Catch Me When I Fall (012)

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Lombok Trip (Part II)

Both girls arrived at the hotel after having a quick dinner in a small café near their hotel. Their bodies are all sticky because of the sweat from their full day trip but the smiles never left their face. For Tiffany, to hear Taeyeon once again saying she loved her was the moment she had been waiting ever since they were official three months ago. As for Taeyeon, to finally able to hear Tiffany said she loved her too was something she ever dreamt of. It felt really nice to hear the three words came out from the girl she loved. They crashed their room and threw their bodies on the bed, stretching as much as they could, feeling exhausted yet happy.

“Go take a shower, Taetae,” Said Tiffany who had her body flat on the bed, closing her eyes already.

“Why don’t you take the shower first and let me rest for a while? I am so tired.” Taeyeon replied as she shifted her body to face Tiffany who still had her eyes closed.

“I took the shower first this morning. So, now you gotta take the shower before me. That’s the rule.”

“Never heard such a rule exists until today.” Taeyeon sighed but still smiling before sat up and stretched once again. “Would tomorrow’s itinerary be as pack as today?” She asked the girl on the bed as she stood up, making her way to her luggage, taking a pair of purple pajamas and clean underwears.

“We’re going to Gili Trawangan tomorrow and stayed the night there. Make sure you pack your things tonight. We’re gonna check out first thing in the morning after breakfast.” Tiffany answered without opening her eyes.

“Okay, ma’am.” Taeyeon chuckled noticing how tired her girlfriend seemed to be and walked into the bathroom, taking a quick shower and went out a moment letter looked fresh in her pajamas only to find her girlfriend already asleep, signed by the soft snore. She smiled at the sight, folding her used clothes before putting it into the laundry bag. She then made her way to the bed and kissed Tiffany’s cheek to wake her up. “Wake up, get a shower, and you’re allowed to sleep again.” She said before kissed Tiffany’s nose. “I don’t wanna sleep with a sweaty girl.” She teased and got a protesting groan from the latter.

“Why won’t you let me sleep in peace Miss Kim Taeyeon?” Tiffany lazily opened her eyes and pouted at her girlfriend who grinned naughtily.

“That is because you’re so smelly, you need to get a shower so I can sleep in peace as well.” Stated the blonde playfully as she grabbed Tiffany’s hand and pulled the sleepy girl up to sitting position before planting a kiss on the grumpy girl’s lips. That made Tiffany instantly smiled and opened her eyes.

“And that’s the best way to waking up the sleeping princess.” The eye smile girl said, giving a light peck against Taeyeon’s lips. She then stretched for a while before walked to the bathroom and took a shower.

Taeyeon chuckled as she took her phone out from her small bag to charge it. She also took her iPad and start browsing through the emails she got for today. She had neglected her iPad and did not take a look at her email at all ever since this morning, thanks to the holiday and the way her girlfriend kept preventing her from taking her iPad out of her bag. She replied to some email until she finally heard a click from the bathroom door. Her head automatically turned to the door and soon blushed hard at the sight. Tiffany was just finished showering and only wrapped her body with the hotel towel. She immediately turned her head back to the iPad.

“Fany, go put some clothes on, please.” She tried to manage her voice not to stutter but her girlfriend noticed how red Taeyeon’s face was.

Tiffany only chuckled as she casually walked to her own luggage and took her underwear, a comfortable short and loose tee. “Why are you so nervous? We’re both girls.” She stated nonchalantly.

“Just in case you forget, I am your girlfriend, which means I am into girls. So, please.” Taeyeon kept her gaze to her iPad, trying her best not to take a peek at her girlfriend who only wrapped with a single piece of fabric. Tiffany chuckled once again as she took her clothes back to the bathroom to put her clothes on. She then got on the bed and scooted over Taeyeon to snatch the iPad and put it on the nightstand earning a protest from her girlfriend who had not finished replying the emails.

“No works in our honeymoon.” The eye smile girl stated firmly before landing a soft peck on Taeyeon’s cheek and slipped herself under the duvet, tapping the pillow beside her, gesturing Taeyeon to layed down as well. The blonde blushed at the remark and followed the order, laying her body on her side, facing Tiffany.

“Honeymoon?” She chuckled softly. “Did we get married somewhere and I happened to lose my memories?” She teased Tiffany as she wrapped her arms around the eye smile girls, pulling the latter closer to her embrace.

