Catch Me When I Fall (011)

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Lombok Trip (Part I)

“Fany, wake up…”

Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows but keeping her eyes shut.

“Fany… Come on wake up.”

“No, Taetae… Go away…”

A chuckle was heard from the latter. “I will let the plane fly you back to Jakarta, then.”

Tiffany finally opened her eyes lazily, welcomed by the sight of Taeyeon’s face a bit too far for her liking. She started to get used to Taeyeon’s face being an inch apart from her in the morning and within the proper reach to give her girlfriend a light good morning kiss. But not at the moment, when they were in a plane with their colleague, on their way for business trip to Lombok.

“No morning kiss?” Tiffany whispered, hoping would still get one even though she knew the answer already.

Taeyeon chuckled and shook her head. “Unfortunately no, Fany,” Taeyeon answered with a smile.

“Stingy,” muttered Tiffany, earning a soft chuckle from Taeyeon. She then looked out through the plane’s window only to find that they were still flying, not landing yet. “And you woke me up even though we haven’t landed yet,” she mumbled annoyingly.

“Can’t guarantee you will be easily woken up,” teased Taeyeon, getting a soft slap on her arm from her girlfriend.

The plane soon finally landed at the Lombok International Airport. After taking care of their luggage from baggage claim, the group of six people walked their way to the exit and immediately welcomed by two drivers. The group was divided into two. Claudia, Hendra and Romeo were in the first car while Jessica, Tiffany and Taeyeon were in the second car. Both groups put their lugages in the car and sit thoroughly after the driver got detail instruction from Taeyeon. They did not go straight to the hotel but immediately did the market visit. Being in Taeyeon’s team, the four people except for Tiffany already knew how important was time efficiency for their line manager and did not mutter a protest despite of the lack of sleep because of catching the very first morning flight.

“You’re crazy,” Said Tiffany to Taeyeon who sat beside her in the back seat.

“What crazy?” Taeyeon answered while replying some emails from her phone.

“Those people didn’t even get enough sleep because they needed to catch morning flight. I assumed the went to the airport at least at three o’clock in the morning and you bring them straight to the market visit, not even a breakfast?” Tiffany shook her head in disapproval.

“But, we are here for a business trip, not a vacation.”

“That doesn’t mean that they don’t need to have a breakfast, Taetae.”

“But, the sooner we finished stuffs, the sooner they can get rests right after.”

“But, -…”

“This is not a new thing for us, Tiff. This is the way Taeyeon works, and we’ve accustomed to that. So, no worries.” Jessica who sat beside the driver cut off Tiffany’s sentence.

“Okay…” Tiffany sighed in defeat.

“Are you hungry, Fany?” Taeyeon asked, feeling a bit guilty from the latter’s protests.

“No, we got our breakfast in the plane earlier.”


Tiffany let out a small laugh. “Taetae, just one hour time difference won’t make any difference you know?”

Taeyeon smiled in relief as she started to open her iPad, reading the email and replying to some of them on their way to the first destination of their market visit plan. The market visit went well and the team got a lot of market insight during their full day market visit. They even skipped lunch in order to get more insight on their first day so they could finish their report as soon as possible. It was almost six o’clock when Taeyeon finally called the day off. They continued straight to the hotel to check in, taking a short break and shower before gathered up again in the hotel restaurant to discuss about the market visit result. Taeyeon led the discussion, helped by Jessica to brainstorm the whole team about the best activation done in the area while Tiffany was in charge to type down the minutes of meeting. They only finished when the clock showed it was ten o’clock at night. Taeyeon then gave a short brief telling them that they would need to gather in the restaurant by latest seven o’clock in the morning, having a short morning discussion and would start going to market visit again at eight, finish at three o’clock in the afternoon and go straight to the airport right after having a short discussion in the airport restaurant while waiting for their departure at 19:40. All team members nodded as they got the point and left the restaurant one by one leaving only Taeyeon and Tiffany in the restaurant.

“Rest, Fany,” Taeyeon said as her eyes focused on her laptop, continued working on the detailed report the BOD might’ve needed.

“I will wait for you,” Tiffany said casually as she scooted closer and landed a peck on Taeyeon’s cheek.

Taeyeon finally shifted her gaze from her laptop to her girlfriend. “I am afraid that I will finish at midnight.” She answered with a smile.

Tiffany shrugs nonchalantly as she laid her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder, staring at the monitor, which showed a lot of graphs and numbers describing the result of their market visit. “No need to do something huge here. Just do the basic.” Tiffany mumbled.

Taeyeon stopped typing for a moment before asking. “What do you mean?”

“The market here is simply does not know our product. They don’t need huge activation promo like what we do in big cities where our competitors attack us like crazy. We just need to give them more information related to our product. Banner, radio promotion, TVC, we put them everywhere from the moment they open their eyes until they close their eyes to sleep.”

