Catch Me When I Fall (016)

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It Hurts

“Miyoung!” Aunt Christine greeted Tiffany as soon as she saw the girl came into her restaurant.


“Oh my God? What’s wrong with you???” She noticed the girl’s eyes were all red and swollen and immediately pulled the girl into a hug.


“Nothing, auntie. Just had a bad day.” Tiffany tried to put up a smile but her eyes could not turn into crescents.


“Let me make you your favorite hot chocolate, okay?” The old lady then pulled herself away and made her way to the counter to make a cup of hot chocolate for Tiffany as the latter took a seat in one of empty tables in the cafe.


She turned on her phone and browsed through the favorite contacts in her phone to find one particular name. She finally found the one she saved as ‘MINE’ and tapped the ‘remove from favorite’ button. She then opened the contact’s detail and edit the name into ‘Kim Taeyeon’. She tapped ‘save’ and locked the phone. She could not believe that their relationship ended already. She could not believe after how she tried to keep their relationship going, it was ended right after they celebrated their sixth monthsary, and after they indirectly announced their relationship on instagram.


“Dear?” She heard Aunt Christine’s voice followed with a cup of hot chocolate being put on the table. “You want me to accompany you?” Aunt Christine asked softly. Tiffany was touched by the lady’s thoughtful act but she shook her head, declining the offer.


“You have other customers to serve, aunty. I’m okay.” She said weakly.


Aunt Christine looked around to find that all the customers already had their meals and beverages served. “It’s okay. Everyone gets their order already. And I also have closed the order. It is past ten o’clock already.” Aunt Christine answered as she took a seat across Tiffany. “What happened?” She asked.


Tiffany put on a sad smile before answering. “I just broke up.” She whispered and started to feel the heat on her eyes. She was about to cry just by remembering she just broke up with Taeyeon.


“I’m sorry to hear that.” Aunt Christine caressed Tiffany’s arm, trying to soothe her from sadness. “He’s just stupid for letting go an amazing girl like you, dear.”


Tiffany smiled at the remarks. “Yeah. Stupid. Indeed.” She let out a loud exhale. “And coward, and defenseless.” She continued, earning a chuckle from the old lady.


“He doesn’t deserve you.” Aunt Christine said.


The sentence reminded Tiffany again about what Taeyeon said. “Hmmm. True. That person said it as well.” She frowned. She still could not accept how Taeyeon said it. She expected Taeyeon to do something instead of saying that.


“Cliché, right?” Tiffany chuckled bitterly.


“Cliché and what did you say earlier? Coward?” Aunt Christine chuckled trying to light up the mood. Tiffany laughed along.


“True, Auntie… Coward.”


“You’ll get over him soon, dear… Where is Taeyeon anyway?” Aunt Christine tried to change the topic but unfortunately, she had no idea that they talked about Taeyeon all these time.


“I don’t know and I don’t want to know, Auntie…” Tiffany sighed.


“Why? Did you guys fight? Judging from how childish Taeyeon is, I bet you guys fight a lot!” Aunt Christine clapped her hands excitedly as she pictured how Taeyeon acted like a kid the last time the girl visited the café.


Tiffany smiled bitterly and shrugged. She somehow wanted to tell Aunt Christine about her and Taeyeon since Aunt Christine was like her own mother but she was also afraid that she would disappoint the old woman. She bit her lips and hesitated for a while before letting out another long sigh. “Taeyeon is not actually just a friend, Aunty.” She spilled the truth.


The old woman kept smiling without uttering any words, waiting for the young girl to continue what she was about to say.


“She is special.” She paused for a while. “She was special.”


Aunt Christine now furrowed her eyebrows, confused by what Tiffany said. “What do you mean, dear?”


“Taeyeon is not just a friend. She was my-…”


“Ah! Wait a minute, dear.” Aunt Christine cut off her sentence as she diverted her eyes to one of the customer who raised his hand, gesturing for a bill. “I am gonna be back.” Aunt Christine hastily stood up and walked up to the cashier table, taking care of the bill for the costumer.


