenly understood.

“Come on, Tae. You really need to learn a lot about this girlfriend things.” Tiffany stood up and offered her hand to Taeyeon. Taeyeon looked up as she grabbed Tiffany’s hand. Tiffany pulled Taeyeon up and dragged her girlfriend to her room.

“There are a lot you need to learn, Tae. First, like I said before, you need to learn to stop being insecure.” She finished her sentence at the moment they reached her room’s door. She opened it and stepped in, bringing Taeyeon who was still dumbfounded, came in as well.

“And the second lesson you need to learn is.” Tiffany closed her door and turned her body face to face with Taeyeon. “French kiss.” Tiffany smirked teasingly as Taeyeon’s face turned into tomato.


First Monthsary

“Fany…” Taeyeon whined for the umpteenth time within the last two minutes.

“Stop it, Tae.” Tiffany groaned as she rolled her eyes at her girlfriend childish act.

“Fany… More, pleaseeee…” Taeyeon kept whining.

“No means no, Taetae.”

“Why?” Taeyeon played innocent.

Tiffany rolled her eyes again and leaned on the car seat. Both of them were still in the car, in office parking lot and Taeyeon kept whining to get more kisses. Tiffany started to blame herself for teaching french kiss to Taeyeon at the first place. Who would have guessed that the innocent-looked baby-faced girl enjoyed the kiss too much. At first, Tiffany found it was amusing to see Taeyeon was shy and timid when their kiss started to get hot and she licked Taeyeon’s lips, asking for the entrance to Taeyeon’s mouth. When Tiffany’s tongue started to roam inside her mouth, Taeyeon let out a moan but still did not do anything with her tongue. Tiffany tried to play with Taeyeon’s tongue, giving a hint for the latter to join hers. Taeyeon started to get the clue and slowly moved her tongue to battle with Tiffany’s. Apparently, Taeyeon was a fast learner and she successfully made Tiffany breathless. And after the lesson that night, none of them passed a day without couple minutes of breathless ‘see you’ kisses in Taeyeon’s car.

“Fany…” Taeyeon now pleaded with her puppy eyes.

Tiffany sighed at the irresistible sight and straightened her body before answering Taeyeon. “The last one, okay?”

“What’s with the sigh? I thought you like my kisses.” Taeyeon pouted.

“Do you plan to make my lungs no longer work properly, Tae? I am out of breath.” Tiffany made up a reason. It was not the real reason. She hardly held herself together every time they kissed. She wanted more and more and every time the kiss got heated, she immediately pulled herself away to prevent doing something more.

Taeyeon grinned at Tiffany’s answer. “Okay. Last one and I will go home. Promise.” Taeyeon leaned forward, about to capture Tiffany’s lips again.

“And!” Tiffany backed away a bit, making Taeyeon’s lips failed to catch hers.

And?” Taeyeon halted her moves in confusion.

“No bitting.” Tiffany warned Taeyeon, earning a cute blushing face from the latter. Tiffany chuckled at the sight, leaning forward to crash Taeyeon’s lips with hers.


Tiffany was in a bad mood as she harshly flung the door opened, startling Jessica who was already in their room, working on something.

“Geez, Tiff. What the…?”

“I hate that midget!” Tiffany stormed in and walked towards her senior.

“Ah? Why?” Jessica was surprised at Tiffany’s rage especially because she just witnessed Taeyeon happily put something on Tiffany’s desk and sneaked out after she made sure she put it neatly right before Tiffany barged into the room.

Tiffany took a chair and placed it across Jessica. She needed to at least let out her rage before she was finally able to work normally. “What’s the point of having a dinner everyday with her but now I miss my breakfast routines with her?”

“Do you mean you no longer have breakfast with Taeyeon?”

“Not really. But she sometimes tells me early in the morning that she needs to go to her office right away so she can start her work earlier. Why can’t she be less workaholic?” Tiffany fumed.

“I don’t see the problem about that? At least she tells you that she can’t make it.”

“Not this morning! It’s our monthsary, Jess. And she did not show up for breakfast without telling me! Really? I hate that midget!”

“Maybe she needed to do something important?”

“Oh, so I am less important for her? Good to know. That explains why she cares more about her job, image and reputation instead of showing a bit affection towards me every time we’re in office.”

