#NP 04: Addiction 1.0

[H] NP 04 addiction 1.0

#nowplaying: Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly, Camilla Cabelo

Warning: Mature Content

Tiffany parks her car in front of a fancy building which is located at the heart of Seoul. The building is painted in electric blue, with a massive purple neon sign on the top of the building written “TIME LAPSE CLUB”. She makes sure she has locked her car before stepping inside, and soon greeted with a very loud music which makes her heart palpitates at the sound of the EDM beats. Her nose detects the smell of alcohol and cigarette’s smokes in the air. None of them feels unfamiliar to her since she is a party girl herself. But tonight, she is not here for a party, she is not here for the alcohol, she is not here to release her stress and get laid with one of those overheated strangers. Tonight, she is here for something important. Something which has made her life way more complicated than it was, something which she cannot explain with logic, something that she cannot put on a clear line what is good and what is bad.

She walks through the crowd, trying her best not to bump into anyone as she makes her way to the red door across the room, which has a ‘staff only’ signage on its door. No one knows that the door is not necessarily for the staffs, in fact even the staffs are not allowed to get inside. The only person who is allowed to know what’s behind that door is her and her only. She can feel her body gets tensed as she steps closer to the door. The red color painted on the wooden surface reminds her of blood and there is definitely a story behind why the door is painted in blood-red. She is just one step away and she starts to hesitate. It is not her first time, and it must not be her last time, but the images about what’s going to happen behind the door makes her gulps in nervousness but she keeps reaching out the door knob, turns it open and finally stepping inside.

She is greeted by the dimmed light hall after closing the door behind her. It seems like a totally different building than the club she was a few seconds ago. Despite of being in the same building, the hall feels like it comes from centuries ago, giving off mysterious vibes which contradictive with the loud music in the previous room which is now muffled by the wall. Tiffany trails her hand on the uneven walls as she steps up, walking down the dim hall feeling more and more nervous than before. The music from the previous room is getting quieter and quieter as she walks toward the end of hall where another door is located; a black wooden door with brazen handle which looks as old as the door itself. Tiffany takes a deep breath and opens the door.

“Hello again, Tiffany.”

The familiar voice greets her immediately.

“Close the door, would you?”

She follows the order, closing the black wooden door behind her and slowly looks up to face the other person in the room.

Black long hair, thin upper lip which is complimented with plump lower lip that forms an evil smirk. The red lipstick covers the originally pale lips. A pair of smoky fierce eyes with that two blue pale orbs which never fail to lure Tiffany. The woman who is sitting on a red couch across the room stares through Tiffany’s brown orbs, making the brunette shivers at the intense glare.

“Well, well… seems like you really enjoy our meetings.” The mocking tones can be heard clearly. And oddly, Tiffany does not seem to mind at all. The fact that she is here is enough evident that what the latter says is true.

“Cut the crap, Taeyeon.” Tiffany answers flatly, trying to look calm while her heart beats even faster than drumrolls. She then averts her eyes around the room, trying to find something interesting that can make her stop putting her gaze at the woman. Unfortunately, the room only contains a red couch, a red bed, a huge black vanity, and another black door where the bath room is located. She cannot find anything to distract her so she puts her gaze back at another woman.

A loud laugh fills the room, echoing through the black painted walls, making Tiffany flinches in surprise and instinctively looks down. Once the laughter dies down, she can hear footsteps nearing her. The clicks from the heels worn by the other person sending signals that the latter is coming closer. She can feel Taeyeon intrudes her personal space when the latter finally stands right in front of her, making her feels so small. That is one thing she hardly understands. Physically, Taeyeon is not tall. She is petite to be exact and Tiffany is couple centimeters taller than her. But, Taeyeon’s aura always makes her feel small, and she always feels weak when Taeyeon is around.

“It is addictive, isn’t it?”

She cannot utter a word at how seductive yet intimidating the tone used by the other. Everything she feels now is far from comfortable. She then feels a cold finger on her chin, trails along her jawline and continues to her neck, where the veins are located.

Cold. That is the one word that can explain the other person in the room, Taeyeon. Tiffany never knows her full name. Just Taeyeon. The mysterious gothic girl she first met seven months ago in this club. The story when they first met is nothing extraordinary. Tiffany attended a party which was held in TIME LAPSE, enjoying her martini when the girl was appeared from out of nowhere. The cold vibe which was sent off by Taeyeon intrigued Tiffany and without her knowing, she was led into this very room and there was when she finally found out that the encounter would forever change her life.