Tiffany breathed out a heavy breath as soon as Aunt Christine left her alone. “Maybe not now.” She mumbled to herself as she took her phone again, opening the Instagram app. She looked at the last picture she uploaded, the picture of her and Taeyeon, where Taeyeon kissed her cheek. She smiled sadly as her eyes shifted to the caption:


“Sleep over~~ ❤ #TYLTF #mygirlfriend #happy6monthsarry

You’re wrong. I’ve always loved you so much, and I can’t say how much is ‘more’. PS: you are so unromantic #TFLTY”


She tapped on the option button and hovered her thumb over the option to delete the post. She closed her eyes for a while and finally tapped on “delete”. She raised her cup, sipping on her hot chocolate, while silently wishing that the hot beverage could make her feel better just like how it had worked for years.



Taeyeon arrived at her apartment, feeling kind of lost and empty. She took off her heels and put it on the shelf before continued to walk into her room. Putting her bag on her working table, she then took out her laptop and turned it on. She stared blankly at the booting screen, her mind was as blank as her gaze. She barely registered everything that just happened in the parking lot. The laptop dinged, signing that it was turned on already. She typed in her password and the computer showed the desktop view. She opened her recent document, the presentation for the Lombok Project continuation. She frowned, noticing that Tiffany would still be in the team and she still needed to work with her now ex-girlfriend.


She shook her head, trying to get some focus to work on the presentation. It took her some minutes before she finally was absorbed into her works. After quite a while, she finally finished her presentation and did the last cross-check. After making sure that she had put everything she needed in the presentation she stole a glance at the clock at the right corner of the desktop which showed it was past twelve o’clock. She stretched her arms and yawned a bit but then frowned. If Tiffany was here, she must’ve scolded her about the so-called work-life balance. She would’ve reminded her for not overworking herself. She let out a heavy huff and turning off her laptop after saving her works.


The petite woman then stood up from her seat and walked towards the bathroom. She decided to take a warm shower to ease her mind, which apparently did not help much. She felt refreshed a bit but it did not cast away the empty feeling inside her heart. She finished her shower and opened the closet, looking for a pair of pajamas, when her eyes caught the sight of a pink blouse. Tiffany’s blouse. She realized that she had had some of Tiffany’s clothes in her closet. She frowned at the sight and took a note to give them back to Tiffany on the weekend. She then proceeded to get the pajamas, and wore it right away.


Walking lazily to the bed, the blonde then slid inside the duvet, closing her eyes, trying to get some sleep. She was mentally tired. Her relationship with Tiffany was her very first relationship and it did not end well. She played back the scene from earlier today at the parking lot, remembering every single word Tiffany said to her.


“I thought after six months we’re together you can start to be open to me but apparently no. You never share your burden to me. I feel useless”


“I tried, Fany.” Taeyeon mumbled to herself. “I tried to be more open. But it’s not that easy. If only you know, the only person that I can share the most is you.” She sighed softly. “If only I tried harder, maybe things would be different though.”


“Why do I feel like I always be the one who fight in this relationship?”


“You’re right. You are always the one who fight for us.” She felt the heat came rush to her eyes. “I am too afraid to stand up for us.”


“You were the one who told me that this wouldn’t be easy. But can you see now? Who is the one actually not ready to be in this ship, Tae?”


“It is me, Fany. It is me who is not ready. I am a coward. I am a selfish person who cannot even return what you’ve given to me. Who cannot make you as happy as I am when I am with you.” A single tear dropped from the corner of her eyes. Her heart hurt as she recited the sentence. It was not fair for Tiffany. Tiffany deserved better. Tiffany deserved to be happy. But she could not make the person she loved to be happy.


“You’re a fighter. You’re always a fighter when it comes to your job and your team. Why can you do that to the team and to your job? And why can’t you do the same thing to us? To our relationship?”