“I think you are exaggerating, Tiff.” Jessica started to get annoyed with Tiffany’s rant.

“Am I exaggerating?” Tiffany scoffed.

“Tiff?” Jessica flinched.

Tiffany let out a heavy sighed and closed her face with her palms. She could no longer understand herself. Ever since she started her relationship with Taeyeon, she had always been overly clingy and demanding. She felt like time was not enough every time they were together. She felt even though she knew Taeyeon is hers, she needed more and more of Taeyeon.

“Tiffany?” Jessica’s voice softened.

“Jess, I think Taeyeon doesn’t like me as much as I do to her.” Tiffany said as she put her hands down, revealing her frown face. Jessica did not say anything but her face sure was clueless about what Tiffany just said.

“The thing is…” Tiffany chuckled bitterly. “I don’t know why I keep wanting more and more of her. But the more my feeling grows upon her, the only thing I know is she keeps making distance with me. She is very warm and caring when it is just two of us. But in office, in public places, I feel she is foreign. Sometimes she acts too cold, making me think that she doesn’t really have a feeling towards me. Does she even like me?” Tiffany smiled at Jessica. But the smile did not reach her eyes.

Jessica sighed looking at the sight of her junior. “I don’t know, Tiff. But maybe something on your desk can calm you down.”

“What? Do you think today’s tasks will help me to calm down, geez Jessi.”

“Ish, just see what’s on the table, Hwang.” Jessica flicked her junior’s forehead to knock some senses to her brain.

“Ouch! Okay, okay.” Tiffany groaned as she stood up from the chair and walked towards her own desk. She finally got what Jessica mentioned as something that might calm her down. There was a box of cake and a small card on top of it and there was only one suspect of who might be the sender.

“Is it from Taeyeon?” Tiffany turned her head to Jessica.

“No, it’s from the BOD.” Jessica answered sarcastically.

“Jessi… Not funny.” Tiffany whined in annoyance.

“Just check it by yourself. You have eyes to see the sender’s name.”

Tiffany let out a heavy sigh. She finally sat on her own chair and took the card to read the message.

“Happy first monthsary, Fany!
I know you’re now angry at me because I did not accompany you for breakfast again and I did not even text to let you know. I dropped my phone this morning and it won’t turn on. I’m sorry.
For my apology and for our first monthsary, want to have a dinner in my place? Tonight? I’ll cook for you.  -Your currently not cheesy girlfriend.”

Tiffany felt her bad mood subsided and a smile formed on her face. No matter how angry she was, a simple message from Taeyeon could turn her mood to bright. She put the card in her handbag and opened the cake box to find a slice of cheesecake.

“Wanna share, Jess?” Tiffany beamed her smile to Jessica. Her mood has drastically changed to a much better one.

“No, thanks. I don’t like cheesiness.”

“How could you even know that this is a cheesecake?”

“Because you said Taeyeon is cheesy and the first thing in my mind when I saw her put that box on your desk was she got a cheesecake for you.” Jessica answered nonchalantly. “Now, start working, Tiff!”

“Okay, boss!” Tiffany giggled as she opened her laptop and started to work.



It was six o’clock and Tiffany peeked over Taeyeon’s room to make sure that her girlfriend was no longer occupied with her job. She wished Taeyeon did not forget her own invitation for dinner.

“Hi. Come in, Fany.” Taeyeon closed her laptop and slid it into the laptop bag. “I just finished.” She smiled.

Tiffany came in and soon plopped herself on the sofa across of Taeyeon’s desk, as her eyes was fixed on Taeyeon who packed up her things, preparing to go home. It was one of her routines to wait for her girlfriend on that sofa. Even though Taeyeon also requested that she did not need to do that to lessen the suspicions but she still did that twice to three times a week. Tiffany really loved to see Taeyeon’s serious face when she did her job. It always reminded her that her girlfriend was one of the top employees in the company. Once Taeyeon finished, she stretched her arms upwards, letting out a loud sigh before finally stood up, snatching her belongings and walked towards Tiffany. She then tapped Tiffany’s thigh, asking her girlfriend to scoot over, making some spaces for her to sit on the sofa as well.

“You’re no longer mad at me, aren’t you?” Taeyeon asked carefully. She knew that her girlfriend was angry earlier this morning. In addition, she was also trapped in a tough meeting in the afternoon so they could not have their lunch together. She really wished that Tiffany were no longer mad at her for being busy in their monthsary.