“Why are you always nervous every time you get here, Tiffany.”

The cold finger stays on Tiffany’s vein teasingly moves up and down along the bluish line. There is a visible pink scar on the skins, showing that it has not been fully healed. It is just a small scar, less than an inch, but the scar will never be healed because tonight, just like any other night when Tiffany visits Taeyeon, it will be opened again.

“Taeyeon…” The name comes out in a whisper from Tiffany’s mouth, making the latter laughs. A loud one which adds more tension in the room.

“Oh, how I love it when I hear you whisper out my name.” Taeyeon smirks and leans forward. There is almost non-existing space between her face and Tiffany’s. “But I love it more when you scream it out.” She pulls away still with the evil smirk on her face, leaving Tiffany blushes.

Tiffany lets out an audible sigh when Taeyeon finally gives her space and it is weird when she feels something is missing when there are gaps between them. No matter how intimidated she is by the other girl, she does not like it when the latter pulls away from her.

“How long will it take?” Tiffany asks. She clears her throat at the thoughts that come into her mind. “How many more meetings until I become…” She pauses for a while, gulping a lump in her throat. “Until I become like you.”

Taeyeon’s smirk fades at the question and she steps forward, getting into Tiffany’s personal space again. “I do not plan to make you become like me, Tiffany. You got to know that.” The pale blue orbs pierce into Tiffany’s brown ones.

“Then what’s the point of these meetings?!” Tiffany asks half screaming, earning a sting pain on her cheek as a slap lands on her pretty face.

“Ssssshh, I don’t like it when you yell like that.” Taeyeon hisses but soon caress the spot she slapped, soothing the red skins in guilt. The silence engulfs the room. Taeyeon keeps caressing Tiffany’s cheek, making the taller girl shivers at the touch. The coldness from Taeyeon’s palm makes the pain subsides and this sensation always makes Tiffany longs for Taeyeon’s touch.

“If I can’t become like you, then what’s the point of these meetings, Taeyeon?” Tiffany asks with calmer voice this time.

Taeyeon takes her hand off Tiffany’s cheek and shakes her head in disagreement at the question. “You are my prey. I am your predator. Isn’t it clear? I need your heat, energy, and blood to keep living and you will to provide me with that. That was the deal we made.”

“But, won’t I be like you when-…”

“I won’t make you be like me.” Taeyeon cuts off Tiffany’s sentence, giving a cold stare to the slightly trembling girl.

Tiffany stops arguing at the answer she gets. This argument never reaches the agreement. Ever since Tiffany knows Taeyeon’s real identity, she cannot help but wanting to be one of Taeyeon’s kind. The blood-thirsty creature which lives by sucking off others’ life to keep on living. It is stupid. What kind of person would give away her life to a monstrous creature? Why would she give up her normal life only to live in the darkness, avoiding sun rays, living underground like rats? But everything about Taeyeon has made her lost her insanity. She does not know for how long she will be able to give Taeyeon life but she knows one thing. She wants to stay even longer with the intimidating woman in front of her.

“You are my prey, Tiffany.” Taeyeon’s voice sounds gentle this time. “I can’t even understand why you keep coming, giving in yourself to be my food.”

“It…” Tiffany gulps the lump in her throat. “It feels good.” She can feel her cheeks are heated at her own statement. To admit that she really enjoys the meeting, she enjoys how Taeyeon savors every inch of her body brings her self-humiliation. But again, everything about Taeyeon has made her insane. She no longer cares about her dignity. Why should she care about dignity when she even desires to give up her life for the latter?

Taeyeon lets out another loud laugh for the night, it spreads through the room, echoing over one another, making Tiffany shivers even more. “I know it feels good.” An evil smirk forms on her pale face again. “Because it’s not just about sucking your blood, right?”

Tiffany’s face gets even redder at the statement. That is indeed true. Not many people know the truth about the night creature in front of her. People would simply categorize the blood-sucking creature as vampire, saying that they are demons who will suck your life off by drinking your blood. It is true. But not entirely true because there is another thing that can make them survive. Blood to them is just like water to human. People cannot survive in days without drinking water, and so cannot they without drinking blood. But they need their meals too. When people have carbohydrate as the source of energy, the vampires need warmth of human body to fill up their energy. And Tiffany keeps giving those two to Taeyeon. Her blood to keep the latter survives, and the warmth to keep her energized.

“Let’s just get down to the business. I don’t have much time.” Tiffany says flatly, trying to hide her excitement upon her own request. She pretends to look at the watch on her wrist, acting impatient.

