Catch Me When I Fall (010)

[H] CMWIF 002

Silent Taeyeon

It was Monday afternoon in the office. Tiffany and Jessica were in the middle of working with their own laptops after having a weekly meeting with Taeyeon when suddenly a notification popped up on their screen, showing an incoming email from their boss. It was an email from Taeyeon, asking that they need to travel to Lombok for a business matter.

Dear Team,

As our discussion in our meeting earlier today, we need to conduct a market visit to Lombok since the selling out in the area was dropped compared to last year. We initiated to go there at the end of the month but based on the discussion I had with BOD, they expected us to come up with a solution on next Monday meeting. We need to go to Lombok within this week. Please proceed to submit your travel request by system so I can immediately approve it. We will leave on Wednesday using first flight at 05:50 and get back to Jakarta on Thursday with last flight at 19:40. My assistant will arrange all of our accommodation and transportation once you get the approval from me. Therefore, I suggest you to submit your travel request by today before 15:00.

The participants I need to join for market visit are:

  1. Jessica Jung
  2. Tiffany Hwang
  3. Hendra Atmadja
  4. Claudia Tambunan
  5. Romeo Kurniawan

Please notice me in advance if you are unavailable for the market visit, so I can assign you into other task in support for this market visit.

I am waiting for your feedback and travel request submission.

Thanks and Regards,


Tiffany looked at Jessica after reading the email. “Are we leaving this Wednesday?” She asked her senior.

“Apparently yes. Taeyeon is a very well planed person. She never gives last minute request unless it’s urgent,” Jessica replied without even moving her stare from the laptop. “You better submit your travel plan now, Tiff. The faster the better,” She continued.

Tiffany immediately opened the company intranet system and logged in to the employee travel plan system, filling the form entirely but stopped when she needed to fill in the date to go back to Jakarta. She suddenly had this idea in her mind. It had been her third month together with Taeyeon and besides the changes in Taeyeon’s attitude who now let Tiffany held her hands, did not protest when Tiffany was all clingy towards her, and allowed Tiffany to kiss her cheek once in a while in public, the dates they had were only consist of dinners and breakfast routines, having sleepover or watching movies once in a while. They never got a chance to go on a holiday because Taeyeon was always too busy with her works.

It had always been like this Tiffany hardly got her requests fulfilled by Taeyeon because Taeyeon needed to do something work-related. When Tiffany asked Taeyeon to had a sleepover after the latter’s business trip for a full-week, instead of having conversation with each other, Taeyeon opened her laptop to do some reports instead. When Tiffany asked for a date to Thousands Islands, which only one hour away from Jakarta, only for their weekend getaway, Taeyeon declined because she needed to make a presentation. There were so many occasions she wished to do with Taeyeon but Taeyeon’s works always were in their way and it always lead them into huge arguments. Within these three months, Tiffany had lost count how many fight they had.

Tiffany took her phone and searched a certain contact she saved as ‘MINE’ in her phone. She knew Taeyeon would be in her professional mode at the time but she wanted to push her luck. After a couple of ring, she finally heard an answer from across the line.

“Yes Fany?” Taeyeon’s voice sounded so professional.

“Tae, are you busy?”

“Kind of. You know my workload anyway.” Taeyeon chuckled lightly definitely did not feel bother by Tiffany’s call. “What is it, Fany?”

Getting the hint, Tiffany then asked this one question she wanted to ask to Taeyeon. “Tae, about our business trip to Lombok, is it possible for me to take leave on Friday. I plan to extend my stay in Lombok and will be back to Jakarta on Sunday.”

“Sure you can, as long as we can finish all the reports needed to BOD on Thursday. Just submit your leave request on the system and I will approve it.” Taeyeon answered.

“Thank you, Tae. And can I ask one more thing?” Tiffany bit her lips, starting to feel uncertain whether she should ask Taeyeon about the next question or not.

“Sure. What is it?”

“Can you also take a leave and stay in Lombok with me? We never had holiday together.”

Silence replied Tiffany’s question. Tiffany could picture her girlfriend frowned upon her question and hesitated to agree on the request because she might have something to do on Friday, be it meeting with BOD, or other important meetings to attend.

“I can’t promise you now. But I will let you know soon.” Taeyeon replied, still with the same tone.

Tiffany sighed hearing the answer. She supposedly knew already what the answer would be but she could not deny but to hope that her girlfriend would say yes to her invitation.

“Okay then. Thanks for your advance approval for my leave, Tae.” Tiffany soon ended the line, letting out a heavy breath.

“Someone is getting rejection.” Jessica’s voice rang annoyingly in Tiffany’s ears making Tiffany looked up to find her senior still had her gaze to the laptop’s screen.

“Jessi, not funny, you know!” Tiffany whined.

“Did you notice that you just asked the obvious to your Taetae? She never takes any leave ever since I join this company. She’s a super-career-woman.” Jessica said nonchalantly as her fingers kept typing on the keyboard.

“At least I tried.” Tiffany frowned and continued filling the travel plan form. She sticked with her plan to stay in Lombok until Sunday, secretly wished Taeyeon would change her mind later. After finishing her travel plan submission, she then proceeded to submit her leave request using a different system in the company’s intranet network. She was in the middle of filling the leave request form when she heard Jessica’s voice again.