“No.” Tiffany smiled as she leaned forward, planted a kiss on Taeyeon’s cheek. “Happy first monthsary, baby.”

Taeyeon smiled at the simple gesture. “Happy monthsary to you too.” Taeyeon replied, planting another kiss on Tiffany’s cheek. “Did you eat the cheesecake I gave earlier today?”

Tiffany nodded as she fished out her phone from her handbag. She browsed for a moment and showed Taeyeon an instagram post she posted hours ago. It was a picture of the cheesecake given by Taeyeon with a short caption:

hwangtiff: This cheesecake is not enough to replace your cheesiness, dear. I miss my cheesy baby. Happy first monthsary. ThankYou #TY #MyCheesyBaby #Monthsary

“I hope you don’t mind I posted this. I can delete it if you want to.” Tiffany offered right away, remembering how much Taeyeon did not want them to look obvious even on social media.

“It’s okay. No one knows what do you mean with TY though.” Taeyeon chuckled.

“They might just think that it stands for thank you.”

“Maybe.” Taeyeon grinned. “Shall we go now? I promise you dinner.” Taeyeon stood up, followed by Tiffany.


Taeyeon was about to open the door when Tiffany called her. She looked at her girlfriend.

“Can we hold hands?” Tiffany asked. She silently wished Taeyeon would not mind them holding hands. But to her disappointment, Taeyeon pouted as she furrowed her eyebrows, definitely looked hesitating in granting Tiffany’s request.

“It’s okay. I know we’re still in office.” Tiffany immediately retreated her own request and walked passed Taeyeon to open the door and made her way to the elevator without waiting for Taeyeon. Taeyeon let out a loud sigh before trying to catch up with Tiffany’s step. She made it to enter the elevator right before the door slid to close with Tiffany inside.

Fortunately for Taeyeon, the elevator was empty. It was only two of them inside.

“Fany…” Taeyeon called out softly.

“I’m okay, Tae. I am not angry. I just walked faster so people won’t be suspicious if we walk side by side all the time.” Tiffany explains coldly without being asked.

Taeyeon frowned but she reached Tiffany’s hand and interlocking their fingers. “No, I’m sorry. I was being silly. Holding hands is okay. Friends do that right? We did that even back then when we were not a couple. I’m sorry.” She squeezed Tiffany’s hand as she stared at Tiffany’s side profile. Tiffany did not say anything but nodded.

“Fany. Don’t be angry.” Taeyeon pouted as she received cold response from Tiffany. “It’s our monthsary.” She continued.

“That’s what makes me even angrier, Taetae.” Tiffany finally turned her head to Taeyeon. “You are very busy since morning, in addition your phone broke and I thought you forgot about our monthsary because I received no news from you in our supposedly breakfast routine. Then you also had this lunch meeting so we could not have lunch together. I finally managed to see you just now and you even refused to hold my hand.” Tiffany spilled out what she felt during their monthsary day. She was the type who always cherished special occasions like monthsary, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmasts, new years, et cetera.

“I just want to spend longer time with you on our monthsary, Taetae. Because it’s a special day for me, for us.” Tiffany sighed.

“I’m sorry.” Taeyeon looked down, feeling guilty for disappointing her girlfriend.

The elevator then dinged and the door slid open. Both girls walked hand in hand but Taeyeon still fixed her gaze to the floor, did not have any gut to look at her girlfriend.

“Stop saying sorry, and better makes it up. We only have six hours until our monthsary is over. The dinner offer is still on, right?”

Taeyeon immediately looked up and look at her girlfriend who already gave her a smile. “You’re no longer angry?” She was surprised.

“I don’t want to spend the rest of our monthsary by getting angry at my girlfriend.” Tiffany whispered. Making sure that people in the lobby could not her she called Taeyeon her girlfriend. “It would be a lie if I say that I was not angry at all. But, you will make it up, right?”

“Yes.” Taeyeon answered quickly, earning another chuckle from Tiffany. Tiffany really wanted to kiss Taeyeon’s cheek as she looked at how cute her girlfriend was. But she noticed there were many people in the lobby since it was time for them to go home. So she just happily swung their intertwined hands as they walked to the parking lot.

“Can you leave your car in the office?” Taeyeon suddenly asked when she noticed that they were nearing the parking lot.

