Catch Me When I Fall (013)

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Lombok Trip (Part III)

M-rated because second base is not for kids. You know what I mean ;) 

“Se-second base?” Taeyeon had not recovered from stuttering.

“Uhm, yes?” It was now Tiffany’s turn to blush at the question. Judging from her girlfriend’s reactions, she was not sure that Taeyeon was ready to take things further. She then smiled sheepishly and tapped Taeyeon’s cheek playfully. “You can answer no if you think it is too fast.” Said the eye smile girl as she shifted to get off from Taeyeon but the latter grabbed her wrist gently, making her stop her movement and stayed on top of the blonde girl.

“It’s not that. I just…” The blonde bit her lips and averted her gaze to the side. “I don’t know how. I mean, I know what second base is but…” She blushed harder as she tried her best to compose her sentence.

Tiffany chuckled at the response she got and leaned forward again to kiss the petite girl once again. “It’s okay, Taetae. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“But I want to!” Taeyeon answered almost immediately, earning a laugh from the eye smile girl. “Just…” She bit her lips once again before put a hand on Tiffany’s cheek, kissing the girl tenderly. “Kindly lead the way.” She mumbled against the lips.

Tiffany smiled against the lips, knowing that they both wanted the same thing. Her hands moved to reach Taeyeon’s jaw, tracing the visible line and stopped when she broke the kiss. She looked at her petite girlfriend hazily before beaming her eye smile and leaned forward again to continue the kiss. No matter how often they kiss, she could still feel the butterflies in her stomach went uneasy. She could feel Taeyeon’s hands, which were on her back, slowly moved down until they landed on her bum and gave a light squeeze. Tiffany involuntarily gasped at the sudden squeeze and broke the kiss.

“Did I do something wrong?” Tayeon immediately stopped and retracted her hands off Tiffany’s rear.

The eye smile girl laughed at the question and got off from Taeyeon. “Taetae, oh my Gosh.” She hardly stopped laughing and laid on her side, facing her confused girlfriend. “I never know you are into butts.” She managed to say in between her laugh.

“I am not!”

“You are.”

“No, Fany!”

“Yes, Taetae.”

“Fany…” Taeyeon whined as she shifted to lay on her front and buried her face on the pillow only to earn louder laugh from the girl beside her. The laughing girl then scooted over to Taeyeon and hugged her.

“I didn’t say I mind.”

Taeyeon revealed her face and grinned already. “Really?”

“See, you are into butts. You have to see how happy your face is.” Tiffany exclaimed teasingly, making her girlfriend buried the face on the pillow again.





Tiffany shook her head in amusement, finding another trait of her girlfriend. She knew Taeyeon was so timid when it comes to things like this. It reminded her when the first time they kissed, and how she needed to teach Taeyeon how to do french kiss. She scooted closer once again and wrap one arm on Taeyeon’s back. “Is my Taetae angry at me? I won’t tease you again. Promise.” Said tiffany as she landed a kiss on Taeyeon shoulder making the latter turned her head once again and looked at her with a pair of puppy eyes.

“I am shy.” Taeyeon mumbled with a cute pout on her face, earning another smile from Tiffany. “I did that by reflex. I don’t know why.” She continued as she shifted her body to face her girlfriend and wrap an arm around Tiffany’s waist, caressed it gently.

Tiffany chuckled softly but immediately kissed Taeyeon’s nose, afraid that the blonde girl would think that she teased her again. “I don’t mind, really. It’s just. I didn’t anticipate you would touch my bums.” She spoke as she nuzzled her nose to Taeyeon’s nose before giving a light peck on the skin.

Taeyeon nodded at the explanation and kissed Tiffany’s forehead. “But the next time we do it, do not tease me. I am shy.” She said in whisper, still feeling shy from what happened earlier.

“Next time?” Tiffany pulled away a little bit, just enough to see Taeyeon’s face and gave her girlfriend a teasing smirk. “You’ve planned for the second attempt already?” She stated in the most teasing tone she could, making her girlfriend got all red once again and buried half of the face to the pillow she used. Tiffany laughed hard then kissed Taeyeon’s cheek. “Why should we wait for next time? Want to continue what we left?” The eyes smile girl offered before landing another kiss on Taeyeon’s ears. “And in addition, you haven’t marked me, Taetae.” She continued and finally got attention from the blonde girl who turned her head to fully face Tiffany and blinked her eyes repeatedly.

