#NP 09: No More Secret

[H] NP 09 no more secrets


#nowplaying: Perfect – Ed Sheeran




Little Taeyeon ran towards a little girl who was sitting down on a bench in the middle of the park in front of her house. The named girl wore a cute pink dress and a white hat to cover her face from the sun. She turned her head towards a small girl who was approaching her, wearing a pair of blue shorts and white plain tee.

“What is it Taeyeon?” Asked Miyoung as soon as Taeyeon sat next to her on the bench.

“I missed you!” Grinning from ear to ear, Taeyeon answered excitedly.

A soft laugh escaped from Miyoung’s lips.

“We met yesterday, Taetae.” She patted another girl’s shoulder before grinning along. “But I missed you too!”

Both girls chuckled at how silly they sounded at the moment.

“Miyoung-ah, Umma said you are very beautiful and sweet. She also said that a friend like you is hard to find.”

“Really? Umma said that?” Miyoung could not help but to blush at the compliment.

“Yes! Umma also said that you’re smart and I need to learn a lot from you! So I can get rank two in class. It is impossible to get the first rank because you are always in the first rank!”

The blush on Miyoung’s cheeks grew redder. “Why did Umma say so?”

Taeyeon suddenly blushed at the question and shifted her gaze to the bright sky above them, avoiding Miyoung’s eyes.


Miyoung leaned forward, trying to see Taeyeon’s face.

“Because…” Taeyeon moved her head to the right, trying to hide her face from Miyoung.

“Because…?” Miyoung shifted closer to Taeyeon, getting curious about the answer. Taeyeon was always honest and outspoken to her and it was one of those rare moment when Taeyeon seemed shy and hesitated to say what was in her mind.

“Because I told Umma that Miyoung is a friend that I really like.”

A small smile drawn on Miyoung’s face. Despite how hard Taeyeon tried to hide her face from her, she could see faint blush on her best friend’s cheek.

“Ah, really?” Miyoung suddenly jumped off the bench and ran towards Taeyeon’s house.

Taeyeon was confused by the sudden act and followed Miyoung. “Miyoung-ah! Where are you going?”

“I wanna meet Umma!” Miyoung answered half shouting since Taeyeon was behind her.


“It’s a secret!” Continued running, Miyoung finally reached Taeyeon’s house opened the front door like it was her own home.

“Umma!” She called out Taeyeon’s mom.

A middle-aged lady came out of the kitchen and smiled upon seeing her daughter’s best friend.

“Miyoung? What is it? Did Taetae tease you again?” Holding a spatula in her hand the lady walked toward the small girl in pink.

“No, I just wanna tell you a secret.” A faint blush appeared on her face.

“Ah, what is it?” The lady she called umma squatted down in front of her. Curiosity presented on her face.

“Taetae is a friend I really like too. Umma must not tell Taetae about this.”

The lady could not help but to laugh at the sudden confession. She patted Miyoung’s head while nodding.

“Miyoung’s secret is safe with Umma.” She then moved her hand in front of her mouth, giving a mouth-zipped gesture.

The little girl smiled wide, presenting a pair of eye-smile. “Thank you, Umma!”

“Miyoung-ah!” Taeyeon suddenly barged in and ran toward Miyoung and her mom. Her face could not hide how worry she was. “Umma! What did Miyoung say?”

Miyoung looked at the lady in front of her, giving a pair of pleading eyes, a clue that the woman should not spill what she just said to her. The lady got the cue and winked at the little girl.

“It’s a secret.” She then stood up and walked back to the kitchen she left earlier. “Umma needs to cook. Lunch will be ready in half an hour. Do not play too far.” She stopped her step and turned around to look at Miyoung. “Will you join the lunch, Miyoung?”

Miyoung nodded eagerly. “Yes! Thanks Umma!”

After getting the answer, the lady finally disappeared to the kitchen.

“Miyoung-ah, what did you say to Umma?” Taeyeon whined because she did not get any answer from her mom.

“Didn’t you hear Umma? It’s a secret.” Miyoung chuckled and skipped her way to the front door.

“Miyoung-aaaaahhh!” Taeyeon followed her best friend. “Did you say good thing about me? Because if you say bad things, Umma will not allow me to play after school.”

Miyoung did not answer while continuing her way.

“Miyouuunngg!” Taeyeon ran toward Miyoung and jumped on her back making both of them stumbled and fell face first on the floor. Taeyeon was the first who moved and immediately checked Miyoung. The other girl had not moved yet, but Taeyeon could see her shoulder shook.

