#NP 05: Addiction 2.0

[H] NP 05 addiction 2.0

#nowplaying: I Got Love – Taeyeon

Warning: Mature Content

A soft snore is heard from Tiffany’s lips. Taeyeon sighs and releases the other woman from her embrace. She shifts backward, making sure none of her cold skins touch the sleeping woman next to her. No matter how much she loves to touch Tiffany and to feel Tiffany’s warmth, she also hates the fact that she cannot stop consuming Tiffany’s energy every time their skins touched. She keeps laying on her side, enjoying the sight of the sleeping beauty. A smile involuntarily formed on her face as her eyes locked on Tiffany’s face. She never feels this way before even before she became this creature.

She still remembers the first they met, among the humans she saw that night, somehow Tiffany shone the brightest in her red glittery dress and she decided to approach the woman. Strawberries and Champagne. She can smell the original scented fragrances from Victoria’s Secret as she minimized the gaps towards the woman.

“Hi there!”

Just a simple hi followed by chit-chat accompanied by a glass of scotch for her and a glass of martini for Tiffany made her lost track of time. She did not know why from the first time her eyes caught Tiffany, she could not hold the desire to get the latter. Thanks to the alcohol, she made her way to seduce Tiffany and led the latter into this very room where they are now. After the day they met, she left Tiffany alone in the room while she got back to the club, looking for another prey for the night. Nothing was special, or so she thought. The day after, she met Tiffany again in the same club and the woman stormed to her, asking for an explanation about what actually happened the night before. Taeyeon did not give an answer, instead she led the latter to the same room and did the same thing again. Tiffany was freaked out when she knew what creature was in front of her but she gave in at the end. Taeyeon did not know whether Tiffany gave in because she was scared or curious but after that night, Tiffany kept coming, sacrificing herself to be consumed by Taeyeon.

The beautiful human came almost every day and Taeyeon started to notice something had grown inside of her. It was attachment. She felt secure and she forgot about her loneliness every time Tiffany came for her. She started to feel afraid. Afraid that she will someday get too attached to the latter and she knew attachment is never been a good thing for her kind. So, she made a deal with Tiffany only to meet once a week to make sure that Tiffany would be energized enough to be consumed. That was not the real reason. She just did not want to be attached. But even once a week cannot help her to fall for the human.

Taeyeon smiled at the memory of their first encounter and got up from the bed, fixing her appearance and walks out of the room. She never really felt fulfilled every time she consumes Tiffany. Tiffany’s blood and energy was not enough for her to last even a day. She always makes sure that she does not drain the heat and energy off Tiffany because she does not want to kill the woman. She opens the red wooden door which connects the hall to the noisy club, squinting her eyes to look for some preys. She needs more blood and heat to keep on living. But just like what she said to Tiffany just a moment ago, her addiction is not when she sucks on Tiffany’s warmth and blood. Taeyeon’s addiction is Tiffany and her company.



“You left.” Tiffany stares through the pale blue orbs.

“I did. It’s normal, isn’t it? I always leave after the session and you never protested.” Taeyeon answers nonchalantly. A smirk is formed on her face, the strong mischievous façade she always puts on every time Tiffany comes. If she is not a living dead, maybe she will have a hard time to decrease her heart rate. But she is practically dead, her heart had stopped beating for centuries.

“Why?” Tiffany does not seem to be amused by how Taeyeon answered.

Taeyeon laughs. The loud laugh she always does to show Tiffany that she is the one who has power but deep down, she feels the otherwise. She knows she has no power when it comes to Tiffany. She is powerless, she is helpless, she cannot even stop herself to fall for the prettiest sight in front of her. “Let me ask you back, why you bother?” She makes sure she sounds as intimidated as she can.

Tiffany does not answer right away, instead she keeps staring at the vampire for another good minute before turns her head away and turns upon her heels, leaving the room abruptly before slamming the black wooden door, leaving Taeyeon alone in the room.