“This dwarf really loves to ruin the romantic moment, I guess.” Tiffany mumbled as she tucked herself under Taeyeon’s chin and closed her eyes preparing to sleep. “Taetae…” She called out her girlfriend without opening her eyes. Taeyeon only hummed in response as the blonde also closed her eyes, feeling weary from their earlier trip. Tiffany kissed Taeyeon’s neck softly before nuzzling her nose against the skins. “Thank you for today.”

Taeyeon hummed once again as she stroked Tiffany’s back. “Thanks for what?”

“For accompanying me and for saying you love me.”

The latter smiled as she kissed Tiffany’s temple. “Thanks for the trip and for answering my I love you.”

A smile was also drawn on Tiffany’s face. “Goodnight, Taetae…”

“Goodnight, Fany.”


“Really?? That’s awesome! So we’re gonna stay in the same resort as well?” Tiffany said excitedly to the person she spoke to on the phone. “No! I won’t be sulking!” She chuckled at the remark from across the line as she stole a glance at Taeyeon who had her breakfast while reading some news from her iPad. “Yes, my Taetae is with me. I guess you found out because of my instagram post!” Another hearty laughed escaped from her lips and she nodded before noticing that she was on the phone. “Okay! See you later then.” She finally ended the phone and took her utensils, slicing her waffle into smaller pieces before taking a bite.

They were having their breakfast in hotel restaurant and Tiffany got a phone call from Jessica, asking about her itinerary for today. Taeyeon looked up from her iPad to see her excited girlfriend.

“Was that Jessica?”

“Yes. Guess what?”

“She will be in Gili Trawangan as well today, and we will stay in the same resort as her?” Taeyeon guessed.

“Why are you no fun, Taetae? It’s just like when we had our date in Dufan. You answered it right at the first guess.” Tiffany faked a sulk, earning a chuckle from Taeyeon. “Did you eavesdrop our conversation? I thought you were reading some uninteresting economic news from your iPad.” She asked before taking another bite of her waffle.

“I was not eavesdropping but you’re so loud now the entire hotel would know that we swill stay at the same place as Jessica.” She teased her girlfriend, getting annoyed rolling eyes as a response and she let out another soft chuckle. “Kidding, Fany.” She grinned childishly as she took her cup of longblack and sipped it peacefully.

“Why are you so annoying?”

“Why are you dating an annoying person?”


A laugh escaped from Taeyeon’s lips as she heard the response. “What? That’s a fact. You call me annoying but here you are, dating me.” She kept teasing Tiffany.

“What did I get myself into?”

“A love journey with Miss Country Senior Marketing Manager.”

“Why are you being so cocky today?”

“Because you haven’t given me a proper kiss for six days now.” Taeyeon answered cheekily

“What? I gave you morning kiss.”

“Nu-uh. No tongue involved means no proper kiss.” Taeyeon answered nonchalantly before taking another sip of her coffee. Tiffany opened her mouth in surprised before slapped Taeyeon’s thigh hardly believed that her usually timid girlfriend suddenly turned one hundred eighty degree.

“Gosh, why are you so pervert?” Tiffany blushed hard at the remarks and immediately raised her cup of tea, covering her blushing cheeks.

Taeyeon shook her head in disagreement, putting her cup back on the table and grinned teasingly. “I believe, you were the one who taught me French kiss. Now, who is the pervert one?”

“Taetae!” Tiffany almost chocked on her tea. She put her cup down and wiped her mouth with tissue. “I can’t believe you’re saying that.” She shook her head in disagreement, earning yet another hearty laugh from Taeyeon.

“You told me to act like a real girlfriend along this holiday,” Said Taeyeon in defence. “Why are you protesting though?” She looked questioningly at Tiffany.

“That’s the the exact words: real girlfriend. Not pervy girlfriend.” Tiffany still had the blush on her cheeks. “Where did you get the idea that being a real girlfriend including having that pervert mind inside?”

“The only source I learn to be in a relationship is from you.”


Taeyeon laughed once again after feeling satisfied teasing her girlfriend. She then told Tiffany that she was kidding as they continued their breakfast, talking about their itinerary in Gili Trawangan. Taeyeon relieved knowing that the plan in Gili Trawangan sounded less pack than their yesterday’s trip. She nodded when Tiffany explained that the island was not that big. It only needed approximately an hour to get around the island by foot. Tiffany also told Taeyeon that they would mostly stroll around the beach, having some water sports and games if they wanted to. They could also just hang out in the bars and cafes along the beach. Taeyeon only noded with a smile in response as Tiffany excitedly mentioned things they would do once they got there. She could not deny that she actually felt excited as well to finally having a holiday, especially with the most important person with her.