“Why?” She whispered as another tear dropped on her cheek. “I also asked myself, why.” She let out an audible breath. “That is because I am afraid, Fany. When it comes to works, when it comes to my team, whatever decision I made, it was not for me. Even if it would not be succeeded, it would be company’s loss. Not mine. But when it comes to you. I am afraid. One thing I did wrong, everything would end for us. And I thought I would not be ready if that really happened. It happened anyway. I should’ve fought for us instead. At least I’ve tried. At least I fought.” She sobbed as she could no longer hold the tears which is rushing out of her eyes.


“OK then. We’re over. There. You get what you want.”


“This is not what I want, Fany. I still want you. I still want us. What did I do to us?” She cried as she clenched her fists. “I am sorry, fany…” She shifted her position and buried her face in the pillow. She sobbed softly but when she took a short breath, the scent of Tiffany’s shampoo was intruded to her nose, making her sobbed harder than before.


“I am sorry, Tiffany. I am sorry.”



Taeyeon yawned as she pulled up her car at the parking lot. Her eyes were swollen because she hardly slept the night before and cried her eyes out instead. Snatching her bag and laptop case, she then jumped out off the car, locking it and walked to the office building. She stopped in front of the café and hesitated for a while whether she should get her breakfast or not but then the images of her and Tiffany had their breakfast routine there making her pushed the idea away from her mind and continued her step to the elevator. She was couple steps away from the elevator when she saw the door was about to closed.


“Hold up!”


The door slid opened and got into the elevator. She turned her head to the only person in the elevator, wanting to thank the person but once her eyes saw the person she froze and stuttered.


“Th-thank you, Fany.”


Tiffany only hummed in answer without sparing a glance at her. She gulped nervously and put her stare down to her feet. She could feel the elevator moved up, and she stole a glance at the woman next to her. Tiffany did not look better than her. The usually smiling eyes were as swollen as Taeyeon’s. There were also a slight reddish color at the tip of her nose, signing that the latter also had cried before. Taeyeon did not dare to say anything while her mind cursed herself for making Tiffany cried.


The ride in elevator never felt this long. Taeyeon did not try to steal another glance to Tiffany. Her mind kept playing the scene when they were still together, they would hold hands, intertwining their fingers together and the ride would feel too short for their liking. But now that they were no longer together, she could only stay in the awkward silence.


A ding was heard, followed with the opening of the brazen door. Tiffany walked out from the elevator without saying anything and Taeyeon walked behind her. They walked up the hall without sharing a word until they finally reached their respective office. Taeyeon threw her bag to her table and sunk herself on her chair. She rubbed her temple while closing her eyes.


“What should I do? We still need to work on the project together but we can’t even talk to each other anymore.” She sighed heavily before pausing when she realized what she just said. Instead of thinking about how Tiffany would cope with their break up, she thought about works instead. She face palmed at her own thought. “Even at times like this, the only thing I can think of is about works. What’s wrong with you, Taeyeon?” She pinched the bridge of her nose before letting out another heavy sigh.


“Maybe I am destined to contribute all my life to work.” She mumbled to herself and tried to calm down for a good minute.


“Yes, maybe just like what Tiffany always said, I am a working machine. I should focus on my career instead of anything else.” She continued talking before taking her phone from her bag, scrolling through the contact and made a call.


“Hello, Mr. David.”


She greeted the man from across the line, who was also the head of BOD.


“I am sorry for calling you this early. But I would like to have a one on one conversation with you if that is possible.” She continued then paused while hearing the reply. She nodded at the answer.


“Okay, then. I will meet you in the meeting room at ten. Thanks in advance, Mr. David.”


She then cut the line.



The man who sat across the table looked at Taeyeon earnestly. “Taeyeon, are you sure?” The concern was visible in her voice.


“I am, Mr. David.” Taeyeon looked at the man straight in the eyes. “I’ve broken up with Tiffany and I do not plan to be involved in any relationship after this. I can guarantee that to you.”


