Dear Girlfriend (Over Hearts Epilogue)

[H] OS 04 dear girlfriend

Taeyeon woke up from her sleep. As her eyes slowly fluttered opened and her lips soon twitched up into a frown when she did not see Tiffany’s sleeping face by her side. It was Valentine’s day and after being a couple for four years, it was Taeyeon’s first time for not being able to give Tiffany any surprise because her girlfriend needed to go to London for a business trip. She lazily sat up and took her phone from the nightstand to check the time. It was six o’clock in the morning in Seoul. She did a quick calculation to find out what time it was in London. It was nine o’clock in the evening already in London. Her girlfriend might still be busy with the meetings she had to attend. She then noticed a kakao talk notification and soon smiled when she saw the sender’s name.


“Happy Valentine’s day, girlfriend!
Don’t be grumpy because I’m not there beside you.
Be happy because you know I love you no matter how far apart we are.
Have a nice day, my Valentine.
*kisses and hugs*”


The time stamp showed it was sent two hours ago, which meant it was seven o’clock in the evening in London when Tiffany sent the message across to her. Taeyeon immediately typed a reply, pushing her luck while wishing Tiffany had not gotten busy again with her meetings.


Happy Valentine’s day to you too, girlfriend.
I love you!
Come back home soon… I miss you T_T


Taeyeon waited for a while for Tiffany to read and reply her chat only to be disappointed because her girlfriend seemed to be already occupied with work again. She put her phone on the nightstand again, then grumpily stood up from her bed, and made her way to the bathroom to take a shower. Taeyeon wished the day would end soon. What was worse than not having your girlfriend around and needed to go to work on Valentine’s day?


After taking a quick shower, Taeyeon took a moment to choose what clothing she would be wearing. As long as she lived with Tiffany, even back then when they were still in the University dorm, the eye-smiled girl always chose what clothing Taeyeon would wear. She finally picked her choice of a black sleeveless dress and took a grey blazer to top it. She remembered Tiffany’s message about choosing clothes.


“If I am not here with you. And you don’t know what clothes, should you wear, just choose anything black. It’s the safest colour.”


She frowned as she put the sleeveless dress on. She topped it with the grey blazer and walked towards the dresser to put some light make up on. She then frowned again remembering Tiffany’s previous messages.


“Your eyes are your charm, Taetae. Don’t put too much eyeliner though. And soft colour for the lipstick match your baby face really well”


Taeyeon applied her make up as what Tiffany taught her long ago. She shook her head to detach herself from her reverie and bring herself together. She knew that she was being overly sentimental today because it was the first Valentine she did not celebrate with Tiffany after ten years of knowing her girlfriend. She stopped putting on her eyeliner and looked at her reflection in the mirror.


“Taeyeon-ah! Tiffany is just being away for a while! It’s not that she’s leaving you! Why are you being over sentimental, aish!” She gestured a punch to the mirror as if trying to punch her own reflection. She then laughed at herself and shook her head again before shifting her gaze to a picture of her and Tiffany that was pasted on the mirror.


“Fany-ah… It’s only a week and I am being a crazy person already, talking and bickering with myself like a fool. I will be doing just fine today. But come back home soon, please? And promise me that you won’t ever leave me, okay?” She said while staring at the picture. She looked at Tiffany’s eye smile in the picture and soon a smile formed on her face. Tiffany’s smile was her best mood booster.


She continued applying her make up without further frown on her face. As soon as she finished with her make up, and was sure that she was presentable enough to go to work, she left the dresser, snatching along, her hand bag, laptop bag, and her car keys, finally left the house.



It was almost nine o’clock at night when Taeyeon parked her old red BMW in front of her home. Her mood was worse than when she woke up this morning because of her inhumane workload, her forty-two year-old virgin boss who kept being cranky all day long, and lastly, which contributed the most for her bad mood was because she forgot to bring her phone with her. She cursed herself for being forgetful and careless for leaving the phone on the nightstand this morning. She was not the type of person who could not live without her phone but since Tiffany was thousands miles away from her, the only thing that could help her feel close to her girlfriend was her phone.


