Catch Me When I Fall (014)

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Do You Love Me More Now?

It was three hours past the working hours already and Tiffany had been staring at her laptop for such a long hours. Her eyebrows were knitted together while her lips jutted a bit as she thought about what action she needed to take from the data she had been staring at. She was still in the office, and did not want to go home just yet. Earlier today she was in a very tough meeting with Taeyeon and Jessica regarding to the project she led in Lombok. After three months, the result of her project was not as good as what Taeyeon expected so she and Jessica needed to get a good three hours of scolding from their petite boss about the how much cost they spent for such a huge project yet the result was not satisfying. She had compared the market visit data they got when they were in Lombok and the result data and it was indeed not satisfying. They managed to bring forty-eight percent growth in the area but the top management expected it to be as huge as fifty percent. She tried to find any flaws that could explain why the project did not work as what they expected but the only thing she could find was the fact that there was a miscalculation in her planning.

She huffed loudly, throwing her back against the seat rest and massaged her temples. She did not know what to explain to the BOD on the next Monday meeting. Even though she knew Taeyeon would defend her team in front of the BOD, but as the project leader, she knew she should be more careful and the responsibility should be hers.

“You start to resemble Taeyeon now.” Jessica’s voice took Tiffany’s attention and the black-haired girl turned her head to see her senior.

“Jessi…” She whined as she straightened her seat. “What should I do now? I am so damn clueless.” She sighed and shifted her gaze at the laptop again. “Forty-eight percent is not the number they want to hear. I am so gonna die.” She threw her hands in the air, a sign of desperation.

Jessica sighed along and walked towards the stressful girl, dragging a chair with her and positioned it next to Tiffany before taking a seat and rubbed the latter’s back. “Taeyeon will help us out.” She tried to comfort Tiffany.

Tiffany only looked at her senior, still had her lips pouted and sighed once again. “I don’t even want to meet her tonight.”

The answer surprised Jessica. “And why is that?”

“Because I feel guilty.” Tiffany sighed. “I was supposed to deliver a better number, yet I couldn’t.”

“At least you tried hard.”

“Not my best, unfortunately.”

“People makes mistakes, Tiff.” Jessica tried to comfort.

“And that kind of justification will bring you nowhere.” She smiled faintly. “People makes mistakes, but it doesn’t mean that mistakes are unavoidable. I must accept the fact that I made a wrong plan, and I have to face the consequences.”

“Face Taeyeon, then.”

Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows. “And why does you mention my girlfriend out of a sudden?”

Jessica rolled her eyes as a response. “Do you forget that Taeyeon is actually your line manager? You need to face her as you mentioned before, ‘face the consequences’.” She made and air quotation to emphasize the words.

Tiffany groaned and ruffled her own hair. “I don’t wanna see her today.”

“Says the one who said that she must be responsible.”

“Why don’t you be a supportive senior?” Tiffany nudged Jessica.

“If I wasn’t supportive, I wouldn’t be here, Tiff.” Jessica nudged her back.

Tiffany smiled a bit, silently feeling thankful for Jessica presence. Knowing Jessica for nine months now, she knew that the latter was not the type of person who would show that she cared. Just like today for instance, instead of telling cliche things like “Everything’s gonna be okay” Jessica chose to tease the latter but still stayed in the office, making sure that she did not leave Tiffany alone and took some share of the burden and stress. 

The knocks on the door soon took both girls attention away and not long after, the door was opened, showing their boss’ petite figure. 

“You guys are still working?” Taeyeon asked, still standing at the doorway. She had brought her bag, signing that she was ready to leave. “Go home, it is getting late.” She spilled as she opened the door wider, gesturing the girls to get out of the room.

“I still need to working on the presentation for Monday meeting, Taetae.” Tiffany answered weakly.

Taeyeon’s mouthed a silent ‘oh’ and stepped inside the room, taking a seat in front of Tiffany’s table, looking at Jessica and Tiffany. “Continue then, I am gonna stay here until you finish.” She said cooly while taking out her iPad from her bag and started to read some ebooks.