Taeyeon and Mr. David were in one of the small meeting room, as per the petite girl’s request, they had a one on one conversation. And as soon as they were seated, Taeyeon asked the man to reconsider the offer from SM Magazine and Ministry of Women’s Empowerment.


Mr. David still looked at Taeyeon’s eyes, looking for a sign of a doubt but he could not find it. He then clasped his palms in front of her chest. “As a BOD, I am not in place to ask about this. But, what about Tiffany? Would she be okay?”


Taeyeon pressed her lips to a thin line and shook her head. “I don’t know, Mr. David. But she was the one who called of our relationship. So, I think it would be okay for her too. We…” She paused for a while. “We are no longer couple anyway.” The words she spilled made her heart clenched in pain. We are no longer a couple. It sounded so foreign in her ears.


“I would assume that you’ve considered everything before you decided to talk to me. I will try talking to the Ministry and SM Magazine and I will let you know their decision.” He then stood up from his seat, patting on Taeyeon’s shoulder before walking out of the room.


Taeyeon stayed in the room after Mr. David left. Her mind repeated what the BOD said. I would assume that you’ve considered everything before you decided to talk to me. She pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes. “I hope I made a right choice this time.”


She then took her phone and opened her Instagram, staring at the latest picture she posted. Reading the caption for the last time:


“Sleep over~~ ❤ #TYLTF #mygirlfriend #happy6monthsarry”


“I am sorry Fany.” She bit her lips, trying hard not to cry in the office before deleting the picture.



“So, I have my own reason. Yuri is in a lunch meeting with the new agency that will take care of her project. Now, spill you reason, Tiff.” Jessica pointed her fork at the seemingly half dead girl in front of her.


“So, new agency for what project? I thought we have had appointed agency for this year’s project.” Tiffany tried to sound enthusiast.


Jessica glared coldly at Tiffany. “See, you change the topic again. Is there something happening between you and Taeyeon? You don’t even answer why are you not having lunch with her today.”


“It is because you asked me for lunch first. She didn’t ask.”


“That’s a lame reason. You really are starting to resemble Taeyeon. She is so bright when it comes to reason things about works, but when it comes to her personal life, she is not good at hiding it.” Jessica put the fork down and continues chewing on her meals.


Taeyeon. It was weird to feel that her heart ached every time she heard Taeyeon’s name being mentioned. The usually fluttering feelings she felt when she heard Taeyeon’s name was now replaced by a sting pain in her chest, knowing that they were no longer together. She looked at her food without any appetite to eat. It was indeed not her first break up ever but this time was different. In the past time, she would be the one who wanted to end the relationship while this time, she did not want to end it. Even though she was the one who called the relationship off, it was because seemed like Taeyeon wanted it to end. Taeyeon was not ready to be in the relationship. Taeyeon felt burdened by the relationship. Taeyeon was burdened by her. She gulped a lump in her throat, starting to feel the heat in her eyes.


“Tiffy!” Jessica waved one hand in front of Tiffany, trying to steal the attention.


It successfully made Tiffany jerked her head up to see the worried looking senior in front of her. “Yes?”


The glints in Tiffany’s eyes did not get unnoticed by Jessica. “Hey, what’s wrong?”


Tiffany immediately shook her head. “Nothing, I just got my mind somewhere.” She then looked at Jessica’s empty plate. “You’ve finished your meals?”


Jessica nodded and looked at Tiffany’s almost untouched food.


“You don’t even touch your fish and chips. What’s wrong with you, seriously?”


Tiffany only shrugged while taking her wallet and phone. “It doesn’t taste as good as usual. Let’s go back to office.” She then stood up and walked away without waiting for Jessica, leaving her confused senior behind.



Tiffany was in the middle of having a teleconference with Asia Pacific team when a new chatbox of company’s internal messenger was popped in Tiffany’s laptop, showing two other persons in the chat: Taeyeon Kim and Jessica Jung. She read the chat immediately while keep herself online to the teleconference.


Kim, Taeyeon: Girls, are you free for the next two hours?