She walked grumpily to the front door as she fished out the key from her handbag. She immediately unlocked the door, wanting to get her phone as soon as possible and check if there are any messages from Tiffany. After successfully unlocking the door, she opened it and was stunned with the sight in front of her eyes. She was welcomed with a dim light from some candles that was neatly arranged on her right and left, from the doorway to the living room, leaving enough space for her to walk in between them. Her devastated mood earlier vanished knowing there was only one person who had access to enter the room and do a thing like this.


“Fany? Are you home already?” Taeyeon asked loudly as she took off her heels while closing the door and locked it again, but she did not hear any reply from her girlfriend. Soon, she decided to follow where the candles lead her to. She just took her first step when she felt something under her feet. She looked down to find an A5 paper with a message on it. She squat down to pick it up and read through the message.


Dear Girlfriend,

Happy Valentine’s day to you. I believe you already know how much I love you and I no longer need to say it to you. But you might not know that I also hate you on every Valentine’s day we spent together. I planned to keep it a secret just the way you kept your feeling hidden in your “Depressing Journal”. But I decided to let you know about what I hate about you, my girlfriend, on Valentine’s days. Ready to find out, baby? Follow the candles once you’re ready.


Your Girlfriend. 

PS. I forgot that I’m supposed to write:


Your Girlfriend. 

PPS. You know I am not that creative, so I stole your idea from Valentine’s day surprises. What’s yours is mine, baby. So your idea is mine as well


Taeyeon smiled after reading the message. She then folded the paper and slid it into her bag. She remembered that Tiffany always complained about her surprises every Valentine’s day. It was not that her girlfriend did not like the surprises she gave or being ungrateful. It was because Tiffany also wanted to give her something special on the so-called love celebration day but Taeyeon always managed to give earlier or better surprises than what Tiffany had prepared. Her smile grew wider as she noticed that today was Tiffany’s turn to surprise her. So, she made her way following the path that was made by the candles.


The candles lead her to the living room and stopped a step away from the couch. She saw a familiar box of chocolates on the couch and another piece of paper on it. She plopped herself on the couch and dropped her belongings on the floor. She then took the paper and read another message from her girlfriend.


“Tiffany’s Diary”

February 14, 2008

Dear Diary,

Taeyeon gave me a box of chocolates on Valentine’s day~~! I don’t think I need a boyfriend as long as I have her in my life. Taetae… I hate you for being to sweet to me. I might really fall for you someday.


Dear Girlfriend,

Yes, I hate you for being too sweet. Do you want me to get diabetes from your sweet act and that huge box of chocolates? 

Now, for my revenge. The chocolates are all yours. I hope you will understand how much sweetness you’ve given to me all these years. But just so you know, the chocolates alone will never beat all the sweetness you gave me. I wish I can repay all your sweetness not only with this box of chocolates but with all my acts just like what you’ve done to me over years.

Once you’re done with the chocolate, please check what’s beside the couch.


Taeyeon smiled as she put the chocolate box on the coffee table and scooted over to reach another side of the couch to see that there was a huge brown box with a message on top of it:


“Open me!”


She grinned widely as she lifted the huge brown box and started to question what was inside because the box was very light as if it was empty. She carefully opened it and let out a loud gasp when something white as huge as the box flew away from it. She looked up to the flying object only to find a huge helium balloon in the shape of an obesed unicorn. She laughed at how shocked she was a moment ago just because of a helium balloon. She managed to stop her laugh after a few minutes and noticed a piece of paper was hung to the string that was attached to the balloon. Quickly, she stood up to take the paper and read it right away.


Tiffany’s Diary

February 14, 2009

Dear Diary,

My annoying Taetae is being extra sweet by giving me another Valentine’s surprise today! She knows me the best. She knows that I like pink and she filled my room with pink heart-shaped helium balloons!

Thank you, Taetae! But I hate you! I hate you for knowing me the best. Where can I find a lover who knows me as much as you do? Even if someday I finally find the person, is it wrong to wish that the person will be you, Taetae? 


Dear Girlfriend,

I hate you for knowing me the best and made me insecure that I would never find a person as understanding as you. But I no longer hate you because you paid it back by giving me a lover who knows me as much as you do. Thank you, Taetae ^^?

PS. If you’re wondering why did I give you that fat unicorn, promise me you won’t be angry once I tell you the reason? It’s because the unicorn is so cute just like you! You’re my cutest little lover! And I love you.

PPS. I forgot again that I am not supposed to say I love you. I’m supposed to say I hate you.