After finishing their breakfast, both girls took a quick shower and changed their clothes into short pants and tanktops. Taeyeon protested once again when she noticed that Tiffany wore a pair of bikinis under her clothes, disapproving the idea of her girlfriend showed too much skin to strangers. After reassuring Taeyeon that Gili Trawangan mostly filled with international tourists, Tiffany funally got the approval even though Taeyeon still seemed to be hesitant. They then brought their luggage from their room and checked out from the hotel. A driver had waited for them at the hotel lobby and they went inside the car, going to a small harbor where they would take a boat to go to Gili Trawangan.

They waited for a while before they finally got into a batch with other ten passengers in the boat. The two girls decided to climb up on the top of the boat’s roof to enjoy the sea breeze touching their faces and let their hair get messed by the wind. As usual, Tiffany could not be separated from her phone and kept snapping pictures of the blue seas and some selfies with Taeyeon. It took approximately thirty minutes for them to finally reached Gili Trawangan, one of the famous “Three Gilis” in Lombok. Gili itself means ‘island’ in local language and Gili Trawangan is the most favorite destination compared to Gili Meno and Gili Air because of the bars they offered along the seaside. It was like Bali in a smaller size. Once they reached the island, both girls carefully hopped off the boat, making sure that they would not be tripped. After successfully got their feet on the beach, Tiffany looked around, noticing there were a lot of international tourists wearing bikinis at the beach and turned to Taeyeon with a wide grin plastered on her face.

“See, Taetae? People are wearing bikinis! It’s normal here!” She almost exclaimed in extitement. Taeyeon also looked around and pouted at Tiffany.

“Fine. I won’t protest.” She kept pouting and earned a hearty laugh from Tiffany who linked their arms together. They then hired a porter to bring their luggage while they walked hand in hand towards their resort.

“You said fine but you kept pouting. Is my Taetae jealous?” Tiffany asked teasingly.


“Aw, jealous shorty.”

“I am not jealous and please don’t call me shorty.” Taeyeon kept pouting but soon gasped when Tiffany suddenly pecked her lips.


“What?” The girl only smiled in amusement.

Taeyeon was about to protest but she remembered again that she promised Tiffany to be a good girlfriend during their holiday so she shook her head immediately. “Nothing.”

“If you dare to complain, I will just drown you in the sea.” Tiffany stated nonchalantly while they kept their steps not to be too far from their porter since they did not know where was the location of their resort.

“Whaaat??” Taeyeon faked a loud gasp and placed one of her hand on her chest. “My girlfriend is a murderer.” She chuckled before pecked Tiffany’s cheek. “But I still love her.”


“Now, I am confused. I can’t be jealous and I also can’t be cheesy. What do you, want Miss Tiffany Hwang?”

“I want to make out with my girlfriend.” They eye smile girl whispered teasingly at Taeyeon, to get her revenge for Taeyeon’s tease in their breakfast. The latter blushed hard at the statement and looked away shyly, keeping her gaze to the porter who walked in front of them. “How could you stare at our porter after I told you I wanna make out with you?” Tiffany continued to tease Taeyeon and got no reply but a harder blush from the latter, making her laughed in amusement. “How old are you once again?”

“You know the answer.” Taeyeon mumbled still with obvious red tint on her cheeks.

“But you don’t act like one.”

“Fany…” Taeyeon whined, expecting Tiffany to stop teasing her. Tiffany laughed again at the respons she got and landed a quick peck on Taeyeon’s red cheek.

“Kidding, baby.” She chuckled lightly and stopped teasing her flushing girlfriend.

They finnaly arrived at their resort after ten minutes of walking, paid some tips for the porter and checked in to their room. Taeyeon was surprised when she came into the resort, not expecting to get such a good place to stay in the island. She noticed that their cottege was located in front of the pool, and the resort also had its own private beach and bar. The cottage they got also very clean and comfortable. They let the bellboy put their luggage in the room and Tiffany gave him the tip while Taeyeon jumped on the bed, laying while as she closed her eyes.

