#NP 07: Sober

[H] NP 07 sober

#nowplaying: Your Song – Rita Ora

Warning: Mature Content

The sky was dark, large clouds were moving on top of the skyscrapers. The melody of mellow song filled the room accompanied by tapping sounds on the window which soon turned into pitter-patter. Tiffany sat comfortably on the couch with blankets around her thin figures, holding a cup of hot chamomile tea. She stared at the window absentmindedly while humming the song played from her home audio system. She sipped the hot tea silently and was about to continue humming when the song suddenly stopped.

“Why do you really love this kind of mellow ambiance?” The voice of her roommate replaced the song.

Tiffany grunted and dipped deeper into the comfortable couch. She silently praised herself for buying this couch. It was one of the most comfortable couch she ever sat on. “Why do you really love to ruin the mood?” She asked back to her roommate, staring at another woman in the room, feeling annoyed.

Her roommate only chuckled and shrugged while playing a more upbeat song on the audio.

“Taeyeon, that song is not fit with the weather out there.” She snickered at the chosen song.

“But it fits my mood so much!” Answered Taeyeon as she skipped her way to Tiffany and slumped her body on the couch, bobbing her head at the rhythm of the music.

“Weirdo.” Rolling her eyes in amusement, Tiffany put her cup on the coffee table and tightened the blanket around her.

“You’re the weirdo. How long has it been since you broke up and you’re still into sad songs?” asked Taeyeon as she took Tiffany’s cup and drank the tea. “Ew, and chamomile tea! Why are you so mellow?” She grimaced and put the cup down.

“It’s not about my break up. It’s all about the mood, and the weather, and my me time. And you should stop drinking from my cup if you don’t like chamomile tea.” Tiffany nudged Taeyeon, making the latter chuckled once more.

“Tiffany that I knew was not this mellow dramatic person who listens to sad love songs all day long while sipping her chamomile tea –the tea that’s not a tea because it’s not from tea leaves. I don’t even know why people call it a tea.” Taeyeon grinned as she pinched Tiffany’s nose playfully only to earned series of protests from the mellow girl.

“Seriously, though. You should move on from your lesbian ex ASAP because I miss my old loud and chatty best friend.” Taeyeon continued, releasing Tiffany’s nose and patted her head.

“How many time should I tell you that it’s not because of her. And stop speaking as if you’re not gay yourself, Tae!” Tiffany shoved the shorter girl next to her. “It’s just about the mood.”

“First of all, I am not gay. I am bi. That’s totally different. Second of all, how can your mood always be mellow for 24-hour if it’s not because of heart break?”

“Shhh! Shut up, smart ass!” Tiffany shared the deadliest glare she could at Taeyeon.

A set of laughter escaped from Taeyeon’s mouth as she watched her roommate in amusement. She then jumped out of the couch, stretching her limbs before turned to Tiffany again, grinning wide. “Let’s have some fun!”

“I am not in the mood.”

“Meh, mellow lesbian.” Taeyeon put on an old lady expression only to receive a throw pillow right on her face.

“Why are you so annoying?”

“It’s not annoying. It’s energetic!” Taeyeon threw the pillow back at Tiffany and received yet another death glare. “Come on, Fany! Let’s go to the club. Let’s detox you from the ballad-mood you have these past months!”

“Fine. But you must stop bothering me with your ‘let’s have fun this is weekend’ invitation for the rest of the year.”

“Deal! Now get off the couch and get ready! We’ll be leaving in an hour!”

With that Taeyeon skipped her way to her own room, leaving Tiffany alone in the living room. Tiffany let out a long-loud sigh, while staring at the cup of her chamomile tea. Taeyeon was not wrong when she said that she needed to start lifting up her mood. It had been almost six months since the break up but she hardly faced the fact that she was single again. She used to be the type of girl who would hit and run in the club. No commitment, no strings attached, no nothing. Until she met her ex. They met in a bookstore near her office. Just like most of Korean drama she usually snickered on but still watched them nonetheless, her encounter with her ex was because they took the same title on the shelf and from that cliché moment, they found out that they had a lot similarities. She thought that maybe because they met in different circumstances than she usually met most girls she met in the club, her relationship would be long lasting. But it was wrong. A random trip to a lesbian club and she saw her ex was busy lip-locking with unknown girl in there. She ended it at the exact moment, with a loud slap on her ex’es cheek, and a shove at the unknown girl before leaving the club.

“Fany-ah! Get off from that couch and start to get ready!” Taeyeon’s voice from her room startled her and pulled her back from her memories. She chuckled at the realization, how could her roommate knew that she hadn’t moved an inch at all.

