[H] OS 02 disclosed

You have to meet Jessica, Taetae! She’s the closest definition of Ice Princess who doesn’t have a frozen heart.” Tiffany excitedly told me about her new colleague named Jessica. I smiled as I listened to her story today, since it has always been our routine for as long as I can remember. We would sit on a chipped blue bench in this very park: she would tell me all about her day while I sat beside her and listening to her chatter with Ginger, my dog, on my lap. I would close my eyes that were often covered by a pair of sunglasses, as I listened to the melodious voice of hers. I still recall about our first encounter that day.


It was just another boring twenty-four hours of my day, or so I believed. I was on my way back home with Ginger, my cute dog who always accompanied me wherever I went. We reached an intersection and waited for it to change into red so we could cross the road. I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to my surroundings as my mind was quickly filled with unnecessary thoughts. I was deep inside my own world when, suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard a bubbly girl’s voice.

“Are you going to cross the road?” The voice brought me back to earth. I was startled and my movement made the sunglasses situated on the bridge of my small nose slide towards the tip of it. I immediately fixed it back to its original position when I heard a giggle on my right: the girl was still there!

“So, are you going to cross the road?” She asked again. This time I responded hesitantly by nodding awkwardly.

“Come on!” I felt warmth envelop my hand, grasped softly by pale fingers, and was being pulled gently to follow towards the strange woman. I was sure she could feel how uncomfortable I was and how stiff my limbs were by reading my posture, as she pulled me to cross the road. What took me by surprise was the fact that Ginger did not bark at the girl, instead, he calmly lead my way with her whilst we crossed the road.

“Thank you.” I said as soon as we reached the opposite side of the street.

“You’re welcome.” I could heard her voice smiling at me. “Can you go home alone? Where is your home, little girl?”

I frowned at her remark: I hated to be mistaken as a ‘whiny and tiny’ baby. I was twenty-five and here she was, calling me ‘little girl’.

“I am not a little girl. I am twenty-five.” I told her. I may have come off rude with my biting and snappish tone, but do I look that young and small to be mistaken as ‘little girl’?

“Ah, I’m sorry, my bad. We’re in the same age then.” She apologized for her previous statement. I bobbed my head once to her apology, but I didn’t continue.

“So can you go home alone?” She repeated her question. I clenched my jaw in frustration. I already said that I was twenty-five, why did she keep asking whether I could go home alone? It wasn’t like me to find myself lost in a crowd either.

“Sure I can. I am with Ginger anyway.” I answered as Ginger barked, hearing his name.

“Ah I see. So this cute puppy here is named Ginger?” She was confirmed with yet another bark from him, “Take care of your owner, okay?” Ginger didn’t seem to stop with his sharp barks soon since they come overlapping and echoing the more this unknown female in front of me talked.

“I don’t mean to be rude but I’ll have to excuse myself now. Thank you once again.” I decided to leave the girl since I did not like to stay too long with a complete stranger.

“Okay. Take care, then.” She wavered for a second, but smiles could still be heard through her voice as she spoke cheerily. I nodded and made my way with Ginger leading in the front. She was just another random person walking by.

A week after my encounter with the girl, I walked with Ginger on the same road again to visit my favourite coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee. The barista and the waiters there greeted me as soon as I entered the coffee shop. I held some amount of money in my hand, which definitely would be enough to pay a cup of medium sized Americano. I always made sure that I had the money in my hand before I went to the coffee shop so I did not need to count the money from my wallet.

“A cup of medium sized ice Americano, please.” I told the waiter as I reached the cashier counter.

“OK, Taeyeon. On the rock?” He offered.

“Sure.” I answered shortly. No matter how often I visited the coffee shop, I did not intend to be friendly to the staffs. They were just strangers in my life.

“Ginger, is that you?” A familiar girl’s voice called Ginger’s name and answered with a bark from Ginger.

“Ah, cute puppy! How are you?” The girl continued asking Ginger.

“Bark! Bark!” Ginger answered. I snickered. I did not like it when Ginger was being friendly to strangers.

“Quiet, Ginger.” I told him and he let out a soft whimper. I guess he could sense that I did not like it.

“Hey again to you too.” The girl now greeted me. I was sure she was the girl who helped me cross the road a week ago.

“Hi.” I answered without even turned my head to her.

“I assume you forgot me already. How mean. Even Ginger remembers me.” She chuckled at her own sentence. I smiled a bit just to appreciate her effort of talking to me.