“I still remember, a certain dwarf telling me to get a company car instead of transportation allowance so I can go home safely.” Tiffany answered teasingly.

“Yes, that certain dwarf said that. Unless…”


“Unless the same dwarf who told you to get a company car, asking you to have a sleepover in her place.” Taeyeon grinned and stopped her step since they were already in front of her car and she saw Tiffany’s car parked five rows apart from hers.

“What?” Tiffany was surprised. She did not see it coming. Usually, she was the one who always took initiative for dates, dinner, even kisses. But here she was, hearing Taeyeon asked her to have a sleepover.

“You don’t want to? I promise I won’t do anything ‘funny’. I swear. I just want to spend the rest of the day with you. That’s all.” Taeyeon quickly explained, afraid of being misunderstood by Tiffany.

Tiffany laughed hard hearing Taeyeon’s explanation. She did not even think about doing anything ‘funny’ as mentioned by Taeyeon. But her girlfriend definitely thought her hesitation was because she was afraid that they might do something more than kissing.

“I don’t bring any clothes, Taetae.” Tiffany reasoned.

“You can wear mine.”

“I don’t wear kid-size clothes for your information.”

“My clothes are not kid-size, Fany! It is not your first time having a sleepover in my apartment, though. I still remember which clothes I lent you when you first slept in my place.” Taeyeon protested making Tiffany laughed. As matter a fact, Tiffany still could remember clearly the day she broke up with Nick and she ended up sleeping in Taeyeon’s place. The next morning, when she did not have enough time to got back to her own place, Taeyeon lent her a pink blouse and a short span skirt to wear to the office.

“Kidding, baby.” Tiffany smiled as she stopped her mind to wander.


“Let’s just take your car then.”

“My Fany is the best!!!” Taeyeon squealed and immediately unlocked her car’s door, opening the passenger door to let Tiffany in before she entered the car.


Taeyeon and Tiffany finally arrived in front of Taeyeon’s apartment. Taeyeon unlocked the door and swiftly opened it with a wide grin on her face. Once she fully opened the door, and revealed what was inside, Tiffany immediately smiled, seeing a small banner written ‘Happy Monthsary, my Eye Smile girl!’ hung on the ceiling.

Taeyeon then dragged her inside and immediately closed the door. “Happy monthsary, cupcake!” Taeyeon said as she leaned forward to give a light kiss on Tiffany’s lips. Tiffany giggled at the simple gesture and landed another peck on Taeyeon’s lips.

“Happy monthsary to you to, baby.” She smiled and pulled away, staring at the banner once again. “How can you hang the banner?” She asked with a smirk. “I don’t think your height helps you on that.”

“You’re so mean, Fany.” Taeyeon pretended to sulk and gave her girlfriend her adorable puppy eyes.

“A lot of effort for that, I bet?” Tiffany continued teasing.

“The effort is nothing when it comes to you.”

“My cheesy baby.” Tiffany giggled and kissed Taeyeon’s nose. “Thank you, Taetae.”

“Now, please take your seat on the couch while I prepare for our dinner.”

Tiffany nodded then plopped herself on the couch, while Taeyeon put all her belongings on the couch and continued her way to the kitchen.

“I hope you like gourami.” Taeyeon half shouted from the kitchen.

“As long as it’s not alive and as long as you cut the head.” Tiffany answered as she fished out her phone from the handbag.

“Why is that?”

“I am afraid of fisheyes, Taetae.”

“Really?” Taeyeon sticked out her head from the kitchen.

“I swear.” Tiffany answered and soon heard a chuckle from the kitchen. “And don’t you dare to do any prank on me!” Tiffany warned her girlfriend as she turned her head to the kitchen, seeing her girlfriend grinning at her.

“Aye! Cupcake!” Taeyeon gave a salute gesture and continued her cooking.