PPPS. Next surprise! It’s still in the same box. (I hope you find this message first before finding another one in the box)


Taeyeon laughed as she read her girlfriend’s message. Tiffany kept writing ‘I love you’ while she told her at the first message that she was going to let her know things Tiffany’s hated about Taeyeon. She folded the paper from the balloon before and reached the brown box again to find another surprise for her. She peeked what was inside the box and found a blue rose and another piece of paper beneath it. She took them both and immediately read the letter written on the paper.


Tiffany’s Diary

February 14, 2010

Dear Diary,

Have you ever loved someone deeply but hated her at the same time? I happened to experience that. I am in love with Kim Taeyeon. Yes, my best friend, Taetae. But I also hate her! Today she gave me the sweetest Valentine’s surprise ever. She made an ‘amazing race’ for me only to let me find her on the rooftop, welcoming me with a carpet made of pink rose petals and gave me a pink rose with a message “Happy Valentine’s Day, girlfriend! I love you!”

I hugged her right away and told her that I love her. And I really meant it. She replied ‘I love you too, Fany-ah.” But when I broke the hug and asked her whether she still had anything to say, she said nothing!!! I really expected her to ask me to be her girlfriend! I thought our feelings are mutual. I secretly read her ‘depressing journal’ and I was pretty sure that she has the same feeling as me. But why she hasn’t asked me to be her girlfriend yet? Maybe I was wrong? Maybe she doesn’t love me the way I love her?

Diary, I had waited enough for her. Recently Siwon has been very nice to me. Maybe I should give him a chance


Dear Girlfriend,

Now you know how I’ve been secretly in love with you. This blue rose I give to you is to explain two things:

First, the colour is blue. It explains how did I feel back then every time you gave me tons of sweet things. I was so thankful yet I feel so blue because I always thought that you sent me false signal all those years. You made me think that you loved me, but you also made me think that you only loved me as a friend.

 Second, blue rose means something unattainable. I thought we would never be together. That was why for me, you were something unattainable. But I promised myself, if one day, I got a chance to be yours, I planned to keep you forever.

And yes Girlfriend, I hated you for making me feel blue, and I hate you for not making me yours sooner.

But now that you’re mine. This blue rose I gave you only to remind you that you’re something that was not easy to get, you are someone worth keeping, and I will do anything to keep you forever with me.

The next surprise: turn on the TV, and play the DVD I already put inside the DVD player. Your next surprise is there!


Taeyeon folded the letter and put it in her handbag together with other letters she got. She would keep it in her own diary. Tiffany never really told her all about her diary’s entries and now she finally read pieces of Tiffany’s feelings that has never been told to her, she planned to keep it in her journal for her to remember. She then took the TV and DVD remote from the coffee table. She switched the TV on then pressed the play button on the DVD remote. A moving picture of Tiffany soon welcomed her from the screen. Her girlfriend was in their room, wearing her casual clothes without no make up. The side of Tiffany that Taeyeon loved the most. She loved it when her girlfriend showed her natural beauty. Tiffany was just beautiful the way she was.


“Taetae, my girlfriend!” Tiffany called her from the TV screen, flashing out her eye smile.


“Fany-ah!” Taeyeon unconsciously replied and soon giggled noticing how silly she was. A familiar song then played from the video and Tiffany’s smile grew wider.


“Still remember this song, Taetae?” Tiffany asked.


Taeyeon nodded. She knew she only nodded at the video but she did not care. Played as the back sound of the video was the song she sang for Tiffany years ago, “Overjoyed”.


“I can’t beat you when it comes to singing, baby. But this song means a lot to me too. So, I will just read my diary’s entry the day you sang the song to me, while this song played as the backsound,” Tiffany explained and took something from her lap which was apparently her diary.


“Ready, Taetae?” Tiffany grinned and paused for a moment, letting the backsound played to fill the silence.


“I am ready!” Taeyeon answered excitedly.


“Ready or not, I will read it for you,” Tiffany said as she flipped the pages and took a deep breath before reading her diary to Taeyeon.


“February 14, 2011. Dear Diary,” Tiffany started.