Seobang, take one day leave on Friday, okay?”

Tiffany raised her head to take a glance at Jessica who was speaking through her phone, obviously making a call to Yuri.

“I’m going to Lombok this Wednesday to have a market visit with Taeyeon and team. I am supposed to be back to Jakarta on Thursday but Tiffany just inspired me to take one day leave on Friday and extend my stay there until Sunday.” Jessica explained to Yuri.

Tiffany only rolled her eyes in annoyance, hearing Jessica would also take a leave and extend her stay in Lombok. In addition, her senior was asking Yuri to take a leave as well and that meant both girls would have their lovey dovey moment in those lovely beaches in Lombok while Tiffany would be all alone if Taeyeon decided not to agree on her request before. The eye smile girl silently prayed to God that Yuri would say no to Jessica’s request. But since it was almost impossible, she changed her wish so that Yuri would not get approval for her leave request.

“What really?!!” Jessica gasped at her phone call. Tiffany got her hopes high, thinking that Yuri might not make it.

“That’s perfect! You better book your flight immediately while I book the hotel for us.” Jessica continued. “OK, Seobang. Love you too.” She ended the call.

“How could you do that to me, Jess?” Tiffany sulked; noticing that Yuri agreed to the idea, leaving the fact that Jessica and Yuri would have their holiday together in Lombok.

“Do what?” Jessica asked back while continued working with her laptop.

“Stealing my idea and asked your girlfriend to have a holiday while I, the idea inventor can’t even have my own girlfriend to spend the holiday with me.” Tiffany grunted as she continued filling the form. “You’re so lucky Yuri is not a workaholic.”

“You can join us if Taeyeon can’t make it.”

“And witnessing you guys being love birds? No, thank you,” Tiffany snorted, definitely unhappy. Jessica only chuckled at her junior crankiness.


“Taetae, will you take one day leave on Friday?” Tiffany brought up the topic again to Taeyeon when they had dinner in Aunt Christine’s.

“I would if I could, Fany. It all depends on the result of our market visit. I need to be the one who responsible about that,” Taeyeon replied as she chewed her carbonara.

“The BOD expected you to present on Monday and all I asked is you to take a leave on Friday,” Tiffany could not accept the excuse.

“And do you think I don’t need time to analyse the data, thinking about the activation we should do, making the presentation slide show, and sending them reports?” Taeyeon stopped eating, looking at her girlfriend. The blonde started to get annoyed with the constant nagging from Tiffany. The latter asked her when they had lunch, she asked again via LINE app, popped up the question when she waited for Taeyeon to finish working, repeated it when they were on their way to Aunt Christine’s and she asked the same question again in the middle of their dinner.

“Why can’t you stop being a working machine for a while?” Tiffany snapped.

Taeyeon took a deep breath, trying not to yell at her girlfriend. It was not their first time having this kind of argument. Every time Tiffany was in her demanding mode, she would keep repeating her request until she got a ‘yes’ as an answer. She would also snap some unkind words to Taeyeon, like what she just uttered: ‘working machine’.

“Fany…” Taeyeon tried to compose herself. “You’re being too demanding recently.” As matter a fact, Tiffany was indeed being too demanding in the past few weeks. She asked Taeyeon to have sleepover every weekend, Tiffany also got angry easily at Taeyeon if the latter could not make it into their breakfast routine and lunch, their dinner usually ended up with Tiffany whining for more extra hour until almost midnight, and Taeyeon tried to fulfill them all, yet still got the whiny Tiffany at the end of the day.

“Is wanting a holiday with my girlfriend is too demanding? We’ve been together for three months already. Do you notice that our dates only consist of breakfast, dinner, watching movies, and sleepover?” Tiffany spoke a bit too loud making a group of boys in the table beside them turned their head to them.

Taeyeon put down her fork and raked her blonde hair in desperation. It was just too much for today. She hated it when Tiffany started to speak too loud causing attentions drew at them. Eventhough Taeyeon had a good grip of her emotion, she also had her limit and Tiffany always knew how to push her to the limit.

“Don’t start the fight again, Fany,” Taeyeon looked at Tiffany pleadedly, hoping her girlfriend would stop the unnecessary fight that was about the start.

“Why? Because you know you are at wrong?”

“Why am I at wrong? I just do my responsibility as an employee.”

“And you can’t do your task as a girlfriend?” Tiffany spoke too loud again, and the boys besides them started to murmured something. Taeyeon could hear some of their words like: ‘I think they are couple.’, ‘are they gay?’, ‘the dark-haired one mentioned the blonde as girlfriend’. Taeyeon shook her head hopelessly. Tiffany would not stop talking if Taeyeon had not granted her wish. The shorter girl finally decided that she needed a fresh air for a moment before she would explode.

“I need a fresh air.” Taeyeon told Tiffany and did not wait for a reply to stand up from her seat and made her way out of the café.

I am not finished talking, Kim Taeyeon!” Tiffany called out in English, signing that she was actually angry. Taeyeon did not spare a glance towards her girlfriend as she kept walking until she reached the front door. Getting more irritated because Taeyeon no longer listened to her, Tiffany abruptly stood up and walked towards Taeyeon who already had her hands on the doorknob.