“Do not sleep, Kim Taeyeon,” Tiffany warned as she closed the door after the bellboy left.

“I am not sleeping. But this place is great!” She sat up immediately, grinned at Tiffany who joined her on the bed. “How much is the rate for one night?”

“I am not telling.” Tiffany said as she shifted to sit on Taeyeon’s lap, facing her grinning girlfriend and pecked the nose. “You just need to shut up, enjoy the holiday, be a good girlfriend, and we’re good.” She chuckled before kissed Taeyeon’s lips softly.

“Are you playing secret with me?” Taeyeon asked after breaking the kiss. “Let’s share this holiday’s expenses. I will pay for all the meals, okay?” She smiled. “And I will be a good girlfriend for the rest of our holiday.” She grinned once again snaked her arms around Tiffany’s waist, leaned forward again to capture Tiffany’s lips but Tiffany backed away.

“Deal. Enough kissing. Now, let’s go to the main beach, where we got off the boat.” She said as she stood up from the bed and snatched her small bag contained her wallet and phone.

Taeyeon pouted but followed Tiffany anyway, taking her small sling bag with her and held Tiffany’s hand in hers. “I really do not get any French kiss for almost one week from my girlfriend.” She sulked as she opened the door, making Tiffany laughed at the sulk and protest, while the eye smile girl locked the door behind them after they got out from their cottage.

They walked to the main beach, had their lunch in one of the cafés there and trolled around the island. They never let go off each other hand as they walked around the island, did not mind about the people around them because none of the people there seemed to be bothered at they way they cling to each other and acted like a couple.

“You’re right.” Taeyeon said out of the blue when they walked at the silent street, a bit far from the main beach. “There are a lot of international tourists here.”

“Told you.” Tiffany answered casually but then her eyes caught two familiar figure, wearing couple tees, walked a bit far in front of them. She squinted her eyes to make sure the sight before her eyes. “Jess! Yuri!” She called the two people who walked hand in hand couples of meters away in front of them. The two people turned around and smiled wide. Yuri frantically waved her free hand while Jessica pulled Yuri along to come toward Tiffany and Taeyeon.

“Hi girls.” Taeyeon greeted with a smile on her face. She looked at the holding hands and noticed that Yuri and Jessica got a temporary tattoo on their wrists. “Is that temporary tattoos?” She asked.

“Yes!” Yuri smiled as she let go off Jessica’s hand and showed a tattoo of Mickey Mouse’s head on her wrist. “Got Mickey for me. And Minnie for Sica.” She grinned proudly, taking Jessica’s hand and showed the similar tattoo with ribbon on the top of the head.

“Tiffany chuckled at the sight and decided to tease the couple. “Lovesick teenager.” She snickered playfully.

“Says the one who sulked along our dinner when she thought that Taeyeon would not join her holiday.” Jessica stated nonchalantly as she held Yuri’s hand again making Yuri laughed hard and Taeyeon looked at Tiffany with a teasing smile.

“Really? You sulked?” Taeyeon asked.

“Very much. You wouldn’t want to see how she ate ayam betutu that night. She stabbed the chicken with her fork like she was going to kill the already dead chicken.” Jessica continued.

“Jessi!” Tiffany slapped Jessica’s arm making the other three girls laughed. “Exagerrating!”

The other three girls kept laughing at Tiffany’s response. Taeyeon looked at Tiffany in amusement and smirked teasingly. “Fany is so cute when she sulked.” She chuckled lightly only to received groans from Jessica.

“That is what I call lovesick teenager, Miss Senior Manager.” Jessica rolled her eyes, earning another chuckled from Taeyeon who only shook her head while stealing another glance at Tiffany who still had a pout on her face.

“What room are you guys in anyway?” Yuri changed the topic.

“Room number 39, the one near the pool.”

“The cottage? That one is expensive.” Jessica gasped.

“Really? I don’t know the rate. Tiffany was the one who booked the hotel.” Taeyeon widened her eyes, shifting her gaze from Jessica to Tiffany.

“Remember our deal? No protest.” Tiffany stated sternly then looked at Jessica and Yuri. “Which room are you guys in?”

“Room 81. The standard room.” Yuri grinned sheepishly. “Please do not protest, Sica.” She looked at her girlfriend with pleading eyes.

“Relax, Yul…” Jessica chuckled softly as she nodded with a smile. “Anyway, guys… Today, we plan to have our own date. So, breakfast tomorrow morning?” Jessica offered.