“Valentine’s day supposed to be a happy day. It’s supposed to be a celebration of love. But why does my heart ache a lot? I spent my Valentine’s dinner with Siwon. But, I knew deep down it was not Siwon whom I want to spend my Valentine’s day with. I want to spend my Valentine with that stupid dwarf who sang a song to me before Siwon came. That idiot Kim Taeyeon,”.


Tiffany stopped for a while and looking at the camera, slightly smiled then taking another deep breath before continuing.


Taeyeon chuckled softly at the way Tiffany addressed her as ‘stupid dwarf’. The video kept playing as Tiffany started to continue reading.


“Taeyeon sang a song to me. I don’t know what the title is. But the lyrics are so deep and she sang it with her heart. I knew it because she did not even open her eyes while singing. And her expression could not be hidden,”


Then Tiffany halted for a while to take a breath.


“The song is about a person who has built his love only to find out that he can’t get the love of his life. Why did she sing it for me? Does she mean that she has loved me for real all of these time? Does she mean that I am the one she loves? And does she think that she needs to throw her love away because I don’t love her back? Stupid. Kim Taeyeon, you are stupid. I hate you!”


Tiffany finished reading her diary and closed the book. She smiled again to the camera. But, Taeyeon was struck by the fact she just found out. She never knew that she hurt Tiffany so bad on that Valentine’s day. Tears slowly formed in her eyes as she kept watching the video.


“Taetae,” Tiffany continued. “Do you know what I hate you for?” She asked.


“For being stupid,” Taeyeon replied, letting her tears wet her cheek.


“For failing to notice my feeling, babo,” Tiffany chuckled, making Taeyeon smiled along.


“The day you sang me this song was the day I finally had my decision. I couldn’t stay in a relationship with Siwon while my heart kept beating for you. That was why I broke up with him days after Valentine’s day. Because I knew for sure that my heart belongs to you, and I would take the risk to tell you soon,” She then giggled.


“One year is not really soon though,” She continued.


Taeyeon chuckled at her girlfriend’s remark.


“So, Taetae, baby. I hate you for failing to notice my feeling and also making me take the risk. Yes, Taetae. I will take whatever risk it is just to be with you,” Tiffany smiled sincerely at the camera and Taeyeon just sat there, had nothing to say. Her cheesiness was nothing compared to what she heard from Tiffany. Her girlfriend had successfully melted her heart for countless time already today.


“I know you’re now speechless, Miss Cheesy Shorty!” Tiffany chuckled, earning a soft laugh from Taeyeon, “While waiting for you to put yourself together, let me tell you where can you find the next present. It’s not a new thing though but I hope you will still like it because it is one of our memories,” Tiffany then smirked as she raised her hand and pointed to her right.


“There. Can you see something beside the TV?” Tiffany asked, pointing at the direction Taeyeon should look at. Taeyeon turned her head, following Tiffany’s hand direction to find a familiar small Teddy Bear sitting beside the TV with an envelope attached to its’ hand.


“Take it, Taetae. And read the message. I love you,” Tiffany waved at her before the video finally ended.


Taeyeon stood up to take the Teddy bear. It felt like deja vu. It was the same Teddy Bear Tiffany gave her at the day they finally became girlfriends. Also, with the envelope attached to its hand also the same way Tiffany confessed to her about the feelings she hid over years. Taeyeon grabbed the Teddy bear and the envelope then sat on the couch again to reveal the letter.


No more “Tiffany’s Diary”, Taetae. It’s just a message for you.

Dear Girlfriend,

The day I finally confessed, I saw you just read your ‘depressing journal’. The journal I secretly read without you knowing years before. I am sorry for peeking into your supposedly secret journal. But if I did not read it, we would never be together I guess. Because we stupidly thought that we did not share the same feelings. We were stupid, right?

But Taetae, I’ve known you for years and if there’s something I hate about you for all these years is your hidden feeling. You usually keep everything by yourself. I know you don’t want to be a burden. But Tae, you never are a burden to me. Remember what you always say to me? ‘What’s yours is mine’. Your problems are mine as well. So, let’s learn together to be more open to each other. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings to me. Please remember that I am all yours and you can tell everything to me. And since I can’t be together with you every single time, let this Teddy Bear accompany you. It can be a substitute for my absence. Hehehe.

Promise me, Tae? You will learn to be more open and stop keeping everything to yourself?