Tiffany shook her head as she witnessed Taeyeon’s reaction. She then unlocked her phone and opened instagram app, checking on some comments she got from her latest post. She smiled as she read some comments on the picture of the cheesecake Taeyeon gave in the morning:

jessica.syj: CHEESY baby and SENSITIVE hwang

chrismatic_chris: new boyfriend, tiff?


hendraatmadja: woot! #brokenhearted

ro_me_o: #brokenhearted

jack_sparemesomefoods: #brokenhearted

chrismatic_chris: #brokenhearted

Tiffany laughed at the replies which mostly mentioned ‘#brokenhearted’. She then tapped on the comment section and started typing a reply.

hwangtiff: @jessica.syj @yuyulk you guys better shut up unless you want to receive a wrath from my ‘baby’ lol. @chrismatic_chris @hendraatmadja @ro_me_o @jack_sparemesomefoods #MyDeepCondolscences :p

She tapped on the ‘send’ button, waited the comment to be uploaded before she tapped the ‘explore’ tab and searched for one particular ID: ‘@taeyeon_ss’. She knew her girlfriend rarely posted anything on her instagram but she still checked it once in a while. She tapped the ID to load the profile, waited for a while until all the photos were loaded. Her eyes then stumbled upon a picture of a blue figurine of Happy Meals Monchhichi edition Taeyeon bought on their date in Dufan. She tapped on the picture and saw it was posted two days ago. She scrolled down to read the caption.

taeyeon_ss: If I am blue, you are my pink. If I am cold, you are my warmth. If I am insane, you are my sanity. If I am in love, are you my answer? #love

Tiffany could not hold her smile and screen-captured Taeyeon’s post before she scrolled down to look for some comments.

chrismatic_chris: the senior manager is in love??

taeyeon_ss: @chrismatic_chris maybe (?)

chrimatic_chris: but why is he pink and you’re blue?

taeyeon_ss: @chrismatic_chris it means that when I feel blue, this person knows how to bring out the love out of me. Love is pink right?

chrismatic_chris: hahaha. Never knew you can be like this, Taeyeon

taeyeon_ss: thx to my special someone 🙂

chrismatic_chris: he’s so lucky 😉

Tiffany screen-captured the comment section as well before typing a comment for the picture.

hwangtiff: when I read pink, I thought you were talking about me. But then you said you talked about love. Aw, my Taetae is in love. The person must be very lucky!

“Fany, do you want extra lalapan for our meals?” Taeyeon suddenly asked, half shouted, to make sure Tiffany heard her.

“Sounds good to me.” Tiffany replied right away as she put her phone on the couch. “Do you need my help, Taetae?”

“No, my cupcake can only enjoy the rest of the day.”

Tiffany giggled at her girlfriend’s reply. She loved her cheesy version of her girlfriend. No matter how clueless Taeyeon was when it comes to relationship, Taeyeon surely knew how to be a cheesy girlfriend. Tiffany needed to adapt herself hearing her all the sweet talks from her girlfriend.

“Please make sure you do not put sugar into your cooking, Tae.” Tiffany said as she made her way to the kitchen.

“Sugar?” Taeyeon focused on rinsing a bowl of vegetable for lalapan, not noticing that Tiffany already joined her in the kitchen. Tiffany smiled at her girlfriend petite figure and backhugged her. Taeyeon was shocked but when she smelled Tiffany’s strawberry fragrant, she relaxed and giggled, knowing her girlfriend was hugging her from the back. She then put the vegetable on the counter, and turned her body to face Tiffany, welcomed by a pair of crescent eyes.

“I don’t need sugar, Fany. You’re sweet enough for me.” She grinned at her girlfriend and soon received a kiss on her tip of nose.

“You and your sweet words.” Tiffany giggled.

“Only for my sweet girlfriend.”

“Oh, God. The cheesiness.” Tiffany laughed as she loosened the hug but did not pull away.

“Now, go back to your seat and sit like a princess.” Taeyeon tapped Tiffany’s cheek and turned around to continue washing the vegetable.

“No, I want to stay like this.” Tiffany said as she tightened her hug and put her chin on Taeyeon’s shoulder. “I missed you.” She mumbled.

Taeyeon let out a chuckle hearing Tiffany’s confession. “Really? You see me everyday in office. How can you miss me?” Taeyeon asked as she moved to the stove, making sure the gourami did not overcook.

“I can’t hug you like this in office. I missed your warmth.”

Taeyeon grabbed Tiffany’s arms, which snaked around her waist to loosen the hug and turned around one more time to cup her girfriend’s cheek. “I will hug you for the rest of the night, but I need to finish our dinner first, okay?”


Taeyeon nodded. “Now, let me finish my cook.” She requested and Tiffany complied, breaking their hug and went to the living room again, plopping herself on the couch and played with her phone.