Taeyeon chuckled at Tiffany’s explanation. “But how could you explain this graph?” She showed a graph showing the rapid degrowth in the area started from three years before. “If the market simply doesn’t know about our product, why could we get this numbers of sales three years ago? It is not like they’ve changed from one generation into others within the short amount of time, Fany.”


“Hmmm, you are saying our product no longer necessary for them?”

Tiffany nodded.

“Then it would be a totally opposite conclusion based on our market visit today, which saying that they need our product and would love to use it.”

“Complicated.” Tiffany mumbled, as she started closing her eyes. She felt sleepy already for waking up at two o’clock in the morning to catch the morning flight.

Taeyeon chuckled once again as she stroke Tiffany’s hair. “If it’s not that complicated, the BOD wouldn’t ask us to do the market visit, Fany.”

Tiffany said nothing and only nodded at Taeyeon’s explanation. Her eyes still closed as she felt her sleepiness started to take over.

“Sleep, cupcake.” Taeyeon said before kiss Tiffany’s head stealthily.

“Not until you comeback to your room.” The latter was stubborn enough, making Taeyeon chuckled in amusement.

“Why are you so cute?” She asked as she saved the report and closed her laptop. “Let’s get back to our room.”

Tiffany lazily lifted her head from Taeyeon’s shoulder and straightened her seat. “Come on.” She said as she stood up from the chair followed with Taeyeon who held her laptop in one hand, and stretched her other hand to hold Tiffany’s. They walked to their own rooms and parted after Taeyeon walked her girlfriend to her room and kissed her cheek.

“No kiss on the lips?” Tiffany whined, making Taeyeon chuckled as she planted a chaste kiss on the lips, half worrying that their colleague would pass by without their knowing. “That was too fast.” Tiffany frowned.

Taeyeon only smiled and stroke the latter’s hair. “Good night, cupcake. See you tomorrow.”

Tiffany nodded before opened her door and get into her room, while Taeyeon made her way to her own room.




The next day, all the team members had gathered in the hotel restaurant having their breakfast, while Taeyeon explaining about the report she sent to BOD last night. Apparently she did not sleep after walked Tiffany to her room; instead she finished her report in her room and only slept when it was almost 3 am. Tiffany could see the dark circles under her girlfriend’s eyes but said nothing, trying to focus on what Taeyeon expected to get on their second day of market visit.

As per their schedule, everyone left the restaurant at eight sharp, after checking out from their rooms. The drivers had waited for them in the lobby and the car arrangement was still the same like the day before. They finished the market visit at three and arrived at the airport at four. They went to one of the restaurant provided in the airport to continue their discussion. Taeyeon lead the discussion while compiling the report she needed to send to the BOD. After two hours of intense discussion, they finally had agreed on working on a local event in the area to do a re-intorduction of their product for the distributors, channels, and also customer altogether with a fresh concept offered by Tiffany and detail by Jessica. The rest of the team excused themselves first to take care of their flight check-in while Taeyeon continued finishing the report, proposal and presentation in the restaurant.

“You guys can also go to the hotel, Tiff, Jess. It’s all done. I just need to send the report to BOD.” Taeyeon noticed it was only the three of them when the rest of the team had departed to the check-in lounge.

Jessica nudged Tiffany who obviously spaced out, feeling exhausted yet still disappointed knowing that Taeyeon would not accompany her for the vacation. The latter sighed and stood up from her seat, approaching her girlfriend who was seriously typing on her laptop. Tiffany walked to behind Taeyeon and hugged the latter from behind the seat.

“Don’t work too hard, Taetae…” She whispered before planting a kiss on Taeyeon’s cheek.

Taeyeon blushed noticing that Jessica was still there, stifled a smile when Tiffany kissed her cheek.

“Just pretend that I am not here, Taeyeon,” Said Jessica as she faced her back to the couple.

Taeyeon smiled in relief noticing Jessica was being considerate. She pulled Tiffany’s hand and asked the latter to sit on her lap.

“Smile Fany. You’re gonna have weekend vacation,” Taeyeon stated as she pinch Tiffany’s cheek, trying to form a smile on the latter’s face.

Tiffany smiled faintly. “I’m gonna miss you.” She pouted earning a chuckle from Taeyeon. “Don’t laugh!” She whined.

“You speak as if we’re gonna be apart for years,” Taeyeon stroked Tiffany’s hair. Tiffany only sighed faintly.

“Call me later tonight okay, Taetae?”

Taeyeon nodded and kissed Tiffany’s cheek. “Get enough rest and have fun, okay?”

Tiffany nodded once again before kissed Taeyeon lips lightly and stood up from Taeyeon’s lap, walking toward Jessica and took their luggages before leaving Taeyeon alone finishing her works.




“How long will you stay sulking like that?” Yuri’s voice startled Tiffany who just played with her food ever since the waiter put their order on the table. The one being asked was just stared back without saying anything and let out a faint sigh.

“She still wishes that Taeyeon would be able to accompany her and she resents me for bringing you here.” Jessica answered Yuri’s question on behalf of Tiffany.