“Sure.” Taeyeon replied with a nod.

“Double date?” Tiffany asked excitedly.

“Double date it is.” Yuri grinned and nodded in agreement.

The couples then bid their goodbye since they wanted to spend the rest of the day with their respective partners. So, Taeyeon and Jessica continued walking while Jessica and Yuri decided to get on a café, getting gelato. After taking an hour-long walk around the island, they finally reached the main beach again. Tiffany insisted Taeyeon to go snorkeling, making them argued when Tiffany was about to take off her clothes to wear her bikinis for snorkeling. At the end, Tiffany managed to convince Taeyeon to let her wore her bikini and they went snorkeling. Finished with snorkeling, both girls went to nearby café and ate their lunch.

“We’re all wet.” Tiffany chuckled as they started to eat their lunch. Tiffany topped her bikini with her clothes and since the bikinis were still wet, it made the clothes wet as well, while for Taeyeon, since she did not bring any extra clothes or swim suit, she snorkeled with her clothes and still wore the same clothes while eating.

“If I got sick it’s your fault.” Taeyeon snickered before taking a spoonful of fried rice to her mouth.

“Ouch, my girlfriend is so mean.” Tiffany did not get affected and continued eating.

“Wanna go back after eating? We need to change clothes.” Taeyeon offered.


After finished with their meals, both girls went back to their resort but instead of getting into their cottage, Tiffany dragged Taeyeon to the pool, removed her clothes and jumped into the warm water in her bikinis, splashing water to Taeyeon who decided to stay at the poolside.

“Why are you no fun?” Tiffany asked as she swam to the edge, approaching Taeyeon who sat at the poolside, dangling her feet into the water while looking around the empty pool. The other resort’s occupants might still enjoy the main beach at this hour.

“I have enough swimming already.” The blonde chuckled, while Tiffany folded her arms on Taeyeon’s lap and leaned her chin on the top of her arms.

“Boring person.” Tiffany snickered. “And, yes, I date a boring person.” She added before Taeyeon said the sentence just like what the latter did at breakfast, making Taeyeon laughed hard.

“But the boring person you date is so charming. Admit it.” She grinned cheekily but soon yelped when Tiffany pulled her inside the pool without warning. “Fany!!” Taeyeon whined as she got dragged into the water, getting wet all over again but her protest soon got silenced when Tiffany stayed close with her, placing the arms aroung her neck and beamed her favorite eye smile. She smiled along unconsciously.

“I’ve always wanted to try something.” Tiffany said without releasing Taeyeon. “You know how hopeless I am when it comes to romantic movie and I once watched this movie which has a kissing scene in the sea, under the water.” She chuckled shyly. “But I don’t think you wanna do that. So…” She looked at Taeyeon with her toothy grin. “Can we try here?”

Taeyeon blushed hard at the request and nodded timidly. “But, wouldn’t that be weird?” She asked innocently, earning a loud laugh from Tiffany.

“How could I know? I never tried that.” Tiffany chuckled then smiled wide once again. “Let’s find it out!” She counted down from three and both girls held their breath as they dived into the water before trying to capture each other lips. Tiffany managed to press her lips against Taeyeon’s, eyes closed as she tightened the hug, pulled Taeyeon closer. Taeyeon snaked her arms around Tiffany’s waist and slowly opened her mouth to nibble the latter’s lips while Tiffany did the same. But before they could continue the kiss, a huge amount of water came into their mouth making both girls choked and immediately went to surface to get some air. Once they got into the surface Tiffany coughed but then laughed hard.

“Gosh! That’s weird!!!” She exclaimed as she splashed water to Taeyeon who apparently laughed along.

“Please do not ever do that again, Fany.” The petite blonde managed to say in between her laugh.

“That I must agree.” Tiffany shook her head in amusement. “How could the actor and actress do that, though?” She kept chuckling as she walked to the poolside and got off the pool, followed by Taeyeon. “Wanna check the private beach, Tae? Waiting for the sunset?”

“Sure.” Taeyeon stretched her hand towards Tiffany and brought the girl along with her. The wet clothes did not bother them any longer. They walked past their cottage, continued to the back of the resort, where the private beach was. There were some colorful beanbag chairs on the seaside for the guests to enjoy the beach. Taeyeon flopped herself on the couch, pulled Tiffany along with her, making the latter leaned on top of her with the back against her chest.