After couple of minutes, Taeyeon got out from the kitchen, bringing a plate of deep fried headless gourami, and a plate of lalapan. She then got back to kitchen to bring two empty plates a bowl of rice, and a small plate of sambal. Tiffany then moved from the couch to the dining table, helping Taeyeon to arrange the table while Taeyeon got back to kitchen once again to bring out a bowl of sayur asem.

“Whoa my girlfriend makes me a proper home-cooked Indonesian food!” Tiffany squeaked once she saw all the meals served on the table.

“When is your last time eating home-cooked Indonesian food?” Taeyeon asked.

“Uhm, I can’t remember. It’s been a while. You know I can’t cook and I eat in café or restaurant most of the time.” Tiffany shrugged, as she sat on one of the dining chair.

“Oh, you should tell your girlfriend to cook for you more often, then. I heard she’s very good at cooking Indonesian food.” Taeyeon sat beside her girlfriend and took some rice on a plate and put the plate in front of Tiffany.

“My girlfriend is a very busy woman, for your information.”

Taeyeon frowned, hearing Tiffany’s answer. She felt bad when Tiffany mentioned that she was a very busy woman. She started to wonder whether she did not have enough time for her girlfriend. Her wandering mind soon interrupted with a soft pat on her cheek. She turned her head, seeing Tiffany smiled at her.

“Don’t frown, Taetae.”

“I am sorry, Fany.”

“What are you sorry for? For being a very busy woman?”


“Silly.” Tiffany giggled looking at her sulking girlfriend. “I didn’t mean to protest.”

“But you’re right. I am too busy to even properly celebrating our monthsary.”

“But you made it up. Look, you cooked for us! Can I ask for more?”

“You can actually.”

“Really? I can ask for something more?” Tiffany reconfirmed, answered with a nod from Taeyeon. “Then, can I ask you to spend the rest of our monthsary day without sulking?” Tiffany requested cheerily, as if she was not affected by Taeyeon’s sudden gloomy mood.

“That’s all?” Taeyeon was surprised by the simple request.

“That’s all.” Tiffany smiled once again and leaned forward, landing a peck on Taeyeon’s lips. “What matters for me is that now you’re here with me. It’s enough to show that you care about our relationship, Taetae.” She kept smiling.

Taeyeon smiled along, hearing Tiffany’s answer. “Why are you so sweet, Fany? Sometimes you make me feel like I am not worth enough for you.”

“Hey! I don’t want to hear that! I know how much my girlfriend worth for. I once peeked HR file to see your salary. And it’s a wow.” Tiffany joked to lighten up the mood.

“What? Did you see it?” Taeyeon was surprised, earning a laugh from Tiffany.

“Of course not, Taetae. I won’t dare to do that. Now, stop sulking, and let’s eat. I want a date with my girlfriend.” Tiffany patted Taeyeon’s cheek once again and started to browse through the food served on the table.

Taeyeon nodded and smiled. She still had this insecurity feeling about their relationship especially because Tiffany was being sweet and understanding most of the time. She usually felt that she was not a good girlfriend material for Tiffany. Taeyeon then scooped the rice for herself and invited Tiffany to start eating.

Tiffany took a piece of deep fried gourami and mixed it with sambal and soon gasped in surprise after tasting it. “Tae. It tastes like what made in restaurant!” She squealed and continued to take another piece. Taeyeon grinned, feeling relieved that her girlfriend like her cook.

“Seriously. It tastes really good.” Tiffany could not stop chewing.

“So, do you like it?” Taeyeon asked, as she also ate from her plate.

“I weally wike it!” Tiffany replied with the food in her mouth. Taeyeon laughed, looking at her girlfriend excitement.

“Anyway, Tae… Have you ever considered about having double date?” Tiffany suddenly asked a random question. Taeyeon choked at her sayur asem once she heard the question. Never in her mind having a thought of double date especially in their situation where the same sex relationship is not well accepted.

Do-double date?” Taeyeon put down her spoon and took a glass of water.

“Yes.” Tiffany answered casually while her hands could not stop taking more pieces of fried gourami.

“But, with whom?”

“Jess and Yuri.”

“What???” Taeyeon was shocked again. “Is it called a double date if the other couple is actually best friends?” Taeyeon did not understand why did her girlfriend even proposed to have a double date with Jessica and Yuri.