“Jessi, please…” Tiffany whined silently blamed herself for joining the dinner with the couple. “I don’t resent anyone, okay?”

“Has Taeyeon called?” Yuri asked her. It was almost nine o’clock and Taeyeon was supposed to land already in Jakarta.

“No.” Tiffany answered shortly but then immediately checked her phone only to find no news from her girlfriend. “Not yet.”

“Maybe her phone runs out of the battery.” Jessica shrugged.

Just after Jessica finished her sentence, Tiffany’s phone rang, showing an ID named ‘MINE’. Her face immediately lit up and answered the phone.


“Hi! Where are you?” The voice from across the line greeted her.

“Restaurant, trying Ayam Betutu and Plecing Kangkung.” Tiffany answered excitedly.

“In hotel restaurant?”

“No. Belina Bar and Restaurant.”

“I see. Where do you stay tonight?”

“Holiday Resort Lombok. Why?”

“Nothing. Just wanna make sure you stay in a good place, Fany.”

Tiffany smiled at the concern. “Cheesy.”

She could hear Taeyeon chuckled and there were some noises behind her.

“Where are you?”

“Fany, I need to do something. I’ll call you later, okay?” Taeyeon’s voice sounded in a rush.

“Oh, okay. Call me again later?”

“I will.”

“Take care.”

“You too.”

Once the line went dead Tiffany was back into her sulking mode, making Yuri and Jessica shook their head in desperation.

“Seriously Tiff, you seemed like someone who just broke up.” Jessica coldly stated.

“What should I do then?” Tiffany whined before finally eating her Ayam Betutu.

“Cheer up, would you?” Jessica stifled a laugh witnessing Tiffany whined while eating, like a kid who pretended to sulk yet could not hide the fact that she was actually hungry.

“I missed her already.” Tiffany took another spoonful of rice into her mouth and chewed it.

Yuri and Jessica only looked at each other suppressing their smiles as they witnessed how lovesick their friend was.




Tiffany arrived at her hotel room and sighed as she threw her handbag on the bed when her phone rang from inside her bag. She took her bag again and fished out for her phone then smiled when she saw the caller id: MINE.

“Baby…” She could not help not to let out her smiling voice.

A chuckle heard over the line followed by the voice she loved to hear. “What room are you in?”


“Just tell me, Fany.”

“Uhm… 801. Why?” Tiffany sensed her curiousity heightened at the random question.

“Just wanna send someone over to meet you. I plan to give you something.”

“What are you planning, Taetae?” She chuckled but then heard the bell of her room rang.

“Guess the person is coming already. Open the door now.” Taeyeon spoke and ended the phone immediately.

Tiffany looked at the phone questioningly as she walked toward the door and peeked over the peephole only to see no one in front of the door. She opened the door to look around only to be surprised when someone poked her cheek from her right. She literally jumped but then squealed as she saw the person.

“Taetae!!!” She smiled wide before jumped on the latter and hugged her tight. “Why are you here?” She mumbled as she buried her face onto Taeyeon’s neck making her girlfriend chuckled at the reaction.

“The BOD approved my leave request and decided to visit my girlfriend and accompany her during the holiday.” She grinned teasingly as she stroked Tiffany’s hair gently. “Missed me already?”

“Very.” Tiffany chuckled and pulled away. “Where do you stay?” She looked at her girlfriend and noticed a luggage beside her.

Taeyeon grinned before answering. “Here, in your room if you don’t mind.”

Tiffany’s eyes widened but soon turned into a pair of crescents. “Really?”

Taeyeon nodded. “Only if you don’t mind.”

“Of course I won’t mind, you silly girlfriend of mine!” She shoved Taeyeon playfully still with a wide smile on her face. “Come in, Tae?” She took Taeyeon’s hand in hers led them to come into the room while Taeyeon dragged her luggage with her.

Taeyeon put her luggage near the closet while Tiffany sat on the bed, keeping her eyes to the petite blonde. Taeyeon turned around and smiled again before following the latter to sit on the bed.

“You can’t stop smiling.” She chuckled.

“Our first vacation together.” Tiffany said excitedly. “In Lombok.” She continued before pecking Taeyeon’s cheek. “Thank you Taetae, for coming.” She pecked another cheek.

Taeyeon chuckled as Tiffany pecked her cheeks. “Why are you being so sweet, cupcake?” She pinched Tiffany’s cheek, somehow felt happy since her surprise visit was getting a very good response from her girlfriend.

“Because I am super happy right now.” Tiffany grinned wide. “Hug me to sleep tonight?” She requested.

“Sure but let me clean up a bit. I feel so sticky because I haven’t taken a shower since morning.” Taeyeon chuckled as she stood up and walked toward her luggage, opened it to take a pair of pajamas, and clean underwear before making her way to the bathroom. Tiffany also walked toward her own luggage and took a pair of pajamas before changing her clothes in the room. She then sat on the bed, with her back rested on the bedpost, waiting for Taeyeon to finish showering.

The bathroom door opened revealing a fresh Taeyeon in her blue pajamas, grinning at her. “Your turn.”