“Now?” The petite girl asked Tiffany. “Can I?” She asked timidly.

Tiffany beamed her eye smile and nodded in answer, silently enjoyed the cute sight just before her eyes. She caressed Taeyeon’s cheek softly, she never said it to Taeyeon but even though Taeyeon was a woman, compared to her exes, Taeyeon was the gentlest one. Different from her exes, none of Taeyeon’s touch or kisses felt lusty. It was soft, light, and gentle as if Tiffany was the most precious thing she had ever touched. Never in her life she thought about loving a girl the way she loved Taeyeon but now as she was in a relationship with the girl, she could only feel grateful that her heart fall for the blonde.

“So?” Tiffany asked when she noticed her girlfriend had not made any move after she answered her question with a nod.

“Uhm, can you give me the example?” Requested Taeyeon still with half of her face was buried in the pillow.

“Example? You said you know what second base is.”

“I know that theoretically. I mean, it is a common term and people know what it means. But, I do not really know the boundaries. I mean, I tried to find it out by watching porn but I-.” Taeyeon stopped in the middle of her sentence and buried all her face fully in pillow again when she realized she just told Tiffany that she watched porn.

“You watched… what?” Tiffany tried hard not to laugh but she said it teasingly.

“Nothing.” Taeyeon answered still with her face buried in the pillow.

“I can’t hear you, Taetae.”

“Nothing, Fany.”

“You watched porn, hmmm?”

“Fany…” Taeyeon whined again. She mentally facepalmed herself for blurting out that stupid fact to Tiffany. How could she mention that she watched porn? She kept her face buried until she finally heard Tiffany laughed softly and gently turned her body so she could no longer hid her face in the pillow.

“We are adults, Taetae. You don’t have to be that shy.”

“But, I don’t want you to think that I am pervert. I just watched it for future reference.” Taeyeon tried to defend herself, did not dare to see Tiffany in the eye.

“Future reference?”

“If someday we will do it, at least I won’t be too clueless and you don’t have to teach me step by step just like how you taught me french kiss.”

Another laugh was heard from Tiffany who clapped her hand and shook her head when hearing her girlfriend’s answer. “Gosh, Taetae…” She then sat up and once again, hovering her flushing girlfriend and leaned in to give a chaste kiss on the lips. “Will it comfort you if I say, I also watch porn sometimes?” She chuckled and gave another quick kiss. “And, talking about future reference, if someday we will do it, you won’t be the only one who’s clueless because I’ve never done that too with anyone. So we can just learn together.” She chuckled softly and smiled wide when she saw her girlfriend took a relief breath and grinned like a dork right now.

“So, I am gonna be your first?” The petite girl asked excitedly.

“Ssssshhhh, you haven’t even passed the second base.”

“I am sure I can pass that. Now teach me.”

“I believe someone just mentioned she doesn’t want me to think that she is pervert but what you said proved the otherwise.” Tiffany chuckled and leaned forward again, leaving their lips apart for less than an inch. “So? Second attempt?”

The timid Taeyeon seemed to take over the blonde’s body again as she shyly nodded but this time with a cute grin on her face. With that as a cue, Tiffany finally closed her eyes as she pressed their lips together and tugged Taeyeon’s lips then getting a swipe from Taeyeon’s tongue as a permission to enter her mouth. She slightly parted her mouth just enough to let Taeyeon’s tongue wandered inside her mouth and initiate the battle between the pink muscles. Both girls were deep in their intimate session, and Taeyeon hands once again wandered to Tiffany’s bums, giving a light squeeze. Tiffany sighed a bit against the kiss but not giving a protest about what Taeyeon did, instead she deepened their kiss.