The girl chuckled at their position and tried to sit up but failed since Taeyeon already had her arms wrapped securely around Tiffany’s waist. “I am heavy, Taetae.” Tiffany laughed softly as she tried to pry Taeyeon’s hands off her waist only to get a tighter hug from the blonde.

“It’s okay. It’s comfortable,” Said Taeyeon as she nuzzled her nose to Tiffany’s wet hair, earning a giggle fom the eye smile girl. Tiffany then tried to shift a bit to make herself comfortable. She moved a bit lower, positioned her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder but it was difficult to get to her comfort with Taeyeon’s arms around her tight.

“Let me get a comfortable position at least?”

Taeyeon responded with a hum and loosened her hug, letting Tiffany to shift to sit next to her while her upper body kept leaning on Taeyeon’s with her head under the chin. Tiffany then wrapped her arms around Taeyeon’s before letting out a contented sigh. “I love this.” Tiffany mumbled as she fixed her gaze to the reddish sky.

“The sunset?” Taeyeon asked as she kissed Tiffany’s top of head.

“That one.” The dark-haired replied. “But the thing I love more is this. Us. And also the way you hug me and kiss me like this.” She closed her eyes a bit, taking a deep breath, feeling comfortable in Taeyeon’s embrace.

“Why can’t you hold me in the street? Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor? I wish that it could be like that. Why can’t we be like that? Cause I’m yours.” Taeyeon sang one of the popular songs that repeatedly played on radio as she rested her cheek on Tiffany’s head.

“Don’t sing that song. I hate it.”


The eye smile girl sighed as she comfortably nuzzled to Taeyeon’s neck. “Because I can’t hold you in the street and I can’t kiss you anytime.” She frowned as she slipped her fingers in between taeyeon’s. “That’s why I cherish this kind of moment with you.” She mumbled against the neck, no longer care about the finished sunset as the sky started getting darker, nuzzling to Taeyeon felt way more comforting than looking at the dark sky.

Taeyeon hummed once again as she kissed Tiffany’s head softly. “I am sorry. Do you regret this? Us?” Taeyeon asked carefully. She felt guilty for not being able to give what Tiffany wanted. The latter pulled away a bit, looking at Taeyeon in disbelief.

“How many time should I tell you that I decided to be here, to be with you, to be yours?” She frowned. “No regret, Taetae.”

“Even if we would break up someday?”

“What???!!” Tiffany immediately pulled away completely from Taeyeon. “What are you trying to say? Do you plan to break up with me?” She asked furiously, hating the question from Taeyeon.

Taeyeon immediately sat up and held Tiffany’s hands. “No, Fany. It’s just hypothetically speaking, if we would bre-“

“Don’t say that, don’t ask that, and no ‘hypothetically speaking’ on that matter!” Tiffany snapped. “This is another thing I can’t understand from you. Why are you so pessimistic about us?”

“It’s not like that. I just…” Taeyeon stopped her sentence. She was about to say that things like breaking-up was something that very possibly happened in a relationship. And as much as she wanted Tiffany to be by her side for a long time, she knew it wouldn’t be easy, how to face the society, how to tell their family, and other things.

“Let’s not talk about that.” Tiffany ended the argument. “You promised me to be a real girlfriend.” She frowned as she looked at their holding hands. “Your question is not supposed to be asked to your girlfriend, you know?”

“I am sorry.” Taeyeon mumbled her apology. She had no intention to make Tiffany upset. It was just a random question that popped up in her brain and she had no idea that Tiffany would react like that.

“You’re lucky I love you or else, I would really drown you to the sea.” Tiffany tried joking to lighten the mood again. The darked-hair pulled her hands from Taeyeon’s and got into her previous position again, leaning against Taeyeon. She took Taeyeon’s hands and made it wrapped around her waist.

“Fany, I really am sorry.” Taeyeon stated as she leaned forward, positioned her head at the same height as Tiffany and kissed the cheek softly. “Thanks for being patient.” She said against the cheek and planted another soft kiss, making Tiffany smiled and turned her head, nose touched against Taeyeon’s.

“You’ve forgiven, baby.” She beamed her eye smile. “I don’t like being angry for too long to you.”

“Why is that?” Taeyeon tilted her head in confusion.