“Miyoung? Are you okay?”

Miyoung carefully tried to sit down and turned her head toward Taeyeon. Her lips was curved up, her eyes were teary and she stared at Taeyeon fiercely.

“M-miyoung, you’re okay, right? D-don’t cry, please.”

Ummaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Miyoung’s voice was loud, followed by a loud cry. “Taetae is naughty! Taetae pushed me down! Ummaaaaa!”

The lady came out again from the kitchen in a rush and saw Miyoung cried on the floor while her daughter sat beside the crying girl, looked guilty as charged.

Noticing another presence in the room, Taeyeon turned her head and gasped in horror when she saw her mom, holding a spatula, staring at her angrily. “Umma, I d-didn’t mean to…”

“Taeyeon. Go to your room now!”

“B-but, Umma…”


Taeyeon frowned sadly and mumbled apologize to Miyoung before dejectedly walked to the stair, obeyed her mom’s order to get to her own room.

“Miyoung, what’s wrong?” The lady sat down next to the crying girl.

“I-I… didn’t… want to tell Taetae…”

“About the secret?”

Miyoung nodded and wiped her tears. “And then, Taetae jumped on me and we fell.” She sobbed. “And my nose hurt…”

The lady smiled and helped Miyoung to wipe her tears. “Does it still hurt?” She tapped on Miyoung’s red nose.

The crying girl shook her head in answer. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Are you angry at Taetae?”

She shook her head again.

“Taetae apologized before went to her room. I am no longer angry.”

The lady smiled and tapped Miyoung’s nose once more. “If you’re no longer angry at Taetae, why don’t you play with her in her room? Umma needs to finish cooking.”

Miyoung nodded and stood up but she seemed hesitate to walk. “Will Taetae be angry because I cried, Umma? She doesn’t like it if I cry.”

“If she’s angry, what should you do?”

Miyoung thought for a while before answering. “I will apologize for making her angry.”

The lady smiled again and finally stood up before pushing Miyoung’s gently toward the stair and gestured her to go upstairs. “Taetae is waiting, Miyoung.”

“But, Umma… What if Taetae won’t like me anymore?”

A chuckle was heard from the lady. “Taetae really, really likes you. She can’t be angry at you for too long. Now go, go. Umma needs to cook.”

Miyoung took a deep breath before finally walked upstairs, toward Taeyeon’s room. When she finally reached the door to Taeyeon’s room, she took another deep breath and knocked the door.


There was no answer from the one she called. She knocked once again.

“Taetae, it’s me. I am coming in.” She carefully opened the door and saw Taeyeon was sitting on her bed, facing the window across the room. She hesitantly joined Taeyeon on the bed sat next to her best friend.

“Taetae, are you angry at me?”

Taeyeon shook her head and looked at her best friend. “Are you okay?”

Miyoung nodded while rubbing her nose. “My nose hurt when we fell down. But it’s okay now. I am sorry for crying.”

Taeyeon smiled a little and tapped on Miyoung’s nose. “I am sorry too for making you fall, Myoung.”

Miyoung nodded and suddenly hugged Taeyeon. “I thought you will be angry at me because I cried. You never like it when I cry.”

“Uhmmm… But I also don’t like it when you keep a secret from me.”

Miyoung released Taeyeon from her hug and looked at her best friend questioningly.

“I don’t like it when you do not share your secret to me.”

“Are you angry because I did not tell you the secret?”

Taeyeon nodded.

Miyoung looked down and played with her dress. Fidgeting while thinking whether she should tell the secret.

“I will tell you but you must promise that you won’t tease me.”

“What is it?” Taeyeon’s eyes gleamed with excitement.

“Promise me first!”

“Okay! I promise! Now, what is it?”

Miyoung bit her lower lip and took a deep breath. “I told Umma that Taetae is a friend that I really like too.” She blushed as she told the secret.

Taeyeon could not help but grinned wide and blushed upon hearing it. She flung toward Miyoung and hugged her best friend. “That’s not supposed to be a secret, Miyoung-ah!”

She then broke the hug, still grinning from ear to ear. “Let’s make a promise, Miyoung!”

“What is it?”

“From this moment, we should never keep a secret from each other!”

“Why should we make such a promise?”

“Because you are a friend that I really like, and I am a friend that you really like. Barney said friends share secrets!”