“Okay! Stop yelling, Taetae!” Tiffany smirked, knowing exactly ­­what response she would get for mentioning Taeyeon’s childhood name.

“Yah! Don’t call me Taetae! I am no longer five years old!”

She laughed as she stood up from her position, folding the blanket and put it on the couch. She grabbed her cup and went to the kitchen to wash it before heading to her room.


“Two more shots, please!” Tiffany raised her hand, pointing two fingers at the bartender while she barely held her head up.

Taeyeon was in no better state than her. The petite girl sat next to her, at the bar, could not even lift her head from the table.

Once the bartender delivered her order, she ruffled Taeyeon’s hair playfully, trying to keep her best friend sober. “Taetae-yah, are you five years old? You can’t drink like an adult.” She laughed at her own statement and laughed even harder when the other woman tried her best to lift her head from the table.

“I ain’t five years old!” She grunted and reached out for the vodka shot in front of her, raising her glass, clinked it with Tiffany’s before finished it with one gulp. So did Tiffany.

Both women giggled at their own actions. The alcohol had definitely taken over their mind. They looked at each other and giggled louder without any reason.

“Taeyeon-ah…” Tiffany shifted a bit from her stool so she could put her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder, earning a soft hum from the latter. “Why was I so mellow these past months. You should’ve asked me to join you to the club earlier than this! This is fun!”

Taeyeon laughed as she put her dizzy head on top of Tiffany’s. “I asked you more than once but you always be like ‘no, I am not in the mood’.”

“That is my fault then.” Tiffany chuckled at the explanation as she shifted her head a bit and landed a soft peck on Taeyeon’s cheek. “Thank you, Taeyeon.”

Taeyeon chuckled at Tiffany’s answer but soon pouted when she received the kiss. “Why are you kissing me on the cheek? I am not a baby.”

“I didn’t say you’re a baby.”

“But only babies receive a kiss on the cheeks. Adults kiss somewhere else!” She whined childishly, completely drunk.

“I never heard that kissing on the cheeks is for babies.” Tiffany laughed and straightened up her seat. Her mind was cloudy as well but she managed to sit a bit straight and cupped Taeyeon’s face with her palms. “And what where is ‘somewhere else’ adults supposed to kiss?”

“Lips? Neck? Breasts? I don’t know anywhere else but not on the cheeks.” Taeyeon answered with a giggle but soon got silenced as her lips was sealed with Tiffany’s. Both women froze in place for a second but then they both giggled against each other’s lips.

“Did we just kiss?” Taeyeon asked with stupid grin on her face.

“I guess so. Can we kiss again?” Asked Tiffany as she captured Taeyeon’s lips once again without waiting for the answer.

The second kiss was less awkward. Both women closed their eyes, tugging each other’s lips and traced each other’s mouth. The kiss got deeper and heated until Taeyeon finally broke the kiss.

“Wanna get back to the apartment?” She asked breathlessly.

Tiffany looked at Taeyeon for a while but then jumped off her stool, paying the drinks and pulled Taeyeon along with her. “Let’s go.”

The drive in the cab never felt this long for both women. They kept stealing glances at each other also took a glance at the taxi driver once in a while.

“Fuck him.” Tiffany suddenly hissed and pulled Taeyeon at her, crashing their lips impatiently, no longer cared about the man who had that disgusted face drawn all over his face.


Tiffany could feel her mouth tasted evil and constant hammer pounded her head as she struggled to open her heaven eye lids. “The fuck.” She cursed at her own struggle. She shifted from her position only to feel a weight across her waist. She furrowed her eyebrows, while keep trying to open her eyes, that’s when she heard a soft grunt next to her. Her eyes sprang opened and immediately turned her head to the source of the grunts: Taeyeon slept next to her, cuddling her like a koala.

“Holy shit!”

She sat up from her position only to be hit by another reality: both of them were naked.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Tiffany jumped out of the bed, trying to collect her clothes which were sprawled randomly on the floor, must’ve because of her impatience last night. She hissed a bit too loud when she could not find her bra so she decided to put on the dress without wearing her bra.

“Why are you such in a hurry?” A calm voice suddenly rang in her ears.

“Shit! Gosh! Taeyeon you startled me!” She turned her body to face Taeyeon only to find the latter comfortably wrapped herself in the duvet, while grinning at her.

“Are you thinking about hit and run? We live together. It’s not like we won’t meet again after our one night stand.” Taeyeon chuckled as she sat up from her position, patting the space next to her. “Sit here, don’t be awkward.”