“Tiffany.” She said making me finally turned my head to her. “My name, it’s Tiffany.” She continued.

“Okay. Nice to meet you again, Tiffany.” I said.

“And you’re not gonna tell me yours?” Tiffany asked me.

“Bark!” Ginger barked as if scolding me for being rude.

“Quiet Ginger.” I told him before answering Tiffany’s question. “It’s Taeyeon.”

“Nice to meet you again, Taeyeon.” She answered with the same smiling voice a week ago. I could not understand how a person could be this friendly to a stranger. I was just a nobody to her after all.

“Your ice Americano, Taeyeon.” A waiter called me.

“Okay, thanks.” I handed him the money in my hand while he gave me my cup of ice Americano. “Let’s go, Ginger.” I told Ginger and prepared myself to leave the shop.

“Are you leaving already?” Tiffany’s voice stopped me for a while.

“Yes.” I replied back as short and simple as I could.

“I’ll go with you, then.” She decided herself.

“Why?” I asked, mostly because I felt uncomfortable to walk with a person I am unfamiliar with.

“Why can’t I?” She asked back.

“Because I’m a stranger.” She chuckled at my answer, which led me to become confused by her reaction. I believed that I did not make any joke there.

“You’re no longer a stranger to me. I know your name already!” She giggled. “Taeyeon, right?” She made sure.

“Yes.” I responded as I made my way out of the shop with Ginger walking in front of me, but I heard her footsteps pattering behind me.

“Are you really going to follow me?” I asked her without pausing in my steps.

“Yes, I have nothing to do today. What about you?” She asked me as she quickened her pace to walk side by side with me.

“Nothing: just walk with Ginger while enjoying my Americano.” I answered. Ginger suddenly stopped and I also halted.

“Want me to help you cross the road again?” Tiffany asked.

“I’m okay by myself.” I answered indifferently.

“Why are you being so cold?” Tiffany’s voice turned into a bitter one. I sighed: I really could not understand the girl. We barely knew each other. We just met twice and I finally knew her name a couple of minutes ago. Now, here she was, following me and even feeling bad when I acted aloofly towards her.

“Why are you following me? Do you want to kidnap me or something?” I asked her back earning a loud gasp from her.

“No! Of course not!” She answered loudly. I flinched at her answer: a quiet one would have sufficed. She didn’t need to shout at all.

“No need to yell. I was just asking.” I told her calmly.

“Sorry,” She mumbled. “I’m new here since I just moved from LA, and I don’t have any friends yet. Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.” She sounded really sad. I let out another sigh.

“Why me, then?” I inquired again. She could have picked anyone in this place to be her friend.

“I don’t know. You seem nice. Ginger is also cute and smart: I like him. And I once read that people with pets usually are good people.” She spoke shyly. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. How could a person be this naïve? What if I was actually a bad person and had bad motives towards her?

“Let’s go back to coffee shop then.” I gave up. “I feel uncomfortable having a stranger following me home. At least if we stay in coffee shop, the staff there will know who I am with.” I proposed as I turned my heels back to the coffee shop. Ginger immediately caught my movement and ran in front of me leading the way again. I heard nothing from Tiffany anymore but I was sure I still heard her footsteps following me behind.

“Why are you being so quiet all of a sudden?” I asked her.

“I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” She answered, making me felt guilty for being too cold to her. I stretched my hand, waiting for her hand to hold mine. When I did not feel her hand grabbing mine, I called her. “Tiffany?”

“Are you offering me your hand?” She asked with uncertainty. I nodded in response. I did not usually do this with strangers, but this Tiffany girl was surely different. I thought of giving her a chance to be my friend. I did not even remember the last time I had friends anyway. So, it would not hurt to try and make friends one more time.

Her hand finally grabbed mine and held it tenderly as she walked beside me.

“Thank you.” She said softly.

“You’re welcome.” I answered as we made our way back to the coffee shop.

I spent the rest of my afternoon with Tiffany in the coffee shop. She was definitely a very nice and friendly person. I secretly felt happy for knowing her. It had been a long time since I felt someone’s company.

When the sun finally started to shift, Tiffany asked me if we should go home. She once again held my hand when we crossed the road and we bid our farewell right after. I secretly hoped that I would meet her again next time.