“Barney the purple dinosaur?” Miyoung squealed in excitement.

Taeyeon nodded with the same excitement. “So, no more secret from now on?” She offered her pinky to Miyoung.

Miyoung hooked her pinky to Taeyeon’s and smiled. “No more secret from now on.”


“But you promised me that we won’t have secrets from each other!” Miyoung almost screamed in anger as she took her bag and was about to walk out from Taeyeon’s room.

“That was a silly promise we made ten years ago, Miyoung! We were only ten! I have privacy, I have my own life! It’s not all about you!” Taeyeon stood up from the bed she was sat on.

Miyoung stopped her step and turned around, staring at Taeyeon angrily. “Fine! Go have your privacy! Live your own life! And thanks for making me believe in a silly promise for ten years! Do not ever call me your friend anymore!” With that she got out from the room, slamming the door shut.

Taeyeon sat back on the bed, closing her face with her palms. She then threw her body on the bad, laying on her back, staring at the ceiling.

“Ten years…”

She mumbled to herself. There were so many things happened in ten years.

Nine years ago, Miyoung’s mom passed away. Leaving Miyoung and her dad forever. Taeyeon could still remember how devastated Miyoung was at the funeral. Taeyeon was there, hugging her best friend tightly while Miyoung kept crying over and over again. She was there witnessing how Miyoung could finally get a grip on her life days after her Mom passed away. Miyoung was back being the same cheerful girl Taeyeon knew. That was when Taeyeon learnt that Miyoung was a strong girl. Taeyeon could not imagine if that happened to her, she might not be as strong as Miyoung.

Seven years ago, Taeyeon won a drawing contest. The contest was nation-wide. She never thought of winning but Miyoung was always there to support her. Miyoung gave her feedbacks, complimented her when she did good, scolded her when she did bad. Miyoung also helped her choosing which drawing she should submit for the contest. And when she won, she could see Miyoung was there among the crowds, looking at her with admiration and proudness. That was when Taeyeon knew, Miyoung was her mirror, she could see all her feelings was reflected in Miyoung’s eyes.

Five years ago, her older brother told her that Miyoung was very beautiful and he wanted to date Miyoung. Taeyeon was angry at him for telling her that. She could not understand why she was angry. All she knew was she felt betrayed. Her brother should’ve not have feelings for Miyoung. She did not understand why, but she could not accept it.

Three years ago, Miyoung came to her home, crying in her room. It took sometimes for Taeyeon to calm her down. When Miyoung finally calmed down, she told Taeyeon that a boy in her class stole a kiss on her lips. Taeyeon was very angry when she heard that. The next day, the boy who kissed Miyoung had some bruises on her face, thanks to Taeyeon’s punches.

Last year, Taeyeon and Miyoung had this sleepover in Taeyeon’s room. Since they went to different university, it was not easy for them to have as much time as they used to. The sleepover was one of the things they cherished because they would have unlimited time to talk to each other until sleepiness took them away from their conversation. Miyoung fell asleep first while Taeyeon couldn’t seem to sleep just yet, she looked at her best friend who was sleeping next to her. She noticed how much they’ve grown. How Miyoung transformed from a crybaby to a very beautiful girl. She also noticed that it was not only them who had grown, but her feelings toward Miyoung also grew. That was when she knew, she would break her promise to Miyoung because her feelings must be a secret this time.


She could hear her mom’s voice in the room. “What is it, Umma?”

“Did you guys fight?” Her mom sat next to her, stroking her hair.


“You and Miyoung, of course.”

Taeyeon sighed loudly and sat up. “Did she tell you anything?”

Her mom chuckled at her question and shook her head. “Hearing you ask me that question reminds me when you and Miyoung were still a kid. You often asked me whether she told me anything just to make sure she didn’t keep a secret from you.”

Taeyeon smiled bitterly. “Umma, we’re no longer kids.”

“I know…” She smiled at Taeyeon. “I wish you guys are still kids. It was easier to make both of you make up to each other. You fought in a minute, and would laugh together the next minute.”

Taeyeon frowned, remembering how simple it was when they were still kids. She did not need to hide anything from Miyoung, she did not need to keep what she feels alone.

“Do you still like her?”

The sudden question from her mom made her dropped her jaw. “What?”

“When you were kid, you kept telling me repeatedly that Miyoung was a friend you really like.”