Jung, Jessica: No meeting schedule at that time.

Jung, Jessica: But I need to finish some tasks for now.

Hwang, Tiffany: Will be free after half an hour. I am having a discussion with Asia Pacific team at the moment.

Kim, Taeyeon: OK then. Dealing Room 5 in half an hour. Gotta discuss about Lombok Trip.

Kim, Taeyeon: Lombok Project*

Kim, Taeyeon: Sorry for the typo.

Jung, Jessica: OK, noted.


Tiffany’s heart stopped for a while as she read the word “Lombok Trip” it reminded her of the day her and Taeyeon spending time together in Lombok like a real couple. Dating openly, holding hands and kissing in public. Her mind wandered to the moment of three months ago.




The notification pulled her mind back to reality.


Kim, Taeyeon: Tiffany? What about you?


She sighed at the way Taeyeon addressed her. Tiffany. Fany sounded better than Tiffany when Taeyeon was the one who called.


Hwang, Tiffany: Okay.

Kim, Taeyeon: Good. See you girls in half an hour. Dealing Room 5.

Hwang Tiffany: Okay.

Jung, Jessica: OK.


She then closed the chatbox and continued to catch up the discussion with Asia Pacific team. The next half an hour passed without her knowing since she could not really get her focus to the teleconference. The only thing she managed to write on her note was 25% additional budget to reach 50% growth. She scratched the back of her head as she now wondered, 50% growth from which baseline? The one after the project or before the project?


“Tiff. Let’s go to Dealing Room. I believe Taeyeon is waiting for us already.” Jessica’s voice rang in her ears. She looked up to see that her senior was already preparing herself to leave the room.


“Should we bring our laptops?” Tiffany asked, noticing that Jessica undocked her laptop.


Jessica rolled her eyes in response. “You act like you don’t know your girlfriend.”


Tiffany almost gasped at the moment she heard Jessica addressed Taeyeon as her girlfriend. We are no longer girlfriends. She mumbled to herself and undocked her own laptop before rushing out of the room with Jessica.


When the two girls opened the Dealing Room 5 door, they could see Taeyeon was already there, furrowing her eyebrows while looking at her laptop. She looked up when the two girls entered the room and immediately connected her laptop to the TV screen, starting her presentation.


“So, as you already knew, the company had decided to continue our project in Lombok. I’ve shared this presentation in yesterday’s meeting with the BOD also sent it through email and they’ve agreed to my proposal.” She tapped her laptop, switching to another slide.


“You must be familiar with this figure.” A graph showing rapid degrowth in 2005 and a massive growth this year because of the project they lead. Taeyeon pointed her cursor at the bar on top of 2004. “This is what expected from our project. To get the number we achieved in 2004.” Taeyeon shifted her eyes from the TV screen to the two girls in front of her.


“Like what you’ve proposed to the BOD, we can now focus on distributing the products not only in Lombok but also to Nusa Tenggara, through the distribution chain.” Tiffany jumped in.


“True.” Taeyeon responded shortly and shifted her attention back to the TV screen. “So we are going to have this “Route to Market” project in Lombok. Any question yet?” She glanced back at Tiffany then Jessica.


“Route to Market.” Tiffany mumbled, trying to find out what it means by the foreign terms.


“Route to Market is a methodology for aligning marketing, sales and distribution, and for optimizing spending in some selected areas.” Taeyeon explained and shifted her attention to Jessica.


“Jessica, any question?”


The half Korean shook her head and Taeyeon continued her presentation about making some distribution points in Flores, Sumba, and Sumbawa. Tiffany tried to focus on the presentation but it was hard for her because she kept stealing a glance at Taeyeon. It hurt her to see that Taeyeon seemed to be just fine with what happened between them. It was like there was nothing happened on the day before, while Tiffany hardly concentrated to her own tasks. She started to feel angry. She wanted to talk to Taeyeon after office hour but she knew it would not make any difference. Taeyeon would not change in a span of a day, and their break-up did not seem to bother her either.