“They are one item actually.”


“Why are you keep asking ‘what’, Tae?” Tiffany chuckled. She took a spoon and started to dig her sayur asem.

“Seriously? Yuri and Jessica? One item? Like couple?” Taeyeon reconfirmed.

“They are. Wow this sayur asem tastes just right for my liking. You should give me the recipe.”

“I will give the recipe to you later but now tell me. Yuri and Jessica are couple? They are like us?”

“Yes, Taetae. Yes, yes, yes.”

“Why do you never tell me about this? I mean, first you did not tell me that you told them about us, and you also did not tell me that they are actually an item.” Taeyeon’s voice sounded serious and she frowned.

“Uhm… Does that matter to you?” Tiffany looked at Taeyeon questioningly.

“Why doesn’t it matter to me?” Taeyeon asked back.

“I don’t know. It’s just sometimes I am afraid to tell you about not so important stuffs. Even though you are my girlfriend, you still have this professional aura from your appearance. It makes me hesitant to talk about light topics. I don’t want to sound stupid in front of you.” Tiffany explained as she looked at Taeyeon’s questioning looks. Taeyon chuckled at the answer and patted her girlfriend’s thigh.

“Really Fany? I thought you know me better than anyone else.”

“I know you have the dorky and childish side also you can be super cheesy. But, still… I don’t want to sound stupid.”

“Do I not sound stupid every time I whine for some kisses on the car?” Taeyeon smiled. “Did I not sound stupid when I told you that I did not know how to use tongue when we first kissed?” She blushed remembering her first kiss experience with Tiffany. Tiffany could not help to laugh as Taeyeon mentioned about the kiss.

“I won’t judge you, Fany. You can sound as stupid as you can but I will still like you.” Taeyeon patted Tiffany’s thigh once again and gave reassuring smile.

“It’s weird, Taetae. I don’t care about what other people think of me. But when it comes to you, it really matters. I want you to see me as someone who’s good enough for you.”

“Aw, my Fany…” Taeyeon leaned forward and pecked Tiffany’s cheek. “You’re just too good already. Nothing to worry about.” She landed another peck.

“We’re pretty much different, right? You worry much about what I think about you and do not mind about others’ while I care too much about other people’s opinion but I can be at ease when it comes to you.” Taeyeon continued.

“And why is that?” Tiffany was curious. She never realized about this. But since Taeyeon brought this up, she just noticed that what Taeyeon said was true.

“Because no matter how silly, clueless, stupid, whiny, childish I can be, I believe you will understand.” Taeyeon smiled.

“Awww Taetae….” Tiffany beamed her eye smile.

“I will consider about the double date you proposed earlier but now, shall we finish our dinner?” Taeyeon asked as she took her spoon again and continued eating.

“If you’re talking like that you sound like my scary boss, Kim Taeyeon.” Tiffany laughed as she also resumed eating the special dinner Taeyeon had made for her.


“Fany! Why are you taking your bra off?” Taeyeon covered her eyes with her hands as Tiffany unclasped her bra and put it in her handbag before wearing the pajamas’ top again. They had finished their dinner. Both girls already took the shower, changing into pajamas, and ready to sleep. As Taeyeon requested, Tiffany had sleepover in Taeyeon’s place and Taeyeon lent her the pajamas for sleeping. They already on the bed, resting their backs on the bedpost, having a light talk when Tiffany suddenly straightened her position, taking off her pajamas’ top and unclasped her bra.

“How can you sleep with your bra on?” Tiffany answered nonchalantly as she put her pajamas’ top on.

“I do not sleep with my bra if I am alone. Have you done wearing your top?” Taeyeon answered still with her hands covering her eyes.

“Done!” Tiffany answered as she buttoned the pajamas’ top.

“Don’t do that again, Fany. At least go to bathroom if you are taking off your bra.” Taeyeon uncovered her eyes and revealing her obviously blushing face.

“Why? You’re my girlfriend you’re going to see me naked sooner or later.” Tiffany teased Taeyeon.

“Fany… Don’t.” Taeyeon’s face got even redder listening to Tiffany’s tease.

“Don’t what, Tae?” Tiffany continued with a smirk.

“Don’t tease me.” Taeyeon mumbled as she covered her face again, trying to hide her embarrassment. Tiffany finally let out a laugh at how Taeyeon responded to her tease.