“Oh…” Taeyeon looked down and shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“But as you grew older, you stopped telling me that. Until one day, three years ago if I am not mistaken. Your teacher called me to come to school because you beat up a boy because he stole a kiss from Miyoung. When I asked you, why you went to that extend, you answered me, it was because Miyoung was a person that you really like.”

Taeyeon kept her mouth shut. She remembered all the things her mom said but she did not want to comment on anything about it. It was impossible to suddenly told her mom that she still liked Miyoung, and it was not liking her just as a friend. The feelings she had for Miyoung was not supposed to grow because they were best friends and they were both girls.

“I don’t understand why do you keep that secret for so long? How long has it been?”

“What do you mean, Umma?”

“Your feelings for Miyoung. How long has it been?”

Taeyeon kept looking down, did not dare to look at her mom. She did not know how to answer it. She had no idea that her mom had found out about her feelings toward Miyoung.


“What do you mean, Umma?” She kept her eyes on her hands.

“She is a girl.”

“Isn’t that obvious?” Taeyeon tried her best not to scoff.

“Do you really like her?”

“She is my friend, Umma. My best friend. Of course, I like her.”

Her mom shifted her gaze from Taeyeon to a poster of purple dinosaur on the wall. “Barney said friends share secrets.”


“But you keep a secret from her.”

“We are no longer kids.”

Her mom looked at her again and sighed. “I know, Taetae. That is why I ask you the question. You are no longer a kid. You must know that the feeling you have for Miyoung is not right. You are both girls…”

Taeyeon did not say a word.

“I don’t know how your father would react if he knows about this.”

“Can you please keep it a secret, Umma?” Taeyeon finally looked up and pleaded to her mom. “That’s the reason why I keep it a secret. I know this is wrong. I am not supposed to have this feelings toward her.”

“So that’s the secret?” Miyoung’s voice suddenly heard inside the room. Taeyeon and her mom turned their head towards the voice only to find Miyoung was standing at the door, her eyes were glistening with tears.

“So, that’s the secret, Taetae?” Her voice was trembled.

“Miyoung-ah…” Taeyeon stood up to approach her best friend but Miyoung already ran toward the stair and a loud slam from the front door was heard. Taeyeon sighed and looked at her mom who closed her eyes, taking a deep breath.

“I am sorry, Taetae…”

“Did you plan this?” Taeyeon looked at her mom in disbelief.

“I am sorry…”

Umma? Did you plan this?”

Her mom did not answer.

“I can’t believe you.”

She then ran out of her room and the house, trying her best to catch up with Miyoung. She kept running and running but Miyoung was nowhere to be seen. She took a turn to Miyoung’s house and knocked the front door.


She kept knocking the door.

“Miyoung, open the door, please!”

“What do you want?” Miyoung voice was heard from inside.

“Let’s talk, please?” Taeyeon leaned over the door. “Please, Miyoung.”

“What’s there to talk about?” A sob could be heard.

“My secret…” Taeyeon mumbled.

A clicked was heard from the door. Taeyeon immediately straightened her position right before the door was opened. Miyoung was there at the door, her eyes were red and her cheeks were wet.

“I know what your secret is.” Miyoung said weakly.

“I am sorry…” Taeyeon looked at her feet, did not have the courage to see Miyoung in the eyes.

“What are you sorry for?”

“For having this feelings toward you.”

“That’s all?”

Taeyeon looked up and stared at Miyoung in question. “That’s all?”

“Yes, that’s all?” Miyoung didn’t budge.

Taking a deep breath, Taeyeon closed her eyes. “And I am sorry for having this secret for quite sometimes.”

“Since when?”

“I can’t really remember, Miyoung-ah. When I realized, the feeling was already there.”

Miyoung sighed and stepped forward. “I owe you an apology as well.”

Taeyeon did not see this coming she only looked at Miyoung, questioning the statement. “What apology?”

“I’ve also kept a secret from you.”

Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows. She believed Miyoung always told her everything, even the smallest thing that happened in her life. “What secret?”

Miyoung did not answer, instead she took another step forward, cupping Taeyeon’s cheeks in her hands and pressing their lips together.

Taeyeon’s could feel her heart stopped beating. Her lips were pressed against Miyoung’s. She could feel how soft it was and a faint taste of strawberry lip tint on top of it.

Miyoung finally pulled away, blushed hard and stepped back. “I am sorry.”

