ELT 002: Living Together

[H] ELT 02 living together

“Kim Taeyeon!!! How many time should I tell you not to keep the toothpaste tube opened???” Tiffany yells from inside the bathroom as soon as she sees the toothpaste tube is not closed and she is sure the last person using the bathroom is Taeyeon.

“You will use it anyway, no biggie.” The petite girl answers nonchalantly without taking her eyes off from the movie she watches.

Tiffany mumbles in annoyance before brushing her teeth and continues showering. After living with Taeyeon for years, it does not change the fact that there is always room for arguments especially for little things like this. Taeyeon once mentioned in one her interviews that if Tiffany was red, she would be blue, that is how much different they are from each other. And years of living together is still not changing these little things. After taking a warm shower and feels relaxed, Tiffany wraps herself in a pink bathrobe and checks that every single thing in the bathroom is in place before stepping out to the bedroom only to find that Taeyeon is already in her favorite pale blue pajamas, sitting on the bed, watching movie, while snacking a huge bag of chips.

“And now, mind to tell me why are you snacking on the bed, Kim Taeyeon????” Tiffany yells again at the sight.

“What? I do not drop any single thing on the bed.” Taeyeon tries to defend herself.

“You will never now. Now get off the bed, and sit on that couch.” The usually eye smile girl glares while pointing at the beige-colored leather couch which is positioned right beside the bed. “Why do you always choose the bed instead of the sofa?” She sighs as she walks toward her closet while Taeyeon hops off the bed and sits on the sofa.

“The bed is much more comfortable.” The cute blonde replies as she takes a fistful of chips and munches it.

“That is because the bed is meant to use for sleeping, not for snacking around.” Answers Tiffany sarcastically.

Taeyeon only shrugs in dismissal and continues watching again but before she can enjoy the movie, another yell comes out from Tiffany.

“What did you do in the closet? Why all the clothes are misplaced????” Tiffany messes her own wet hair while in front of her is the sight of a mess inside the closet. She always keeps her clothes tidily in stack and never ever lets any one of them misplaced or sprawled messily in the closet but the closet right now is just like has been robbed.

“I was looking for this pajamas.”

“I’ve told you, that all pajamas are in the bottom left! Why did you look in the bottom right??”

“I forgot. But then I remembered so I finally found it.”

“And you did not even consider to tidy up your mess?”

“I did! But I am not a tidy person. You will tidy it up again even if I do. So, why should I waste my energy?”

“Taeyeon!” Tiffany snaps as she throws an angry glare at her tiny roommate.

“What, Tiffany?!” The latter answers with the same tone, starts to feel annoyed at this silly argument they have.

Both girls are now stare at each other in annoyance. Tiffany hardly accepts Taeyeon’s ignorance of little things while Taeyeon feels Tiffany is being exaggerating at this small matter. Tiffany finally ends the glaring contest and tidy up the mess Taeyeon made in the closet. She silently promises herself if she finds another ignorance Taeyeon did within minutes, she will scold the blonde no matter how silly their argument will be. She then takes her own pink pajamas and puts it on before putting her dirty clothes in laundry basket. She smiles in relief when she sees Taeyeon’s dirty clothes are already in the basket, at least she does not need to yell again because of that. She continues walking to the vanity to dry her hair and apply night cream but right there, she sees Taeyeon’s night creams are not stacked tidily.

“Is it so hard for you to tidy up your own things??” She yells again.

“Now what???” Taeyeon asks back as she put the empty bag of chips on the nightstand.

“And throw that empty bag of chips to the garbage can!”

“You don’t need to tell me!” The petite blonde takes the empty chips bag and throws it in the bin.

“You won’t do that if I do not tell you.”

“Why do you always protest over small stuffs?”

“Because it matters! Our room will look like a refugee if I do not tidy it up every day and remind you to put things on its place!”

“But that’s too much!”

