#NP 06: First Night

[H] NP 06 first night

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Warning: Mature Content

Sitting in her white simple gown in the dimed light room, Taeyeon could not wipe the happy smile on her face for the night. The long-awaited moment she had wished for her entire life was finally happening. After dated Tiffany for more than five years, the love of her life said yes when she proposed and just now, they had just exchanged their vow to live together ever after.

The door clicked open and her smile went even wider, seeing her newly-wedded wife entered the room, still with the same flowy dress she wore at the wedding.

“Oh my God… I love the room…” Tiffany gasped softly as her eyes roamed the romantically decorated room. Petals trailed from the door entrance, leading to the king-sized bed which Taeyeon was sat on, waiting for her. “Did you decorate it yourself? I don’t know you have romantic bone in that petite body of yours.” Tiffany smiled teasingly as she made her way entering the room to approach the smiling Taeyeon.

Taeyeon stood up stretching one hand at Tiffany, which immediately held by Tiffany.

“Of course not.” A chuckle escaped a pair of smiling lips. “The hotel did it.” Taeyeon then walked toward the veranda still holding Tiffany’s hand in hers. Once they reached the veranda, the view of beach which was lowly lighted by some lanterns was shown before their eyes. Tiffany took some steps closer and stood in front of Taeyeon, enjoying the view.

“It feels like honeymoon.” She laughed for a while. “It is indeed a honeymoon.”

Taeyeon moved behind Tiffany and giving her wife a backhug. “I can’t believe we’re married for real.” Whispered gently at Tiffany’s ear, Taeyeon then landed a kiss on the cheek. “I love you.”

Feeling her stomach twirled at the three special words she just heard, Tiffany turned her body around, facing Taeyeon. Her hands found their way to wrap around Taeyeon’s neck before giving her a bright smile that made her eyes looked like a pair of crescents. “I love you too, you know?” With that she leaned forward, capturing Taeyeon’s lips in hers passionately. After a while, Taeyeon broke the kiss without pulling away, resting her forehead on Tiffany’s.

“Are we going to make out outdoor?” She smirked teasingly only to receive a melodious laughter from her lover.

“No one can see us. This is private area, Taetae.” Tiffany pecked her lips softly and smiled once more. “Only the stars are watching.”

“It’s too romantic, Fany-ah.” Taeyeon teased and pulled Tiffany closer, as if the almost inexistent space between them was not close enough.

“Are you saying that we chose the wrong hotel, hmm?” Caressing the back of Taeyeon’s neck, Tiffany did not seem to stop smiling as well.

“It doesn’t matter where we are. As long as you are here, there is no place I’d rather be in this world,” Said Taeyeon sincerely while staring lovingly at Tiffany’s eyes, earning a giggle from Tiffany.

“Your romantic side is surely taking over your brain right now.”

“I don’t care. I am lost in your eyes at the moment.” Taeyeon did not seem to mind with all the teasing from Tiffany and held the loving stare at her wife.

“Since you’re now in your romantic mood, mind to dance with me?”

“Sure, my lady.”

Breaking their hug, both women walked back inside the honeymoon suite. Taeyeon stayed behind, closing the door, while Tiffany took her phone, browsed it for a while and played a romantic song from the phone.

“I wish they have Bluetooth audio but this would be enough, wouldn’t this?” She walked towards Taeyeon who just finished locking the door which separated the room from veranda. Sliding her arms around Taeyeon waist, Tiffany started to sway her hips along with the rhythm from the song.

Grabbing Tiffany’s hands gently, Taeyeon led them to wrap around her neck as she slipped her arms around Tiffany’s waist, following Tiffany’s move without breaking the eye contact they had. Everything felt so special for her at the moment. Having Tiffany near her like this always felt special. She eyed Tiffany from the head to toe and she could not be more grateful than this, knowing that the perfect woman who danced along with her was her wife for real. Pulling Tiffany by the waist she rested her chin on the woman’s shoulder before burying her face there.

Witnessing how her usually dorky and childish lover acted so sweet making Tiffany felt somehow happier than she already was. She leaned forward, kissing Taeyeon’s neck gingerly while stroking the short dark brown locks. “I really love this side of you.” Landing another kiss on the neck, she then sucked the neck soflty, making Taeyeon gasped and pulled away a bit only to show Tiffany a teasing smile that was plastered on her face.

“I am glad we chose the wedding to be simple. Not with that overly long wedding gowns, not with that merge-simpson-like hair that can beat the height of Lotte World Tower.” Taeyeon chirped out of a sudden making Tiffany laughed at the antic of her lover. Taeyeon was always unique and never failed to surprise her with the things she randomly said.

“What are you talking about?” Tiffany finally asked in curiosity after she finished laughing.

Both women never stopped swaying along the song during their conversation while intensely staring into each other’s eyes with overflowing love.

“Do you know that most people cannot really enjoy their first night after wedding just because they need to take care of the dress and the hairpins that stick inside the bride’s hair?” Taeyeon continued rambling on her thoughts and once again, making Tiffany laughed a bit louder this time.

“So, you’re happy because you don’t need to take out hundreds of pins from inside my hair?” She managed to say it while kept on laughing.

“That is one. And there is a second reason.” Taeyeon smirked teasingly as her hands moved to stroke Tiffany’s back slowly, and made their way to the zipper on the back.