“I’ve taken a shower.” Tiffany sticked out her tongue.

“But you still need to wash your face and brush your teeth. I don’t want to kiss ayam betutu tonight.” Taeyeon chuckled as she made her way to the bed and sat on the bed beside Tiffany.

Tiffany laughed, hearing the remarks and shook her head in amusement as she stood up from the bed and made her way to the bathroom. “Why are you so blunt today?” She asked her girlfriend who already played with her own phone.

Taeyeon looked up for a bit before shrugged. “Because I missed you.” She grinned.

Tiffany shook her head again, happy to see this side of Taeyeon, before got inside the bathroom to clean up. She got out after some minutes and sat on her position again, taking the phone from Taeyeon’s hand. “Time to sleep, Taetae. You need a lot of rest after these two days. We’ve also got some itinerary to do tomorrow morning.” She smiled and put the phone on the nightstand.

“Okay.” Taeyeon smiled along as she slid herself under the duvet, sleeping on her side to face Tiffany who also did the same. “Where is my goodnight kiss?” The blonde requested with a cute grin while slipping her arms around Tiffany’s waist and pulled her girlfriend closer.

Tiffany smiled at the request and leaned forward, giving a soft peck on the latter’s lips.

“No tongue?” Taeyeon whined in protest making Tiffany laughed at the response.

“No.” She landed another light peck and propped her head under Taeyeon’s chin. “Goodnight baby.” She kissed Taeyeon’s neck softly before closing her eyes.

Taeyeon chuckled and kissed Tiffany’s head before closing her eyes as well before slightly drifting off to the dreamland. “Goodnight, cupcake.”




The alarm from Tiffany’s phone rang repeatedly and both girls on the bed groaned in protest but none of them was initiative enough to wake up. The two days market visit was draining their energy resulting them in a mood for sleeping all day long this morning.

“Turn the alarm off, Fany.” Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows while patting Tiffany’s waist, waking up the equally sleepy girl beside her.

“Five more minutes, Taetae.” Tiffany hardly opened her eyes and snuggled closer to her girlfriend instead, making Taeyeon chuckled.

“I will turn it off.” The petite blonde finally gave up and sat up to turn the alarm off before hugging the sleepy girl again. “You said we have itineraries to go.” She mumbled half asleep.

“Never mind. We can do that later.” The sleepy girl replied as she nuzzled closer to Taeyeon.

Taeyeon hummed in answer as she kissed Tiffany’s forehead while closing her eyes again.

“What was that for?”

“Morning kiss.”

Tiffany finally opened her eyes and pulled away a bit, poking Taeyeon’s nose. “The proper one, please.”

Taeyeon chuckled and slowly opened her eyes before leaning forward, pecking Tiffany’s lips. “Morning, cupcake.” She mumbled against the lips.

Tiffany pecked back before finally pulled away. “Morning to you too, boo.”

“Why boo?”

“Because baby is too mainstream.” She chuckled as she sat up. “Now that you’ve given your morning kiss, I feel like waking up and follow the itinerary.” She said as she lifted Taeyeon’s hand from around her waist.

“You take shower first. I want to get a bit more sleep.” Taeyeon mumbled as she closed her eyes.

“Don’t want to get a shower together?” Tiffany asked teasingly.

Taeyeon opened her eyes immediately with a bright blush on her cheeks. Tiffany laughed hard at the sight before leaning forward once again, kissing Taeyeon’s lips. “Kidding.” She pecked once again. “Sleep a bit more. I’ll wake you up once I finished.” She stated as she stood up and made her way to the bathroom.

Taeyeon shook her head as she also sat up, leaning her back to the bedrest, still with the blush on her face. Long gone her sleepiness, replaced by the picture of her taking a shower with Tiffany and blushed even more. She shook her head once again and ruffled her messy hair. “Fany is such a tease.” She mumbled as she stood up and took a bottle of mineral water with the hotel label and drank it to ride away her drowsiness. She continued, walking to her luggage and took a pair of short denim and loose stripped tanktop also clean matching underwear, and put it on the luggage before turning on the TV, watched random morning cartoon. She was happy knowing that the report she sent to the BOD was regarded as enough and her leave request was approved as well. Now that she was in her leave, she did not feel like checking her email and wanted to spend one of these rare moments: enjoying holiday.

Tiffany came out from the bathroom after a while looking all fresh, wearing short pants topped with bright pink tanktop. Taeyeon noticed the string on her neck and could not help but ask. “Do you wear bikinis?”

Tiffany grinned and nodded. “Why?”

“B-but…” Taeyeon pouted, knowing her girlfriend would wear bikinis at the beach.

“You failed to give me reasons why I can’t wear bikinis, so no argument, please.” Tiffany stated nonchalantly as she put the used clothes to the laundry bag. “Your turn.” Tiffany said, motioning Taeyeon to use the bathroom.