Taeyeon sighs heavily and throws herself on the couch, feeling her body tenses. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Tiffany usually comes once a week as the agreement they made. And to remember that it was just yesterday Tiffany visited her, she did not expect the latter would come uninformed. What she cannot understand even more is Tiffany only asked about why she left last night. It is normal for her to leave Tiffany alone after their session but this is the very first time the latter seems so angry just because she left.

The door flings opened once more and Tiffany gets into Taeyeon’s sight again. Without any warning the human approaches Taeyeon who still sits on the couch and crashes their lips together. Taeyeon is shocked at the sudden attack and haven’t registered anything into her head when Tiffany starts to nibble her lower lips hungrily.

“Tif… fa…” Taeyeon tries to pronounce the latter’s name in between Tiffany’s kisses but the human does not seem to stop kissing her. She puts her hands against Tiffany’s shoulder and pushes the latter a bit too hard until their lips separated. “What are you doing?!” Her voice is louder than she is intended.

“Shut up!” Tiffany stares at Taeyeon angrily and leans forward again to capture the vampire’s lips without any hesitation.

Taeyeon is lost once again into the kisses. She starts to feel the rush of warmth and energy are transferred into her cold body and she cannot help but to return the kiss as hungrily as Tiffany. The desire inside her body starts to arise and her hands roam on Tiffany’s clothed body. Her mind and body gives in for every tug on her lips. She cannot shiver since she is the definition of cold itself but Tiffany’s touch makes her shudders. No matter how much her body screams more of Tiffany, she pushes the desire away and once again trying to push Tiffany away.

“Tiffany, stop it!” She manages to yell after breaking the kiss.

Tiffany does not try to kiss her again. Instead, she stares at Taeyeon’s eyes once more, showing her glistening eyes.

Taeyeon freezes in her spot. Hands on Tiffany’s shoulders, making sure there are gaps between them. The glistening eyes of the latter does not go unnoticed. “Hey, what’s wrong?” She hates the fact that her voice sounds genuinely worried. She does not want to sound like she cares.

“Don’t you want me?” Replies Tiffany with a weak voice. “Aren’t I your addiction?”

Taeyeon barely understands with everything that happens at the moment but she manages to bring back her cold-self and laughs the usual loud laugh she lets out to show her authority. “I thought I am your addiction.” She smirks smugly.

Tiffany furrows her eyebrows and stands up from her spot, still looking at Taeyeon in disbelief continues with a scoff. “And I thought you were not just a heartless walking dead.” Her eyes pierce into Taeyeon’s pale blue orbs. “But you are even worse than a corpse!”

The smirk never leaves Taeyeon’s face. “Ah, so I assume that you love having sex with a corpse!” Another laugh fills the room followed by a loud slapping sound echoing inside the room.

Taeyeon freezes.

There is no pain on her cheek. The cheek is not even reddening. For a moment, she forgets that she is practically dead as she feels her un-pounding heart clenches in pain. It has never been her intention to make Tiffany this angry, to disappoint the ­human whom she has been attached to. But maybe it is the best for them because once again, attachment is never a good thing for her kind.

Both women stay in their respective spots. No one moves a muscle as the deafening silence engulfs them. Taeyeon has never been this speechless towards human. She can always talk sweet nothing, seducing her preys, getting what she wants, changing from one victim to another. But now, she cannot even blink her eyes after feeling Tiffany’s palm hit her cheek.

“I hate you.”

Taeyeon closes her eyes upon hearing the almost audible whisper from Tiffany. She once again feels her dysfunctional heart clenches.

“I hate you, Taeyeon.”

The second time it is spilled, it sounds louder and clearer. Taeyeon opens her eyes again, turning her head while her lips form her smug smirk.

“Ah, you hate me?” Taeyeon’s eyes dig into Tiffany’s brown ones. “Why are you here then, Tiffany?” She is thankful to hear her own mocking voice. If she is a human, she might win an Oscar for her acting. “Ah! I know! You want more sex tonight?” She licks her lips seductively. “Come to me, baby.”

Another hard slap on her cheek and she feels nothing but more pain in her heart.

Footsteps are heard towards the door, followed with a loud slam and she is left alone in the empty room.