“Let’s sleep Taetae.” Tiffany slid herself down, laying on the bed and Taeyeon followed along. “You promised me to hug me for the rest of the night.” Tiffany said as she laid on her right to face Taeyeon. Taeyeon smiled, stretching her left hand and gestured Tiffany to put her head on her arm. Once Tiffany put her head on Taeyeon’s arm, Taeyeon wrapped her other arm on Tiffany’s waist and pulled her girlfriend closer.

“I like this.” Tiffany mumbled as she snuggled closer to Taeyeon’s crook of neck. Taeyeon closed her eyes alredy and only hummed in response. Tiffany then sneaked her left arm to Taeyeon’s waist to hug back her girlfriend. “You smell really nice, Taetae.”

“I am.” Taeyeon chuckled.

“It makes me want to eat you.”

“What???” Taeyeon opened her eyes widely.

“Hahahaha. I am kidding, Taetae.”

“Fany… I want to ask you something.” Taeyeon suddenly asked in a serious tone.

“What is it?”

“About Yuri and Jessica… Now that you mentioned that they are a couple, I just noticed that they actually holding hands most of the time, act lovey dovey, all those skinships, and I sometimes catch Jessica kisses Yuri’s cheek.” Taeyeon spoke as she stroke Tiffany’s back.

“And the question is?” Tiffany asked.

“Why didn’t I notice that they are an item?”

Tiffany chuckled at her girlfriend question. “Because girls do that all the time with their best friend. I always kiss Jessica’s cheek every time we are about to part, don’t you notice?”

“Yes, I do. And sometimes I feel a bit jealous.” Taeyeon mumbled, half hoping that Tiffany could not hear her sentence properly.

“That’s just a friendly kiss, Tae. Most girls do that.”

Taeyeon hummed at the answer and kiss Tiffany’s forehead, earning a giggle from her girlfriend. “What’s that kiss for, Taetae?”

“I just want to kiss my girlfriend.” Taeyeon answered and continued stroking Tiffany’s back while Tiffany closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth given by Taeyeon’s body.

“Fany…” Taeyeon called her girlfriend again.

“Yes, Taetae?” Tiffany started to feel sleepy especially with Taeyeon’s hand that did not stop soothing her back.

“I’ve been silly all these time. Holding hands, skinships, being clingy… I think it’s fine to do in office. Yuri and Jessica do that all the time and no one got suspicious.”

Tiffany smiled, knowing where this conversation was going.

“You always want to do that, right?”

Tiffany nodded without opening her eyes.

“I think there is no reason why should I be overly insecure all of these time.” Taeyeon continued.

“So, is it okay to hold hands in office?” Tiffany asked, opening her eyes and looked at her girlfriend’s face.

“It’s okay.” Taeyeon smiled.

“Is it okay to act all clingy to you in office?”

“It’s okay.”

“is it okay to kiss you on the cheek once in a while in office?”

“Ummm… Jess and Yuri do that, so I guess it’s okay.”

“On the lips?” Tiffany smirked.

“No!” Taeyeon immediately answered.

Tiffany giggled. Since I can’t kiss your lips in the office, now give me a proper goodnight kiss, Taetae.” Tiffany jutted her lips. Taeyeon smiled and landed a sweet kiss on Tiffany’s lips. Their kiss soon got heated when Taeyeon slid her tongue to Tiffany’s mouth. Tiffany responded and lead the fight in their mouth. Taeyeon continued roaming Tiffany’s mouth with her tongue when suddenly Tiffany pulled away.

“Enough, Tae.” Tiffany panted hard and her face was all red. She usually had a good control of herself every time they kissed in the car but since they were on the bed and she did not wear any bra, somehow she was afraid that she would lose control.

“Why?” Taeyeon asked innocently.

“I am afraid to lose control.” Tiffany answered honestly but she could not hide her flushing face. Taeyeon’s face also got red when she heard Tiffany’s reply but then she chuckled.

“So, only a sweet goodnight kisses?” Taeyeon asked.

“A sweet one, please.” Tiffany blushed.

Taeyeon captured Tiffany’s lips once again and kissed it gently and sweet. “Goodnight, cupcake.” She said as she broke the kiss.

“Goodnight to you too, Baby.”

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