Taeyeon still pouted as she took her clothes and got inside the bathroom. After taking a quick shower and wearing her clothes she walked out of the bathroom to find Tiffany lied on the bed while switching the TV channel. “So, what’s our plan for today?” She asked as she took a small bag and put her wallet, ipad, and phone in there.

Tiffany looked up from the TV to Taeyeon. “Our plan?” She stifled a smile but could not really hide her excitement hearing the latter mentioned it as ‘our’ instead of her plan. “First, get a breakfast in hotel.”

“And then?”

“Tanjung Aan, having lunch, Desa Sade, and Kuta Beach, and finally get our dinner!” Tiffany explained excitedly.

“That’s so much to go in a day.” Taeyeon shook her head, hearing the itinerary.

“Ow, come on. It’s gonna be fun. Make sure you have your phone battery charged. The scenery would be breathtaking.”  Tiffany exclaimed still with the same excitement.

“Okay then. Ready, Fany?”

“Sure!” She hopped off the bed, snatching her own hand bag and linked her arm with Taeyeon before planting a kiss on the latter’s cheek. “Our first holiday!” She smiled once again as she dragged Taeyeon out of their room.




The beautiful scenery of blue oceans, white sands and green hill greets Taeyeon and Tiffany at the moment their driver stops the car in Tanjung Aan parking lot. “Whoaaaaa! Awesome!” Tiffany exclaimed as she got off the car they rent for the trip and immediately ran off to the beach, leaving Taeyeon behind.

Taeyeon only walked silently with a wide smile on her face. She could not really remember the last time she had a holiday like this ever since she graduated from university. She looked at the blue oceans and white sands in front of her as the warm breeze wiped her flawless baby-liked face. She took a deep breath, taking one step at a time on the sands, and shifted her gaze to her girlfriend who already started taking pictures of the amazing scenery and her smiled got even wider. Her girlfriend suddenly turned to her, aiming the camera at the widely smile Taeyeon and grinned.

“You look happy, Taetae.” Tiffany said as she walked toward the blonde with an equally wide smile. “Do you like it?” She asked as she landed a peck on the latter’s cheek.

“Very much.” Taeyeon smiled as she took Tiffany’s hand and walked along the beach. “Why is it so quiet?” She looked at her girlfriend with a questioning look, noticing how quiet the beach was.

“That’s because it’s not peak season and it’s Friday.” Tiffany explained as she continued taking pictures of the beautiful scenery before her eyes she then dragged Taeyeon to back face the beach and set her camera phone to the front cam and aimed it to them while making sure there was enough space to capture the scenery as well. Taeyeon flashed her signature grin while Tiffany beamed her eye smile before tapping on the shutter button. They took couple other photos and checked it later to find the best one.

“You will post it on instagram?” Taeyeon asked when she saw her girlfriend continued playing with her phone as they continued walking along the beach.

Tiffany halted her activity with her phone to look up at Taeyeon. “Do you mind?” She asked.

Taeyeon shook her head. “Send me the picture, okay?” She smiled reassuringly and Tiffany continued typing on her phone. A moment later she link her arm with Taeyeon again, showing the picture she just uploaded. Taeyeon automatically read the caption under the picture.

hwangtiff: that moment when your boss takes a day off and you follow along #myboss #mytaetae

“Not too obvious, isn’t it?” Tiffany asked as she looked at Taeyeon’s face, waiting for the response from her girlfriend. Taeyeon only chuckled when reading the caption.

“The caption makes you sound like a creepy personal assistant to be very honest here.” Taeyeon stated teasingly, tapping Tiffany’s nose playfully, making the later scrunched her nose playfully before both of them chuckled together.

They both then climbed to the hill near the beach and sat on the green grass, enjoying the sight and warm breeze, did not really mind their short pants would be dirty. Tiffany sat in front of Taeyeon, in between the blonde’s legs, leaning her back against her girlfriend while Taeyoen wrapped her arms around Tiffany’s waist

“You don’t mind we act like a couple like this?” Tiffany broke the silence as she turned her head and kissed Taeyeon’s jawline. Her girlfriend only chuckled lightly as she also slightly turned her face to land a soft kiss on Tiffany’s nose.

“No one I know is here.” She smiled and landed another soft kiss on the same spot. “In addition, my girlfriend deserves to feel a real date after putting up with the whole annoying Miss Kim for more than three months.”

Tiffany laughed softly at the answer and let out a relieved sigh as she turned her head to face the oceans again, feeling happy with this rare version of romantic Taeyeon. “I wish I can see this side of you more often.” She murmured as she wrapped her arms around Taeyeon’s. The petite woman frowned hearing Tiffany’s remark, feeling somehow guilty for not being able to date openly most of the time. She kissed Tiffany’s temple once again, silently apologized for that.

“No need to feel sorry, Taetae. I understand.” Tiffany noticed the meaning of the gesture and turned her body to face her girlfriend. “I learned to understand. In fact, I am still learning to understand.” She smiled understandingly as she cupped Taeyeon’s cheek, squished Taeyeon’s baby face, making the blonde boss’ lips jutted.