“I am sorry, Tiffany.”


It has been nine days since the last time Tiffany showed up in her room. It is also Taeyeon’s ninth day roaming around the club, looking for some preys. Seduction is easy, it is a club anyway and to find men or women who would love to give away their body for a steamy session is not hard at all. She approaches the third prey for the night but her eyes keep scanning the place, looking for a certain figure she has been missing: Tiffany.

Where are you, Tiffany?

She hates the fact that she feels something missing. She hates how she feels even emptier than before. She hates the way her dead heart keeps screaming Tiffany’s name in every second she spends in a day.

Consuming her preys brings no excitement. She hunts solely because she needs the energy. She hunts because she needs to drink. But she knows, this is not what she wants. She only wants Tiffany but she knows what she did nine days ago was unforgiveable. It was her defense mechanism because she was afraid. She did it because she does not want to show her feeling. She does not want Tiffany to know that she is attached to the latter. She knew the worst case would be like this. Tiffany would no longer come to her anymore. And maybe this is the best for both because attachment is never a good thing for her kind. She is not supposed to have feelings. She is dead. And she has no right to love or to be loved.

She makes an eye contact towards her prey, a seductive smile is painted over her lips. Only separated by three more steps but the she stops. A familiar scent lightly catches her attention. Strawberries and Champagne. She turns around hastily, trying to find the person she expects to see along with the sweet scents. Where are you Tiffany?


And there she is. Standing among the crowds, looking at Taeyeon fiercely.

She feels everything stops. She is lost in Tiffany’s eyes. She stands still in her place while the other woman walks toward her. The brown orbs never leave Taeyeon’s blue ones. Tiffany keeps walking until they are just one step apart. Both women do not utter a word, only sharing intense eye contact.

Without saying a word, Tiffany reaches out for Taeyeon’s hand, holding the cold palm in her hand and pull the vampire along with her.

As if she is hypnotized, Taeyeon let Tiffany brings her to wherever she is going to be. Passing by the crowd of people, not really caring that her shoulders bump into strangers, her eyes are fixated to the dark-haired woman in front of her. Hand still in Tiffany’s she starts to feel energy is transferred through the skins. They stop in front of the red door, Tiffany still holds her hand while her other hand opens the red door. The human continues leading the way along the hall and opens the next door: the black wooden door. She pulls Taeyeon inside and closes the black door.

Taeyeon is still stunned. She cannot take her eyes off Tiffany. For a vampire who has desire to consume human’s warmth and blood, she now feels more than satisfied just to see Tiffany stands in front of her. Lives and moves.


Tiffany’s voice is like a song in her ears.

Tiffany steps closer. Strawberries and Champagne. The scents fill Taeyeon’s nostrils. She inhales as much as she can.


Tiffany lets go off her hand and she feels empty instantly. But the feeling does not last long as she feels the warmth on her cheeks. Tiffany holds her cheeks and leans closer. Despite of the energy she gets from the latter, she feels weak inside, as if she is drunk, she barely supports her own body.

Tiffany’s lips meet Taeyeon’s. Cherry lip tint.

Taeyeon is drunk on her five senses. She believes she is dead already and for the first time after her death, she can register everything from her five senses. Tiffany is in her eyes. Tiffany’s voice calling her name. Tiffany’s perfume filling her nose. Tiffany’s warmth on her cold skins. And Tiffany’s lips against her making her taste the cherry lip tint the latter always puts on.

The kiss is slow and tender. Both women close their eyes, letting their instinct leads them to what comes next. Tiffany swipes her tongue on Taeyeon’s lips and the vampire opens her mouth, permitting the pink muscle roams inside the orifice. Before the kiss gets heated, Tiffany breaks the kiss, slowly opening her eyes, only to see Taeyeon who still has her eyes closed, sighing contentedly.

“Taeyeon…” Tiffany calls out softly.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she smiles involuntarily at the beautiful sight before her eyes. The most genuine smile she ever shares to the latter.

“Tiffany…” Her voice comes out a whisper.