“Don’t you dare to walk out of this place!” Tiffany yelled, earning attentions from all the customers in the café. Taeyeon stopped her movement and glared at Tiffany angrily but soon proceeded to walk out, closing the door behind her back and continued her way to the parking lot, leaving Tiffany in the café alone. She could not take anymore of it today.

Taeyeon leaned her back on her car, trying to calm herself down, while staring at the café’s door. She planned to get in to her car if she saw Tiffany got out from the door. Luckily, Tiffany did not seem to get out anytime soon. She let out a heavy sigh. She actually hated the fact that Tiffany was being overly demanding lately. It was not because she did not want fulfill all her girlfriend’s wishes but all the naggings and whines she needed to receive somehow started to irritate her. For today’s case for instance, Tiffany had asked her five times already whether Taeyeon would take a leave or not. As matter a fact, at first she was reluctant to grand Tiffany’s request for taking a leave and extend her stay with Tiffany because she was afraid that they would draw suspicions from their colleague. But then, she brushed the thought away by thinking that it might only considered a friendly trip between two friends. Taeyeon then proposed her leave to the BOD but they had not approved it yet and told the latter that the approval would soon be given if the report she would give on Thursday pleased them. Maybe she was at wrong because she did not tell everything to Tiffany, but being diplomatic as she usually was, she had this habit in not blaming other party in her talks. She looked away to the busy road across the café and noticed a small kiosk nearby and walked towards it.


“Kim Taeyeon!” Tiffany was already beside Taeyeon. Her eyes were wide opened and her jaw dropped seeing what her girlfriend did at the moment. She finally got out from the café, already bringing her handbag to look for her girlfriend. But the sight she found was something she did not believe to see: Taeyeon leaned back on her car looking down at a certain white stick in between her index and middle finger. The blonde then lifted her hand to her mouth, sucking the end of the stick before slowly exhaling smoky breath to the surrounding air.

Taeyeon immediately threw the stick away as Tiffany’s voice startled her.

“You…” Tiffany could not finish her sentence. She never knew that her girlfriend smoked.

“What?” Taeyeon tried to look calm, while inside; she cursed herself for doing what she just did a moment ago.

“You smoke?” Tiffany finally asked. Disappointment could be heard from her voice.

“So what?”

“Why do you smoke?!”

“Because I need to.”

“Since when smoking is a need???”

Taeyeon did not answer but shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly as if she did nothing wrong. She knew her girlfriend was really angry at the moment, the fact that Tiffany was already mad at her from the previous reason, added with the fact that she was cought smoking would definitely make her girlfriend even angrier.

“What’s the matter with you?” Tiffany yelled.

“Ask the question to yourself.” Taeyeon calmly replied. “I don’t want to fight in public. If you need to yell on my face, we better look for some private place.”

“For God’s sake, I don’t care, Taeyeon!!”

“But I do care!” Taeyeon started yelling, she lost her patience already. She fished out her car keys, pressing the remote to open the door. “Come in.” She said as she opened the car on driver’s side and let herself in, continued by igniting the engine and turned the air conditioning on. She got a feeling that the argument would be long enough. Tiffany followed not long after, sitting on the passenger front seat.

“What did you just do, Taeyeon?” Tiffany snapped once she got in the car and closed the door. Taeyeon immediately closed her own door, making sure that no one would be able to hear their arguments.

“You know what I just did.”

“Why did you smoke? How long have it been?! I can’t believe you!” Tiffany started to yell at the short blonde beside her.

“I stopped years ago.” Taeyeon gritted her teeth. She hated the accusation given by Tiffany.

“Ah, did I travel back time, then? Because I just saw you smoke!”

“Why are you being sarcastic?”

“Why did you smoke?”

“Because you made me!” Taeyeon finally yelled at Tiffany, she completele lost to her anger.

“What do you mean with that?” Tiffany was taken aback, hearing Taeyeon mentioned her as the cause.

Taeyeon cupped her face with her palms, letting out a desperate growl. “Why are you being very demanding, Tiffany?”

“Ah, so now it’s no longer Fany?” Tiffany noticed the way Taeyeon called her name.

“So, what? You called me Taeyeon instead of Taetae every time we fight, and I do not protest. Why do you always make small stuffs matter?”

“Ask the question to yourself first! Having a holiday is just a small stuff, but you exaggerated it as if your world would collapse if you can’t finish your work once!”

“Why can’t you understand my position?!” Taeyeon glared at her girlfriend angrily.

“Which part should I understand? We’ve been in this relationship for three months and your job always meddles in between us!” Tiffany nearly screamed

“I can’t understand you!” Taeyeon raised her voice at the same level as Tiffany’s.

“Oh my God, what kind of girlfriend you are? You can’t even understand me, your own girlfriend???” Tiffany snorted sarcastically.

“Oh, right! I am not good enough to be your girlfriend! Are you now regretting your choice?” Taeyeon snapped.

Tiffany was about to reply but soon stopped when she noticed what Taeyeon just said. “Regretting my choice?”

“Yes, regretting your choice to make me your girlfriend.”

“Tae?” Tiffany’s eyes opened wide. She could not believe what she heard.