Tiffany sighed for the umpteenth time today and put her gaze on the laptop screen, staring blankly at the graphs and numbers which showed the unwanted number: forty-eight percent of growth. Jessica eyed the latter and was about to say something when her phone rang, showing Yuri’s name on the screen. Tiffany stole a glance before turned her gaze back to the monitor and saw it was nine o’clock already and Yuri must had been waiting for Jessica to get home together.

“Go ahead. I am on it.” She said to her senior understandingly. “You got a date with Yuri, right?” She smiled a little even though the smile did not reach her eyes like usual.

“I can have date with her anytime, TIff. Let’s just finish the presentation.” Jessica answered while tapping the green phone icon on her phone screen but Tiffany immediately snatched the phone from her hand.

“Hi, Yuri! Jessica is about to off now. Sorry for taking it a bit too long. Have a nice date!” Tiffany said as soon as she put Jessica’s phone against her ear. “Ah, no, the presentation is just fine. I will send Jess down in a minute.” She chuckled and hummed for couples of time. “OK. See you on Monday.” She ended the call and gave the phone back to the baffled Jessica.

“Who gave you permission to do that?” Asked Jessica as she took her phone back from Tiffany.

“No one, but we’re done for today. I will send the presentation on Sunday so you can have your peaceful weekend, okay?” Answered Tiffany as she saved the documents and finally shutting down her laptop.

Jessica heaved a sigh and stood up from her seat. She knew how stubborn Tiffany could be so she decided to just gave up. “Just call me if you need help.”

“Will do, senior.” Tiffany beamed a smile at Jessica before continued tidying up her desk. “Now, go. Your girlfriend is waiting.” She shooed Jessica playfully.

Jessica smiled a little at Tiffany’s understanding, and shrugged before stood up from her seat, nodded politely to Taeyeon. “I am off first. You two, have a nice weekend.” She said as she kissed Tiffany’s cheeks before left the room, leaving Taeyeon and Tiffany in the room.

Tiffany smiled until Jessica lost from her sight and let out yet another huff as she slid her laptop into the laptop bag and took her bag. “Go home now?” She asked Taeyeon who still had her attention to her iPad.

Taeyeon looked up at stared at the black-haired girl. “I thought you were going to finish the presentation?” She asked as she locked her iPad screen and slid it back to her bag.

Tiffany shrugged as she let out the umpteenth sigh of the day. “I will just finish it in your place.” She stated while shutting down her laptop and tidied up her belongings, then stood up, stretching her hand to Taeyeon. Taeyeon smiled a little and stood up as well, taking Tiffany’s hand into hers and held it gently. They then walked to leave the room and went to Taeyeon’s apartment.


“Fany, you’re still working?” Taeyeon asked at the figure who sat in her working desk; lips puckered and eyebrows furrowed, showing how much focused she put at the very moment. The latter only answered Taeyeon’s question with a hum, not even sparing a glance towards her girlfriend who was just exited the bathroom. Taeyeon then proceeded to put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket before walked towards her seemingly serious girlfriend; stealthily wrapped her arms around Tiffany and put her chin on the shoulder. 

“Let me help you.” She spoke softly as she put her most attention to the laptop screen which showing reports of the Lombok activation project. She had seen it before and she remembered how much she scolded Tiffany and Jessica earlier today because the project’s result was below the targeted number. She stared at the bolded green number at the bottom of report showing forty-eight percent as the growth number. It was actually exceptional for a project which was only held for three months but she vividly remembered telling her team that she had expected at minimum fifty percent growth. Fifty percent was also not the random number she created for the target. She had conducted a meeting after their Lombok business trip three months ago with Tiffany and Jessica, and that was when the fifty-percent growth as the target was decided. She was also the one who appointed Tiffany to be the project leader. In that meeting she knew Tiffany did a little bit of calculation mistake and she had silently predicted that the project would not achieve the number but she kept silent because that was what she had always done. She never set the target top-down, she always threw discussions to the floor and let her team decided their own achievable target under her supervision. What she did not tell to both Tiffany and Jessica was, she did not present their calculation to the BOD, instead, she had promised BOD that her team would contribute at minimum forty-five percent from the project.