A month after we met at the coffee shop, I never met Tiffany again. I did not try to look for her, but I kept walking through the same road with Ginger every day. I visited the coffee shop way more often than before, secretly hoping I would hear her voice again when she would call for me or Ginger.

It was almost two months and I started to forget her when I heard her voice, one day. I was about to cross the intersection where we first met when a familiar smiling voice called my name.

“Taeyeon! Ginger!”  It was Tiffany’s voice. I turned my head to the source of the melodic sound.

“Bark bark!” Ginger barked welcoming the voice’s owner.

“Hi!” She greeted me after she finally stood in front of me.

“Hi.” I answered flatly, trying to hide my excitement. I already forgot that she was just a mere stranger.

“How are you?” She asked.

“Just so-so.” Answering evenly, my reply earned me a giggle from her.

“Not much changing, are you?”

“What do you expect from two months, Fany?” I silently cursed myself for calling her ‘Fany’. I had no idea how could my brain made such a nickname for her.

“Fany?” She asked, amusement evident in her voice.

“Yes. Tiffany is too long. Fany is easier to pronounce.” I made up an excuse quickly. She chuckled at my mumbling. I was prepared if she called me silly or weird or whatever it was.

“That’s cute.” I was surprised at her reaction, because cute was not the word I expected to hear. “I like my new nickname.” She still had that same cheery tone in her voice.

“Want to grab a coffee?” I offered. She did not answer but reached out towards my hand to hold it. I felt the warmth of her hand in mine. It no longer felt foreign. Maybe, just maybe, Tiffany was no longer a stranger to me.

I did not remember how meeting Tiffany at the coffee shop became a habit after that. I always went to the same coffee shop with Ginger: ordering the same medium sized ice Americano, and meeting the same girl every day. Tiffany was no longer a stranger to me. She told me everything about her. About her late mother, about how she fought with her father because she wanted to stay in Korea, the country where her mom was born, about how much she loved her family. I learned that she was indeed the type of girl who prioritized friends over anything. She could not hide the fact that she missed her best friends in LA but she tried to be strong and slowly learned to live independently. I also found out that she worked as a teacher in a nearby high school. That explained why she was always around the coffee shop in the afternoon: it was after her work finished.

I did not tell much about myself but I let her know that my parents weren’t with me, ever since a car accident I experienced. The incident took away my parents and my siblings. I also let her knew that I lived alone with a maid who took care of everything I needed. My parents were rich enough to let me live without working but I tried to manage the wealth they inherited by investing them into some business that wasn’t run directly by me so I still could have my own income to live.

After months with the same routine, our meetings then moved to a park, a couple of meters away from my house. She said that she worried a lot if I walked home alone from the coffee shop since it usually took at least twenty minutes walking. I told her I had Ginger with me but she kept insisting for us to relocate our meetings somewhere close instead. I gave up in the end and agreed on her idea of spending our afternoon in the park.


“Taetae? Are you listening?” Tiffany’s voice brought me back from my memories about our encounters before.

“No.” I smiled, still having my eyes closed. I knew that honesty was something she appreciated highly. She chuckled at my answer.

“Were you deep in your thoughts again?” She asked still with the melodious smiling voice I loved the most.

“Not thoughts.” I told her.

“So? What is it?” I sensed her getting curious.

“Memories.” I chuckled.

“Of us?” She questioned. I could tell she was smiling even without looking at her. I nodded. I heard a giggle from her as her hands cupped my cheeks and pulled my head gently to the side, then I felt a warm kiss on the tip of my nose. I smiled at her gesture.

“Tell me what is it?” She requested as she planted another kiss on my lips and let it stay that way, waiting for my answer.

“Our first encounter, the meetings in the coffee shop, how you insisted me to move from the coffee shop to the park.” I answered against her lips. I loved how our lips fit together like two pieces of puzzle.

“What about our first date?” She asked, planting another kiss on my lips. She pulled away to let me talked.

“That was something I would never forget, Fany.” I smiled as my mind started to wander again.


I lost count of how many days I spent with Tiffany. The only thing I knew was that we grew closer and closer. But the closer we got, I noticed that I began to have feelings towards her. It was a feeling that should have not been growing between two girls. Every little thing she did to me felt really special for me.

 I could not remember when Taeyeon changed into Taetae, nor when our holding hands changed into interlocking fingers. I forgot when our distance on the bench diminished as I felt so comfortable laying my head on her shoulder. There was no more distance between us, and I was getting afraid of my own feeling.

