ELT 003: On One Freezing Day

[H] ELT 03 one freezing day

Taeyeon pulls her dark black jumper tighter so she can survive from the freezing weather today. She grits her teeth, trying hard to fight with the cold wind which blows rather hard. She is at the bus station, sitting on a blue bench, curling her shivering body like a lost kid. She wishes she did not leave her coat in her home because the weather is definitely way colder than she thought it would be and her jumper does not do any good job of warming her up well.

“Act cool, Taetae!”

The cheerful husky voice makes her looks up at the source of voice and she smiles sheepishly. Sometimes she wonders how can her girlfriend always seem to be happy in almost every occasion. She always thought that her girlfriend has this superpower to counter any weather so she could be cool on hot days and be warm on cold days

“It’s freezing, Fany-ah!” Taeyeon whines cutely as she puts her hoodie on to prevents the cold wind tortures her more. She silently blames herself for not bringing her earmuffs. Her ears are now freezing and she thinks that they might fall off at anytime now.

“Just one snap, I wanna upload it on snapchat. Cool Taetae versus cold weather.” Tiffany states as she aims Taeyeon’s camera phone to the owner.

Taeyeon sighs but straightens her seat anyway trying to act cool, just like what TIffany requested. “Just take it quick!”

“Put off your hoodie.”

“Aish!” Taeyeon grunts but puts it off anyway before gets back to her pretending cool facade so Tiffany can take a picture of her.


“Have you done?” Taeyeon puts her hoodie on. “Can I just put it on? My ears are frozen!.”

“Act cool! Act cool!” Tiffany coos, and Taeyeon complies.


“Gosh! This weather is gonna be the death of me!!” Taeyeon shifts her body a bit to look at the road. “Where is the bus!!”


“Yah! Fany! Enough please.” She raises her knees on her chest, she can no longer survive the cold wind.


“What are you doing? Aigoo!” She starts pouting cutely, showing her protests toward her girlfriend.

“Taking picture of you, obviously.” Tiffany answers still with her cheerful manner as she types something on Taeyeon’s phone screen which has been with her ever since they arrived at the bus stop.

“What for?” Taeyeon turns her position even more curled, trying to get more warmth.

“Updating your snapchat.” Tiffany beams her eyesmile at her now curling girlfriend before skips her step to sit beside Taeyeon. “Why are you so weak?” She gives Taeyeon’s phone back to the owner and hugs her freezing girlfriend.

“I am not weak. I am just freezing.” Taeyeon continues her protest. “And I feel like my ears are gonna fall off anytime. Why haven’t the bus came, d’uh!” Taeyeon keeps grunting but she actually enjoys the way Tiffany hugs her like this. It brings extra warmth which cannot be provided by the jumper alone.

“I asked you to look cool only for the snapchat update. You don’t need to act cool in front of me, little pea.” Tiffany chuckles as she tightens her hug to Taeyeon, making sure that her girlfriend is not gonna freeze to death.

Taeyeon frowns at the way Tiffany calls her ‘little pea’. Unamused of the nickname her girlfriend gives. “I am not a pea.” She mumbles. “And no public display affection, please.”

Tiffany fakes a gasp and chuckles softly. “Ooops, yes. You’re not. You’re my little homebody. And this is not PDA. I am just warming you up.”

“Homebody. Without little.” Taeyeon corrects the nickname still with a frown on her face but no longer protest at the hug.

“Okay, homebody without little.” Tiffany chuckles once again. “Still cold?”

Taeyeon nods. “And the bus doesn’t seem to be arrived anytime soon. Help me.” She whines cutely.

“This is what happens if you date a human paper slash homebody. She is not cold-resistance. Even your smartphone has better weather-resistance than you.” Tiffany teases as she kisses Taeyeon’s cold cheek.

“Date my phone then.” Taeyeon pouts again and wiggles her body so she can escape from Tiffany’s embrace while silently loves the feeling of Tiffany’s cold lips against her cheek. It brings some more warmth. The thing she actually needs at the moment.

“My baby is so cranky today,” Tiffany coos and lands another peck on the cheek. “Patience, baby.”

“I blame you for forcing me to go window shopping on a very cold day like this,” Mumbles Taeyeon. “Once we get home, I am so gonna put myself inside the microwave so I can warm myself up.”

Tiffany laughs at the crankiness. “You inside the microwave? You just indirectly said you are small, Taetae.” She breaks the hug and lands her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder.

“Your head is heavy.”

Tiffany straightens up her seat and looks at Taeyeon in amusement. “You really are cranky, hmm?”

“I am not cranky. I am freezing.”

“And it makes you cranky.”

“I am not.” Taeyeon pouts. She can feel her body is shivering as the wind blows to their direction. “Hug me again.” She whines with a pair of puppy eyes, pleading at her girlfriend.

“Someone said she wanted no PDA.” Teases Tiffany but she hugs Taeyeon nonetheless.

“You said it wasn’t PDA! It’s called warming your girlfriend up.” Taeyeon corrects it and exhales in relief at the warmth given by the embrace.

“Okay, okay. Whatever you say, grumpy ahjumma.”

“Fany, I think I am not gonna put myself into the microwave once we get home.” Taeyeon randomly states.

“And why is that? Because you don’t wanna be called small?” Tiffany finds it amusing to tease her girlfriend when she is like this. Taeyeon is usually calm and reserved but when she is forced to get out from home, she usually is grumpy but it makes her even more cuter. And Tiffany somehow loves this side of Taeyeon.

“I am not small, Fany-ah!” The whiney Taeyeon starts again. “I just find another way to warm myself up.”

“What is it?” Tiffany pulls away a bit and raises her eyebrows, curious about what her girlfriend is about to say.

“You.” Taeyeon grins cheekily. “You must be responsible for forcing me to get out of the home today. So, you must warm me up once we get home. And by that, you know what I mean.” Taeyeon now smirks naughtily. “Me, you, on the bed. Cuddling.”

“Your wish is my command.” Tiffany chuckles noticing how simple the request is.

Taeyeon shakes her head. “N’ah, I am not finished yet. Me, you, on the bed. Cuddling.” She then leans in to whisper in Tiffany’s ear, “Naked.”

“Yaaah!!!” Tiffany breaks the hug and shoves Taeyeon away.

“What? Why???” Taeyeon asks innocently.

“Why are you so pervert??!!”

“Wh-what??? No!! I once read that cuddling naked is the best way to stay warm during cold weather!”

“That’s to treat hypothermia, silly!” Tiffany flicks Taeyeon’s forehead.

“But it can help me to stay warm,” Taeyeon whines as she rubs her forehead.

“Whatever.” Tiffany rolls her eyes.

“Cuddle me at least.” Taeyeon pleads.

“Cuddling would be fine.” Tiffany sighs.

“Now hug me again, I am freezing.” Taeyeon puts up her pleading puppy eyes again.

Tiffany huffs a bit but pulls Taeyeon in her embrace again.

“So, cuddling with me once we get home?” Taeyeon asks again.





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 [H] ELT 03 one freezing day

10 thoughts on “ELT 003: On One Freezing Day

  1. ks samid says:

    ..n of course…

    I like ur story authornim…👍👍👍👍💖
    I saw her ig latest update n read the caption. Too obvious for us to know who drag her out n took her picture.
    As we all knew that she was a homebody .. ah no.. home fairy😆

    My first comment was not send, n i missed the last bus as well. Hufft.. midnight still otw home


  2. jellyfortae says:

    So authornim you jg mikir kalo Yang ambil photo itu tiff?gw penasaran beutz
    Gara” 15 agustus jdi gini klo ga mreka pasti uda terang”an 😅


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