Taeyeon blinked repeatedly, trying to gather her mind. “Miyoung-ah?”

“I am sorry, Taetae…” She took another step back.


Miyoung did not say anything more and was about to close the door when Taeyeon held the door opened.

“I like you. You are the person I really like.”

Miyoung smiled weakly upon hearing the statement. It reminded her of their childhood. “The sentence you used to say was ‘you are a friend that I really like.’ Not ‘the person’, Taetae.”

“You were a friend that I really liked. But do friends kiss each other on the lips? I like you, Miyoung-ah. I really, really like you.”

“You know we can’t, Taetae.”

“Miyoung-ah…” Taeyeon could feel tears were formed in her eyes. It relieved her to finally tell Miyoung about her feelings but she did not prepare for any heart break. “Can you please at least answer a question from me?”

Miyoung sighed and closed her eyes. “What is it?”

“Do you like me? Not as friend. I mean, do you like me the way I like you?” Taeyeon bit her lower lip after spilling out the question, preparing herself to hear Tiffany’s answer.


Taeyeon could feel her heart broke. She had heard of heartbreaks a lot of time but she never knew that it was not just a metaphore because she could feel her heart clenched in pain after hearing Miyoung’s answer.

“I do not like you. I love you, Taetae… But we both know, we can’t.”

Taeyeon gasped in some oxygen into her lungs when she heard Miyoung said she loved her. How could she not notice? How could she not realize? She tried to gather pictures of them together these past years, noticing that Miyoung always put her above anything else in her life. Miyoung never had boyfriends. Miyoung was always the first person congratulating her on everything, be it birthday, Christmas, new year, or her achievements. Miyoung always made sure she had eaten, and she had enough rest. Miyoung was always there in every chapter of her life. She wondered, all this time, did she take Miyoung for granted?


A sad smile formed on Miyoung’s face. “What is it, Taetae?”

Taeyeon did not know what to say. She did not know what to do. Even now, when she knew that Miyoung loved her, she could not imagine what would they need to face after this. She did not know how they would come out to their family, even though her mom had known about this, her brother, her dad, and Miyoung’s dad might not easily deal with it. She wanted to make Miyoung hers but she knew she was not strong enough to fight for them. She was not strong. She was not as strong as Miyoung.

“Can we… still be friends?” Taeyeon finally asked.

Even though the smile never left Miyoung’s face, it was crystal clear that it held sadness. “With one condition.”

“What is it?” Taeyeon gulped as she tried not to cry in front of Miyoung.

“Promise me, from now on, there would be no secret anymore.”

“Promise.” Smiled at her best friend, her answer was more like a whisper. A whisper she silently held into her heart. This time she would not broke her promise.

“Before we close this conversation with a BFF pinky promise like what we used to do when we were kids, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, Miyoung.”

“Before we’re officially being friends, can I kiss you again, for the last time?”

Taeyeon did not answer but she pushed the door opened, and landed a kiss on Miyoung’s lips. This time, the kiss was longer. Closing their eyes, they kissed slow and tender. Reminiscing the only time they could kiss, maybe for the last time.


No one could explain how Taeyeon and Miyoung could remain friends after what happened seven years ago. They acted just the way they did before they found out each other feelings. Miyoung would still have sleepover in Taeyeon’s home once in while when Taeyeon was in town. And Taeyeon always made sure she had time for Miyoung every time she went home.

Life had been different for them. Miyoung was now known as Tiffany, one of the most popular supermodels in Asia. And Taeyeon was a singer who was on her peak popularity. Their job could not even separate them from each other. Medias, celebrities, and fans knew how close they were.

Tonight was one of those days when Miyoung would have a sleepover in Taeyeon’s place. Both girls were under the duvet, laying on their backs, staring at the ceiling.

“Hey,…” Miyoung called out randomly.

Taeyeon hummed in answer.

“Do you still like me?”

The question made Taeyeon turned her head toward her beautiful best friend. “Why are you asking me that question?”

Shrugging in answer, Miyoung repeated her question, “Do you still like me?”

Taeyeon chuckled and shifted her position. She laid on her right side, facing Miyoung who was still facing the ceiling. “I’ve stopped liking you years ago, Miyoung-ah.”

“Okay.” Miyoung nodded and closed her eyes.

“Do you still love me?” It was Taeyeon’s turn to ask.

Still closing her eyes, Miyoung nodded in answer.

“That’s good.”