“What will you say to the BOD on Monday?” She asked without changing her position.

“Please don’t remind me.” Tiffany bit her lower lip nervously. She already imagined a very tough meeting on Monday. 

Taeyeon chuckled a bit, noticing her girlfriend was nervous. “It will be okay. You and your team have done great. The BOD will be happy.”

“How would that be possible? You were not happy after seeing the result. The BOD will be much more upset than you.”

Kissing Tiffany’s cheek softly Taeyeon then pointing at the word ‘target: 50%’ and said, “Change the wording into ‘aim for 50% growth’ and do not emphasize that the target is 50% during the presentation and you will be fine. I guarantee that.”

Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows even more at the random suggestion Taeyeon gave. She knew Taeyeon was so good during presentation, she could always deliver her presentation smoothly, and answered every question without any hassle. But she did not expect Taeyeon would give such an advice to her.

“Really, Tae? I mean, that’s all?” Asked Tiffany as she swirled her chair so she could face Taeyeon.

Taeyeon grinned and sneakily pressed “ctrl” and “S” button on the keyboard then closed it, before taking Tiffany’s hand and pulled her girlfriend to the bed. “I am sure everything is gonna be good. Now, all you need is a proper rest, so you can present flawlessly on Monday.” Taeyeon sat on the edge of the bed and Tiffany sat beside her.

“I am still unsure.” Tiffany still had the same worried look.

“I am gonna tell you and Jessi after Monday meeting about any other detail, but now, let’s sleep.” The blonde boss stated as she stole a glance at the clock. It was almost midnight already. “It’s past eleven, Fany. Let’s sleep.”

Tiffany let out a huff and finally positioned herself laying on her side. Taeyeon took another side of the bed and watched Tiffany’s back before hugging her girlfriend from the back. Her girlfriend was definitely not in her best mood and Taeyeon was afraid it was because of her. Tiffany had been overly quiet ever since they were off from office. “Are you angry at me?” She whispered softly. “Are you angry because I was too tough earlier today? In the meeting? Or are you angry because I do not give you a much better advice for the presentation?”

“No, Taetae…” Tiffany sighed again.

“You sure? Please tell me if I did something wrong.”

“It’s nothing.”

“But you’ve been very quiet. Did I upset you?” Taeyeon kept asking.

Another sigh from Tiffany and Tiffany turned her head a little bit, but enough to look at Taeyeon’s face. “I am okay. It’s just… I can’t believe myself that I did a calculation mistake.”

Taeyeon smiled understandingly before kissing Tiffany’s cheek. “Someone once told me to have the so-called ‘work and life balance’ and now here she is thinking about work on TGIF.” She grinned dorkily before stealing another peck on the cheek.

Tiffany chuckled at the remarks. “It’s not only your cheesiness that is contagious. Your workaholic attitude is also contagious apparently.”

“And here she is, my pretty eye-smile girlfriend!” Taeyeon grinned even wider and peck Tiffany’s lips playfully.

“Why are you in a very good mood today?” Tiffany noticed the rare behavior of her girlfriend but only answered with a nonchalant shrug by her girlfriend. “Really? You’re not gonna tell me?”

“Because…” Taeyeon answered playfully.

“Because…?” Tiffany was getting more curios. But then Taeyeon’s phone rang and Taeyeon broke the hug then proceeded to her working desk to get her phone. Tiffany frowned a bit. Even though they had already slept in the same bed almost everyday now, but Tiffany never got bored of being in Taeyeon’s hug and she did not really like it when Taeyeon suddenly broke the hug just like what happened at the moment. She looked at Taeyeon with pouting lips, waiting for her girlfriend to finish with whatever it was on her phone.