“I am not a good girlfriend for you, right?” Taeyeon’s voice wavered as she asked the question. The mix of anger, disappointment, and sadness were heard from her voice alone.

“Tae!” Tiffany could sense where Taeyeon would lead their fight.

“Maybe I’m not the right person for you.” Taeyeon said in desperation; her eyes were now glistened with tears.

“Tae?” Tiffany was surprised with this side of Taeyeon in front of her. Her usually charming girlfriend now looked so defenceless. All her rage from their fight slowly subsided as it changed into guilt for making her girlfriend like this.

“Tell me, Fany…” Taeyeon continued to speak even when her voice was cracking. She gulped a lump on her throat before continuing, “Tell me, am I not the right person for you?”

Tiffany’s heart ached as she saw Taeyeon who hardly hold herself not to cry. Tiffany stretched her hands to reached Taeyeon’s, held it gently, and pulled it before putting it on her lap. “Taetae…” She called out softly. Tiffany never meant to make her girlfriend in this state.

Taeyeon did not reply. She fixed her eyes on her own thighs, did not want to make any eye contact with her girlfriend.

“Taetae…” Tiffany called out once again but Taeyeon kept her head hung low, with her shoulder slightly trembled. Tiffany knew what was happening at the moment and released Taeyeon’s hands to cup her girlfriend’s face, pulled it forcefully making Taeyeon faced her, showing her wet cheeks.

“Taetae?” It was Tiffany’s first time seeing Taeyeon cried. Their previous fights never made the blonde girl in beside her shed a tear. “I-I’m…” Tiffany did not know what to say at the moment. She was too shocked seeing her girlfriend cried for the first time and it was because of her.

“Tell me Fany… am I not the right person for you?” Taeyeon repeated her previous sentence. “You keep saying that I am too occupied with my works, my works keep meddle in between our relationship, you also mentioned that I am a working machine,” Taeyeon chuckled bitterly. “You deserve someone who is not a working machine.”

All the anger inside Tiffany’s chest was swept away by Taeyeon’s words. All the angers had been replaced by the sense of guilt.

“Tae, I… Why are you being like this?” Tiffany could not hide her worry seeing her girlfriend cried.

“You know I’m not used to this. My life has been about works. I tried, Fany…” Taeyeon took a deep breath before continuing, “I tried to adjust with everything. Putting you as my priority. But it’s never enough for you.”


“I try to fulfill everything you asked, but I am not a genie, Fany,” Taeyeon took Tiffany’s hands that cupped her cheeks, putting them on Tiffany’s laps. “I know you also try hard, you bear with my childish behavior, you are very patient as well, but can’t you be a bit less demanding?” Taeyeon pleaded.

“Am I that demanding?” Tiffany was surprised with the sudden request from her girlfriend. Taeyeon nodded in answer.

“But maybe, it’s just me. I mean, maybe this is normal for most people in relationship. But, not for me. You know, I… Sigh… You know how bad I am when it comes to relationship,” Taeyeon let out a heavy sigh, “I am not good enough for you…”

“Stop saying that, please.”

“That’s the truth.”

“No, it’s not,” Tiffany sighed in guilt and cupped Taeyeon’s wet cheek, “I am sorry, Taetae…”

Taeyeon kept silent and grabbed Tiffany’s hands, which cupped her face and put it on Tiffany’s lap. She then leaned her back to the car seat and closed her eyes, trying to calm herself down. Her meeting with the BOD earlier today was one of the toughest meetings she had ever had. And Tiffany’s naggings did not help at all; in addition, this unexpected fight also drained her energy. The only thing she wanted was for her girlfriend to understand her situation, instead of adding another stress to her.

“Taetae, I am sorry,” Tiffany repeated her apology, but only answered with a sigh from Taeyeon, “Did something happen in your meeting with BOD?”

Taeyeon shrugged her shoulders to answer Tiffany’s question. She did not even want to talk at the moment, feeling exhausted by the stress and emotion.

“I’ve never seen you like this before. I am sorry if you have a bad day and I am being demanding while you need me to comfort you. But you can at least tell me, Taetae. How many times should I tell you to tell me anything bothering your mind?” Tiffany leaned her back to the seat as well, staring at the parking lot from the front window.

Taeyeon said nothing but covered her face with her palms.

“I guess you don’t want to talk to me again as usual,” Tiffany sighed, “Why do you always be like this? Keeping everything by yourself, then it leads us to a fight, and ends with you ignoring all of my questions.”

Taeyeon uncovered her face and took a glance at Tiffany who frowned while staring at empty spaces in front of her.

“I know you won’t talk to me anytime sooner tonight and keep talking to you like now is no use,” Tiffany straightened her back and turned her body to face Taeyeon, “I am sorry, Taetae. I really am. Just don’t be angry too long, okay?”

Taeyeon nodded without looking at Tiffany. Tiffany let out another sigh and leaned forward to give a light peck on Taeyeon’s cheek.

“I am going home now. Drive safe, okay?”

Taeyeon gave another nod to answer. Tiffany frowned at the way Taeyeon reacted and got out of Taeyeon’s car. She fished out her own company’s car keys from her bag and walked couple meters away to where she parked her car before unlocked it, got in, and drove herself home, leaving Taeyeon alone in her own car.