“Thanks for putting up with me,” Said Taeyeon still with her lips puckered like a fish.

Tiffany laughed for a while before leaned forward, gave a quick pecked on the lips. “You’re welcome. Thanks for putting up with me as well.” She beamed her eye smile and was about to give another kiss on Taeyeon’s lips when she heard Taeyeon’s voice grumbled, followed by the reddened face of her girlfriend. She laughed hard and landed another light peck on the lips before stood up and took Taeyeon’s hand, pulling up the cute boss to stand as well.

“I think your belly needs some refill.” She joked as she interlaced their fingers together.

“I guess so.”






Both girls sat in the car, rubbing their full stomach, which just filled with the famous Ayam Betutu and Plecing Kangkung.

“I think I am not gonna have another round of meals with the same menu again,” Said Tiffany while leaning her head to Taeyeon’s shoulder. “Two days in a row with same menu is definitely not recommended.”

Taeyeon chuckled hearing the latter protest. “That’s your fault for eating the same menu yesterday instead of waiting for me to come.” She states playfully.

“Excuse me, my girlfriend never told me that she would join me. So, why should I wait?” Tiffany rolled her eyes.

“Your girlfriend might just want to surprise you.” Taeyeon cooed playfully as she leaned her head on Tiffany’s.

“Please tell her, the surprise was so lame.”

“But she told me you seemed happy when she suddenly appeared in front of your door.”

“Whatever.” Tiffany pinched Taeyeon’s side softly with a soft chuckle. “Tell her, thanks for coming.” She mumbled while intertwining their fingers together.

“She said you’re welcome.”

Tiffany only chuckled at the answer and closed her eyes feeling sleepy because of the meals they just had. The weather was nice and her full stomach added the needs to sleep during their way to Desa Sade.

“How long would it take until we get there?” She asked the driver they hired for the trip.

“Approximately half an hour, miss.” The driver answered without leaving his eyes from the road ahead.

“Wake me up when we arrive.” She asked Taeyeon as she yawned and shifted her position so she could lay her head on Taeyeon’s laps. Taeyeon only hummed in response, letting Tiffany slept on her lap, fingers running through the dark hair. It only took couples of minutes before Taeyeon heard Tiffany snored lightly and she could not help but to chuckle at the soft snore. She knew that her girlfriend must be very tired considering the packed schedule of their previous two days so she let Tiffany rested.

The ride was quiet so Taeyeon asked the driver to turn the radio on. She laughed softly when she heard the radio DJ hosted the show using local language. She did not understand a thing the DJ said but the accent was funny for her. A moment later, a song was played and she could not help but to smile wide, listening to the song. It was a song Tiffany requested in her car months ago, after breaking with her boyfriend. Taeyeon sang along softly and it made Tiffany stirred from her sleep. The eye smile girl yawned once again before sat up and smiled at Taeyeon.

“That song…” She grinned wide.

“That song.” Taeyeon stopped singing and smiled at her girlfriend.

“Do you still remember I requested you to sing it?”

“Sure.” Taeyeon chuckled as she fixed Tiffany’s disheveled hair. “And you emphasized the ‘break the pillars down’ part.”

“To tell you how serious I was about us.”

“I knew.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes. “OK, Miss Kim Knows-Everything.”

Taeyeon laughed at the response she got and shook her head. “Why are you always grumpy if you’re awaken in the middle of your short nap?” She asked, noticing Tiffany’s same behavior in the plane two days ago and now.

“No, I am not.”

“Yes, you are.”

“That’s because you’re annoying.” Tiffany said poking Taeyeon’s cheek.

“But you stay with me, nonetheless.”

Tiffany only groaned in response, making Taeyeon laughed once again and pecked the latter’s cheek playfully. “Kidding, Fany.” She grinned dorkly.

The car soon pulled up in a small parking lot, in front of a complex of traditional houses of Lombok.

“We’ve arrived. This is Desa Sade.” The driver said as he unlocked the car’s doors and turned off the engine. “I will talk to my friend first so he can be your tour guide.”

Taeyeon and Tiffany nodded at the driver’s explanation and got off the car, following the driver who talked with his friend. A moment later, the friend smiled at them and introduced himself. He gave a brief explanation about Sasak tribe, the local tribe in Lombok. The tribe was very conservative. Even though their place was very accessible to be visited by tourists but they refused to use the advanced technology. They could not even speak Bahasa Indonesia. Most of them still spoke with their local language. They made their living from trading traditional goods, which sold as Lombok’s souvenirs. The friend also explained a bit about a very unique custom there: the elope marriage. For Sasak tribe, to prove a man really loved the woman he wanted to marry, he needed to kidnap his fiancée so he could get blessings from the woman’s parents.

Taeyeon and Tiffany was intrigued by the custome marriage and looked at each other while giggling. “Now, that’s odd.” Tiffany remarked, answered with a grin and a nod from Taeyeon.