Taeyeon only looked at her phone for a while then smiled a bit too wide, and it made Tiffany even more curios, also a bit jealous. She wondered who called Taeyeon at late night and made her smiled like that. “Why are you smiling so wide while staring at your phone?” Asked Tiffany.

“Nothing.” Taeyeon answered as she tapped her phone and the phone stopped ringing.

“Why not answering that?”

“That was not a call.” Taeyeon answered still with a smile on her face and took something from inside the drawer before walking back to the bed and positioned herself next to Tiffany, back hugging her girlfriend again.

“Not a call?” Tiffany asked, shifting her position so she could face Taeyeon.

Taeyeon nodded.

“Then what was that?”


“At this hour? Midnight?” Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows, thinking Taeyeon was a bit weirder than she usually was.


“What kind of alarm was that?”

Taeyeon did not answered but instead she kissed Tiffany’s lips softly. “Happy six monthsary, Fany.” Taeyeon mumbled against the kiss.

Tiffany did not react right away but when she finally registered what Taeyeon said, she chuckled and kissed her girlfriend back before pulling away. “Alarm for our monthsary? Really, Taetae?”

Taeyeon nodded excitedly before grinning again. “I want to say it right at the beginning of the day so we can have exactly 24 hours to celebrate it.”

Tiffany laughed hard at the honest answer and smiled wide, showing her eye-smile to her girlfriend and gave a soft peck on Taeyeon’s lips. “Happy six monthsary to you too, baby.”

Taeyeon could only grin after the peck.

“And my cheesy baby only grins in answer.” Tiffany faked a sigh only to got kisses all over her face. “Gosh, Taetaeee!!” She squealed and tried to escape from the kisses and it made Taeyeon laughed. “Kissing monster!”

“But you love my kisses.”

“Not as much as I love you.” Tiffany sticked out her tongue.

“Cheesssssyyyyy!!” Taeyeon playfully cringed at the sentence, earning another round of laugh from Tiffany.

When Tiffany finally stopped laughing Taeyeon retreated one of her hand and opened her palm in front of Tiffany, showing two silver rings. “I noticed that we do not really have couple items. We have that bracelet you bought in Lombok, but I never really bought you one. So, in this monthsary, I wanna give you this.” She said as she gave one ring to Tiffany.

“Why are you so unromantic?” Tiffany shook her head in amusement and refused to take the ring. “You’re supposed to put the ring on my finger. Not giving it like that.” She continued.

“Why are you so demanding?” Taeyeon faked a sigh but took Tiffany’s hand before sliding the ring to Tiffany’s ring finger. “Now you’re tied with me forever! Ha!” Taeyeon stated playfully only to get a gentle shove from Tiffany. She then slid another ring to her own finger.

“How can you be cheesy but so unromantic?” She chuckled but she could not help but to feel her heart fluttered when Taeyeon said that she was tied with her forever. She then smiled and looked at Taeyeon with unreadable expression.

“You do not like it? Did I do or say something wrong again?” Taeyeon asked, panicked at the response she got.

“I wanna say something but I am afraid I will freak you out,” Answered Tiffany.

Taeyeon gasped. “Please do not say that you are pregnant!” She tried joking as she was kind of nervous with what Tiffany was about to say.

Fortunately Tiffany took her joke lightly and flicked her tongue. “There is no way I can be pregnant. First, we’re both girls. Second, you never really pass the second base because you are always freak out when you touch my boobs!” Tiffany pinched Taeyeon’s nose playfully. It was true afterall. After their first attempt for second base, they never really continued to the third base because every time they were engaged in second base, Taeyeon was usually panicked when she touched Tiffany’s bare chests. Taeyeon even always refused to take off their clothes, saying that she was not ready.

“Do not taint my innocent mind, Fany.”