As their kiss kept getting heated, Tiffany’s hand started to move, caressing Taeyeon’s waist upward and only stopped when she reached right under Taeyeon’s breast. She stopped for a while when she felt her girlfriend gasped and tensed a bit but soon continued when Taeyeon showed no rejection and continued their kiss. Her right hand finally cupped Taeyeon’s left breast, staying there for a while, feeling her heart beat fast when she felt the soft mound through the fabric of Taeyeon’s bra and pajamas. When she finally gave a light squeeze to Taeyeon’s breast, she could hear a faint moan from the latter and their kiss stopped for a moment there. She broke the kiss and looked at Taeyeon who still had her eyes closed and her breath hitched.

“Fany…” Taeyeon slowly opened her eyes and gave a sweet smile before lifting her head a bit to capture Tiffany’s lips and continued the kiss. She could feel Tiffany smiled against the kiss and gave another gentle squeeze on her breast. She shuddered under Tiffany’s touch, enjoying every sensation she felt at this very moment. She slowly let her instinct took over what she did next, flipping their position so she was on top of Tiffany without breaking the kiss. The hands that were on Tiffany’s bums moved to the waist. She caressed the waist for a while, copying what Tiffany did to her just a moment ago. Tiffany held her breath for a while, registering the feeling of Taeyeon’s hands on her body and continued kneading Taeyeon’s breast while anticipating Taeyeon to do the same to her.

The young senior manager stopped her hands movement right below Tiffany’s breast, just like what Tiffany did to her but instead of continuing upward, she moved her hand down again and slipped the hands under Tiffany’s pajamas, feeling her girlfriend’s goosebumps on the bare skin. She broke the kiss, moving her lips to pepper the kiss along Tiffany’s jaw and stopped to nibble the earlobe earning a soft moan from the girl under her.

“Taetae…” Tiffany called out in whisper as she tilted her head, when Taeyeon’s mouth continued to travel to her neck, giving more access for her girlfriend. The soft lips landed repeatedly on Tiffany’s neck before stayed a bit longer in one spot and turned into a soft suck, making Tiffany shuddered and let out an audible sigh. It was indeed not her first time but the way Taeyeon touched her, the gentleness in her every kiss felt totally different than what she had experienced before. Her hand moved to the back of Taeyeon’s head, locking her fingers in the blonde strands and pulled the head closer, giving permission to do more.

Getting the cue, Taeyeon sucked a bit harder this time, making Tiffany moaned a bit louder and finally released the skin, giving a soft peck. “Mine.” She said cutely before moved up again to kiss the lips gently. Her hands continued to wander to meet Tiffany’s breasts, giving a light squeeze. She could feel her girlfriend’s bare chest with the hardened nipples poking her palm making Tiffany moaned again in between their kiss. She gave another gentle squeeze but then she suddenly stopped, opening her eyes and immediately took her hands off Tiffany’s breasts.

“Whoa!” Taeyeon exclaimed as she broke the kiss.

“What’s wrong Taetae?” Tiffany was startled and opened her eyes immediately, still in her breathless state and looked at her girlfriend questioningly.

“I-I touched you.” Taeyeon answered stuttering.

“You touched me, obviously. So?”

“No. I mean, you touched me too but not under my clothes. But I touched you under your clothes.”

“What do you mean, Taetae?”

“You don’t wear bra.” Said Taeyeon with flustered face.

Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows, trying to understand what Taeyeon meant to say and finally laughed when she got what the blonde trying to say. “Are you shy because you touched my boobs?”

The blonde nodded shyly while biting her lips. She knew she said that she was ready for second base but she did not expect to touch Tiffany’s breasts skin to skin. Her heart beat fast, remembering how soft her girlfriend’s bosoms in her palms. “I-is that okay? I mean, isn’t it supposed to through the clothes? Not skin to skin?” She asked as she shifted a bit to get off from on top of Tiffany and sat beside the eye smile girl.

“Seriously, Taetae?” Tiffany laughed once again, hearing her girlfriend’s question. “I don’t really know the exact boundaries as well, to be honest.” She said, sitting up from her position and fixing her pajamas. “Is it too fast for you?”

“No… I am just afraid that I might go too far.” Mumbled the blonde. “I ruined the moment again, didn’t I?” She asked with a pout.

