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“Behind every girl’s favorite song is an untold story.”

I usually find some songs tell a very beautiful story. This is the collection of one-shot stories that are inspired by some songs I listened to.


[S] NP 01 one chance  [S] NP 02 second chance  [S] NP 03 rainbows  [S] NP 04 addiction 1.0 [S] NP 05 addiction 2.0  [S] NP 06 first night [S] NP 07 sober.png  [S] NP 08 five years later.png  [S] NP 09 no more secrets [S] NP 10 the third time  [S] NP 11 memories of us  [S] #NOWPLAYING(1)

The Playlist

One Chance: Say You Won’t Let me Go – James Arthur

Second Chance: Starving (feat. Zedd) – Hailey Standfield

Rainbows: Rainbow Connection – Weezer, Hailey Williams

Addiction 1.0: Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly, Camilla Cabelo

Addiction 2.0: I Got Love – Taeyeon

First Night: Versace On The Floor – Bruno Mars

Sober: Your Song – Rita Ora

Five Years Later: Light Up The Sky – Girls’ Generation

No More Secret: Perfect – Ed Sheeran

The Third Time: Sometimes – Britney Spears

Memories of Us: Berpisah Itu Mudah – Rizky Febian