Tiffany shrugged, shifted her position to sit on Taeyeon’s laps and faced her girlfriend. She then wrapped her arms around Taeyeon’s neck while Taeyeon has her arms around her waist. “Our time is too precious to be angry. I don’t get much time to be like this with you. I don’t want to waste it with arguments.” She smiled softly, a smile that made Taeyeon automatically smiled along.

“What did I do to deserve a lovely girlfriend like you?” Taeyeon smiled sincerely

“Here it comes my cheesy girlfriend.” Tiffany laughed at the statement but silently fluttered by the sincere question. Taeyeon frowned at the response she got and pouted. “Don’t pout. So unattractive.” Tiffany teased the sulking girl.

“So, your girlfriend is a pervert, annoying, boring, unattractive person?” Taeyeon smirked, teasing Tiffany back.

“Exactly.” Tiffany laughed harder.

“Why do you date her then?” A smirk still plastered on the blonde’s face.

“I guess she know why.”  Tiffany smirked along.

“Hmmm, let’s see. Is it because she is smart, nice, multi-talented?”

“That counts. What else?”

“Hmmm, because she is a senior manager?”

“Taetae! That makes me sounds like a material girl!” Tiffany laughed but slapped Taeyeon’s arm before putting her hand back at the back of Taeyeon’s neck.

“Then tell me why.” Taeyeon laughed as well.

“Because she loves me.” A wide smile drawn on the face.

“I believe I date a cupcake, not a cheese ball.”


“You’ve mentioned that before.” It was obvious that the uncomfortable atmosphere caused by Taeyeon’s question had totally vanished.

“There is one thing I haven’t mentioned anyway.” Tiffany smiled secretively.

“What is that?”

“My girlfriend is a good kisser.” Answered Tiffany as she leaned forward to capture Taeyeon’s lips, letting and stayed right there, pressing their lips together. She could feel Taeyeon smiled against her lips before slowly parted her lips, nibbling Taeyeon’s lower lips. Both girls closed their eyes, tilted heads to deepen the kiss. When Tiffany swiped her tongue on Taeyeon lips, she could feel her boss slash girlfriend smiled before parting her mouth, granting Tiffany’s request. The hands that was around Taeyeon’s neck had moved to Taeyeon’s jaw, pulling the blonde closer.

Taeyeon’s hands slowly caressed Tiffany’s waist as the latter moved her hands again, trailing the neck and stayed on Taeyeon’s collarbone. They finally ended the kiss when they needed to breath. Taeyeon still had her eyes closed, with a wide smile on her face. No matter how much they had kissed, Tiffany still had this ability to make her heart fluttered. She still tried to catch some breath when she suddenly felt something wet on her jaw, trailing the line to her ears and a soft peck on her ear. She gasped at the sensation, and was about to open her eyes but failed because another peck was landed on her neck, followed by a soft nip, making her moaned unconsciously.

“Oh, wow!”

A voice snapped both girls and they immediately pulled away and turned their head to the voice. Taeyeon was panicked but silently relieved at the sudden intrusion since she started to feel something she never felt before when Tiffany licked her jaw and nipped her neck. Yet she felt disappointed because she actually enjoyed the new feeling she got.

“Why are you stopping?” Yuri stood couples of meters away from them, grinned teasingly while crossing her arms on her chest.

Both Tiffany and Taeyeon could not answer the question, feeling shy to get caught in the middle of what they did at the moment making Yuri laughed lightly at the sight in front of her. “I was looking for you guys, wanted to offer you to have dinner together with me and Sica. I messaged Tiffany but she didn’t reply so I thought I could find you guys here.” She explained her sudden appearance still with a wide grin.

“Ah, okay. Wanna get dinner now?” Tiffany tried to act nonchalant eventhough she was terribly shy.

“Up to you. I see you guys haven’t prepared yet and Sica seemed too hungry to wait. I guess we will depart first. We will have dinner in the resort’s resto if you guys wanna join.” Yuri offered before bidding her goodbye to the two awkward people on the bean-bag chair.

After Yuri had left from their sight, both girls look at each other and Tiffany suddenly laughed hard as she leaned forward, to bury her face on Taeyeon’s shoulder. “Gosh, that was terribly embarrassing.” She kept laughing in between her words, making Taeyeon chuckled.

“Indeed, it was,” Replied Taeyeon. “Wanna have dinner?” She offered her girlfriend who still had her face buried on her shoulder.