I started to pull myself away from her, trying my best to ignore the feeling that screamed more of her. We started to be strangers all over again until one day, in the park, Tiffany asked me a question.

“Why are you avoiding me?” She asked. Her voice was bitter and my heart ached hearing it.

“I am not. I am still here every afternoon.” I answered as matter a fact. I stroke Ginger’s head, trying my best not to be affected by Tiffany’s voice.

“You know what I mean, Taetae.” Her voice sounded desperate, but I stayed silent.

“Do you know about that, right? That’s why you avoid me.” Her voice cracked, though I kept my mouth shut. I did not have any idea what she was talking about but I also did not want to tell her the reason why I made the distance between us again.

“I knew it. I should’ve told you sooner.” Her sighs were followed by a sniff. I did not dare to say a word. I did not want to make her cry.

“So, you mind about my preference, Taetae?” She asked again. I still did not get what she meant. 

“I am sorry.” She apologized. I did not respond, waiting her to continue her explanation.

“I’m sorry if having a lesbian friend makes you uncomfortable. I’m sorry, Taetae.” She sobbed again, signing she was crying.

I was shocked by her explanation. I never knew about the fact. I never noticed that she never talked about men. She never mentioned anything related to relationship or romance. As she now told me everything, I started to pick up the whole picture and understood what she was sorry for. My feelings were mixed, my mind was in a haze, but my tongue had its own will. 

“I like you, Fany. And I was afraid my feeling grow more and more as we get closer. I don’t know. I… I like you very much. Unfortunately, not as a friend.” My tongue betrayed me and telling her everything I hid.

“Tae?” Her voice was enough to let me know how shocked she was.

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled. I did not know what I was sorry for. Maybe I was sorry for my feeling, or maybe I was sorry for spilling out my secret.

“Taetae?” She called out again. I had no gut to answer. I stayed there, stock still, cursing myself for letting all those words slipped off my own mouth. Tiffany told me that she was lesbian, did not mean that she had the same feeling for me.

“So, you’re just going to stay silent?” She asked, as she stood up from the bench and walked in front of me. I mentally screamed for her not to leave me but my mouth tightly closed.

I sensed her: she had squatted in front of me. I was a bit relieved knowing she did not leave.

“If you keep silent, let me do the talk then.” She said. I felt her breath tickled my face. “I like you too, Taetae… Very much.” I felt her lips grazed lightly on the tip of my nose, and finally she kissed it. Nothing could explain the feeling I felt. It was just a simple confession, a simple kiss. And simply put, I liked it. A lot.

“Should we date, Taetae?” She offered, and I answered with a shy nod.

“Bark!” Ginger barked as if he also agreed to the idea.

I did not expect the date would be awesome. It was a simple date. Just the two of us, of course with Ginger followed along, reminiscing what we had been through. Started from the meeting at the intersection, moved to the coffee shop and we ended it in the park. Nothing new, but the feeling was totally different.

When we almost ended our first date, I finally asked her a question.

“Why me, Fany? You know I am far from perfect. I am awkward, introverted, cold, and I am… I’m…” I swallowed the lump in my throat as I could not finish my sentence. I felt I did not deserve her. She was too perfect for me.

“Because it’s you,” She gently squeezed my hand.

“What- Why? You can find a better person: someone who can see your beauty. Someone who is not blind.” I finally managed to say it. If there was something I hated from myself was the fact that I was blind. The car accident which took my family away also took my sight. And my life had been dark ever since, until I finally met Tiffany. Tiffany was the one who brought the light to my life. For the first time after the accident, I did not mind that I could not see as long as I can feel her presence around me.

“Silly.” She cupped my cheeks and turned it to her side. “Let me ask you back. Why me, Taetae? You can not even see me. What if I turn out to be a very ugly girl?”

“What are you talking about? I don’t care even if you’re ugly. Your personality beats it all, Fany. For me, you’re the prettiest person on earth.” I bit my lips, noticing how cheesy I was. I heard Tiffany chuckled.

“Then, is there any reason for not liking a person who can see the best in me even if she can’t see with her eyes? I like you the way you are, Taetae. So, don’t you ever think about that again, okay?” Her smiling voice melted my heart. No matter how often I heard it, my heart kept melting every time I heard her voice.

“Thank you, Fany…” I smiled.

“You’re welcome, Taetae…” She answered. Then silence engulfed us comfortably. I could still felt her palms on my cheeks as if she did not want to let me go. If there was something I wanted to do at the moment was to kiss her, to let her know how much she meant to me.


