4 in 1 Taeny Drabbles

[H] OS 06 drabbles

Here are 4 Taeny drabbles I submitted for a contest in asianfanfics.com. Includes four drabbles in total, I hope you will enjoy this drabbles.


Kim Sara




“I like your eyes full of me, it hides the dark times and wounds.”

“Hi Taeyeon.” Tiffany greets the petite blonde girl who sits on the floor, in the middle of the room she just entered. The latter does not seem to hear her greetings; keeping all her focus to the sketchbook on her lap.

This is not the first time Tiffany does not get any attention from the latter when she enters the room. Every time Taeyeon has her sketchbook with her, she never pays attention to anything around her. Tiffany smiles bitterly as she continues her step to approach the blonde. She taps her shoulder softly, trying not to scare her. A soft gasp is heard as Taeyeon turns her head.

“Hi!” She smiles wide once she finds out it is Tiffany who is in her room. “How are you?”

“I am good. Thanks for asking. How are you, Taeyeon?” Answers Tiffany as she beams her eye smile at Taeyeon.

Taeyeon doesn’t answer immediately. Instead, she takes her time and stays silent for a while, trying to find out how is she feeling at the moment. “I am happy to see you.” She finally answers with a dorky grin plastered on her face. Tiffany smiles wider as she sees the twinkles in Taeyeon’s eyes. She loves to see how much the blonde seems so happy whenever she sees her.

Tiffany then takes a seat besides Taeyeon, peeking the sketchbook on the latter’s lap. “What are you drawing?”

Taeyeon takes her time again to answer Tiffany’s question. Shifting her gaze from the eye smile girl to the sketchbook in her hands, she frowns at her own drawings and Tiffany knows Taeyeon’s mood has changed. “The same. The usual.” She answers gloomily. No more twinkles in her eyes.

Tiffany knows what it means, it is not the first time she sees the drawing: five people in a room, the all four are laying on the floor while the last one stands up, crying. She takes the sketchbook from Taeyeon’s laps and closes it. “Taeyeon.” She calls out softly.

The latter shifts her attention back to Tiffany and smiles again as her eyes get the twinkles back. “Yes?”

Tiffany smiles along. It is enough for her to see the twinkles in Taeyeon’s eyes every time they are together. “Let’s go to the recreation room.” She states softly as she takes Taeyeon’s hand while standing up.

Taeyeon looks at their holding hands and notices the ring in Tiffany’s finger. “I still wonder why do we have same rings.”

Tiffany gulps but she manages to get her composure; smiling once again to Taeyeon. “What if I tell you these are couple rings?”

Taeyeon laughs hard at the question but then grins widely. “You are crazy, doctor!”

Both girls get out of the room and walk to the recreation room, leaving the two guys who keep their eyes on them.

“Is it true that Taeyeon is Dr. Hwang fiancée?”

“It is. They were about to get married when Taeyeon’s family got murdered.”

“Poor Taeyeon.”

“Poor Dr. Hwang.”




“Just like each minute and each second are different, day by day you become new.”

Earth has evolved around the sun ten times, travelling 5,840 millions miles away from its first orbit since the first time our eyes met. Earth has rotated around its own axis for 3,650 times since the first time I see that small dimple on your chin. Days passed, years changed, and I almost believed that eternity was perceptible because things never changed along those span of times we spent together.

Or so I thought.

But I was wrong. We changed. Everything changed. But since we all changed, I failed to notice.

Because I too changed.

Do you remember when was the last time we stayed in our room together, talking about nothing to everything? Or when we first kissed and how shy we were after our lips parted?

I do remember them all. Undoubtedly. Clearly. Vividly.

It is hard for me to learn accepting the fact that things became different. You never grew taller, but you did grow older. Your eyes still captivated me, but they lost their twinkles. The dimple on your chin that always appeared every time you smiled never changed, but the smile had faded abundantly. Your melodious laugh I loved to hear never changed but it lost its voice. And you, the person who used to breath the same air as me, are no longer breathing.

I thought things did not change and would never change. But I was wrong.

Though our love had never changed, and would never changed, it now takes a different form. The warmth of your skins that touched mine every time we hugged, or the softness of your lips when our lips locked, is no longer here. My senses had weakened but other heightened; memories. Our memories become my partner. I nurture it, I hold it, and I dance with it.