Taeyeon did not talk to Tiffany for the rest of the day and on the next day except for some work related conversation. Taeyeon also did not show up in the coffee shop to have her breakfast in the morning. It intrigued Tiffany so she tried to send messages to Taeyeon but only got short replied from the girl. When it finally lunchtime, Tiffany tried to come to Taeyeon’s room only to find the room was empty already. She then unlocked her phone to text Taeyeon.

Fany: Taetae, are you still mad at me?

MINE: I don’t know.

Fany: Lunch together?

MINE: I got a lunch meeting now.

Fany: OK, then. I miss you.


Tiffany closed the app and locked her phone. She let out a huff knowing that Taeyeon was obviously lied to her. The latter never replied any messages or even looked at her phone in the middle of meeting. Having Taeyeon replied her message saying that she had a meeting was totally a lie. She walked out from Taeyeon’s room dejectedly. She kept her gaze to the floor while walking to the elevator when she accidentally bumped into someone.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Tiffany immediately apologized for her carelessness.

“It’s okay,” The person answered.

Tiffany looked up and meet Yuri’s face grinning at her but soon then turned into a frown.

“What’s with the gloomy mood, Tiff?” Yuri asked worriedly.

“Nothing,” Tiffany tried to smile but her smile did not even reach her eyes.

“Don’t lie. You look sad. Cheer up! You’re gonna have a business trip to Lombok!”

“And don’t remind me of that,” Tiffany frowned at hearing her business trip. Now that she was in a fight with Taeyeon, it was impossible for her to have a lovey dovey moment with her girlfriend in Lombok.

“So, something really happened? What’s wrong? Is it about Taeyeon?”

Tiffany widened her eyes at the mention of her girlfriend’s name and looked around to make sure no one was around. She then looked at Yuri again and nodded.

“Do you guys fight again?”

A sigh from Tiffany was enough to anwer Yuri’s question. Yuri only looked at the girl in front of her and pat her shoulder, “Let’s talk while having our lunch,” Yuri said at the moment the elevator dinged and slid opened in front of them and making their way inside.

Tiffany stayed quiet on their way to the Japanese restaurant in the fourth building and only said a word when she mentioned her order to the waiter once they arrived at the restaurant.

“Now, mind to tell me what’s wrong?”

“We fought,” Tiffany answered and let out a sigh, “My fault though.”

“Is it because of the business trip?”

Tiffany looked at her friend for a moment and nodded, “It is. I envy Jessi anyway.”

“Uh? Why?”

“I was in the room with Jessi when she called you yesterday. She asked you to take one day leave on Friday, right? It was my idea actually. Before she called you, I called Taeyeon, asking her to take one day leave.”

“And she said no?”

“She said she would check the possibility. She needs to do the reports requested by the BOD anyway.”

“And then?”

“I kept asking her about it couples of times yesterday and she kept saying that she still wasn’t sure.”


“And I snapped at her. I even called her working machine,” Tiffany sighed for the umpteenth time already.

“That’s harsh,” Yuri finally commented.

“I know. But the fact that you could easily agreed on Jessica’s idea while my girlfriend seemed to care a lot more about her job made me angry back then,” Tiffany reasoned.

“Do you even know why I easily agreed on her request?” Yuri asked.

“No, all I heard was she squealed ‘really??’ and I got annoyed just by hearing that.”

Yuri shook her head and opened her mouth to explain but soon halted when she noticed a waiter came to their table to deliver their order. After the waiter left the, she continued, “I take leave on Thursday and Friday already even before she called. My family from Korea came to Lombok and I wanted to visit them. The will leave Lombok on Saturday. That’s what I told her.”

Tiffany frowned hearing Yuri’s explanation, she felt even guiltier to Taeyeon at the moment.

“If she randomly called me, asking to take a leave like that, I might answered like Taeyeon. I needed to make sure that Taeyeon would approve my leave, right?”

Tiffany nodded while fixing her gaze to the plate of sushi on the table. She felt bad already and hearing Yuri’s explanation only made her feel worse. She then heard a chuckle from across the table and looked up to see Yuri grinned at her.

“Serioiusly, how old are you, Tiff? You act like a lovesick teenager, you know? Being all sensitive to Taeyeon,” Yuri asked.

“She told me the same thing. She kept calling me lovesick teenager.”

“Because you act like one. How many fight do you guys have already this month? Ten? Eleven? And they’re all because you keep nagging Taeyeon to fulfill your wants.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Come on, getting angry because your girlfriend can’t say yes to your wishes? It even sounds like a kid who can’t get a candy from her parents,” Yuri teased Tiffany to ease the atmosphere.

“Shut up, Yuri.”

“You know I’m right.”

“You are,” Tiffany smiled, “Should I try to apologize to her again. I have apologized yesterday but she did not even want to listen to me.”

“Just do whatever you think the right thing to do. You’re not a baby, Tiff.”

“OK then, thanks Yul.”

“No problem, now let’s eat!” Yuri took the chopstick and started digging at her ramen.

Tiffany smiled, feeling a bit lighter in her heart.

“Where is Jessica anyway?”



“Lunch with Taeyeon.”