The man then took them to get inside the small traditional complex to give more explanation about Sasak tribe custom. Their driver told them that he would wait for them in the exit gate. Both girls nodded and followed the man to the complex, getting awed by the traditional houses that did not use any chemical material to be built. After taking a round of walking in the complex, Taeyeon decided to get back to the exit gate, while Tiffany decided to get some souvenirs from the local people. She sat on a wooden bench with the driver, fishing out her phone and started to play with her phone when the driver broke the silence.

“Are you guys couple?” He asked carefully.

Taeyeon stopped her activity and looked at the man with her eyebrows furrowed. “Why?”

“Nothing. Just ask. Sorry.” The man knew he should not ask the question but ever since he picked the girls, he had been curious, looking at how both of them behave.

“Yes.” Taeyeon answered coldly while continued playing with her phone.

“Is that wrong? I mean, girl with girl?” He asked once again.

“Nothing’s wrong.” Another cold answer from Taeyeon. She did not feel comfortable with question. And she disliked the judgement from the driver.

“Ah, sorry.” The man apologized once again, answered with a cold hum from Taeyeon.

The atmosphere grew awkward but soon a cheery voice broke the silence. Tiffany came back, bringing a plastic bag with the souvenirs inside.

“Guess what I got for us!” She walked towards Taeyeon, showing a smaller plastic bag and took out what was inside. “A couple bracelet.” She smiled widely showing two traditional bracelet of Sasak tribe.

Taeyeon smiled a little and let Tiffany put it on her wrist before she helped Tiffany to put on it on her girlfriend’s wrist. Tiffany noticed the change of mood of Taeyeon but she stayed silent until the three of them got in the car to continue their itinerary.

The ride to their last destination was very quiet and Tiffany could see Taeyeon was in a bad mood. Her girlfriend did not even hold her hand like what she did on their way to Desa Sade.

“Taetae, what’s wrong?” She whispered lowly.

“Nothing.” Taeyeon answered with a fake smile and looked out through the side window, avoiding her girlfriend’s questioning look.

“Taetae…” Tiffany called out only to get a hum from her girlfriend. She sighed and tugged Taeyeon’s hand. “Did I do something wrong?” She asked once again.

Taeyeon finally looked at her and shook her hand. “No. I think I am sleepy.” She replied shortly and shifted her gaze to the window again.

“What’s with the mood? We’re on a holiday, Taetae!” The girl started to get annoyed with Taeyeon’s behavior. “Why do you always ruining the mood?!”

Taeyeon kept silent, making Tiffany huffed loudly and scooted over to the very end of the seat, looking at the side window across from Taeyeon. “Fine. You can have your bad mood but don’t expect me to console you. You won’t even tell me what’s wrong.” She stated before grumpily took her phone from her bag and browsed through her social media accounts.

The ride continued with a deafening silence in the car. When the driver finally pulled up in the parking lot of Kuta Beach Lombok, their last destination, Tiffany immediately got off the car without waiting for her Taetae. Her mood had turn significantly sour after Taeyeon mood swings. She walked at the nearly empty beach before finally sat down on the white sands, staring at the sun slowly shifted to the west. She did not even want to take a picture of the beautiful scenery before her eyes. Silently blamed Taeyeon for ruining the mood. She let out a loud sigh when suddenly she sensed someone sat next to her. She turned her head and saw Taeyeon smiled apologetically at her. She immediately averted her gaze back to the sun.

“I am sorry.” Taeyeon broke the silent.

“I can’t understand you and your mood swing.” Tiffany answered without sparing a glance towards Taeyeon.

“I am sorry for ruining the mood.”

“Care to tell me why?”

“It’s just…” Taeyeon hesitantly answered. She let out a faint sigh as she looked at the almost sunset in front of her. “The driver asked whether we are couple or not and he said that’s not normal.” She folded her legs and hugged her knees while looking at Tiffany. “Sorry.”

Tiffany looked at Taeyeon once more in disbelief. “What happened with ‘it’s not gonna be easy, Fany.’?” Tiffany snapped. “You told me yourself if we’re in a relationship, people might see us not normal. I took the risk and look where you are.” She shook her head, hardly accepted the reason Taeyeon just gave.

“I am sorry…” Said Taeyeon as she reached Tiffany’s hand and slowly interlocking their fingers together. “I know I am wrong. I am sorry.” She repeated her apology, looking at her girlfriend while brushing her thumb over Tiffany’s hand.

“When will you stop being afraid, Taetae? Have you ever thought about me? How hard it was for me to accept that I like girl? But I did not show it to you. I learned to accept the change; I learned to accept the consequences. But you? Just a single word from a person that might not see you ever again make you like this.”

“I know. I am sorry.” Taeyeon could not find any other word except for sorry.

Tiffany heaved a sigh and looking at her frowning girlfriend. “We’re in this together. Is that not enough for you? Is that not enough to know that you’re not the only one in this ship?”