“Yah!” Tiffany flicked Taeyeon’s nose this time. “Do not play innocent. What kind of innocent person who loves to touch my butts sneakily???”

Taeyeon only grinned sheepishly, could not find an answer for that. After finding the atmosphere was a bit lighter, she then scooted over to Tiffany and wrapped her arms around Tiffany’s waist and pecked the nose. “So, what was it you wanna say?” She asked, talking back about what they left earlier.

Tiffany bit her lips nervously before stared deeply into Taeyeon’s eyes. “Promise me, you won’t freak out?”

“Promise. Because I am now sure that you’re not pregnant.” She chuckled.

“Silly!” Tiffany rolled her eyes.

“So, what is it?”

“Uhmmm… Honestly, when we first got together, I wondered whether I could do it or not. I’ve never been in a relationship with girls before. So I was unsure whether it was curiosity or platonic. But time passed so fast and we suddenly celebrated our first monthsary. And that day, on our monthsary, when we ate together here, in your apartment I thought, ‘It must not be platonic before my heart flutters whenever I am with you.’”

“Aaaaaawwww…” Taeyeon smiled and cooed playfully, earning a soft chuckle from Tiffany.

“But then I wondered, ‘It has only been a month. What if the feeling fades after one or two months?’. And again, I keep losing track of time when I am with you and we passed the third month already. We also did second base. Even though you always freaked out.” Tiffany stated in a playful manner, earning a cute pout from Taeyeon.

“Another ‘but’. On our third monthsary, I could not help but to think, ‘Three months is just a honeymoon period. What if we can’t even reach six months? Will you ever get bored of me? What if we keep having fights and we can’t keep our relationship longer?’ That was what I thought that day.”

“Fany…” Taeyeon frowned. She never knew that Tiffany had a lot of insecurities about their relationship. Her girlfriend never showed that she had those thoughts. In fact, Tiffany was the one who always comforted Taeyeon every time she got insecure. Tiffany was the one who always positive about their relationship. Tiffany was the one who helped Taeyeon not to be too insecure and be a little bit more open.

“I am not finished yet, Taetae.” Tiffany smiled softly. “After our third monthsary, deep down, I really, really wished that we can last to six months. I know six months is not that long. Six months relationship is not guaranteeing anything. I know. But, If we can pass three months, why can’t we celebrate our six monthsary? So, I really was looking forward for it.”

Taeyeon felt her eyes got teary. Tiffany was wrong, there was no way she would freak out because of all of these confession she heard at the moment. She could feel her heart fluttered. There was no kiss, no excessivee skinship. They were just laying on Taeyeon’s bed with Taeyeon hugged Tiffany and listened to every words her girlfriend said. But her heart was about to explode as she could not contain the emotion she felt. No one ever said those thing to her, and what Tiffany said made her felt really special.

“And now, when we finally reach our six monthsary, and you give me this silver ring, even saying that I am now tied to you forever, I cannot help but to wonder again, ‘Can I be really tied to you forever? Will this ring someday replaced by a wedding ring?’ I never feel like this before, Taetae. You make me feel so special. Every single thing you do to me is all translated into affection in my mind. The way you kiss me, the way you touch me, the way you hug me, they make me feel like I will never get enough of you. I can’t imagine having anyone else but you as my partner. I don’t know if I am saying it too soon. But I wish we really can last for a really, really long time.” Tiffany smiled nervously. She did not know how Taeyeon would react. She knew Taeyeon still felt insecure if people found out about their relationship. But for Tiffany, it was no longer an issue. If she needed to hide it then she would because when it came to Taeyeon, it was not about showing off to people that she had an awesome girlfriend. It was about having a partner that she loved and also loved her back.

“Fany…” Taeyeon was speechless and sniffed after hearing Tiffany’s long confession. She took a deep breath and smiled shakily. “Why?” Her voice came out a whisper. “Why are you so sweet? Even after how lame and stupid I am when it comes to relationship, even after you have to deal with my insecurities.” She chuckled softly and leaned forward to give a gentle peck on Tiffany’s lips. “I love you too, Fany. Let me learn how to treat you better as a lover, okay? Do not leave me.”