“What? Why?”

“Maybe we should switch our girlfriends?” Yuri answered playfully.

“No, thank you.” Tiffany grimaced hearing the reply and earned a hearty laugh from Yuri.

“You’ll find out later, now eat!” Yuri pointed her chopstick to Tiffany’s sushi, gesturing the latter to start eating earning a smile from her friend and they continued their lunch.


Taeyeon heard the knocks on her door and stopped her fingers, which were typing for an email reply, “Come in,” She finally said.

The door slowly opened and Tiffany’s head peeked over the small crack from the opened door. Taeyeon smiled at the sight.

“Hi,” Tiffany greeted in uncertainty.

“Hi to you too,” Taeyeon’s smile never left her face, “Come in, Fany.”

Tiffany opened the door wider and stepped into the room, and then closed the door behind her. She already brought her handbag and her laptop bag with her, signing that she was ready to go home.

“Will there be any dinner tonight?” She asked as she stared at Taeyeon hesitately.

“Sorry, but no, there will be no dinner for today,” Taeyeon answered, continuing her works which were stopped for a moment.

“Uhmm,” Tiffany fidgeted while standing awkwardly in front of Taeyeon’s table, was not sure about what to say next.

Taeyeon looked up, finding the awkward woman in front of her fidgeting while fixing her gaze to the floor, seemed uncertainty about what to do.

“You know you can take a seat on the couch, Fany,” Taeyeon stared at her laptop again.

“Okay,” Tiffany answered with faint voice while moving to the couch in Taeyeon’s office.

The room was very quiet, only filled with some click sounds from Taeyeon’s fingers which typing on her laptop’s keyboard. None of them started a conversation and it made Tiffany felt uncomfortable. She took a glance at her girlfriend who was seriously staring at her laptop screen. She sighed, noticing that Taeyeon’s charm was always the best when she was working. She kept staring at her girlfriend and immediately shifting her gaze to her lap when Taeyeon stared back at her. She then heard a click and some rustling movements from Taeyeon’s desk but she did not dare to look up until she felt the couch beside her dipped in, signing a person sat beside her. She turned her head and saw Taeyeon smiled at her.

“Why are you being all awkward with me?” Taeyeon asked, still smiling.

“Because you haven’t forgiven me,” Tiffany frowned.

Taeyeon leaned forward and kissed Tiffany’s right cheek, “I am sorry,” She said.

Tiffany was surprised with Taeyeon’s words. She did not expect the kiss nor Taeyeon apologizing at her because she was here to apologize to her girlfriend.

“Am I forgiven?” Taeyeon asked after pulled back.

“No, I am sorry.”

“I am not forgiven?” Taeyeon’s eyes widened at the response.

“No, I mean, yes… I mean…” Tiffany inhaled to calm herself, “I should be the one who apologize, Taetae. I should have not behaved selfishly yesterday,” She sighed and put her gaze on her lap again.

“Apology accepted,” Taeyeon smiled and leaned forward again to peck Tiffany’s left cheek, “Now, am I forgiven? I am sorry for acting childish, even smoked in front of you.”

Tiffany looked up and saw Taeyeon still smiled at her.

“You don’t have to apologize. It’s my fault anyway.”

“It takes more than one person to get on fight, right? I was at fault too.”

“But you wouldn’t act like yesterday if I did not nag you all day.”

“And we would not fight if I did not walk out of the café. And smoke in the parking lot like a hobo,” Taeyeon joked.

Tiffany cracked a smile at the joke.

“Finally you smile,” Taeyeon exhaled in relief, earning a chuckle from Tiffany, “Does that mean I am forgiven?”

“I told you many times that I don’t wanna stay mad at you for too long, especially when I was mostly at fault.”

“So, please stop being all awkward in front of me?”

Tiffany reached forward to hug Taeyeon and nuzzled her nose to the latter’s neck, “I missed you.”

Taeyeon chuckled hearing Tiffany’s answer and hugged back her girlfriend, “You often say that. We met yesterday, you know?”

“But I miss you still. It’s weird not to have you talking to me and received short reply for every message I sent.”

“Aw, my cupcake is being so sweet right now,” Taeyeon chuckled; gently stroke Tiffany’s hair. The latter then pulled up to see Taeyeon’s face and leaned once again to capture the lips, which gladly returned by Taeyeon.

“So, can we have dinner now?” Tiffany asked after breaking the kiss.

“The answer is still no,” Taeyeon grinned.

“Why? I thought I was forgiven?” Tiffany frowned.

“Because we need to pack for tomorrow’s flight.”

“I’ve done my packing.”

“But I haven’t.”

Tiffany sighed and hugged her blonde girlfriend again, “Let me hug you a little longer then. I still miss you.”

“Or you can just hug me all night long later tonight.”

Tiffany backed away after hearing Taeyeon’s reply, giving confused look to the latter.

“We need to take the first flight to Lombok tomorrow morning, and I want to make sure two things,” Taeyeon raised her right hand showing her index and middle fingers to Tiffany, “First, that you won’t wake up late. Second, that you will arrive at the airport safe and sound.”

Tiffany still had the confuse look on her face.