“I know you won’t go anywhere, Tiffany. Just like any other nights when you visit me. We will start when the night is still young and you will only leave when the sun rises.” The vampire pauses. “Or around that time. I am not sure. Never seen the sunrise for centuries.” She chuckles lightly.

Tiffany looks at Taeyeon, feeling unamused by how the latter jokes.

Taeyeon notices the expressionless woman in front of her and smirks once again. With a swift move, she cups Tiffany’s back of neck, making the woman flinches in surprise but not giving any fight.

Goose-bumps spread on Tiffany’s skins as the cold hand covers her neck. She closes her eyes in reflect and the next thing she feels is a pair of cold lips pressed against her warm ones. Slowly but surely the coldness from Taeyeon’s lips starts to be transferred to hers. She can feel her knees weaken as the kiss continued, the same reaction she always feels every time Taeyeon touches and kisses her. If she does not know better, she might think it was because how good the latter kisses her but no, the only reason why she starts to feel weak is because Taeyeon sucks the energy off her body. She sighs when Taeyeon unlatches their collided lips. Opening her eyes, she feels slightly dizzy but Taeyeon arms have wrapped her waist securely before the petite woman leans forward again, sucking the scar on Tiffany’s neck making her shivers over again at the cold contact. Her eyes shut closed while tilting her head giving Taeyeon more access to suck on her neck.

Tiffany throws her hands around Taeyeon’s neck, trying to balance herself as her legs tremble, losing their strength. The intense coldness on her neck makes it numb. She can no longer feels Taeyeon lips against her but she knows they are still there. She feels the smaller woman pulls away, an arm also leaving her waist continues with a finger caressing her neck and then a slight sting on the scar is. She gasps softly and opens her eyes only to watch Taeyeon re-latches the cold lips to her neck, sucking up her blood. Her adrenaline rushes the moment she feels bloods leaving her body to satisfy the thirst of the other party. She tilts her neck even more, giving a better access for Taeyeon to suck her up.

“Taeyeon…” Tiffany whispers in submission and as if it is a cue, Taeyeon pulls Tiffany closer, making their bodies pressed together not leaving any space in between. Tiffany can feel more coldness against all her body part which meets Taeyeon’s. The latter then leads them both to the bed and pushes Tiffany to the bed, making her lips unlatch from Tiffany’s neck.

Another sigh leaves Tiffany’s lips when Taeyeon starts to unbutton her sleeveless blouse exposing more of Tiffany’s skins without any fight from the black-haired girl. Tiffany’s hands do the same things as Taeyeon’s unbuttoning the vampire’s shirt impatiently. One by one their clothes fall off, leaving them in their naked state. Tiffany impatiently pulls Taeyeon by the neck and crashing their lips together, kissing the smaller woman feverishly. Taeyeon’s cold lips meet Tiffany’s warm ones, slowly but surely Tiffany’s lips become numb because of the coldness and that’s when Taeyeon stops kissing her, instead she peppers kisses down to Tiffany’s neck giving much more indescribable sensation for the latter.

Both women collide onto the bed, skins touching each other, transferring Tiffany’s warmth to Taeyeon’s cold body. Not a single inch is being untouched by Taeyeon as she hungrily consumes her prey. Tiffany keeps whispering Taeyeon’s name over and over again at every touch given, and finally screams it out when she feels the climax hits her.

Dizzy. Exhausted. Breathless. Cold. Things Tiffany feels every time they have finished their ritual. She closes her eyes lazily as the tiredness takes over her whole body.

“Get some rest.” Taeyeon helps putting the breathless girl to a more comfortable position before pulling the duvet over Tiffany’s naked body. She is about to get off from bed when Tiffany’s hand reaches out to grab her wrist.

“Sleep here.” Tiffany says drowsily, as her weak hand trying hard to keep Taeyeon in place.

A soft laugh escapes Taeyeon’s lips. “Do you forget that I am a night creature? I do not sleep at night, Tiffany.”

Tiffany tries to keep her eyes open to look at Taeyeon’s. “Please?”

Taeyeon stays quiet but finally slides herself under the duvet, laying next to tiffany. “Why?” She asks as she stares at the ceiling.

Tiffany shifts a bit, making herself laying on her side, facing Taeyeon’s side profile, admiring the mysterious creature beside her. Taeyeon’s small nose, her sharp jawline, her pale skins, the black messy hair. She smiles at the sight and sighs softly. “You can’t understand why I keep coming, right?” She whispers. She is too tired to even speak in her normal voice. Every time this happen, every time she lets Taeyeon consumes her – literally, she is always in an extreme state of exhaustion.