Taeyeon was touched by the words from her girlfriend. She rubbed her eyes, preventing the tears that was threatening to fall again.


“I promise, Fany,” She whispered. She then continued reading the letter to find her another surprise.


Next present for you! Did you notice that the Teddy Bear hides something from you? Find it, Taetae! And don’t you dare to read the next paragraph if you haven’t found it yet!


Taeyeon chuckled at her girlfriend’s threat. She then took the Teddy Bear to look for something hidden from her. She finally got a glimpse of something shiny on the Teddy Bear’s neck. She inspected it closely and soon smiled when she found out what it was. She tried to look for the hook and released the shiny thing from the Teddy Bear’s neck. It was a bracelet with a heart-shaped pendant. She immediately put it on her wrist and continued reading Tiffany’s letter.


Dear Girlfriend,

Do you remember what you give me on the Valentine’s day three years ago? You gave me a necklace with a key pendant while you have the same necklace with a padlock pendant. You told me that the pendants mean the only person that have the key to your heart is only me. Cheesy midget.


Taeyeon chuckled at the last sentence but she continued on reading.


I love the necklace, I swear. I love everything you give to me. But I hate you for being so selfless, Taetae. You always put me first on top of yourself. Do not get me wrong, I love it for sure. You always make me feel like I am the most special person on earth. But, you also deserve the same thing, Taetae.

You gave me the key, while you have the padlock. Means only me who can have access to your heart but you left my heart unguarded. Will you let other take my heart, then? I do not want my heart to get stolen by anyone other than you, Taetae. So, today I give you this bracelet with heart pendant. This is my heart and I give it to you. Wear it on your wrist and so you know my heart will always be right there on your pulse. It won’t go anywhere.


Taeyeon stopped reading and stared at the bracelet she’s wearing on her wrist. She could not hold her smile as she silently repeated what Tiffany’s wrote in the letter. She felt like her heart could explode as it could no longer contain the feelings she felt at the moment. She really could not wait to meet her girlfriend right now but she knew that she needed to find all the gifts first before her girlfriend would finally show herself. She then continued reading the letter.


Next surprise for you is in the drawer under the TV! I bet you read it while sitting on the couch. I knew you so well, girlfriend. So, get your ass off the couch and get your present. Now!


Taeyeon laughed out loud as she finished reading the message. How could her girlfriend be very sweet in one paragraph and become all bossy on the next paragraph. She shook her head as she made her way to the cabinet under the TV and opened the only drawer there. Inside the drawer was a leather car keys holder with a gold embroidery written ‘Home is where your heart is’. She took the wallet and grinned happily. She had used her old car keys holder for years and she thought about buying a new one but Tiffany gave her one already. She then noticed that she did not find any letter inside the drawer. She looked down to check whether she dropped it, but she still found nothing. She pouted but soon realised that maybe the letter was inside of the key holder. She opened it and finally found what she’s been looking for. A sheet of paper neatly folded inside the holder. She took it out and unfolded the paper to find another message from her girlfriend.


Dear Girlfriend,

Remember that pouch you gave me on Valentine’s day 2014? That bright pink make up pouch with a shiny shocking pink letters written ‘Hello Pretty!’. Remember what you said when you gave me that? ‘You are pretty, Fany-ah. Every time you are about to put your make up on, you will remember that you are pretty already so you don’t need to put a thick make up.’ How could you be so sweet yet annoying at the same time, Taetae? You gave me a pink make up pouch which is sweet because you know that I can’t be separated from those two yet annoying because you indirectly said that I wear too much make up. Annoying girlfriend!

But no matter how annoying you are, I just want to stay with you. I hate how you can be so annoying yet you keep making me stay. 

Taetae, since you drive often because you need to work yourself until midnight, I want you to remember this message. I know that you work so hard for us, for our future. I know. And I am really grateful for that. I won’t be demanding and ask you to go home early. This car keys holder I give to you is to remind you to go home safely, to come back to where your heart is. Stay safe, Taetae. I want us to last longer than forever. So, promise me to always come back to where you heart is?


Taeyeon took a deep breath as her heart could no longer hold the feelings she felt at the moment. Tiffany was always a caring girlfriend but she never really said sweet things to Taeyeon. Tiffany was not a cheesy person like her so reading all the messages she got from Tiffany today meant something words could not explain.