A soft chuckle escaped Tiffany’s lips as the pretty girl shaking her head. “No.” She then laid on her side again, patting the space beside her, gesturing Taeyeon to lay down as well. The blonde followed the gesture and laid on her side as well making them slept face to face. “I will make sure I will wear bra the next time we do it again, so you won’t be freak out when you touch my boobs.” She stated playfully as she tucked herself under her lover’s chin.

Taeyeon still had a frown on her face as she felt guilty for ruining the moment again. It was in fact not the first time she ruined the moment. “I am sorry, Fany.” Uttered the blonde while wrapping her arms around Tiffany, cuddling her to sleep.

“What are you sorry for, silly?”

“I keep ruining moments.”

A kiss landed on Taeyeon’s neck followed with a hum. “You do not ruin any moment, baby.” She shifted a bit to see her lover’s eyes. “Now, rest. Tomorrow we’re going back to Lombok, then go to Jakarta.” She mentioned their next day’s schedule.

Taeyeon hummed and closed her eyes. “Fany?”


“When we do it again next time, and I happen to touch your bare chest again, would that be okay?”

The question was unanticipated by Tiffany so she opened her eyes wide and looked Taeyeon in the eyes, shocked by the question.

“You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.” Taeyeon immediately continued, making Tiffany laughed for the umpteenth time that night.

“The next time we do it, do not ask anything. That is awkward, you know?” She chuckled softly before continued. “If I do not stop you, then that means I am fine with that, okay?”

The blonde nodded obediently and landed a kiss on Tiffany’s nose. “If you do not stop me that means you don’t mind?”



Tiffany chuckled again. She never imagined that a person in her age would be this timid and clueless about intimate things. She closed her eyes and nuzzled to Taeyeon, looking for comfortable position to sleep.

“Fany, how can you be so natural?”

“Natural?” Tiffany asked back without opening her eyes.

“Yes, natural. I mean, you’ve never been with woman before but how can you do it with me?”

The questioned answered with a soft hum. “I don’t know either, Taetae. Maybe because it is you. Honestly, I never imagined myself with women before. But when it comes to you, I just follow what my heart wants.”

“Including this second base?”


“When can we do it again, anyway?”

Tiffany couldn’t help but to chuckle. “Ssshhh. You pervert!”


“Yes you are.”

“I am not.”

“You are pervert. End of discussion. Now sleep.”

“I am not pervert.”

“You are my pervert baby.”

“Now that sounds better.”

“Still a pervert though.”


“Ssshhh, sleep Taeyeon.”


Taeyeon yawned for the umpteenth time while sitting in airport waiting room. They arrived too early at the airport. It was still two more hour before their flight, thanks to Taeyeon who constantly nagged Tiffany that she did not want to miss the flight. Taeyeon rubbed her eyes as she felt really sleepy. She could not really sleep last night, because her mind did not seem to be able not to repeatedly play the scene of their second base. She could still remember the goosebumps on Tiffany’s skin when she touched her bare abs, she could still remember the softness of Tiffany’s mounds and that perky little nubs poked her hands. She shook her head to cast away the images that started to run in her mind again and it didn’t get unnoticed by Tiffany.

“Still won’t tell me why you didn’t get enough sleep last night?”

“Just didn’t feel sleepy at all.” Taeyeon answered before letting out another yawn and rubbed her teary eyes because too much yawning.

“Keep lying, Kim Taeyeon.” Tiffany scoffed upon hearing the answer. She knew Taeyeon did not get enough sleep. She even wondered whether her girlfriend slept at all since the first thing she saw in the morning was Taeyeon played with her phone, browsing the picture gallery instead of hugging her like she usually did. “Did you even sleep last night?”

“Uh?” Taeyeon blinked her eyes. “I slept I guess but still feel sleepy.”

“It is the first time I saw you playing with your phone very early in the morning. You usually hug me even after you awake.”

Taeyeon grinned sheepishly and shook her head. “Let’s say I had this something in my mind so I tried to look for some distraction.”

Tiffany looked at her girlfriend with questioning look but instead of asking more, she wrapped an arm around Taeyeon’s shoulder and pulled the head to rest on her shoulder before stealthily kissed the crown of Taeyeon’s head. “Sleep now, silly.”