Tiffany laughed at the sight in front of her. It was rare, very rare, to see Taeyeon like this. But she loved it though, there were not so many people could see this side of Taeyeon and Tiffany could not feel more thankful to get a chance to find another side of her usually perfect boss.

“Now what can I do to make you happy on our monthsary? Do you want us to try second base again. I promise I won’t freak out this time.” Taeyeon asked still with her teary eyes. It was obvious she was so touched at the moment.

Tiffany laughed even harder hearing what Taeyeon said. “Gosh! Taetae!” She clapped her hand animatedly. “The point is not about second base.” She tried her best to stop her laugh when she noticed Taeyeon was frowning. Leaning forward to land a kiss on Taeyeon’s nose she then smiled. “I just want you to hug me to sleep and sing me a lullaby. I love your voice, and I still wonder why you always refuse to sing.”

“That’s all? You just want me to hug you to sleep and sing?” Taeyeon blinked her eyes innocently. “But we’re supposed to celebrate our monthsary! Second base okay? Please? Please? I won’t freak out. Promise!” Taeyeon pleaded.

Tiffany only rolled her eyes and shove Taeyeon away gently. “Pervert.”

Taeyeon chuckled and kept Tiffany in her embrace, not letting go. “Kidding, Fany. Come here.” She pulled her girlfriend closer and let Tiffany tucked herself under her chin.

Tiffany smiled at the gentle gesture and kissed Taeyeon’s neck. “And where is my lullaby?”

Nina bobo… Oooh Nina bobo…”

“Really Tae????”

“Ssssshhh… I am singing, Fany… Kalau tidak bobo digigit nyamuk…”


Tiffany rustled on the bed feeling a little bit cold. Her eyes fluttered open and she noticed that Taeyeon was not hugging her. She stretched a bit and yawned before looked at her side and saw her girlfriend was sleeping soundlessly next to her. Mouth slightly opened while her arms are wide opened, like a starfish. She giggled at the sight before squinting her eyes at the clock on the nightstand. It was still six o’clock in the morning, so she nuzzled to Taeyeon, laying her head on Taeyeon’s chest and wrapped an arm on Taeyeon’s stomach.

“Uuunggh…” Taeyeon grunted and slowly opened her eyes, feeling her sleep was disturbed. But the grunt soon turned into a smile when she noticed it was Tiffany.

“Sleep. It’s still six.” Tiffany whispered and kissed Taeyeon’s chin.

“Will you also sleep?” Taeyeon mumbled, half asleep.

“Depends.” Tiffany answered, giving another kiss on her girlfriend’s neck.

“What will you do if you’re not sleeping?”

“Making you awake.” She chuckled at her own answer.

“Then I better be awake now.” Taeyeon chuckled along before yawned and stretched her limbs only to hug Tiffany like a bolster.

“Yah!!” Tiffany laughed. “Am I your bolster now?” Asked Tiffany as she tried to escape from Taeyeon’s hug.

“No, you’re my girlfriend.” Answered Taeyeon as she tightened the hug, not letting Tiffany to escape.

Tiffany continued laughing but then stopped for a while to bite Taeyeon’s neck, earning a loud gasp and soon she was released from the tight hug. She scooted over to reached her phone from the nightstand and back to her position again.

“Why did you bite me?” Taeyeon pouted. Here eyes were now opened, long gone the sleepiness she had.

“Because you won’t let me go.” Tiffany answered nonchalantly as she unlocked her phone and opened the camera application. Switching it to front cam, she checked her own appearance on the cam while Taeyeon took a peek at what she was doing, and soon grinned cutely once she noticed it was the front cam.

“What are you doing?” Tiffany noticed that Taeyeon was on the frame, grinning widely.