We’re almost reaching the final, Taetae! Are you getting bored staying in the living room? Let’s move now. Come on, I bet you know where you should go. You and your pervert mind must know.


Taeyeon smirked after reading the message. Her perverted mind immediately sent a message to her brain to go to the bedroom. She got a feeling that Tiffany was already there, maybe wearing some sexy lingerie, preparing herself to be the final Valentine’s day present for Taeyeon. She folded the papers that had not been put in her hand bag and put it together with the other papers from before. She took her belongings and skipped her way to their bedroom.


Once she reached the door, she opened it cheerfully. She could not wait to see her girlfriend.


“Fany-aaah!” She shouted Tiffany’s name as she opened the door but to her disappointment, no one was there. She saw a huge pink luggage at the corner of the room. It was Tiffany’s. But the owner was not in the room. She was about to close the door and look for her girlfriend elsewhere when she caught a glimpse of something on the bed. She halted her hand movement that was about to close the door and squinted her eyes to make sure what was on the bed.


There was a blue box with pink ribbon on the bed. She changed her mind to look for her girlfriend and decided to see what was in the box. She put all her belongings on her working table before she made her way to the bed. She turned her eyes around to make sure that she did not miss any clue of Tiffany’s presence. Once she did not find any presence of Tiffany, she continued her way to the bed and finally reached the blue box with pink ribbon. On the top of it was written ‘For my pervert girlfriend’. Taeyeon laughed and started to untie the ribbon. After she finished with the ribbon, she opened the blue box and her eyes immediately widened at the sight she saw in the box. There was of course a letter from Tiffany but there was another thing in the box. She shook her head in disbelief and looked around once again to find her girlfriend only to find no one in the room.


She carefully took the thing that surprised her and grinned widely at her own thought. How could her girlfriend call her pervert while Tiffany herself is a pervert as her? She put the gift in the box again and took the letter still with a very wide grin on her face.


Dear Girlfriend, First of all, stop grinning, pervert!!!

Taeyeon let out a loud laugh as she read the first sentence of the letter. Her girlfriend sure knew her best. How could Tiffany even dare to ask her to stop grinning in the letter without seeing her. She hardly stopped her laugh and soon continued reading the letter.

This present is just a revenge for you, for getting me a very, very weird present on last Valentine’s day! I admit that I am a fan of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, but it doesn’t mean that you should buy me ‘Fifty Days of Play Adult Game’, pervert!!… So here it is another tool to make the game even more exciting. You always want to try it, right? There, baby. A strap on for you and your perversion.


Taeyeon laughed once again. There was no way she couldn’t remember Tiffany’s expression last year when she opened the present. She soon had to face the wrath of her girlfriend but the good thing was, they spent the rest of the night to play ‘Fifty Days of Play’. And Taeyeon enjoyed it for sure. 


Taetae, you know when we first did ‘it’, I was so happy because my first time is with you. And I was happier when I knew that your first time is with me as well. But do you know what makes me happiest is the fact that after countless time doing it, you still are so gentle and caring. No matter how restless you make me be, I never get enough of you.

 I hate you for keep making me restless, Taetae. But, there is something about you that can make me forget all the restlessness. Every time I look into your eyes, I always see something I cannot explain by words. Your eyes speak through a language the brain can’t understand. The only thing to understand what your eyes say, is by the heart. And every time, every single time I look into your eyes, my heart tells me that you are where it belongs. My heart refuses anyone else but you, Taetae. So, once I give my heart completely to you, promise me you will keep it well?


Taeyeon wiped her cheeks that was wet by her tears. She could no longer hold her tears. She always loved Tiffany with all her heart but at the moment, she even thought that her heart alone would not be enough to receive the love from Tiffany.


She carefully folded the letter in her hand and stood up to put the letter in her handbag. She turned her body and soon smiled wide when she saw the person she really wanted to see at the moment was already there, breathtakingly stunning with her red cocktail dress, standing couple steps away from her, hiding something behind her back while flashing her favourite eye smile towards her


“Hi girlfriend!” Tiffany greeted her cheerfully.


“Fany-ah…” Taeyeon smiled lovingly at her girlfriend.


“Ready for the final surprise?”


Taeyeon nodded as made her way to her girlfriend. “Please don’t make me die from diabetes, Fany-ah. You’re too sweet today,” Taeyeon said as she snaked her arms on Tiffany’s waist and pecked her girlfriend’s lips.