The blonde could not help but smiling at the caring gesture and closed her eyes while filling her nostrils with the floral scents from Tiffany’s perfume. At the moment, she somehow did not care if people would stare at them with judging looks. She felt really comfortable and she slowly drifted to sleep.

Tiffany peek over her girlfriend and smiled in amusement, witnessing her girlfriend slowly slumbered to dreamland. She took her phone and sneakily took a picture of them. She smiled at the camera while making sure the sleeping Taeyeon was captured in the frame. She chuckled softly when she checked the result, silently wishing that she could share the picture in instagram but she knew Taeyeon would not like it. She let out a silent sigh as she kept her eyes on the picture she just took. She could not really understand why, but she really did not mind if people would judge her, or even hate her just because she was in a relationship with a woman instead of man. Ever since she dated Taeyeon, she could not help but to compare Taeyeon with her ex-es and Taeyeon always won almost in every aspect. The only aspect Taeyeon could not win was the fact that Taeyeon was shorter than her, and Taeyeon was a woman. She pinched out the picture, zooming in to Taeyeon’s sleeping face in the picture and smiled again, mentally praising how cute her girlfriend was. She then tapped on share icon on the picture and sent the picture to Jessica out of her boredom.

Tiffany: [send picture]

Tiffany: See how cute our boss is.

Jessica: I can see how cute your girlfriend is.

Tiffany: Indeed, my girlfriend. Cuter than yours.

Jessica: My girlfriend is cooler.

Tiffany: Oh, yeah? Cooler than the mighty country senior manager?

Jessica: Your girlfriend failed to steal my heart. So yeah, she is not cooler than mine.

Tiffany: Shut up, Jessi.

Jessica: Ooops, my junior is scary.

Tiffany: I hate you.

Jessica: I hate you too ❤

Tiffany: Where are you anyway?

Jessica: Check in counter.

Tiffany: What time’s your flight?

Jessica: In two hours.

Tiffany: Gosh, we will take the same flight.

Jessica: What airlines?

Tiffany: Garuda.

Jessica: Oh yes. Same then. Business class?

Tiffany: No, economy. Why?

Jessica: I thought Taeyeon would book business class. She is rich.

Tiffany: Her girlfriend is not rich. So, economy class, please.

Jessica: Seat number?

Tiffany: 32B and 32C. You?

Jessica: 32I and 32J. Haha!

Tiffany mentally facepalmed as she read the reply. She was pretty sure that Jessica and Yuri would not stop teasing her and Taeyeon if they were seated nearby. In fact, the isle was the only space separating them.

Tiffany: No! Go away!

Jessica: Don’t worry, no teasing for today.

Tiffany: Like I believe in your words, Jessi.

Jessica: I mean it, Tiff. Yul and I will sleep along the flight.

Tiffany: I keep your words.

Jessica: You can keep my words. Yul and I are too tired to tease you guys. We had too much fun last night.

Tiffany: Partying?

Jessica: In bed.

Tiffany: Shut up, Jess!

Jessica: Steamy, hot and sizzlin’

Tiffany: Stop it, d’uh. Gross.

Jessica: Do not act like you did not do it last night. Taeyeon must be tired because of that.

Tiffany: No we didn’t do anything funny.

Jessica: You didn’t do anything funny. But you did something hot?

Tiffany: What Jessi??? No!

“Really? You guys didn’t do something steamy last night?”

A familiar high-pitched voice from behind startled Tiffany. She almost dropped her phone because of it. She turned her head to the back and saw her senior stood behind her, holding hands with Yuri, smiling mischievously.

“Why are you here, meanie senior?” Tiffany faked a scoff but patted the free seat next to her.

“Apparently waiting for my flight, silly junior.” Jessica answered as she sat next to Tiffany, while Yuri sat beside Jessica, still having their hands interlocked, which of course did not get notice from Tiffany.

“PDA much, lovebirds?”

“More like showing off to people that I have such a hot girlfriend.” Jessica answered playfully only to get a soft laugh from Yuri.