“I planned to had a sleepover in your place tonight so we can depart together to the airport tomorrow morning. That’s why I need to go home fast and drive back to your place,” Taeyeon grinned, “I missed you too, you know?”

Tiffany could not hide her smile hearing Taeyeon’s explanation and hugged her girlfriend again, “What’s gotten into you?” She chuckled.

“Got an hour full of scolding from Jessica earlier today,” Taeyeon laughed.

Tiffany looked at her girlfriend, surpressing a smile noticing that it was what Yuri meant in their lunch. But she still could not understand how could Jessica knew about it and gave Taeyeon a good an hour of scolding.

“How come?” She finally asked.

Taeyeon broke the hug and held Tiffany’s hand while her face turned into Tiffany’s favorite color, “I kinda asked her to help me out.”

“Help you out?” Tiffany raised her eyebrows.

“We had a discussion related to our business trip at lunchtime, and I replied to your messages, remember?”

Tiffany nodded but did not say a word, waiting for Taeyeon to continue.

“She then told me that it was my first time replying message in the middle of discussion, and asked how urgent it was, and I told her it was from you. Then she asked whether I have another fight with you, apparently you always told her every time we fight,” Taeyeon rolled her eyes playfully.

“Don’t blame me. Jessi always knows how to read my mood,” Tiffany pouted.

“I didn’t protest, did I?” Taeyeon grinned before continuing her explanation.

“Continue the story, please,” Tiffany requested.

“I told her that we fought and she asked how bad it was. I was a bit hesitant back then but since I was also clueless about what I should do, and to remember that she also already knew a lot about us, I finally decided to tell her. After I finished my story, she then give me a good earfull lecture about how to be in a relationship,” Taeyeon chuckled.

“Seems like Jessi now has bigger guts to lecture you,” Tiffany giggled, imagining the Ice Princess scolding her girlfriend, “Does she even remember that she talked to her boss?”

“Apparently she forgot until I said thank you for the lecture and I will guarantee her leave on Friday,”

“I can picture it well,” Tiffany let out a hearty laugh, making Taeyeon smiled wide. It was good to finally hear her girlfriend’s laugh.

“Taetae, can you change your plan for today?” Tiffany suddenly asked.

“Uh? About sleeping over in your place?”


“I can’t sleep in your place?”

“Since I’ve done packing, it would be more efficient for me to go home and go to your place right after,” Tiffany explained.

“I don’t want you to drive at night,” Taeyeon frowned.

Tiffany checked her watch before answering Taeyeon, “It’s half past six. If I go home now, it would not be too late to drive to your place.”

Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows, hesitated on agreeing her girlfriend’s request.

“Please, Taetae? It only takes less then an hour driving from my place to yours,” Tiffany pleaded.

Taeyeon sighed, “OK, then. I will wait in my apartment and start packing soon so we can have the rest of the night to cuddle and kiss,” She ended with a grin.

“You and your kiss addict,” Tiffany rolled her eyes and stood up from the couch, “I will depart first, and will immediately drive to your place right after.”

“Drive safe, okay?” Taeyeon stood up.

“I will,” Tiffany answered as she pecked Taeyeon’s lips, “See you, Taetae.”

“See you.”


“What?? You bring bikini???” Taeyeon gasped, halting her hands’ movement, which was busy folding the clothes she would bring to Lombok.

“Yes, why?” Tiffany answered lightly, putting another clothes in Taeyeon’s luggage. Both girls were sitting on the floor of Taeyeon’s room while packing Taeyeon’s belonging for the business trip to Lombok.



“Just don’t,” Taeyeon pouted as she started to continue folding the clothes.

“It’s Lombok, Taetae! The beaches are everywhere! And I will also go to Gili Trawangan. There are a lot of international tourists who will wear bikini as well. It’s normal.”

Taeyeon kept pouting imagining Tiffany showed too much skin to strangers was not fit to her liking.

“Don’t tell me you’re jealous,” Tiffany guessed.


“Then why?”

“Because I am not a huge fan of bikini.”

“And I am a huge fan of bikini. It’s not that I will force you to wear it anyway. You won’t be with me either,” Tiffany frowned, remembering that Taeyeon would not join her mini getaway.

Taeyeon turned her head at her girlfriend who silently putting the last piece of cloth she needed into the luggage.

“That’s the last one,” Tiffany stood up from the floor and made her way to the bathroom to clean up before sleeping.

Taeyeon sighed as she closed the black luggage and put it side by side with Tiffany’s pink luggage. She then opened her closet to take two pair of pajamas for her and Tiffany when the bathroom’s door opened revealing Tiffany who had finished cleaning up and showed her bare face. Taeyeon smiled at the sight, Tiffany was always the pretiest without make up. She put one pair of pajamas on the bed and made her way to the bathroom.

“You can change your clothes in my room while I’ll change in the bathroom,” She said as she continued walking to the bathroom.

“OK,” Tiffany answered shortly while walking to the bed.

Taeyeon stepped inside the bathroom and closed the door. She brushed her teeth and washed her face carefully, making sure there were no make up left then applied her night cream. She continued with changing her clothes into pajamas and folded it neatly before leaving the bathroom. She walked out of the bathroom and found Tiffany sat on the edge of the bed, still with her working attire on, had not changed into pajamas.