“What goes around comes back around, baby. You’ve been cheesy for years. Now it’s my time to take a revenge,” Tiffany answered and landed another kiss on Taeyeon’s lips. Taeyeon could only smiled at the kiss.


“Tell me how cheesier you can be, Fany,” Taeyeon broke the kiss.


“As cheesy as you tell me any random number, and I will give you words that explain my love for you as the number you requested,” Tiffany smiled secretively.


“For example?” Taeyeon asked.


“If you mention the number three, then I will give you a sentence contains of three words that explain my love for you,”


Taeyeon laughed at Tiffany’s explanation but she was curious to know what Tiffany had prepared, “That’s cheesy, Fany-ah.”


“I know. Your cheesiness is contagious, for your information.”


Taeyeon laughed once again. But then she tried to compose herself. She really was eager to know what Tiffany would say.


“Ready, Taetae?” Tiffany asked.


Taeyeon nodded in excitement.


“Spill the number,”


“One,” Taeyeon smirked. How could Tiffany explain her love with only one word.


“Taetae,” Tiffany answered right away.


“Huh?” Taeyeon was confused. “Taetae?”


“Yes, Taetae. One word, right? I call you Taetae instead of Taeyeon because you are special. I don’t give random nickname to random people, Tae,” Tiffany explained, earning a laugh from Taeyeon.


“Okay, okay. So, one word is Taetae?” Taeyeon asked.


“Yes. Next number,” Tiffany answered.




“My girlfriend.”


Taeyeon tried to hold her laugh and continued with the number, “Three.”


“Happy Valentine’s day.”


“Happy Valentine’s day to you too,” Taeyeon grinned, “Four.”


“I really love you.”


Taeyeon could no longer hide her smile. She pecked Tiffany’s lips once again before continuing, “Five.”


“Our love will last forever.”


Taeyeon’s smile grew wider. She then smirked naughtily before spilling out the next number.


“Twelve,” Taeyeon said.


“Twelve? That’s so random, Taetae,” Tiffany laughed.


“You told me to give you any random numbers,” Taeyeon grinned.


“Okay, then,” Tiffany flashed her eye smile again.


“So? Twelve,” Taeyeon repeated.


Tiffany took a deep breath before answering, “Will you marry me and spend the rest of our life together?”


Tiffany then revealed a small box from behind her back and opened it in front of Taeyeon. A simple gold ring with a tiny diamond was in the box.


And Taeyeon’s jaw dropped.


She did not see this coming. Since she was the one who usually played the man’s role in their relationship, she never thought Tiffany would be the one to propose.


“I know I can’t give you bigger diam-…” Tiffany’s words were silenced by Taeyeon’s lips. Taeyeon could not say a word and the only thing she could do to deliver what she felt was through the kiss. Taeyeon’s lips just stayed on Tiffany’s without moving an inch but the feelings both girls felt was beyond what they had felt all these years.


“I did not request any number yet. So you’re not allowed to say anything, Fany-ah,” Taeyeon finally spoke an inch away from her lips and went ahead to kiss her again, earning a giggle from Tiffany. She pecked Tiffany’s lips once again before finally pulling away.


“Three,” Taeyeon mentioned another number.


Tiffany chuckled at her girlfriend reaction, “Say yes, baby?”


“Yes, Fany-ah.”


Tiffany beamed her eye smile and put the ring on Taeyeon’s ring finger then kissed her girlfriend, “Thank you, girlfriend,” She mumbled in between their kiss.


“No. I am no longer your girlfriend,” Taeyeon broke the kiss, “I am now your fiancée,” She grinned widely earning a giggle from Tiffany.


“You are my fiancée,” Tiffany said as she lead their way to the bed,“Now, we have the rest of the night to celebrate Valentine’s day, Taetae.”


Taeyeon immediately sat on the bed and pulled Tiffany to sit on her lap. Her arms automatically wrapped Tiffany’s waist,“And to celebrate our new status?” Taeyeon pecked Tiffany’s cheek.


“And…” Tiffany cupped Taeyeon’s cheek and leaned closer,“To try your new present?” Taeyeon laughed hard, making Tiffany blushed.


“I would love to, fiancée.”

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