“Why does it good? I thought now that you’ve stopped liking me, it would be uncomfortable for you if I still love you.” Miyoung opened her eyes and shifted her gaze to Taeyeon who was smiling at her.

“Do you know why I stopped liking you?”

“Taeyeon, are you trying to break my heart?” Miyoung mirrored Taeyeon’s position so they were face to face. “Why do I need to know the reason why the person I love stopped liking me?”

“The reason is because I love you.” Taeyeon smiled wide, twinkles presented in her eyes.

Miyoung did not react. She looked at Taeyeon questioningly while trying to digest the information she just heard.

“Earth to Miyoung, are you still there?” Taeyeon tried to joke while anticipating Miyoung’s response.

“What did you say?”

“I love you, Miyoung-ah.”

Miyoung finally smiled and close her eyes. “I must be dreaming right now.”

Taeyeon smiled along. “I found a girl, beautiful and sweet.” She sang a song with her beautiful voice, making Miyoung opened her eyes.

“Oh I never knew you were the someone waiting for me. ‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love. Not knowing what it was. I will not give you up this time.”

Miyoung’s eyes that staring at Taeyeon were teary. “Taeyeon-ah…”

Taeyeon kept smiling, locking her eyes in Tiffany’s. Her hand caressed Miyoung’s cheek before continued her singing. “But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own. And in your eyes, you’re holding mine.”

She stopped her singing and leaned forward. “I love you, Miyoung.” Distance between them were almost gone. Taeyeon could feel Miyoung’s breath tickling her face before she pressed her lips against Miyoung’s. She could hear a soft sigh from Miyoung when their lips locked. Closing her eyes, she gently kissed Miyoung. Sweet and slow, it was like the kiss they shared seven years ago, in front of Miyoung’s door.

When Taeyeon broke the kiss, she saw Miyoung smiled while having her eyes closed.

“I will not give you up this time.” She whispered softly.

Miyoung finally opened her eyes and nodded before leaned forward to capture Taeyeon’s lips again. They kissed again and again that night, catching up for years they’ve spent together being just friends and Miyoung ended up sleeping peacefully in Taeyeon’s embrace.


Taeyeon stood on the stage wearing a simple white dress, holding a golden trophy for being Best Female Singer in one of prestigious music awards in Korea. She tapped the microphone to made sure it was on before delivering her speech.

“I would like to thank everyone who has supported me all these times. For fans, for managers, for my parents, and for my best supporter in life, Tiffany Hwang. I promised you not to mention your Korean name if I won an award.”

Laughter was heard in the crowd. She smiled and looked at Miyoung who sat among the VIP guests. She wore red dress which complimented her fair skins. When her eyes met Miyoung’s she could see her reflection again. Miyoung was her mirror. The same eyes that always looked at her proudly every time she achieved something. The same eyes that always conveyed love over years.

“Tiffany is a very important person in my life. She is stronger than anyone I know. She shares my dreams, she carries my secrets. I hope someday we won’t only share dreams. I love you Fany-ah. Thank you very much.”

She closed her speech, and leaving the stage, followed by applauses from the crowds. After came down from the stage, she took her seat next to Miyoung and stealthily landed a peck on Miyoung’s cheek.

“I love you.”

Miyoung only chuckled and pinched Taeyeon’s cheek. “People will notice if you do that too often, Taetae.”

“So, what?”

“You know how our relationship will affect your career, love.”

Taeyeon shrugged casually and leaned back to her seat. “I’ve hinted so many times in every interview, award speech, and MVs about us. People should not be too surprised.”

Miyoung raised her eyebrows and leaned toward her girlfriend. “Umma and Appa are okay now?”

“Huh?” Taeyeon was confused with the random question.

Miyoung took Taeyeon’s hand, intertwining their fingers before putting it on her lap. “Daddy is finally fine with us. What about Umma and Appa?”

Umma and Appa are fine now. But, they will need some time until they are used to see us kissing.”

Miyoung laughed, finding Taeyeon’s answer were amusing. “It’s good to know. We cannot hide forever.”

Taeyeon smiled and leaned forward again to land another peck on Miyoung’s cheek.


Taeyeon only grinned naughtily and pulled their intertwined hand to be placed on her lap. “Are you coming to the award after party?”

“If you’re coming, I am coming.”


“Anything special at the party?”

Taeyeon winked playfully at her girlfriend. “Secret.”

“Yah! You promised no more secret!”