Tiffany smiled at the answer and looked at the couple beside her, somehow felt a bit jealous about their relationship. How both of them seemed so fine and did not care a bit if people would judge them.  Even though Yuri and Jessica did not really show it in office but the amount of skinship they had was way more than she and Taeyeon. She obviously wanted the same thing for her and Taeyeon. Sometimes she questioned whether her relationship with Taeyeon would get better as time went by. But knowing how afraid Taeyeon was about showing off their relationship, Tiffany doubted they could be like Jessica and Yuri.

“Why are you looking at us like that?” Jessica snapped, bringing Tiffany back from her wandered mind.

“I am kinda jealous at you and Yul.” She answered in honesty.

“Jealous as in?” Yuri got curios about the thing Tiffany said.

“Taeyeon is not the type who would show off that I am hers.”

Jessica took a glance at the sleeping girl on Tiffany’s shoulder and smiled a bit. “Relax, Tiff. It’s Taeyeon’s first relationship, right? She is still afraid of a lot of things. I bet she hasn’t even came out of her closet. I’ve worked here for years and I finally got my suspicion confirmed when you finally told me that you guys kissed.”

Tiffany also looked at the seemingly peacefully sleeping girl and nodded. “Was it hard? To come out?” She asked Jessica and Yuri.

“I came out when I was in university. It was not an easy decision. I mean with all the society’s judgment, I was afraid that my friends would stop befriending me because of my preference.” Yuri answered the question. “But fortunately, my friends were all very open-minded and they do not mind about my preference.”

“So, you were also insecure back then?” Asked Tiffany.

“I guess everyone is insecure to finally come out from the closet.”

“How about you, Jess?” Tiffany shifted her attention to her senior.

“I was not a good girl back then. I mean, I was more a partying type of girl. I was rarely sober and I didn’t really care with whom I had one night stands back then be it girls or guys.”

“Whoa! One night stand?” Tiffany’s eyes widened at the confession.

“Yes. I was that wild and I am not proud of it. But among the girls and guys I slept with, I noticed that I felt somehow way more comfortable to do it with girls rather than guys. So, I started questioning myself. I didn’t know whether I really like girls and want to have a relationship with girls or was it because I was under alcohol influence and I just needed some release.”

“And then?” Tiffany got more curious as Jessica told her the story she never told before.

“And then… I finally met Yuri.” Jessica took a glance of the tanned girl and smiled softly. “I was still confused when I first met Yuri but every time I am with her, I somehow feel very comfortable, even more comfortable compared to any guy I’ve been with.”

Tiffany smiled along as she could exactly relate what Jessica said. She also always felt comfortable with Taeyeon. Way more comfortable than any guys she had dated before.

“We got closer as days went on and I started to notice that I want to touch Yuri the way I want to touch guys. I mean, I wanted to kiss her badly and-…”

“And she asked me for a date.” Yuri cut Jessica’s sentence with a proud grin on her face, making Tiffany laughed at the obvious smugness on the face.

“Whatever, Seobang.” Jessica rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“What? I tell her the truth.” Yuri’s smug face soon turned questioning and Tiffany laughed even harder at the love quarrel in front of her, making the girl who slept on her shoulder stirred from her sleep.

“Fany? To whom are you talking too?” The sleepy girl mumbled and sat up, rubbing her eyes cutely like a kid before straightened her seat and looked at the additional two girls already joining them. “Ah, hello Yuri and Jessica.” She smiled politely.

Both Yuri and Jessica nodded in reply while Tiffany took a moment for capturing Taeyeon’s sleepy face.

“Same flight?” The sleepy girl asked.

“Yes. Sorry for disturbing your sleep. Tiff is definitely loud.” Jessica stated playfully, earning a soft slap on her shoulder from Tiffany.

The blonde only chuckled before shaking her head. “It is okay. I can continue my sleep in the plane.”

“I am not sure about that, their seat are just right across the aisle.” Tiffany joined the conversation.

“Ah? Really?”

“Yes, true. But no worries, Yul and I are tired so we most likely fall into sleep as soon as we sit on our seats.” Replied Jessica.

“They said they had steamy night.” Tiffany said nonchalantly, making Taeyeon blushed really hard as the image of her first second base rushed into her mind. Jessica noticed the changes on Taeyeon face and decided to tease her boss.