Tiffany sighed inwardly but followed as what Taeyeon said, sitting next to her roommate. “What did we do?”

“Is that even a question? We both know we were drunk, and…” Taeyeon peeked over her naked state before putting her eyes on Tiffany’s again. “Have sex, maybe?”

Tiffany groaned, massaging her throbbing head. “How could you say it casually?”

“What? It’s now like you’ll get pregnant because we have sex. The last time I checked, I didn’t have penis. Ah wait!” Taeyeon peeked over the duvet only to sigh in relief. “I still don’t have penis. Thank God!”

And that made Tiffany laugh.

“Weirdo!” She shoved Taeyeon playfully. She silently felt relieved that Taeyeon did not act awkward even after finding out that they might –or must’ve had sex last night. “I am gonna take a shower now.”

“I think I’m gonna take one as well. I am reek of alcohol.”

“See you for breakfast?”

“Sure! Now shoo! Get out of my room.”

Tiffany laughed and skipped her way out of Taeyeon’s room. She closed the door before her and smiled unknowingly. Maybe Taeyeon was right all these moments. Maybe all she needed was just some fun, and having fun with her best friend was fine.


Taeyeon just went in to the apartment when she heard an upbeat song played from inside the living room. She smiled at the blasting sound that welcomed her.

“So, someone is in the mood this whole semester, hmm?” Half shouting, she put down the groceries at the kitchen counter.

Tiffany skipped her way to the kitchen and rummaged the groceries, and smiled wide when she found a yoghurt pack. Strawberry.

“What’s with the extreme change of mood, huh?” Taeyeon leaned against the counter, folding her arms on her chest.

“I thought you said I should start to lift up my own mood and stop being a mellow-dramatic bitch that I was.” Tiffany answered as she took a spoon and started to enjoy her yoghurt.

“So, all you need was a one night stand to lift up your mood?” Smirked meaningfully, Taeyeon wiggled her eyebrows to tease her best friend.

“Yah! It was not a one night stand!” Tiffany walked around the kitchen before finally sat on top of the counter, where Taeyeon leaned at. “We did it more than once after that. We even had sex last night.” She took another mouthful of yoghurt, savoring them inside her mouth before tilted her head to look at Taeyeon. “Oddly, it doesn’t feel awkward.”

“Of course, it won’t feel awkward. We’re always under alcohol influence every time we do it.”

“Shh, shut up. You enjoy it as well.” Tiffany finished her yoghurt and threw the cup in the bin before jumped off the counter to wash the spoon.

Taeyeon chuckled at the response she got. Her eyes followed every movement Tiffany made. It was also odd for her not feeling awkward having this kind of friends with benefit relationship with her best friend. Before that night, she never had any thoughts of having sex with Tiffany but now it just felt normal for them to have sex in one condition: under the influence of alcohol.

“Any plan for today?” Taeyeon put her gaze away from Tiffany’s figure and walked towards the grocery bags, pulling out a pack of beer.

“Not really. I planned to just watch Netflix and lazing around maybe.” She turned off the tap and turned around before smirking, noticing what Taeyeon just bought. “Or, maybe you have something better to do?”

“I don’t know whether it’d be better or not.” She winked playfully and brought the beer to the living room.

“I bet it’s better.”


“How could we end up here?” Tiffany smiled at the sight before her eyes before taking another gulp from the can.

“I don’t know. I think we’re getting bored of indoor activity and decided to be more out-going.”

They were on the rooftop of the apartment, enjoying the night city view. Sitting at the edge of the building next to each other, drinking their second beer for the night.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit dangerous to sit here while drinking? What if we fell down and instantly died?” Tiffany looked down and shuddered, imagining how painful it’d be if she fell from the building.

Shrugged casually, Taeyeon turned around and moved to sit in the middle of the rooftop. “Let’s just sit here.”

Tiffany followed along, sitting next to Taeyeon and leaned her head on the latter’s shoulder. “It’s too quiet here.”

Without saying anything, Taeyeon took out her phone from her jeans and played a song.

“Really, Tae?” Tiffany sat up from her position. “A love song?”

“What? The song fits the mood!”

“What kind of mood?”

“This kind of mood. Quiet night, open sky, star gazing. With someone,” said Taeyeon as she looked up to the night sky.

Tiffany followed Taeyeon’s gaze up to the sky and smiled inwardly. “This kind of mood, huh?” She then silently took Taeyeon’s phone and changed the song. Putting the phone back to Taeyeon’s laps she looked at the sky again.