“Why haven’t you changed your clothes?” Taeyeon asked as she put her dirty clothes into the laundry basket. Tiffany just stared at her without saying a word.

“Fany?” Taeyeon called out while taking a seat beside her girlfriend. Tiffany turned her body to face Taeyeon and frowned.

“Will you really not allow me to wear bikini?” Tiffany asked.

Taeyeon stayed silent for a moment, thinking for an answer for her girlfriend. Honestly, she did not want Tiffany to wear bikini but she did not want to ruin her girlfriend’s excitement for going to the beach.

“It’s okay,” She finally answered, did not want to be a selfish girlfriend.

“Are you sure?”

“Honestly, not really.”


“Because…” Taeyeon hesitated to answer.


“Because I can’t accept the idea of you showing too much skin to other people. I don’t even get the sight for myself,” Taeyeon mumbled, hanging her head low, feeling too shy to look at her girlfriend.

Tiffany’s eyes widened but soon turned into crescents after hearing Taeyeon’s honest answer, “Seriously?”

Taeyeon nodded but did not look at Tiffany but her blush also tinted her ear so Tiffany could see how red she was at the moment. Tiffany smiled at the sight of the shy Taeyeon and stood up from the bed without saying anything while Taeyeon fixed her eyes on the floor, noticing Tiffany’s feet were one step away from her.

Taeyeon was not sure what Tiffany did at the moment but soon shocked when she saw a black skirt slid down from Tiffany’s leg. She did not dare to look up while blushing even harder. Another piece of cloth followed to drop on the floor, this time it was Tiffany’s magenta blouse, which was discarded. Taeyeon took a glance on the bed surface where she put the pajamas for Tiffany and saw the pajamas were still there. She then felt Tiffany’s palms cupped her cheek, forcing her to look up only to find her girlfriend stood in front of her only wearing a pair of turquoise matching underwear. Taeyeon’s jaw dropped opened as she saw the sight in front of her.

“Fa-fany?” The only word came out from her mouth was just it.

Tiffany giggled and leaned forward to capture Taeyeon’s lips, “Happy with what you see?” Tiffany asked as she broke the kiss.

Taeyeon could not say a word and kept her mouth opened, hardly registering anything to her brain. Tiffany then sat on Taeyeon’s lap, circling her arms on the latter’s neck and kiss her tip of nose.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Taeyeon stuttered.

“Giving you a sight you said you didn’t get to see,” Tiffany smirked.



“I-I… I…” Taeyeon failed to say anything making Tiffany giggled.

“Silly girlfriend,” She said before giving a peck to Taeyeon’s lips and stood up from Taeyeon’s lap, taking a pair of pajamas on the bed. She then wear the pajamas bottom prepared by Taeyeon and back facing Taeyeon to take off her bra before wearing the top. She turned around and still found her girlfriend still dumbfounded.

“Taetae?” Tiffany waved her hands in front of the blonde.

Taeyeon blinked her eyes couples of times before finally looked at Tiffany’s eyes, “I… I…” She tried to say something but failed again.

Tiffany stifled her laugh and plopped herself on the bed, taking the right side of it while Taeyeon sat still on the edge. She scooted over and hugged her girlfriend from behind.

“Let’s sleep, Taetae.”

Taeyeon finally turned her body and joined Tiffany on the bed; face was still flushed and was not able to say a word.

“Don’t do that again, Fany,” Taeyeon finally managed to speak after she slipped herself under the duvet, laying on her back, did not dare to look at her girlfriend who obviously lied on her right side, looking at her side profile.

“Don’t do what?”

“What you just did.”


“I might get a heart attack,” Taeyeon answered as she put her hand on her left chest, feeling her heart beat faster than she ever felt along her life.

“Silly,” Tiffany giggled as she scooted closer to her girlfriend, placing her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder and put her left hand on her girlfriend’s stomach, “You told me yourself that you don’t get to see me in bikini. Then you were totally stunned when I wear only underwear in front of you.”

Taeyeon turned her body to the left to face Tiffany, “Just don’t do that again, okay?” She mumbled still having a blush on her cheeks.

“Give me a reason,” Tiffany demanded as she nuzzled into Taeyeon’s crook of neck, making herself comfortable.

“Just because.”

“That’s not a reason I expect from the most respective senior manager in GG Corporation,” Tiffany spoke against Taeyeon’s neck, making the latter shuddered at the contact.

“What do you expect to hear then?”

“I don’t know. Something more honest, maybe?” Tiffany pulled her head and looked up to see Taeyeon who furrowed her eyebrows, thinking about the answer she needed to give to her girlfriend.

“Because… I…” Taeyeon gulped before looking at Tiffany’s eyes and sighed, “Because you are irresistible and I am afraid that I would… you know…”

“You would, what?”

“I would want to do something more than kisses,” She blushed after spilling the words.

Tiffany laughed at the honest answer and pecked Taeyeon’s lips again, “I see nothing wrong with that. You’re my girlfriend after all,” She then nuzzled under Taeyeon’s chin, closing her eyes, preparing to sleep, “Good night, Taetae.”

Taeyeon only hummed while closing her eyes but still had her face all red after hearing Tiffany’s words.

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