“And how the Asia Pacific team responded to our plan, Tiffany?” Taeyeon’s voice startled Tiffany who still had her mind elsewhere.


“Uh, sorry?” Tiffany did not quite catch the question.


“You didn’t pay attention to my presentation?” The blonde asked unamused.


“I just didn’t catch the question. Sorry.” Tiffany tried to reason.


“I asked, how the Asia Pacific team responded to our plan.” Taeyeon repeated the question.


Tiffany immediately opened her notes only to find one sentence: 25% additional budget to reach 50% growth.


“They agreed on adding 25% more budget into the project and they expected to see 50% growth in the area.” Tiffany quickly explained.


“Which baseline number they used?” Another question from Taeyeon and Tiffany got pale. She did not have the answer for that.


“It’s from our actual year-to-date number, I suppose.”


“You suppose??” Taeyeon’s voice raised as she looked at Tiffany in disbelief. “You suppose??? How can you give me that kind of answer? Is that an assumption you give to me?” Taeyeon was definitely dissatisfied with the answer.


“I didn’t ask them.” Tiffany mumbled as she shefted her gaze to her shoes, feeling somehow intimidated by the way Taeyeon talked to her.


“So, what was the point of your discussion with Asia Pacific team, Tiffany?” The Senior Manager threw her hands in the air. “And Jessica, what did you do when Tiffany had the teleconference? Weren’t you supposedly help her?” She glared at Jessica.


“I was making the report for the national project. I did not mean to neglect the teleconference, Taeyeon.” Jessica tried to defend herself without accusing Tiffany.


“Are you starting to think that this project is easy because you’ve passed the BOD’s expectation, Tiffany?” She turned to Tiffany again. “I can’t accept this. You’re the team leader for this project but you cannot even handle the meeting with Asia Pacific team. This is a huge project, Tiffany!” She started to yell at Tiffany. Taeyeon was perfectionist when it came to works, and simple details meant a lot for her that was why she could not accept it when her team did not pay attention to details especially when it was related to numbers.


“Do you need to yell at me like that?” Tiffany finally found the courage to speak up. She was disappointed enouh to know that Taeyeon did not seem to be affected by their break-up, and the reason why she could not focus on the earlier meeting with Asia Pacific team was because of Taeyeon, because of their break up, and now she needed to be yelled at because of works too. “I can just call anyone from Asia Pacific team to make sure about the number. And you don’t need to yell at me like that!”


“So, what’s the point of your meeting if you can’t even get the conclusion of the meeting. It is your responsibility, Tiffany! You are the team leader! You must have the most sense of belongings about the project more than anyone else, even more than me! You should pay more attention about whatever it is related to the project! What would happen if I did not ask about the baseline? You would just go on with your assumption, and if by the end of the project we can’t meet the expectation because we aim for the wrong number, who will be responsible for that?!”


Tiffany stayed silent after hearing the long scolding from Taeyeon. The latter was right. It was her project after all. She must’ve been the more responsible than this. She took a deep breath and nodded weakly. “I am sorry.”


Taeyeon unplugged the TV cable connector from her laptop and closed it. “Let’s postpone the meeting until tomorrow morning. Clear all your schedule from nine to ten. I only need one hour if you have prepared yourself. I don’t expect another postponed meeting tomorrow. So, make sure you have everything that you might need for tomorrow’s meeting.” She then stood up and about to got off the room but stopped for a while, looking at Tiffany. “Make sure you call Asia Pacific team and get the number. And get home as soon as the office hour finish. You look exhausted. I think you need to get enough rest.” She then shifted her eyes to Jessica. “And you gotta make sure Tiffany won’t do the same mistake again.”


Both girls nodded in unison and waited in the room until Taeyeon left them.


“You looked so distracted.” Jessica finally talked after making sure that Taeyeon had gone already. “What’s wrong, Tiff? Seriously. You’ve never been this distracted before, even when you broke up with your boyfriend.”