“Sure, let’s go.” Tiffany finally pulled away, still having blushes on her cheeks. She then stood up from Taeyeon’s laps, followed with Taeyeon who also stood up from her position.

“I think we need to take a bath and change clothes first before getting our dinner.” The blonde suggested as she interlaced their hands together and walked towards their cottage.


“You haven’t brushed your teeth, Fany.” Taeyeon pulled Tiffany who immediately crashed the bed like the day before, once they crashed their cottage after dinner with Yuri and Jessica.

“I am not sleeping yet, Taetae. Why don’t you brush your teeth first? I just wanna lay on the bed for a while.”

“No, you were asleep the last time you did this.” Taeyeon chuckled as she kept forcing the girl to sit up. “Let’s use the bathroom together so you can sleep soon.” Taeyeon suggested, swinging their holding hand playfully. Tiffany pouted but finally complied, she stood up and got dragged by Taeyeon to the bathroom to brush their teeth and washed their face. Taeyeon dried her face with paper towel as she looked at Tiffany’s bare and could not help but to smile and the latter noticed that.

“Why are you smiling like that?”

“You’re pretty even without make up.” Taeyeon stated sincerely making Tiffany blushed. “And also cute when you’re blushing like that.” She added, earning a soft slap on her back.


“I am.” She chuckled and threw the paper towel to the bin and got out of the bedroom with Tiffany who immediately jumped onto the bed.

“Why am I so tired?” She mumbled as she closed her eyes.

Taeyeon carefully got on the bed after charging their phones and tablet for tomorrow. She leaned her back on the bed, next to Tiffany and immediately slipped her arms around tiffany’s waist. “Sleep. You need to rest.” Said Taeyeon before planting a kiss on Tiffany’s cheek. The dark-haired girl giggled at the kiss and turned her body to face Taeyeon, slipping one of her arms on Taeyeon’s waist as well.

“Where is my goodnight kiss?” She puckered her lips playfully.

“No. You give me the goodnight kiss.” Taeyeon answered playfully as she also puckered her lips, making Tiffany laughed at the dorky girlfriend and shifted closer to Taeyeon, capturing the latter’s lips and nibbled at the bottom lip before tugged it gently and pulled away.

“That was your goodnight kiss.” She smiled. “Now, where is mine?” She puckered her lips again, earning another laugh from Taeyeon before the blonde girl leaned forward, giving the same kiss like what Tiffany did, only this time, she didn’t pull away but licking the black-haired’s lips, slipping her tongue in between the lips and immediately got approval as Tiffany opened her mouth, giving a permission to roam her mouth. Their kiss started to get heated and Taeyeon unconsciously caressed Tiffany’s back. Tiffany at the other hand also moved her hand to Taeyeon’s neck, caressing the milky white skins with the tip of her fingers, making the blonde shuddered under her touch.

As Taeyeon was immersed into the kiss, Tiffany suddenly flipped their position, hovering Taeyeon and break the kiss. Taeyeon let out a contented sigh then gasped softly when she feels a nip on her neck just like what happened at the beach. The nip was a bit hard this time, making her shivered and that new feeling started to come again. The nip soon changed into a bite and ended with a soft kiss on her skins before Tiffany finally pulled away. Taeyeon opened her eyes and see Tiffany was still hovering her with a smile on her face, looking at a certain spot on her neck.

“Mine!” Tiffany said happily.

“Huh?” Taeyeon looked at her girlfriend questioningly.

The eye smile girl chuckled as her finger caressed the spot she just bit. “I marked you. You’re mine.”

Taeyeon still had this confuse looks but then nodded and laughed, as she understood what Tiffany said.


“Yep!” Tiffany smiled again. “Don’t you dare to cover it tomorrow. That’s a sign that you’re mine.” She stated sternly making Taeyeon laughed again.

“Okay! But please don’t mark me when we need to work.”

“I can still mark you even if we need to work.”

“No, it’d be obvious, Fany.”

“Not when I mark you on hideous place.”

“What do you mean?”

Tiffany then pointed her finger to Taeyeon’s shoulder, collarbone, and lastly her chest, making Taeyeon blushed as she got what Tiffany meant. She was about to say something but her tongue betrayed her so she could only stutter.


“Y-yes?” She finally managed to say a word.

“I don’t mind doing second base. What about you?”


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    So romantic! I’m jealous with you fany tp aku lebih milih jd taeyeon deh


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