Breathe Again


“I can’t take this anymore

I keep getting deeper and deeper

Let me breathe.”

“Taeyeon-ah…” The soft voice took Taeyeon’s breath away. She jerked her head up to face the voice’s owner. Your voice is the greatest melody in my life.

A pair of eyes formed into crescents, locking her gaze and she lost another chance to breathe. Even the moon loses its beauty to your eye smile.

A toothy grin plastered on the flawless face. Taeyeon held her breath. Nothing is perfect but you.

“Thanks for the dinner.” A gentle tap on her arm sent shivers down to her spine.

“You’re welcome, Fany-ah.” A shy smile was drawn on Taeyeon’s face.

Tiffany’s hand reached the doorknob but did not open it yet. “Are you okay?”

Still smiling, Taeyeon gave a nod as an answer. How can I be okay if this feeling keeps growing and makes me suffocating?

“I will see you tomorrow. Get enough rest, okay?”

Another timid nod answered Tiffany.

Tiffany smiled at the cute response and leaned forward, planting a soft kiss on the cheek. “Good night.”

Time stopped and Taeyeon was barely breathing.

A soft chuckle was heard followed by the sweet voice. “Breathe, Taetae.”

How can I breathe, Fany?


This feeling is suffocating.


I need to breathe.

“I like you.”

Please let me breathe.

The silence engulfed.

“I thought you would never say that.”

What do you mean, Fany?


That’s all?

“So, what’s next?”

Taeyeon put her last breath into the sentence. “B-be mine?”


And with that simple ‘yes’, Taeyeon could finally breathe again.




Tiffany smiled at a lollipop and a post-it on her desk while shaking her head in amusement. It was the fourth day since the first time she had found a candy along with a post-it on her table. The candy was always different for each day and the post-it was always filled with cheesy words. She took her seat before taking the lollipop and read the text on the post-it:

“A lollipop for the one who always makes my heart pop.”

She chuckled softly before putting the lollipop in her bag and pasted the post-it on the wall of her cubicle, next to the other three post-its she had received since four days ago. She reread them all one by one, started from the first post-it she found along with a pack of gummy bears:

“Gummy bears are so cute, sweet, adorable, and tempting! But then, there is you.”

She tried her best not to cringe before continued to the second post-it she got along with a bag of cotton candy:

“Your smile spins my sugar-hard heart until it softens like cotton candy.”

Tiffany scrunched her nose a bit at the lame pick up lane but the smile never left her face as her eyes moved into the third post-it she got yesterday, along with a bag of M&Ms:

“Do you know what I like about M&Ms? Because it stands for ‘Me & Miyoung’”

She let out a soft laugh, silently praising how the sender could come up with the idea of putting her Korean name into M&Ms.

“Look who laughs at her own, early in the morning, huh?” A sudden question startled Tiffany and made her jerk up, resulting a laugh from the voice’s owner.

“Yah! Taeyeon!” Tiffany protested at the petite girl who grinned teasingly right beside her. “Why didn’t I notice that you’re here?”

“Because you’re too immersed by the romantic words written on that post-its.” Answered Taeyeon teasingly while taking a seat next to Tiffany.

“They are not romantic. They are lame.” She faked a shudder and curled her fingers playfully.

“Yah! How could you say that?! I put so much efforts these four days, Fany!” The petite girl sulked in her chair, pouting cutely.

Tiffany only laughed before smiled teasingly. “You’re cheesy, Taetae.”

“Wait until I reveal my masterpiece!”

“Oh really? Try me.” Tiffany challenged.

“What’s better than Hershey’s Kiss?” Asked Taeyeon confidently.

Tiffany laughed at the question before leaning forward, pressing their lips together, giving a quick peck and pulled away, beaming her eye smile. “Your kiss,” she answered.

Taeyeon grinned proudly at the response she got, while blushing a little. “That’s not cheesy right?”

“Still cheesy.” Tiffany answered as she started to turn her computer on, getting ready for work, leaving the dejected Taeyeon sulking in her chair again. “But I love my cheesy girlfriend anyway.” She continued her sentence, making Taeyeon grinned once again.

“Love you too, Fany-ah.”

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    • kim sara says:

      The four stories are not related to each other. But since they are all really short (they are all less than 500 words each, I just posted them in one post.
      And yesss, I laughed at the way locksmiths respond to the comment. They are so cute!


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