“Someone is blushing. Did you lie when you said you guys did nothing last night?” Jessica smirked at Tiffany.

“Whaatt? We did n-…” Tiffany suddenly remembered that last night they went on second base. Even though it was not that smooth but they did it anyway and she unwillingly blush at the realization, making Jessica smirked even wider.

“Ah, so you guys did something! Tell me, tell me!” Jessica continued teasing the two girl making both Taeyeon and Tiffany blushed even harder and could not say a word. “Let me guess. Hmmm… Second base?”

“How could you kn-“ Taeyeon immediately closed her mouth with her hands when she noticed that Jessica only threw a wild guess and she was tricked to spilled truth.

“Awww, how was it?” Continued Jessica.

“Sica, do not tease them.” Yuri finally stepped up to stop her girlfriend from teasing the obviously shy girls who know nervously looked at random direction, feeling awkward and shy. Jessica laughed at the sight and waved her hand in dismissal.

“I was just kidding. They are so adorable.” She reasoned.

Taeyeon and Tiffany only looked at each other with sheepish grins while silently hoped that Jessica would not continue teasing them along the flight.


Taeyeon and Tiffany finally arrived in Taeyeon’s apartment after landing in Jakarta and took two hours taxi ride to Taeyeon’s place. Both girls plopped their bodies on the couch and stretched their limbs once they were seated. There was nothing wrong with the flight but Jessica seemed like getting extra energy to tease the two girls along the flight. She was smart enough to tease the girl by mentioning the word ‘boyfriend’ instead of ‘girlfriend’ while teasing the two girls, which only got nervous grins from both Taeyeon and Tiffany.

“Fany, you bring extra clothes for work?”

Tiffany hummed and as she tapped her chin, trying to remember if there was any extra clothes in her luggage. “I guess so. Why?”

“Can you stay the night?” Taeyeon asked as she shifted her body to face Tiffany. The latter looked at Taeyeon questioningly. It was one of those rare moments when Taeyeon asked her to sleep over. It was usually her who asked to stay in Taeyeon’s place or her own place.

“Sure, but why?” Asked the eye-smile girl with an obvious amused tone.

“I feel like hugging you to sleep since tomorrow we’re gonna start working again and my mind says that I do not want it to end just yet.” Answered the blonde.

“That doesn’t sound like you.”

Taeyeon pouted cutely at Tiffany’s remark. She could not hide that she actually enjoyed their holiday so much and she kind of wished that it would not end this fast. She secretly hoped that she could be open about their relationship just like what they did in Lombok, where she did not need to worry about people judgement.  No one knew them in that place and she did not need to be afraid that people would talk behind their back. Even if people talked about them, they would not meet them ever again.

“Are trying to act cute?” Tiffany continued.

“No, I am cute for real and you know that.”

Tiffany laughed at the answer, shaking her head in amusement at how her girlfriend being cocky and different these couples of days during their vacation. “As much as I do not like cocky person, I can’t help to say that I love this side of you.” Said Tiffany as she pinched Taeyeon’s nose playfully.

The blonde girls still pouted and winced a bit when Tiffany pinched her nose. “Since you love this side of me, why don’t you stay the night and enjoy it?”

“Now I understand why you are appointed as Country Senior Marketing Manager. You’re very good with wordings, especially to sell yourself.”

“Objection. I am not selling myself. I am selling the idea. If you like the idea you can buy it and stay the night. I am not for sale.”

“Why are you not for sale?”

“Because I am owned, obviously.”

Tiffany smirked at the answer and leaned forward, leaving an inch in between their face. “Who owned you?”

“The company, apparently. Why?” Taeyeon answered nonchalantly, earning another pinch at her nose. “Ouch! What was that for??”

“I thought you’re going to say that you’re owned by me.” She huffed in annoyance.

Taeyeon let out a playful gasp before stole a peck on Tiffany’s lips. “I do not like the term ‘owned’. ‘Belong to you’ sounds sweeter than ‘owned by you’.” She continued.

“Cheesy much, Miss Senior Manager?”

“You love my cheesiness.”

“I love romance, not cheesiness. But since I love you, I think I need to accept the whole package including your cheesiness.”