“You are too ignorant! I can’t imagine living with you for the rest of my life!” Tiffany groans and starts turning on the hairdryer.

“What do you mean?” Taeyeon yells louder, trying to make her voice heard in between the sound of the hairdryer.

Tiffany pauses her activity and turns off the hairdryer, she shifts a bit to look at Taeyeon, still with the same annoying glare. “I can’t live with a person who can’t even put the thing on its place and makes my home in a mess every day!” She rolls her eyes and is about to turn the hairdryer on again but the stop when Taeyeon speaks.

“Our home.”

“Excuse me?” Tiffany puts the hairdryer on the table while Taeyeon walks towards her and stops right in front of her, squatting and putting her hand on Tiffany’s knees. She looks at Tiffany with a pair of soft eyes, a sight that always melts Tiffany’s heart every time the eye smile girl sees it.

“Our home.” She repeats her sentence, without taking off her eyes from Tiffany’s.

“Do not use your puppy eyes on me, Kim Taeyeon.” Tiffany tries hard not to be deceive by the cute face in front of her. The fact is, the owner of that cute face is exactly the source of her bad mood right now.

“It won’t be your home. It will be our home.” Taeyeon then pouts cutely, knowing that her girlfriend will not be able to resist her cuteness.

“It won’t be our home if you keep being ignorant to little things.”

“I won’t.”

“Prove it!”

Taeyeon puckers her lips more as she thinks of it. “What about we’re gonna hire a maid for that.”

“Keep being like that and I won’t marry you.”

“But I want to. Marry me, Ppany…” She tries using her puppy eyes again. “I love you, marry me.”

“Not gonna work like that and you know it, Taetae.” Tiffany rolls her eyes again but she cannot deny that her mood has gotten better now that Taeyeon is kneeling in front of her trying her best to be all cute only to make her stop being angry. At the end of the day, she knows she loves Taeyeon so much that no matter how angry she was, Taeyeon would be forgiven.

“Yay! You call me Taetae again instead of Kim Taeyeon!” The petite girl suddenly jumps from her position and hugs Tiffany.

“Have anyone told you how bipolar you are?”

“Have anyone told you that you are the prettiest girl on earth?”

“Not gonna work, Kim Taeyeon.” Tiffany pulls away from the hug and slightly pushes Taeyeon from her before continues drying her hair. Taeyeon silently walks away and sits on the couch again, waiting for Tiffany to finishes her task. When Tiffany finally finishes drying her hair, Taeyeon finally speaks up again.

“I am sorry, Ppany-ah…”

Tiffany steals a glance at the cute blondie that is the only words she has waited to come out from Taeyeon’s mouth and to finally hears it, she cannot help but to smile. “Forgiven.”

Taeyeon straightens her seat immediately at the answer. “I am forgiven?”

Tiffany walks towards the bed, followed by Taeyeon. “Yes you are. Just bear in mind that small things like this matter to me. You know how perfectionist I am and how I want everything to be on its place. I know you did not do that in purpose. I also know it’s hard to change habits. So the least thing you can do is apologize and there is no way I won’t accept your apology.” Tiffany explains as she lays her body on the bed.

Taeyeon also lays on the bed, facing Tiffany, automatically wraps her arms around her girlfriend. “That easy?”

“What do you mean?” Tiffany raises her eyebrows.

“So, every time you yell at me because I misplace things, I only need to apologize? That’s easy!” Taeyeon grins naughtily like a kid.

“I am so not gonna marry you!” Tiffany yanks Taeyeon’s arms which wrapped around her waist.

“I am kidding, Ppany.” The blonde laughs hard.

“Still not gonna marry you.” She turns around, facing her back to Taeyeon.

“What? Why?”

“You know why.”

“I love you, marry me.”

“Not gonna work.”

“Ppany, I am sorry…”

“That one is also no longer working, Kim Taeyeon.”

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 [H] ELT 02 living together

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