Taeyeon frowned at Tiffany’s sentence. Of course it was enough for Taeyeon. Ever since Tiffany came into her life, things had changed for better. Tiffany had brought more color into her life and for the very first time in her life she felt alive once again. But here she was, kept disappointing the person who had brought a brighter life for her. She kept silent but her eyes never left her girlfriend.

Tiffany stared at her girlfriend’s apologetic eyes and sighed once again. “Can you please just for this holiday, our holiday, let loose a bit and act like a real girlfriend for once? Just for these three days and I would understand if we need to act as a friend again once we get back to Jakarta.”

Taeyeon gave a nod as an answer and it was what Tiffany needed to smiled a bit and squeezed Taeyeon’s hand gently. “That’s my girlfriend.” She stated playfully, making Taeyeon smiled as well.

“I am sorry, Fany.”

“Stop saying sorry.” Tiffany smiled once again before scooted closer to Taeyeon and leaned her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder as she watched the sunset. “Our second sunset.” She mumbled.

“Won’t you take a picture of that and post it on instagram using caption ‘our second sunset’?” Taeyeon asked as she kissed Tiffany’s head.

“That’s actually a good idea.” Tiffany chuckled as she pulled away from Taeyeon and took her phone out, starting to take a picture of the sunset. She then faced her back against the scenery and took a selfie with the sunset as her background. Taeyeon’s back was captured in the frame, clear enough to show she Tiffany was with someone but not clear enough to show that it was Taeyeon. She positioned herself back side by side with Taeyeon and showed the picture of her selfie.

“Can I upload this?”

“But I am in the frame.”


“What the caption would be?”

“The one you told me.”

Taeyeon looked at the picture once again. She wanted to forbid Tiffany to upload the picture but after making her girlfriend upset, she did not want to do it for the second time in a row, not in their holiday.

“Okay then.” She mumbled. Silently convinced herself that it’s okay to let Tiffany showed their relationship once in a while. People might not really noticed about that.

“N’ah, you’re hesitated.” Tiffany closed the gallery and linked her arm with Taeyeon’s. “The picture is cute though.” She continued.

“You can upload it, Fany.”

“But you won’t be happy.”

Taeyeon then took Tiffany’s phone and opened the instagram app, browse the photo gallery and chose Tiffany’s selfie with the sunset and her back as the background, and uploaded it after typing some captions.

“Done.” She grinned as she gave the phone back to Tiffany.

Tiffany was surprised and checked the post immediately only to smile wide at the picture and the caption:

hwangtiff: our second sunset. #holiday #lombok #hwangphoto #THTY #myTaetae is right behind me.

Taeyeon also tagged herself in the picture, making Tiffany felt even happier.

“Send me the photo of the sunset, Fany.” Taeyeon asked and Tiffany immediately sent the photo to her girlfriend. Taeyeon then took her phone and typed something while covering her phone from Tiffany so the latter could not see exactly what she did. A moment later, a notification appeared on Tiffany’s instagram notifying her Taeyeon had tagged her in one of her photos. She opened the notification to see the picture she just sent to Taeyeon but then furrowed her eyebrows in confusion when she read the caption.

taeyeon_ss: #TYLTF

“What’s TYLTF?” Tiffany looked up, questioning her girlfriend.

“Guess!” Taeyeon grinned playfully with a slight blush on her face.

“THTY you typed on my caption is Tiffany Hwang and TaeYeon, right? But What’s TYLTH?”

“TaeYeonLovesTifFany.” Taeyeon answered as fast as she could while her face turned into tomato.

“What?” Tiffany could not believe what she just heard. Her eyes widened and her jaw hung opened. Ever since Taeyeon said she loved her couple months ago, both of them never said it anymore. They would use the word ‘like’ instead of love and just know, Taeyeon finally said it again and it made the butterflies in Tiffany’s stomach started to flied aimlessly, as she felt her heart fluttered at the random confession.

“No repetition.” Taeyeon said still with a blush on her face while she looked away at the now darkening sky. It felt good for her to finally say it again to Tiffany. She had restrained herself not to say it since she was afraid that it would be too fast but just a moment ago, she felt like this is the right time to say it and so she did.

“What did you say, Taetae?” Tiffany asked once again.

“I said no repetation.” Taeyeon mumbled, felt slightly dejected knowing Tiffany could not hear her properly yet too shy to say it once again.


“I am not repeating my sentence.”


“No, Fany.”

“Taetae.” Tiffany cupped Taeyeon’s face and forced the latter to face her. “I love you too.” Tiffany blushed as well but could not hide her wide smile.

Taeyeon smiled at the reply, feeling her heart rapidly beating inside her chest. “It feels really good to finally hear it from you.” She grinned wide but she could feel her cheek burned, visibly showing how much she blushed.

“It’s nice to hear it again from you.” Tiffany smiled as well.

“Can I kiss you?” Taeyeon mumbled unusually shy, feeling like a teenager once again, making Tiffany chuckled as she leaned forward to land a soft kiss on Taeyeon’s lips.

“I love you, Taetae.” She mumbled against the lips.

“I love you too…”

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