“Now see who is being extra cheesy.” Taeyeon chuckled as she leaned forward again to kiss Tiffany again. “So, stay the night?” She requested one more time after breaking the kiss.

“In one condition.”

“What is it?”

“Another second base.” Tiffany mentioned with a blush, while Taeyeon’s face got redden at the request. “Yes or no, Kim Taeyeon?” Tiffany asked to hide her nervousness.

“Y-yes, please.” Taeyeon shyly answered before soon got dragged by Tiffany to the bedroom.

Have They Done It? (YulSic Bonus)

Still rated-M because... well, you'll find it out soon.

Jessica and Yuri laid naked on Yuri’s bed, panting hard, while looking at each other with a wide smile. Jessica scooted closer to her girlfriend to land a kiss on her lover’s lips. “You are always awesome, you know?”

“And that’s the third time you say it since we arrived here.” Yuri laughed softly as she wrapped Jessica’s waist with her hands and pulled the latter closer, pressing their naked bodies together.

Jessica laughed along with Yuri and gave another peck on the lips before answering. “You made me cum three times since we arrived here. That’s why I said it three times as well.” Said Jessica while she nuzzled to the tanned girl’s breasts and kissed it as well.

“What are you doing?”

“Kissing your boobs.”

Yuri laughed at the silly yet honest answer. “Love it?”

“Very much.” Jessica then shifted a bit upward to make her head at the same height as Yuri. “Anyway, what do you think Taeyeon and Tiffany did back then in Lombok?”

Yuri tilted her head at the random question and puckered her lips while furrowing her eyebrows, a proof that she thought for an answer for Jessica’s question. “Home run, maybe?”

Home run?” Jessica laughed at the answer, shaking her head in disagreement. “I don’t think they’ve reached that stage yet. Taeyeon seemed so shy to do that already.” Said the Ice Princess as she shifted once again, this time placing herself under Yuri’s chin while her legs straddling Yuri’s waist.

“What is your guess?” The tanned girl asked back.

Second base? Third base max. But not more than third base.” Jessica answered confidently.

“How could you be so sure?” Yuri started to get excited at their conversation.

“Remember when I threw a wild guess at the airport, and she blushed really hard at the mention of second base?”

“That’s all?”

“Yes, I mean, let’s put our shoes in her position, if Tiffany randomly asked me whether I have done second base with you or not, I will just answered casually that yes we’ve done it, especially we’ve dated for two years already. It is normal, right? I am also sure you will answer it casually without being nervous because we’ve passed that stage already. Even if people ask whether we’ve had sex or not, we might give awkward expression but won’t be as obviously nervous and shy like Taeyeon.” Jessica explained in detail, earning a chuckle from Yuri.

“Why would people wanna know about our sex life?” The dark-haired girl asked.

“People always wanna know about others’ sex life.”

“That I do not agree.” Yuri answered with a soft laugh.

“Don’t tell me you do not wanna know about their sex life.” Jessica pulled away a bit to look at Yuri’s face.

“No, I don’t. In Taeyeon and Tiffany’s case, I only wonder how they will deal to come out from their closet.” She shrugged. “It is only you who care about sex life too much.” Yuri flicked Jessica’s forehead gently, earning a death glare from the latter. “Your glare no longer works to scare me, princess.” Yuri smiled and landed a kiss on Jessica’s lips but soon break the kiss when Jessica bite her lower lip.

“Annoying.” Jessica said after biting.

“Wow, feisty… I like that.” Yuri did not get affected and wink playfully.

“Why am I dating you?” Jessica rolled her eyes.

“Because…” Yuri shifted a bit to get a comfortable position to kiss Jessica’s neck, continued down to the bosoms and sucked them gently. “You can’t resist me.” She moved lower kissing the abs. “You love me.” Yuri stopped her activity for a while to look at Jessica’s eyes which half opened, showing that the latter enjoyed what Yuri’s doing. “I love you too, of course.” She smiled and continued kissing downward until she met Jessica’s treasure. “And in addition, we both know that I am ‘awesome’.”

And with that, the rest of the night was spent well with Jessica screamed out Yuri’s name repeatedly.

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