I don’t want to hear sad songs anymore

I only want to hear love songs

I found my heart up in this place tonight

Don’t want to sing mad songs anymore

Only want to sing your song

Taeyeon chuckled upon hearing the lyrics and looked at Tiffany. “Really? This song?”

“What? I like this song!”

Cause your song’s got me feeling like I’m

I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love.

Both women smiled when they listened to the next lyrics, and without any warning Tiffany leaned forward, capturing Taeyeon’s soft lips, giving a gentle kiss to her best friend. She could feel her heartbeat thump inside her chest. Smiled at the fluttery feeling she felt, she then broke the kiss.

“Are you drunk yet?” Still had her eyes closed, Taeyeon asked the question.

“Not yet. Are you?” Tiffany bit her lips nervously. She was more than aware that both of them had not drunk at all. They never kissed sober.

“Not yet.” Taeyeon opened her eyes only to look at Tiffany’s eyes then shifted to Tiffany’s lips. “Can I be sober and ask you to kiss me again?”

They only looked at each other for couple of seconds before laughing, noticing how silly their question was.

“Can I be sober and ask you to shut up and kiss me instead?”

Another set of laughter was escaped from their lips but soon turned into a silence as their lips met again.


The loud sound from Tiffany’s phone rang continuously, making the owner groaned as her hand searched for the device blindly. When she finally got the device in her hand, she immediately answered the call.

“What?” She snapped.

“What’s with the crankiness?” The voice of her colleague could be heard across the line.

“Urgh, I am still sleepy, Jess. Why are you calling this early?” She sat up lazily and smiled noticing that she found herself naked but this time she could vividly remember how she ended up naked in Taeyeon’s bed. She shifted her eyes to find her roommate in the same state as her, still sleeping soundly next to her.

“It’s almost lunch time, Tiff. Please.”

She took a glance at the clock on the wall which showed it was eleven past eleven. “Okay, okay. Got it. So what’s up?”

“Me and the girls plan to go to the club tonight. Wanna join?”

“No, thanks. I don’t feel like going to the club.”

“That’s new. You never declined our offer these past months.” A gasp was heard from across the line. “Do you already have a girlfriend???”

Tiffany laughed at the question and stole a glance at Taeyeon, making sure the latter was still sleeping. “Hmmm, girlfriend…” She smiled at she played the picture of what they did on the rooftop the night before.

“Oh my Gosh! You’ve had a girlfriend! And now you dump your friends. I am sad.”

She carefully ran her fingers in Taeyeon’s hair, trying not to wake her friend up while chuckling softly. “I am not dumping my friends for my girlfriend.” She could feel her heart fluttered when the word rolled on her tongue. “It’s just. I want to spend this weekend with her.”

“Ew, you sound like a lovesick teenager. Have fun with your new girlfriend, Tiff!”

Tiffany laughed once more. “Okay then. Have fun to you too!” She ended the phone call with a wide smile on her face. It oddly felt nice when she referred Taeyeon as her girlfriend.

“I thought you haven’t asked any question to me regarding to that matter.”

Tiffany gasped in surprise and flicked Taeyeon’s forehead. “Why do you really like to startle me!”

The petite girl only chuckled and sat up, leaning her back against the bedpost. “Aren’t you supposed to ask me the question before claiming me as yours?”

“What are you talking about?” Tiffany’s face was reddened as she was now very sure that Taeyeon overheard the conversation she had on the phone.

“I don’t know. You can guess maybe?” Taeyeon smiled teasingly before took her own phone and opened the news app. “Ah, that new girl group is finally debuting.”

“Can I ask you something?” Tiffany took Taeyeon’s phone away and looked at her friend in the eyes. “Do you wanna be my girlfriend?”

“Can we kiss without getting drunk if I answer yes?”

“Can you just answer without asking me back?”

“Can you just ask in a more romantic manner?”

Groaning desperately for not getting an answer she wished for Tiffany ruffled her hair. “Can we just skip these silly questions that answered by another question?”

“Yes I do.”


Taeyeon chuckled and pecked Tiffany’s lips gently. “I skip the silly question that answered by another question and answered your first question. Yes, I do want to be your girlfriend. Now, can we just kiss, fully sober now?”

“Shh! Shut up, and kiss me now.”

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  1. Black457 says:

    Hello again, my lovely author. Long time no see hehehe…
    It’s nice to be back and read your story again❤
    From one night stand to a lovers? really your curling up my toes right now hahaha…
    And eleven past eleven? What a coincidence kekeke
    Aku selalu menunggumu hahaha


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