“Yes, Tae?”

“Can I… Kiss you?” I finally said it. She did not say yes but soon I felt her soft lips against mine. It just stayed there long, and sweet. And it was enough for me to see the rainbow in the dark. Tiffany Hwang, what did I do to deserve a person like you?

First date followed with second, third, fourth, and I started to lost count how many dates followed after that. All of them felt special not because of the dates but because of the person I had the dates with.

One day, Tiffany came late. I waited for her in the park, not going anywhere. After what it felt like years, I finally heard my favourite smiling voice called out my name.


I smiled. She gave me a peck on the lips. Another simple kiss but yet again, I simply liked it.

“Where have you been?” I asked. She did not answer but then I felt something cold in my palm. “What’s this?” I asked her.

“It’s a necklace.” Tiffany answered. “Can you guess what shape is the pendant?” She asked.

I tried to trace the pendant with my fingertips, trying to make an imaginary shape in my head. “Is it a key?” I guessed as soon as I finished.

“Correct! Now, this one.” Tiffany took the necklace and replaced it with another. “It’s another necklace but with different pendant. Guess again what the shape is.” She requested.

I did the same thing to the new pendant. After a while, I tried to guess again. “Padlock?”

“Correct again!” She squealed happily. I smiled along. Her voice was the best melody I ever heard.

“One of this necklace will be yours but with one condition.” She told me excitedly. “You only need to answer my question correctly.”

I laughed at her excitement. “Shoot the question.” I dared.

“Ready, Kim Taeyeon?” She asked. I nodded excitedly.

“The question is…” Her voice trailed.

“Will you be my girlfriend, Taetae?”

I held my breath. Dating Tiffany was one of the best thing that ever happened in my life and here she was, asking me to be her girlfriend. I opened my mouth but then closed it again. I would surely answer with a yes. But my mind was fucked up, I had no idea whether it should be ‘yes, I do’ or ‘yes, I will’. Tiffany noticed my hesitation and talked again.

“My honesty policy is still on, Taetae. Just tell me honestly. Whatever your answer is correct. Even if it is a ‘no’, we can still be friends. I guarantee that.” Her voice was soft but could not hide her disappointment.

“No! I mean, yes!” I blurted out nonsense. I did not even understand my own answer. I heard her chuckled, and sighed in relief. At least she could still laugh instead of giving a slap to my face.

“Yes or no, Taetae? You can’t choose both.” She chuckled.

I took a deep breath to calm myself. Second attempt: I would not let myself ruin the moment.

“Yes, Fany! Yes. I want to be your girlfriend.” I finally said a proper sentence. I heard her let out a deep breath.

“Thank you, Taetae.”

She then moved closer to me and put a necklace on my neck. “That’s yours.” she said when the necklace was already tangled on my neck. I traced the pendant. She gave me the key.

“And the padlock?” I asked her.

“That’s mine. I wear it now. Do you know what it means, Tae?” She asked. I shook my head. If I was the one who bought the couple item, it might be just a normal couple ring instead of key and padlock necklace.

“That means, the only person who hold the key to my heart is only you, Kim Taeyeon.” She told me. I could feel my cheek warmed. She giggled at my reaction and soon I felt her hand caress my cheek. I moved my hand slowly, trying to find her cheek as well. She helped by grabbing my hand with her free hand and put my hand on her cheek. I smiled as I felt her cheek in my hand. I slowly leaned forward and gave a long sweet kiss to her. I felt her hand moved to my neck and pulled me closer to deepen the kiss. I nibbled her bottom lip as she enveloped my upper lip, making it felt like a key and a padlock which were meant to be together. I broke the kiss but not letting her pulled away. We pressed our forehead together as I kept caressing her cheek.

“I think I no longer like you, Fany. I love you…”

After one year having Tiffany as my girlfriend, I still could not believe what great luck I had. We argued a lot of course, and just like most couple, we fought, we got jealous, but we managed to get back together again in the end. I would be the stupidest woman on earth for letting Tiffany go. After what she had done to me, there was no reason I could not be grateful for having her by my side.

Tiffany was the light in my darkness, she was the sweetness in my bitter life, she was my hope when all was gone, and she was my soldier when I tried to fight on.