“Let’s talk.” Tiffany sounds stern.

Taeyeon closes her eyes but nods nevertheless. She then walks toward the black couch and pats the empty space next to her. Getting the hint, Tiffany takes the seat, eyes never leave Taeyeon’s pale blue eyes.

“I am sorry.” Taeyeon leans her back against the couch.

“Can we be honest, Taeyeon? Can you be honest?”

Taeyeon knows where is this conversation going. She shakes her head weakly. “I am dead, Tiffany.”

“I know.”

A bitter chuckle fills the quiet room. “So? Let’s keep it this way. I am your predator, and you are my prey. As simple as that.”

“Can you take off your mask for once and admit everything?”

Taeyeon shuts her lips tightly, trying not to agree on what Tiffany offers. Taeyeon knows Tiffany only needs one confirmation. The human only needs the assurance that the feeling is mutual. But Taeyeon does not want to admit the feelings she has. She refuses to confirm things that are too obvious to hide.

“I’ve admitted that when it comes to you, I am always greedy. That greedy until I want you forever.” Tiffany finally decides to open up first.

“I know that.” Taeyeon answers shortly. A loud sigh then comes out of her mouth. “What do you want, Tiffany?” She stares at Tiffany with a pair of defenseless gaze. For the first time since they met, Taeyeon lets Tiffany sees how fragile she is. How hopeless she is.

“I want you.” No doubt is heard from Tiffany’s answer.

“You know we can’t.”

“You can turn me into your ki-“

“I SAID I WOULD NEVER TURN YOU INTO MY KIND!” Taeyeon yells at the top of her lungs, making the human flinches at the loud voice. She then stops for a while noticing that she was just burst out. “I will never make you my kind.” She repeats, gentler this time.

“Why?” Tiffany reaches out to hold Taeyeon’s hand but the vampire pulls away, refusing any contact.

“Why do you want to?” She averts her gaze somewhere else, avoiding eye contacts.

A pair of hands cup Taeyeon’s cheek, forcing her to turn her head to see Tiffany’s eyes.

“Because I want you.”

A scoff.

“I mean it, Taeyeon!”

“Are you stupid, Tiffany??!!” Taeyeon rises her voice again. “I am dead! How many time should I tell you I am freaking dead!!!” Taeyeon stands up from her seat. “Your life is precious! Why should you blow it away for me?! Hell, you won’t even feel that sensation that have been your addiction anymore! You feel nothing when you’re dead, Tiffany. You move, you walk, you hunt, only to satisfy your hunger. You can feel nothing but hunger. Do you want all that??!!”

“Don’t you get what I mean??!!” Tiffany also raises her voice. “If you think I am always here so you can suck me up, so I can have sex with you or feel the weird sensation I always feel, you are wrong!”

Both woman stare at each other intensely.

“Don’t you feel lonely? You are always alone. No friends, no family, no one to hold on.” Tiffany continues. “So do I. My family is all dead in an accident. My friends only come to me when they need my money. I don’t have boyfriend. I have no one to hold on. But then I met you.”

“You met me who happens to need your warmth and blood.”

“And my company.”

Taeyeon does not deny the fact. She cannot deny the fact that what Tiffany says is true. She needs Tiffany’s company. Attachment. She feels her heart clenches again in the most indescribable way.

Tiffany stands up and takes a slow step towards Taeyeon. “Can you be honest, Taeyeon? Can you admit that we both need each other’s company?”

Tiffany reaches out once again. Her fingers tips touch Taeyeon’s cold arms and that’s all she needs to do to make the vampire’s wall crashes down. Taeyeon drops on her knees without saying a word. If she is still alive she might be crying. It hurts yet relieving at the same time to know that someone needs her, that someone is willing to be her company. But she also realizes that they are different entities who are not allowed to be together. One is a predator, the other is the prey. She hates how life plays with her even after she died. She hates herself who let the attachment grows between them. She hates them, but she loves these weird feelings that makes her alive once again.

Tiffany gets on her knees as well, searching for Taeyeon’s eyes. “Taeyeon, are you okay?”