“Uh? You’re not gonna take a picture?” Taeyeon asked cluelessly.

“With my bare face like this? No waaaayyy!” Tiffany laughed but then stopped and tapped her chin for a while. “But it would be nice for my private collection, having our pictures on the bed, early in the morning.” She stated as she repositioned herself so her head was on the same height as Taeyeon’s. Aiming the front cam to both herself and Taeyeon, she no longer needed to ask Taeyeon to smile because her girlfriend seemed to be ready; grinning dorkily like a kid who showed her parents that she just finished brushing her teeth. She chuckled and tapped on the shutter button.

“Again!” Taeyeon squealed.

Tiffany prepared for the second picture but then she felt Taeyeon wrapped her arms around her waist and scooted closer to her, putting her chin on her shoulder. Tiffany was surprised but Taeyeon seemed nonchalant so she took another snap. 

“Again!” Another request from Taeyeon.

Tiffany tapped the shutter button again at the moment a soft kiss landed on her cheek.

“Again!” Another request.

Tiffany took a snap again, and a kiss landed on the corner of her lips, followed with a soft chuckle and another kiss.

“Good morning, and don’t forget to send the pictures to me.” Taeyeon stated cheerfully and the obviously good mood was not went unnoticed by Tiffany.

“Someone is in a very good mood this morning.” Tiffany teased as she turned her head to Taeyeon.

“How can I not be? Someone confessed her love to me last night.” Taeyeon smiled and kissed Tiffany fully on the lips.

Tiffany could not help but to smile wide. “I love this side of yours.” She mumbled against Taeyeon’s lips.

“You will love me more after this. Now send me the picture.” Taeyeon broke the kiss then got off the bed to get her phone before sitting on the bed, next to Tiffany while her girlfriend sent her the pictures. Taeyeon then saved the photos and occupied with her phone for a while. Tiffany tried to peek what Taeyeon was doing but the latter pulled away, not letting her girlfriend seeing what she did. After another minute, she smiled and looked at Tiffany lovingly.

“Fany, promise me, do not freak out after this.” She suddenly said.

“Huh?” Tiffany looked at her blonde boss questioningly.

Taeyeon chuckled nervously and cleared her throat. “I could not answer your sweet confession last night not because I did not feel the same. I’ve never been in a relationship before. When I said that I did not want people to know about us, honestly, it was not only because I was afraid that people would hate you. It was more because I was afraid that people would hate me too. I was afraid that people could not accept me the way I am.” She smiled groggily. 

Tiffany still looked at Taeyeon in confusion.

“But after last night, I thought, it was unfair to you. Just like what you always said to me: we are in this ship together. I think, it is time for me to accept myself as who I am, and also to give you what you deserve. I must not be scared anymore because no matter what will happen, I know we are in this together. I think I am more than ready now to be a real girlfriend for you.”

“Tae?” Tiffany tried to digest what Taeyeon said.

“Don’t freak out okay?” Taeyeon requested once again, answered with a nod from Tiffany.

“Check your instagram.”

Tiffany was still confused but did as Taeyeon asked. She found a notification saying that Taeyeon tagged her in a photo. She tapped it and stared at the picture and the caption in surprise. It took her couples of seconds before she put her phone on the bed and pounced at her girlfriend giving her a tight hug.

“Silly girlfriend!” She said as she tightened the already tight hug, making Taeyeon chuckled in happiness.

“Do you love me more now?”

Tiffany broke the hug, her eyes were slightly teary but it shone with happiness. She then took her phone and reposted the picture taeyeon just posted: they are obviously on the bed, with Taeyeon’s arms around her waist, while her blonde girlfriend kissing her cheek.

She copied the same caption which Taeyeon wrote on her own instagram:

“Sleep over~~

She then added another sentence underneath.

“You’re wrong. I’ve always loved you so much, and I can’t say how much is ‘more’. PS: you are so unromantic. #TFLTY”


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