On a warm morning, my maid received a call from the hospital where I usually went to. They said they found a donor for me and asked me whether I still wanted to do the surgery. I immediately agreed without thinking too long. Once I did the surgery, I would be able to see Tiffany for the first time. I could not wait to see her. So, when we met in the afternoon, I told Tiffany about the news. She squealed happily. I could sense that she was genuinely happy for me. She even offered to accompany me to hospital. I agreed on the idea. I really wished the surgery would go smoothly. And the first person I wanted to see once my surgery succeeded was Tiffany and Tiffany only.


“Hey, Taetae! I asked you to tell me your memories. Not keeping it in your head and smile like an idiot, silly.” Tiffany’s voice took me away from my wandering mind again. I chuckled at her way scolding me. I took off my sunglasses and slowly opened my eyes.

“You’re ugly.” I chuckled.

“Yah! Taetae!” She slapped my arms while I only laughed louder.

“That was the first sentence I told you after my surgery.” I looked at her with a teasing smile.

“Yes. After I accompanied you to the hospital back and forth, waiting for you after the surgery and when you finally opened your eyes, the first thing you said was ‘you’re ugly, Fany’. How mean.” She pouted.

“Unfortunately my sight was still blurry that time, so I could not witness your expression.” I chuckled.

“You should be thankful for not being able to see it back then. My expression would be the best way to explain the word ‘ugly’.” She still pouted.

“Bark! Bark!” Ginger barked at me as if he scolded me for annoying Tiffany.

“Yah, Ginger! I was just kidding. You love Fany more than you love me, huh?” I scolded him.

“Bark!” Ginger barked once again before jumped off my lap. I shook my head, hardly believing my guide dog that helped me when I could not see and the most loyal friend I had in my life even turned his back on me for Tiffany.

Tiffany giggled and stood up from the bench only to sit again, this time on my lap.

“Ginger just wanted to let me sit on your lap, Taetae.” She said as she put her arms around my neck. My arms automatically wrapped her waist and landed a peck on her cheek.

“You know what, you’re pretty, Fany-ah… Now I see you this up close, the word pretty is no longer enough to describe you.” I said, landing another peck on her cheek only to earn a giggle from her.

“Fany, still remember how you give me the necklace?” I asked her. She nodded as she trailed her finger on my key shaped pendant.

“Now it’s your turn to guess, but first, let me stand up.” I requested.

Tiffany had this confused look on her face but she stood up without a question and sat on the bench while I stood up in front of her.

“Now close your eyes,” I stated. She slowly did what I told her to, “No peeking, baby.”

“I am not, baby.” She answered with a smile: her breathtaking smile.

I then squatted in front of her and put one knee on the ground. I took her hand and put it on my chest.

“Can you guess what this is, Fany?” I asked her.

“Your flat boobs.” She joked, ruining the moment I built.

“Yaaah! Fany-ah!!” I protested.

“Kidding, baby.” She smiled without opening her eyes.

“So what is it?” I tried to bring back the mood again.

“Hmmm… Your heart.” Tiffany answered seriously this time.

“Indeed my heart. But it no longer belongs to me, Fany-ah. It’s yours already. I gave my heart to you since the first time I said ‘I love you’. And since then, you have kept it well: really well. Thank you, Fany-ah…”

She smiled at my words. It was a very sweet smile. I could only thank God for giving my sight back to me, so I could witness the beauty of my Tiffany.

“And now…” I moved her hand from my chest and prepared something in my other hand. “Can you open your eyes?” I requested.

Her eyes fluttered before slowly opening, and the first thing she saw was me in front of her holding a platinum ring. Her face soon displayed complete shock and surprise.

“Fany-ah: thank you for letting me in your heart, and you in mine, all this time. Through the darkness until I can finally see the light, thanks for being my sun even during the darkest night. I hope you will never break my heart and continue keeping it the way you keep like you have.”

Here I was: knelt before her, prepared to say the last sentence of my small speech for the most precious person in my life.

“Stephanie Young Hwang, will you marry this girl: who is madly in love with you?”

She did not say a word but her beautiful eye smile and nod were enough for me to slide the platinum ring on to her finger without a moment to lose. I stared at the ring that now wrapped her slender finger and kissed it lovingly. She caressed my cheek with her free hand and lifted it up as she leaned forward before a sweet kiss was planted on my lips.

“Yes, Taetae…” She mumbled against my lips.

As I listened to her reply, I thanked God once again for taking away my eyes’ blindness but kept me blindly in love with the girl in front of me instead.

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