Tiffany gulped at the question and shook her head. “Nothing. I just don’t feel well.” She replied lightly and took her laptop before standing. “Let’s get back to our room.”


Jessica did not move an inch from her seat, instead she pulled Tiffany back to the chair. “I know Taeyeon asked you to go home ASAP, but I’d like to have a meeting with you after office hour, in the café nearby. And it’s mandatory.” Jessica told Tiffany sternly. “No negotiation.” She then stood up, bringing her laptop and opened the meeting room door. “Let’s get back to our room.”



Tiffany played with the spoon in her tea cup, while Jessica kept staring at her.


“So, you won’t tell me a thing about what actually happen with you?” Jessica broke the silence.


“It’s nothing, Jessi.”


“Tiff, it is obvious enough at least in my eyes that there is something off with you and Taeyeon today. First you didn’t have breakfast with Taeyeon, instead you ate the bread you bought in the convenient store.”


“I am trying to make a saving.” Tiffany interjected.


“I am not finished yet.” Jessica raised her finger, gesturing Tiffany not to cut off her sentence. “And you also didn’t have your lunch with Taeyeon. Last but not least, you seemed very distracted along the day. And Taeyeon did not seem in her best condition as well. She did not seem to be as distracted as you were but she seemed like she tried to hard to focus on her works. Also, I notice Taeyeon had significantly changed since you guys are in a relationship. She never yelled at people like what just happened in our meeting earlier today.”


“Whatever happened to Taeyeon has nothing to do with me.” Tiffany replied flatly, still stirring her tea. “Are you now blaming me because Taeyeon was angry in the meeting?” She shifted her eyes from the tea to Jessica.


Jessica flinched, not expecting this kind of response from Tiffany.


“Tiff? I was just asking because I found it unusual.”


“What is so unusual? It was only six months relationship. It won’t change Taeyeon in instant!” Tiffany’s voice was raised. “And why do you keep pushing me like this??!!” Tiffany’s voice was louder that she intended to be.


Jessica stunned in her seat, completely shocked by the way her junior was reacted. She did not say a word, only looking at Tiffany in confusion.


Tiffany noticed her voice was too loud and she turned her head around noticing people started to stare at their table. “Oh my Gosh, I am sorry, Jess.” She turned her head back to Jessica only to find her stunned senior.


Jessica said nothing and stood up only to take a seat next to Tiffany. “Tiff…” She stroke her junior’s back. “You definitely are not OK.” She spoke as soft as possible. “I didn’t mean to push you. I just care about you.”


The words that came out of Jessica’s mouth reminded Tiffany about her argument with Taeyeon the day before.


“So you won’t tell me what’s wrong? I just care about you, but if you don’t want me to, you can just say it instead of keep saying that you’re okay but you push me away.”


I just care about you. That was the exact sentence she said to Taeyeon yesterday. Yesterday. When they were still together. How can a day changed everything in a blink of an eye?


“I care about her, Jessi…” She finally whispered, feeling her eyes tearing up again. “I care about her too much that it hurts every time she pushed me away and not telling me what’s wrong with her.” A single tear drop fell from the corner of her eyes.


Jessica said nothing but pulling Tiffany into her embrace.


“I’ve never felt this way to anyone before, Jess.” Tiffany hid her face in Jessica’s shoulder. “I care about her more than I’ve ever cared about anyone before her. I think I love her too much. It hurts badly to realize that she is no longer mine.”


Jessica’s eyes widened as she heard the sentence. She pushed Tiffany by the shoulder. “Tiff? Are you saying…”


“We broke up.” And with that Tiffany finally broke down. “We broke up, Jess. It hurts.”

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  1. ks samid says:

    Having an unordinary relationship is not easy, taeyeon-ah…
    U have ur own reason but tiffany just didn’t know yet.

    Why i didn’t read TBC at the end?.
    Is this an end?.


  2. Black457 says:

    The darkest nightmare is coming. I don’t like they’re hurting each other.
    Menunggu ff ini akhirnya update, sungguh bahagia


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