Taeyeon only stuck out her tongue, ignoring Miyoung’s protest.


Taeyeon never really was this clingy and showed off before but tonight, she could not seem to stop holding Miyoung’s hand along the party. Sometimes, her arms were around Miyoung’s waist as if claiming that Miyoung was hers. Miyoung repeatedly told Taeyeon that there were medias in the party but Taeyeon did not seem to be bothered with that.

“Taeyeon-ssi.” One of the medias came to her, one person brought a camera and another one had microphone in his hand.

“Yes?” Taeyeon turned around, still having her arms around Miyoung’s waist.

“Congratulations for the award you won tonight.”

“Thank you very much.” She smiled and pulled Miyoung closer to her, making sure Miyoung was in the frame as well.

“Who will be the lucky person for being your partner for tonight’s slow dance?”

“Tiffany will be my partner.” She answered confidently.

The interviewer could not hide his surprised expression but immediately nodded. “Oh, so your best friend is going to be your partner.”

“Yes, in fact she is my partner in real life as well.” She chuckled and kissed Miyoung’s cheek.”

This time, it was Miyoung’s turn to be surprised at the sudden kiss. Taeyeon never kissed her every time they were on camera.

The interviewer lost for words after witnessing Taeyeon’s act. So, he excused himself and looked for other celebrities to be interviewed.

“You’re crazy.” Miyoung chuckled as she pinched Taeyeon’s waist.

“Why? I was just stating the fact.”


“We cannot hide forever, Miyoung-ah.” She smiled sweetly and was about to land another kiss on Miyoung’s cheek when the MC announced it was time for slow dance. She pulled Miyoung with her to come to the slow dance spot.

They could see celebrities were paired, most of them were actually couples but they hid their relationship, afraid that the fans would not approve of their relationship. Taeyeon then brought Miyoung to the center and they started to dance.

“You really are crazy…” Miyoung shook her head but smile presented on her face.

“Why? Look around us, most of them are real couple.”

“I know, Taetae. But they are normal couple. Man and woman.”

Taeyeon pulled Miyoung closer and wrapped her arms around Miyoung’s waist. “Shh, I love you…”

With that Miyoung stopped her protest and circled her arms around Taeyeon’s neck. She then moved their body along with the song played. When their favorite song was suddenly played, Taeyeon pulled away a bit only to look at her from head to toe.

“You look perfect tonight.”

Miyoung could not help but laugh at the sudden compliment. “Why, thank you?”

Taeyeon only smiled in answer while staring at Miyoung’s eyes intensely. Her mind played all the memories she had with Miyoung ever since they were kids. How their feelings developed. Their first kiss. How Miyoung’s eyes were holding hers. When they finally started their relationship. Miyoung was always there in the chapters of her life even before they were together. And here she was, dancing with the most perfect woman she could ever find in her life. An angel in person. And she believed, she only wanted to spend the future, and the rest of her life with the person she was dancing with.

Miyoung was lost in Taeyeon’s eyes. Just like how Taeyeon knew that she was her mirror, just by seeing Taeyeon’s eyes, she felt like she was riding the train of memories of how they were. She did not know where the future would bring them. But she was sure Taeyeon was the one. She was always the one for her.

“Miyoung-ah… I love you, I will marry you someday. Let’s not hide anymore.”

Miyoung had not replied anything when Taeyeon pulled her close and kissed her on the lips. She was surprised but she could feel how relaxed Taeyeon was, a clue that Taeyeon had planned this before. So, she closed her eyes, returning the kiss. She pulled Taeyeon by the neck, deepening the kiss. If Taeyeon was ready to come out, she had always been ready for Taeyeon for as long as she remembered.

Taeyeon did not know how long had it been since they kissed. The next thing she knew, the song had ended and that was when she broke the kiss, watching Miyoung tried to catch her breath.

When Miyoung opened her eyes, Taeyeon smiled and pointed to the other direction with her chin.

Miyoung turned her head only to find the medias taking their picture.

“I hope you’re ready to share our secret to everyone.”

Miyoung shifted her gaze back to Taeyeon and laughed. “You’re crazy.”

“Now that everyone knows that we’re a couple, let’s give them some proper pictures.” Taeyeon cupped her hand on Miyoung’s cheek and pulled her close before landing a soft peck on the lips.

“I love you, Miyoung.” She spoke against Miyoung’s lips.

“I love you too, Taetae…”

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