The question makes Taeyeon turns her head and looks at Tiffany’s drowsy eyes. “You said it feels good and that is why you keep coming.”

Tiffany giggles and nods. “That is true.” She pauses for a moment, hesitating whether she needs to tell Taeyeon more or not. She then takes a deep breath and exhales heavily. “But there is something more.”

The vampire furrows her eyebrows. “If you plan to convince me to make you like me, I tell you one more time, I am not going to turn you into my kind, Tiffany.” Her voice is stern.

Another giggle. “That’s actually on my list but that is not the main reason.” Tiffany stares at Taeyeon’s pale blue orbs and she feels her heart skips a beat. She cannot remember when did this begin. “When it comes to you, I always become greedy.” Tiffany continues, still looking at Taeyeon’s eyes. “Honestly, at first I only loves the sensation. The strange coldness, the slight pain every time you cut my neck to suck my blood off. As weird as it sounds, I enjoy it so much. But then, everything about you become addiction. That’s why I keep coming. You’re right, it feels so good to me but I also know that it feels good to you, right?” Tiffany smirks faintly.

Taeyeon does not utter a word. She averts her gaze back to the ceiling, trying her best not to show any emotion to another woman in the room.

“I know you enjoy it as much as I do, Taeyeon. I think I am insane.” Tiffany chuckles and slowly closes her eyes, her exhausted state cannot help to keep her awake. “Even though we’re only living between the sheets, I know it is more than just a predator and prey.” Her voice is slurred. “I can’t explain it. It’s complicated, Taeyeon. The only thing I know is I want you forever, I am that greedy when it comes to you.” The last sentence is so slurry but it cannot escape from Taeyeon’s sharp ears. Within seconds, steady breath is heard from Tiffany, signing the human is slumbered in her dream.

Tiffany is not sleeping yet. But she is too exhausted to even open her eyes. She smiles as the consciousness starts to take her away but then she hears rustles from beside her.

“You’re insane, Tiffany.” Taeyeon’s voice sounds gentle. “But I am the same.” A chuckle follows. “If only you know the reason why I don’t want you to be one of my kind…”

As much as Tiffany wants to respond and knowing why the latter says so, she does not have any strength to response. So, she keeps quiet, waiting for the latter to continue.

“I am afraid.” Another chuckle is heard. A bitter one this time. “I am afraid Tiffany. You said it yourself. It feels good and addictive, not only for you, but also for me. That’s true. But it won’t feel good anymore when you’re becoming one of my kind. There would be no energy transferred. There would not be any sensation when I suck you. Simply because you won’t be able to feel anything. I am practically dead Tiffany. The only thing I can feel is your warmth, your energy, and your blood. If you become like me, you won’t be feeling the things that makes you feel good and addictive anymore. And when that time comes, I won’t be special anymore to you.”

A silence engulfs for a while. Tiffany still has her eyes closed, she is trying to digest what Taeyeon says.

“I want to be special to you.” Taeyeon continues out of the blue. “Your addiction is the sensation. Your addiction is the pain. Your addiction is the way you become my prey. But for me, my addiction is not only your warmth or blood. I can get the warmth and blood from anyone else. I can always look for other prey every single night.”

Another silence.

“Tiffany…” Taeyeon’s voice sounds weak. “My addiction is you and your company. You make me feel something I thought I lost when I become this creature. For the first time after centuries, I feel once again alive.” Taeyeon laughs softly, sadness presences in her laugh. “How ironic to hear that from a living dead like me.”

Tiffany feels the vampire shifts from her position, follows with a cold aura intruding her personal space.

“I think I like you, Tiffany. Not as a predator who likes her prey. I like you more than that.”

A pair of cold lips land on Tiffany’s lips. It feels gentle, very different from how Taeyeon always does when she tries to suck off Tiffany’s life. And oddly, despite of the coldness she feels against the lips, Tiffany feels warm inside. As their lips meet softly, more energy is sucked off Tiffany’s body, drift her away from her consciousness. As much as she tries to fight the unconsciousness, she has no more strength to even respond to Taeyeon’s kiss and the last thing she remember is for the first time after countless meeting they have, Taeyeon hugs her close, tucking her under the chin, and lands a soft peck on her forehead.

“Rest well, Tiffany.”

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