“What is it?” Tiffany smiled seductively, knowing where Taeyeon would bring this conversation into. She could feel Taeyeon’s hand was playing with the end of the zipper.

“There is this guy I knew from high school. He told me that on his wedding night, his wife was literally crying because he took too long to undo the 300 buttons on the back of her dress.”

Another set of laughter were escaped from Tiffany’s lips again. Leaning forward, she gave a peck on Taeyeon’s lips and mumbled over them. “So, you’re glad that you only need to unzip the back to get the access, hmm?” Another peck was added.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love the dress but you won’t need it anymore.” Closing her eyes, Taeyeon deepened the kiss, pulling Tiffany even closer to her as her hands started to unzip the back of Tiffany’s dress. Her thumbs grazed over the smooth fair skin that was slowly revealed as the fabric slid down.

Tiffany did not mind at all with what Taeyeon was doing at the moment. She reciprocated the kiss as passionate as the lover did. Her hands moved forward to cup Taeyeon’s jaw, pulling it carefully only to kiss her lover deeper. She felt the dress started to slide over her shoulder and continued downward as Taeyeon finished the task of unzipping it. They stopped kissing for a while and Taeyeon gently pushed her by the shoulder only to see how the dress was loosely hang on the waist, giving Taeyeon a view of Tiffany’s bare upper body. She smiled lovingly at the slightly blushed Tiffany before pulling her wife again by the waist, pressing their bodies together. Her hands continued her works to make the dress slid down to the floor and getting neglected as they continued the kiss.

Tiffany could feel her heart erratically beat as Taeyeon undressed her. She used her hand to do the same at Taeyeon, unzipping the simple dress and let it drop on the floor. None of them did not seem to able to stop latching their lips together. Savoring the sweet taste of each other with every swipe of their tongues, and every tug of their lips. They kept kissing until no fabric covered their naked bodies. Taeyeon was the one who finally broke the kiss, taking one step backward only to admire the perfection of her lover. The hands that were still on Tiffany’s back slowly moved up and down, stroking the exposed skins gently.

“Why are you so perfect, Fany?” Smiled lovingly at Tiffany, her eyes shone in admiration upon seeing Tiffany’s naked figure from head to toe.

Tiffany could feel her feet slowly turned into jelly at the compliment she just heard. She also looked at Taeyeon’s petite figure in admiration. The fair complexity of her lover’s skin turned a bit pinkish, and she knew it was not because the room was hot, it was because their intimacy. “You should watch yourself at the mirror, Taetae.” Brushing her tumbs over Taeyeon’s neck, she closed the gap between them, letting the skins touched each other’s. “You’re the definition of perfect itself.” Smiling contentedly, she brushed her nose to Taeyeon’s. “My perfect wife.” She whispered softly but soon gasped in surprised when she felt a squeeze on her bums.

“Pervert!” She chuckled and nuzzled shyly at the crook of Taeyeon’s neck, making Taeyeon laughed.

“Why? You are officially my wife now. I can do anything to you.” Answered Taeyeon as she added another squeeze, earning a bite on the neck, making her laughed even more. “Aigoo, kidding Fany-ah. She then pulled away a bit only to cup Tiffany’s blushing face and landed a soft peck on the nose. “I’ll be gentle.” Smiling in certainty at her lover before latching her mouth to Tiffany’s neck to the shoulder.

The song was long forgotten as the lovers explored every inch of each other’s’ bodies. Sharing the heat of their bodies, sweet whispers, pleased moans, and uttered loving words were heard inside the room. The room was the only witness of two lovers sharing their first time for each other, savoring every second of the time to know every curve of their bodies. The way Taeyeon touched Tiffany was as if Tiffany was the most precious thing in the world, so tender and gentle. While Tiffany could only melt under Taeyeon’s touch. Letting their love transferred through the collided bodies. Rustles could be heard on the bed and only stopped once both women screamed out each other’s name.

“Hey…” Taeyeon was still on top of Tiffany, smiled lovingly at the slightly breathless wife beneath her. “Am I good enough?”

Chuckling softly Tiffany reached out to caress Taeyeon’s cheek and pulled the petite woman closer so she could kiss the lips. “That was amazing.” The words were spoken against the lips. “What about me? Am I good enough?” She asked after ending the kiss.

“You’re meh.” Taeyeon playfully faked a shrug, earning a playful shove from her wife. “Kidding, Fany. You’re awesome. Thank you.” She kissed Tiffany’s forehead lovingly before slumped right next to her lover. Both women felt extremely exhausted yet they still could feel the indescribable feeling inside their heart to finally gave in to the one they loved so much.

Taeyeon carefully pulled up the duvet, covering their sweaty naked body and slid a hand on Tiffany’s waist. “You must be tired…” She whispered in concern, tucking Tiffany under her chin. “Let’s sleep and continue tomorrow morning.”

Tiffany closed her eyes and nuzzled to Taeyeon while chuckled at the last sentence her lover just uttered. “So, we’re going to see each other’s face every morning from now on?” Her lips brushed Taeyeon’s skins as she spoke.

“Yes, you’re stuck with me forever. Don’t get bored of me please.” Taeyeon joked around with hoarse voice, signing that she slowly drifted to the dreamland.

“I won’t get bored of you, Taetae.” Tiffany smiled at the realization that Taeyeon would always be the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes every morning for the rest of her life.

“That’s good. I love you. Always love me back, okay?” A kiss on Tiffany’s forehead.

“Always, Taetae.”

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