The vampire lifts her head meeting Tiffany’s eyes in the middle and stretches out her hand, to touch Tiffany’s skin. Warmth. She feels the energy transferred just by the slight touch, making her realize once again that she is indeed dead. She retracts her hand right away but Tiffany grabs it.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Tiffany’s voice sounds gentle and Taeyeon knows the latter is genuinely worried.

“Tiffany…” She whispers softly.

“Taeyeon? What’s wrong?” Tiffany instinctively pulls Taeyeon closer and hugs the vampire.

Taeyeon feels like she is melting in Tiffany’s embrace. She hugs the human back and buries her face in the latter’s shoulder. She cannot cry. She is not able to cry anymore. She just tightens the hug, as she feels the needs to get Tiffany closer than she already is.

“I want you too.” She cannot stop herself no more. “I need you.” She buries her face deeper. “But I can’t make you be like me.”

Tiffany pulls away from the hug and smiles softly before leaning forward, kissing Taeyeon’s cheek. “I need you too.” She whispers close to Taeyeon’s ears and lands another kiss against the cold ears. She then pulls away completely. “If you can’t make me be like you…” She looks at the pale blue eyes. “Can you let me love you?”

Love. The word is foreign for Taeyeon. Love. She never believes such a thing exist. Love. Did she misheard what Tiffany said? She is stunned silent, barely digests what Tiffany just said.

“Taeyeon-ah.” Tiffany’s voice catches her attention.

“I got love?” Taeyeon looks at Tiffany questioningly. “You love me?” She repeats the question, failing to understand. She is lost once again because of Tiffany. “Someone loves me?”

Without saying a word Tiffany leans forward once again, landing a soft kiss on Taeyeon’s lips, deep and slow, delivering things she cannot say with words. Taeyeon responds to the kiss carefully, feeling something new inside her chest. The unbeating heart still cannot beat but she feels somehow warmer than before. Love. Is this the feeling of love? She pulls Tiffany by the neck, deepening the kiss. Slowly but surely their kiss gets heated. Tiffany leads them to the bed. One by one the fabric that covers their body dropped on the floor, revealing their naked state.

Making love. They have lost count how many time they have sex but this is the first time they make love. It is gentle, it is fragile, it is unhurried. They are not driven by lust, they move along with the feelings.

Both women scream out each other’s name as the climax hit them. Laying on the bed, panting softly, and when their eyes meet, even with Taeyeon’s cold skins against hers, Tiffany still feels warm.

“I love you.” Tiffany whispers.

Taeyeon smiles. “I love you too.” She shifts and hugs Tiffany.

“Don’t leave again.” Tiffany requests before closing her eyes and letting the exhaustion drifts her to slumber.

“I won’t.” A kiss at the forehead, nose, and lips. “Sleep tight, Tiffany.”

That night, Taeyeon does not leave to look for another prey. As she promised Tiffany, she stays the night, hugging the latter to sleep. She feels her eyes are getting heavy and she lets herself sleep.

One hour.

Taeyeon is still sleeping.

Two hours.

She smiles in her sleep.

Three hours.

She got love and she is lost in the newfound feeling.

Four hours.

The clocks keep ticking and their skins keep making contact.

Five hours.

Cold. Taeyeon stirs in her sleep because she feels coldness against her skins. That is weird because she is the definition of cold itself. Consciousness starts to get into her mind. Strawberries and Champagne. She smiles at the sweet fragrance filling her nostrils. She got love. She pulls away to see her love. Pale. Tiffany is never as pale as she sees at the moment. Stiff. Tiffany is never as stiff as she is at the moment.

Cold. Tiffany is not supposed to be cold. Tiffany is supposed to be warm.

Her mind starts to register everything that happened. They made love, they smiled at each other before sleeping. She hugged Tiffany to sleep. Their skins never lose contact. And she slept while sucked off Tiffany’s life.

She immediately pulls away, pushing the seemingly sleeping girl away.

Tiffany is cold. Tiffany is stiff. Tiffany is no longer breathing.

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